Malawi MP condemns recurring of cashgate at Capital Hill

Chairman of Parliament’s Agriculture Committee Felix Jumbe has sharply condemned the loot of millions of money from the ministry of Agriculture asking the government to move in swiftly to recover the money.

Felix Jumbe: Malawi government should tighten financial controls

Felix Jumbe: Malawi government should tighten financial controls

Jumbe was commenting on ‘agriculture-cashgate’ which has resulted in the government interdicting 74 civil servants from the ministry and 36 others are expected to be disciplined following the missing of K15 billion.

“There is a lot of money going to the ministry of Agriculture, every year parliament approves a lot of money for the ministry but the situation on the ground is different. I think only 10 percent of what we approve go to the people, the rest is stolen,” said Jumbe.

He said no wonder the Agriculture sector is grossly failing, saying the government needed to act.

On the culprits as the loot is affecting ordinary poor farmers.

Zodiak reported that ministry of agriculture spokesman Halmiton Chimala said a syndicate of technocrats in the ministry including accountants, human resource managers and economists fleeced the government of the money through bloated salaries and allowances and allowances for travel not undertaken.

“The issue has been well handled, the culprits will soon be arrested. They have been told to vacate their institutional houses,” said Chimala.

US deputy ambassador to Malawi Michael Gonzales said the government must put in place sound financial policies to stop theft of public money, according to Zodiak.

Just a few months ago, 60 ministry of Health workers were also interdicted for stealing huge sums of public money .

All these thefts are coming as the state is prosecuting a  dozen people involved in K30 billion public money plunder at the same Capital hill in what is known as cashgate.

Government is expected to release a report on a massive loot of public money amounting to K577 billion.

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Peter ndi Wanga

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security is rotten to the teeth and we should accept this fact. For example, a certain IT person swindled government by offering to himself a sum of K250, 000 as salary arrears. What is known is that before he was forcibly posted out of the Ministry in 2011, he used to inflate the payroll with ghost workers through some 7 cost centres. He enjoyed the money, he boasted to know big fish in the OPC. Ndiime pomwepa!


The government should go for fully funded workshops.No more cash disbursement to these thieves.Pay for accommodation, meals and fill the vehicles with enough fuel to and from.Most of the private sectors do this.You are all cursed how can the civil service be filled with thieves like this.Send them to prison.Amalawi munakhala bwanji?


Jumbe is the only sensible voice I can listen to in MCP. The rest in MCP are ….lol


Stealing public money is the same as mutiny, these people must face death penalty. Only death penalty can make people stop stealing public money.

Jelbin mk

Unless we one day vote wisely there will be no change. We need a president like Magufuli of Tanzania like Bingu in his first term who blind folded us as a corrupt free person but alas in the end he showed his true colours of his corrupt nature. This country needs a total revolution it stinks.


Akubawa nthawi yawo yakwana, Malawi akudzuka posachedwapa


Jb alipo apa?? bwampiniyu paliponse fwe mfwe mfwe jb, jb. Apa utoti chani apa?aaasaaaa……..


Is this a surprise? No. Is this expected despite new tough stance on Cashgate? Yes. Dpp cashgating will never stop, that is their inborn habit. The Cashgate in Agric goes up to the top of the whole dpp intricate network. They say one thing in public to please donors and do exactly the opposite behind the scene.

Dpp is continuing its Cashgate from where it left in 2012. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. The signs are all there.

ganizani goba

Who loves our country? Enough is Enough we have been voting thinking we are changing the system but yet the readers are still dreaming as the tax payers money is being squandered like this. Malawians does this please you when you are called the poorest in the world? No it can’t be let’s change immediately please!!!!!.


The PS and Directors know this. Timadabwatu wena waludandaula zochepa kwa salary wena wangoti zopanda ntchito. Anthu akuba amakhala ngati akusapota boma mpomwe akuba kwambiri. Wina ali ku culture uko kamtokoloreni

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