Malawi MP Kalindo has the balls to lead ‘naked’ demonstration on June 23

Comedian and Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo is expected to lead a ‘naked’ demonstration against the abductions and brutal murders of people with albinism.

MP Kalindo : I will lead the naked demonstration

MP Kalindo : I will lead the naked demonstration

A program released by Billy Mayaya, an a civil rights activist indicate that the march will start from Lilongwe Community Centre grounds to Parliament where a petition would be presented.

“Thereafter the demonstrators will peacefully demonstrate. Dress code: red under wear, red bras and red bikini tops,” says Mayaya in a statement.

Mayaya says all those who feel uncomfortable to protest half naked can put on anything red.

“We want our brothers and sisters with albinism to join us to demand that the state respects and protects their rights as citizens of Malawi,” says Mayaya.

This would be the first time for Malawians to protest half naked in its history since multiparty democracy.

“It’s gonna be sexy, am all set to flaunt my bums,” remarked on girl from Lilongwe.

Some people have criticised Kalindo popularly known as Winiko, for dramatising the death of people with albinism, saying as a law maker he has power to make crucial decisions on the matter than walking naked.

Kalindo wants President Peter Mutharika to unleash death penalty on killers of people with albinism.

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Keen Observer

The issue is not the ” the death sentence” the issue to protect the albinos they MUST not be killed even one of them, not to wait when one is killed then we must kill the killer? Useless thinking, uneducated savages with low thinking capabilities. What about that story I read of an albino boy in Luchenza who lied to the police that his uncle wanted to sell him & he threatened to kill & in the end it transpired that the boy was lying to punish his uncle?????


Not drama, he’s a concerned citizen he got the power to force the president to review the matter through that way. You too can do on your way to force the outhority to step in!


Ufumu wa mdiyerekezi wagawikanatu apa. A che Kalindo amati awonetsa mbolo yawo kwa aliyense. Ofuna kumujoina nawonso anayenera kuonetsa mbolo, even ya uyu Mayaya tikanaiona patsikuli. Ngati akanachita izi ndi azikazi awo, nawonso akanaonetsa nyi.. zawo. That was the prototype demo that one Winiko suggested osati izi azilowa opanda chochitawa a che Mayaya. Tsono anamwali ena ndi a mbina ndiye wina akadzazithandiza kuwachita rape, will that be an offence?

Kholowa miabudula

Mwai opangila advertise ma engine kwa azimainso ndiomweu. Kupha mbalame ziwiri ndi mwala ummodzi. I can’t wait to see engine zokoka za amai achimalawi.


Not good move.


m’malo mochita concentrate on this tough economy, the prices of things are just going up how do you think people will survive discus? things that will benefit Malawians osati zomaonetsana malisechezo, zitipindulira chani does it change anything?

finale wa kabaza (cargo rider)

izi zalowa uhule, ndazionera patal, I can now see why the devil is so called clever and crafty


Demostrating naked or half naked do you think this will change anything?
Or u just want to market ur organs in case it was not marketable when its covered. Whosoever will take part demostrating naked is a fool/ prostitute/ mad/ demon possesed. Leave this to BON K himself his brain need some fixing


Malawians, what Mr Kalindo is doing is not adrama at all!!
If you think he has dramatise this, then Malawi is full of dramas.
No wonder Malawi is stuck because every thing is drama.


The drama continues. Nakedness has now been redefined as half naked. And you say those not comfortable can put on full swag. This disorganisation, lack of focus and substance will clearly judge you guys as jokers and not as advocates for rights of albinos.

International Observer
International Observer
What this MP cum comedian is about to do is definitely out of this world. In developed countries that is termed as “Anti-social behaviour” that can lead a person into an arrest because such a move could influence others to commit further crimes like rape. If the police and government as a whole sanctions it then there is no wonder this albino massacre is going on unabated with very minimal checks. In all fairness who does Kalindo want to present the case for him in parliament if not himself since he lounges and dines with the rest of the so… Read more »
The issue here is not demonstrating while naked Hon Kalindo and Mr Mayaya. What should be done is that parliament ask the president that the death penalty should be effected regardless of human rights calls. Because even those who are being killed have the right to live so the president should encouraged to enact he law and should any human rights condemn then their lives should also be taken away to see if they will speak again. The issue of human rights is being misunderstood by such human rights bodies. So Bon Kalindo pls maintain ur integrity as Honourable member… Read more »

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