Malawi MPs up in arms against Chaponda : Opposes his return as Leader of House

Opposition members of parliament on Monday ganged up against Speaker Richard Msowoya on his decision to allow Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water development George Chaponda resume his position as Leader of the House, grinding all business to a halt.

Opposition wants Chaponda out as Leader of the House until his corruption allegations are cleared

This followed President Peter Mutharika’s decision to reinstate the embattled Agriculture minister to the position after he temporary set aside following a High Court ordered suspension.

Members of parliament from main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) virtually and stubbornly blocked all business, calling for Chaponda’s head, saying they could not have a leader with corruption case hanging over his head.

Each of the legislators who stood up, said corruption was a serious case in the country, therefore there was need for Chaponda to step down.

“What are we telling Malawians on the leadership of this House?” queried leader of the opposition Lazarus Chakwera.

Dedza North West MP Alekeni Menyani said the House “should  not have such a person as  our leader.”

Kasungu North East MP, Elias Wakuda Kamnaga suggested that Kondwani Nankhumwa should continue working as interim leader of the House.

Mutharika had earlier written the speaker reinstating Chaponda as Leader of the House, forcing the House to hurriedly rework the order paper, changing the seating plan with the new one indicating Chaponda occupying his parliamentary seat as Leader of the House.

This was after an all morning cabinet meeting at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe to which Mutharika conceded delayed him to visit flood victims in Salima.

Most of the members of parliament, including Dowa east Chimwendo Banda, Lilongwe south Peter Dimba and Mangochi Monkey Bay strongly opposed Chaponda taking over the position until he was cleared by courts of corruption charges.

Chairman of Women Caucus in parliament Jessie Kabwila refused to present a parliamentary report in the 193 strong House, saying her party, the MCP had agreed to disallow Chaponda come back as Leader of the House following the recommendations by the presidential commission of inquiry that his dealings with Transglobe was most inappropriate, suspicious and raising issues of corrupt practices which needed to be further investigated by the graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau.

As we posted this story, the political leadership of the House, the Business Committee was meeting in a bid to resolve the crisis which has put the whole parliament off balance.

Chaponda quietly sat on his chair, patiently listening to the arguments and counter arguments on the matter. He did not speak.

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bingu woyee I miss u RIP. Bwinotu
bingu woyee I miss u RIP. Bwinotu
Alice Grey You are very dull and blind. Your kind of thinking has allowed Malawian poor poorer. I even doubt the face as the word doesn’t agree with it. Why should offices that cannot be there and we can still operate be a problem even myself can be a minister. Our constitution does not provide a specific number of ministers let alone to distinctly say government cannot run without a minister of Agriculture. Why is Peter being a dunderhead and by taking simple decisions as our figure head whom we elected into power. We lead people and we want strong… Read more »
Tsalayekha Mzika
This whole Chaponda saga is making me sick to the core. Why is it that the opposition is not ready to get rid of this rotten politician? He lied in the parliament that maize has been bought, throughout he has been lying on what exactly happened in the maize procurement exercise and the commissioned had indicated that he did not follow the procedures in a way that indicates he was up to something. A minister and a leader in parliament must be exemplary in saying the truth before a commission and to the honorable house and uphold the right way… Read more »
M. Chadutsa

Atabera chisankho adatentha malo osungila katundu ku Lilongwe International Airport chifukwa anthu amafuna kuti mavoti akawawerengenso. Tinena pano moto ukuyakabe ku ofesi ya Joji Chaponda amene akuyembekezeka kufufuzidwa pa nkhani ya chimanga(katangale). Kodi mufuna tiziti chiyani tsopano. This is DPP mafia style of doing things. Anthu awa ndi akuba koopsya kwambiri, moti pali zambiri zimene zidziwike mtsogolomu.


Chaponda, a learnt lawyer, a thief to lead malawians in august house.. hehehehedeeee!

Wanga ndi yemweyo
Koma Baba Chaponda zonse zikulankhulidwazi mukuzimva kapena ayi? Bambo, zafikapa it’s not a matter of whether you did it or not. It’s a matter of preserving what little dignity you may still have. Zikafika poteropa anzanu ngakhale atakhala ndi chitsimikizo mumtima mwawo kuti sanachite (I hope this is the case with you), amadzisiya and let time prove their innocence. The time to jump overboard is now when there is still a “slight” chance of swimming ashore. Beyond this stage, it will be too late bamboo! Are you so dull that you cannot see where you will end up if you… Read more »
The noise will soon fade. The behavior of the MPs is very surprising. The first day of the parliament session, the MPs asked the speaker to announce in the house that Chaponda is on suspension by the COURTS. The speaker later announced after being saved with court documents. Supreme COURT which is higher in authority than High court re-instated Chaponda why MPs are refusing to accept it. I am now convinced that Chaponda is a threat to opposition and they think that the only way to deal with him, is on this maize saga allegation. Can somebody give me a… Read more »

Chaponda can stay as leader of chipwisi party but not as leader of The House. Apikene!?


Ku USA National Security Adviser has resigned because he cheated on a phone conversation with a Russian counterpart. A Chaponda has flouted procurement procedures koma akukanirira udindo. Apite ku chipani basi, osati u Minister.

Mlomwe Weniweni

Ku America National security Adviser has resigned because he had a telephone conversation with a Russian counterpart, so A Chaponda apanga flout ma procedures and anthu sakuwakhulupirira.
Let him be a leader of the party not a Minister who flouts procedures.


Why do u want tu be aleader chaponda ? while u are athief?

Alice Grey
To be honest I this countryof Malawi will never never develop. I have been following this issue of maizegate in Malawi. By the look of things all these opposion gangsters have nothing to urgue for. I have read the rrports it does not say Mr Chaponda pocketed any money. Its the procedures that were not followed. The man was trying to help bringing maize faster to alleviate hunger. No where have they indicated he pocketed money. Honorables please do not waste tax payers trying to drag this inorder to claim allowances. How about the issue of cashgate. Where is the… Read more »

Choka iwe!

Chaponda the Thief

You must be very dull. Even the Commission of Inquiry instituted by his party has recommended that he be investigated for corrupt practices. Do you wait till money exchange hands to see evil intentions? Empty head!

Murupale pa Thyolo
Bull shit, Alice!!!! Do you know that the 4000 mt plus was enough to collect all the money meant for 100,000 mt consignment? If you don’t know how fraudsters work you better keep quiet. Where is the hunger you are talking about? Go to ADMARC and see if there are queues out there. This was Chaponda made hunger. You should not be segregative when you mention of cashgate. PP and DPP are all masters of this “virus”. Why do you only single out only PP. I would have respected you if you took both on board. DPP and PP are… Read more »

You are a shame and thief as well. Corrupt even in words. You arent even Malawian.

Let peace and order and dignity reign in Malawi, corrupt leaders arent welcome.


Inuyo ndiamene muli ndi vuto. Inquiry yapeza kuti afunika kufufuzidwa kusonyeza kuti pali chiyengo penapake ndiye inu mukuti akutsogoleleni mu nyumba ya malamulo, pali nzeru apa? Malawi sangatukukedi chifukwa cha anthu ngati inuyo ndi Chapondayo. Inu mukupanga defend munthu oti afufuzidwe pamene Chaponda ndi ochita. Muli inu mungafufuze bwino bwana wanu akanali muofesi? Shame all of you inclusive of APM.

Chamwini Kwawo

Suspected of corrupt activities with Transglobe and you don’t see anything wrong with this. People are suffering not because of Joyce but because of DPP, remember K236 Billion is not PP, but DPP. If you are not part of dpp then something must be wrong with you

Baba Maduapera

Alice Grey, whoever you are, you are a dunderhead, very daft and dull…You cannot understand even simple issues. Is FLOUTING public procurement procedures nothing to you? Mbavanso iyi!!


Very dull indeed. You think people pocket money in front of the whole nation inorder to establish corruption. I duno what u have been folloeing but ur doing so very blindly


Alice Manyi ako

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