Malawi MPs disagrees on higher education student loan bill

Malawi Parliament Tuesday threw the Higher Education Student Loan Bill no. 1 of 2015 back to its committee on education, science and technology after members failed to reach a consensus as regards effective handling of loans given to the students.



The Bill, tabled by the Minister of Education on February 5, provides for the establishment of the Higher Education Students Loan Board that will be responsible for overseeing and managing higher education student loans and grants.

Scores of Malawians, especially those that have gone through public universities, have benefitted from the scheme with only a dismal percentage coming forth for repayment. Most have blamed their failure to pay on unavailability of a proper institution to manage the process.

Delivering an analytical report on the Bill, education, science and technology committee chairperson Dr. Elias Chakwera made a number of proposals and recommendations for consideration and adoption.

Among other things, Chakwera recommended that an executive director and a deputy should be hired to manage the student loan scheme, and a board be appointed to execute hiring exercise.

But many parliamentarians who commented on the report described it as “unsatisfactory” and referred it back to the committee for further scrutiny.

DPP Phalombe East legislator Amos Mailosi said employing two senior officers to manage the institution would be a careless drain on government’s coffers.

“An executive director will be enough for the organization,” he said. “We are already experiencing monetary challenges in the country.”

Mailosi described the proposal by the Committee to have the president appoint a board of members as “mere politicking.

“Will a board of members be really necessary?” he wondered.

But Chakwera insisted that a board be appointed.

“But they [board members] should be subject to confirmation by the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly and their removal from office should also be subject to the approval of PAC,” said Chakwera.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi MPs disagrees on higher education student loan bill”

  1. Mr jackson says:

    Just do it one of the needy

  2. Mr jackson says:

    Just do it one the needy

  3. Kopita mopiya says:

    Corporate Governance required a board to be put in place.

  4. waje says:

    izo sizoona ayi wanawo alufunika ma loanwo ndithu!

  5. Behold I come Quickly says:

    How I wish the scheme to consider ODL students as well. They are also Malawians who again pay tax. It is unfair to consider generic students alone.

  6. gondwe says:

    We dont need board members for this section. Currently, the president shows his inept in failing to appoint NCIC (national construction industry council) for over 7 months now to govern the aspects of construction in this country. wangokhala PHWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiii pa mpando

  7. Chenkumbi says:

    I agree with onyamta othamo. There is no reason giving everybody education loan even students from Michiru, phwezietc private schools where parents were paying more than the university fees. That is being unrealistic

  8. onyamata othamo says:

    I think the loan needs to be managed by a proper students fund with an executive director and support staff. In south africa they have a national students fund of south africa(NASFAs) malawi needs to borrow a leaf from the well developed funds in the region that manage students loans other than reinventing the wheel. Loans should also be given to those who need it other than every jim and jack. The currently system is not on a needy basis and we are draining government resources. Even children of minister, CEOs are benefiting from these loans. We have a long way to go but its not late we can go back to the drawing board and make the bill more effective

  9. Uyisovenge says:

    President should appoint!

  10. Wanzeru says:

    This true,the board needs to be appointed and later undergo scrutiny by parliament,however in the event of stupid and cheap politics it wont be necessary to have the presdential powers being added much as we are fighting to trim such powers.

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