Malawi musician, DJs disagree on “Pay for Play”

In this modern era, apart from promoting their art, artists are also using social media platforms to express their feelings and frustrations.

DJ Nathan Tunes with singer and his lover Hazel Mak

DJ Nathan Tunes with singer and his lover Hazel Mak

Among others, Kanye West, AKA and Cassper Nyovest are some of the well known emotional international celebrities who rant on whatever is bothering them.

Malawi is no exception; recently Fredokiss took to his social media platforms where he criticized David Kalilani’s “Osaopa” controversial song.

On Wednesday, Gwamba took time to address the issue of “Pay for Play” on social media where he bemoaned, “Some Malawian Radio DJs ask artists to pay them so they can play their music, and yet they play Davido’s music every day. Well, kinda sad but funny. Mwinanso Davido amawapatsa dola nanga ife tidziwa bwa

He further stressed that it is really sad when DJs ask artists for money so they can play their music and yet they play Nigerian music 80% of the time.

“Maybe Davido and Wizkid pay them too. Maybe they chill with Peter and Paul on WA. Who knows?” he questioned in a tweet.

Gwamba further applauded MBC radio DJ Joy Natho, saying “I respect @Joynathu for being one of the few radio DJ’s that support and promote Malawian art expecting nothing in return,” adding “I respect @MusicFromMalawi for giving us a platform. They changed the whole game. These days artists have no excuse. We have a platform”

However, it seemed the “Better Energy Drink” mastermind’s sentiments did not go down well with Dziko FM’s DJ iWayne real name Sean Kamphulusa.

In a subliminal reply, he wrote of his facebook page, “Is there any difference for an artist paying a dj to play their music & paying a prophet to pray for you??? ‪#‎Thinking out loud ‪#‎Don‘t you ever underestimate the power of the DJ or any media!!”

“And my fellow DJs it’s time we claim our territory whatever this artist can do they still need us let’s stop acting cheap. Let’s get what we deserve our friends outside they get lots of privileges but in Malawi when you doing your awards you always jump the role of a DJ. These artists to be popular or songs to be appreciated out here it needs a DJ and media respect that #2016 no free work for me!!”

Chez Ntemba DJ Maya concurred with DJ iWayne in a simple comment which said, “Osamaphweketsa ngini.ana opusa,tit for tat.”

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8 thoughts on “Malawi musician, DJs disagree on “Pay for Play””

  1. fucked up DJ's says:

    i miss the days of DJ Tai B on radio 2 fm who used to promote local ragga artists in Ragga street. Todays DJ’s are after money and not promoting anybody. Its a shame

  2. chipongwe says:

    zonse timadalira ma foreigner kwathu kuno
    tokha sitimalemekezana

  3. Dj Za Zakuzambia says:

    Nothing for free you promote them mawa adzikutukwana plus kudzipopa akhale choncho we play what we like

  4. Ken says:

    This is a pathetic situation! I dont understand why no media house boss has come out to clarify why their DJs play 90% foreign music instead of promoting malawian music. You journalists go there and ask the media house bosses!

  5. Integrity, Hardwork and Patriotism says:

    Gwamba is 100 percent correct. Malawian DJs like playing foreign songs at the expense of our own. The sad thing is that they play those foreign songs for free while demanding money from our hardworking and creative artists. For example, there is this DJ at Ufulu radio who annoys me a lot. His name is Nelson Chigwenembe aka Gegedule, handsome or whatever he calls himself. He has two programmes dedicated 100 percent to foreign music. He has Sungula jive where he plays exusively Zimbabwean music and another programme called Zambia Chabe where its all Zambian music. My question to this stupid DJ is that do the Zambian and Zimbabwean musicians pay you to do so? Why promote foreign music ? How beneficial is that to our country? If you go to Zambia or Zimbabwe or Nigeria you wont hear any Malawian song playing on their radio stations, yet here we have stupid DJ who play songs from this country non stop. This nonsense and foolishness must stop. Be patriotic guys, promote your own. The country can only develop if we became patriotic and worked hard. Integrity, Hard work and Patriotism.

  6. wobeba wanga says:

    nde mwati huleyu ndiwakuti???

  7. Xyz says:

    It’s about the integrity of the DJ platform. In the same way paying for prophetic prayers lacks integrity. Just because it’s done doesn’t make it ethically correct. It’s a shame that people care more about the next dollar than their reputation in the industry. Any industry.

  8. stan says:

    dont giv dem money

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