Malawi Muslim musicians fined for ‘abusing Allah’: Forced to recite Islamic verses

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has fined three boys to pay MK 25,000.00 or in default clean mosques around Makhetha Township in Blantyre for six weeks for attempting to record a music video in which they referred God to Allah; a move which Muslims deemed was offensive to their religion.

Muslim artists fined for abusing the name of Allah

Muslim artists fined for abusing the name of Allah

According to Malawi Muslims website (www.malawimuslims)  the boys were further ordered to enroll for Madressa until they learn how to recite Juz Amma before they could reclaim the equipment that was confiscated from them last week.

MAM’s Blantyre District chairman  Aman Omar, said that the boys, in the company of their parents, were subjected to a tribunal at the Islamic Information Bureau in Limbe, which was presided over by Sheikh Muhammad Uthman.

“The parents were very remorseful and they supported the outcome of the tribunal…. and were very grateful that their children will now (have a chance of) learning Islam, for the first time in their lives,” explained Omar.

Islamic Information Bureau was given the task of teaching the boys.

A grouping of young Muslims known as  Islamic Concern confiscated video equipment for young artists who were found at Plantation House in Blantyre shooting a video for their song “Wallahi” which was deemed to be offensive to Islam.

The confiscated equipment, which includes a video camera, music player and clothes is being kept by Blantyre District Secretary General, Tony Chirambo.

Chirambo further confirmed that even the parents are attending the studies at Limbe Information Bureau in order to learn the basics of Islamic religion and that MAM Blantyre district committee is monitoring the compliance of the verdict.

The artists who are also Muslims, Chifundo Malenga 19, Alex Chimasula 16 and Yusuf Lika 19 hail from Machinjiri in the City of Blantyre. They failed to pay the fine.

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82 thoughts on “Malawi Muslim musicians fined for ‘abusing Allah’: Forced to recite Islamic verses”

  1. Charombanthu says:

    Who are you to judge a fellow human being? Let God or Allah judge the boys if they are in the wrong and He will met the appropriate punishment on them. MAM, I think you are taking this religion too far now. You are scaring people into joining your religion. Which laws are you using here now? Government should intervene. This is lawlessness at its best….

  2. skai says:

    ASLAM Waiswa .. Allah is most cruel , he asks for death of non Muslims . Quran is evil and must be banned in Malawi

  3. Mdyomba says:

    Zamupweteka akakolope kunyanjatu ayenera ku wazuzula bas ngat aona kuti zimalakwika muchipembezo

  4. Bandawe says:

    The moslem Allah can only understand when you pray in Arabic. This has made them learning of Arabic as a matter of principle. Their Allah has limitations. He cannot hear you when you speak in other languages

  5. Bandawe says:

    Boko haram at work

  6. Afri Toich says:

    Where are human rights defenders here? How many constitutions are governing my beautiful malawi? Where is freedom of speach here? Where is music association of malawi to defend these onnocent boys? Where does this religion takes power to punish young innocent boys? Malawi government should watch out now because we are heading to accept another inpopular constitution/ law (sharia law) to control the lights of people. This is nonses & somebody got to stand & sue islam. Nonses

  7. pharamutheko82 says:

    zikomo kwambiri a mam for this mulungu sasowa athu otumikila ingakhale achinyamata atasi mulungu ndi mulungu tagonganizan achinyamata kumaimba zachikunja mkatimo kumango chula mulungu.amam kip itup to control and gaide muslim faith otsati ngati momwe amazitcha achikhristu kumalekerela anthu aziyimba zachikunja mudzina la mulungu.and elders they were there jst watching without say stop this.we need readers that hve there backbone that can starnd and say stop this.kip it up

  8. Chikopa says:

    I am very lucky and blessed that I want not born in Moslem Family. I am happy that I can call the name of my God with happiness without tremble for He says I should Love him with all my strength. He is not quick to anger.

    I am lucky that I do not have to learn to speak the Language of the Prophets who came before the Messiah and the language which Jesus Christ spoke yet I can communicate with God. I am lucky that I do not have to wear the clothes of the earlier believers or eat, walk or think like them. I am lucky that my God does not live in specific city or country for his always around in my whisper and I am confident that he will listen to me and hear my concerns.

    I am lucky that I can reconcile with God even if the world can condemn because of my transgression or earthly norms and traditions. I am a luckiest person on earth for God so love the world that he only gave his Begotten Son that who soever believe in him should not perish but have eternal life.

    1. chris says:

      Amen!!! Jesus you are worthy to be praised,

  9. Maulana Grace says:

    Amwene I fail to understand MAM. These boys were giving Islam free “good” publicity, what wrong did they do? Most young people will not listen to a hypocrite old sheikh but can relate to a fellow youth who is passing thru same stuff as they are but raps koran verses. Something wrong with with MAM surely, they think that they themselves have monopoly over muslim affairs/issues.

  10. phiri says:

    Allah is Allah and will be Allah. Whether they sing about Him or not. That will not change Him. We can not defend or fight for Him. His status can not be altered by anything he created. It is you personally who should know what you are doing for Him. Do not force anyone to do anything or offer any respect to Allah. You will be doing yourself harm than good.

  11. ASLAM Waiswa says:

    We have to respect laws governing a certain religion for those boys they know the truth and all Muslims we get it cause its bad to start abusing Allah in any way though some u can take it bad but the punishment can be death if not cause they are against Islamic laws. Let them sing about love but not Allah cause it will cause problems for them

  12. WHATSTHIS says:


  13. Allahandulira says:

    Asilamu mukuwasiyililawa Inu a Malawi one day muzalira ataphulitsa bomba ku stadium.. Zimayamba chonchotu!!! Kodi Mulungu wasilamu ndiofoka chonchi mpaka kumadikila kuti amumenyere mkhondo anthu omutsatila eti asaaa Koma.. Ife akhirisitu wathu amazimenyela nkhondo yekha ife omutsatila tili chete

  14. Munthu olo Alif sakumudziwa anvekere ndikufuna kutulutsa Nasheed Album…Inna lillahi wa inna ilaih raajoon
    Iwe amene ukuti government must intervene what have you been smoking?

    there’s nothing government can do here

  15. Josiahzz says:

    Religion is bigger than everyone……osama phwekesa

  16. Kadziotche says:

    A Malawi koma kukonda nyimbo za chisilamu za kunja.Zoyimba tokha akuti zachabe koma za Aluya ndi Amwenye aku Cape Town. Mwaitha.

  17. Happy Eduardo says:

    Of course not all Yaos are Muslims. We have so many Yaos in our Christian church in Malindi, Likwenu etc.

  18. Omex70 says:

    I am failing to understand the crime which these guys committed prompting MAM to confiscate the equipments and then punishing the young boys. The living God I know does not need anyone to protect Him but rather we need him to protect us.

  19. gabbage says:

    zawo izo achawa awa tandisiyeni ndikawilitse nkhumba yanga ine.foloko zanu asilamu.komatu nawo asilamu achimwenye munakawapanga sharia akuba kwabasi anthu amenewa-eni ake a cashgate sopano izo ndikungothyula zina la mulungu mu nyimbo choyipa kwambiri ndi chiti?

  20. Chilongo says:

    Boko haram style, the worst is yet come

  21. sunderstar says:

    The Government must intervene, this is the start of radicalism in certain quarters of Islam. Malawi is dominantly Christian even though Muslims are trying to repopulate by impregnating many unsuspecting Christian girls but the status still remains the same. As a Nation we have a set of rules that governs the norms of our country and what these people are doing is bad and they are breaching the right of these young men and forcing them unwillingly together with their parents to attend madrasa. Moslems usually instill fear in their followers and thats what they want to do in Malawi. They have plans to dominate Malawi and right now they are building a Mosque at Ginnery Connery a place not fit for that, this project was rejected by the City Assembly and they used Joyce Banda to over ride the standards to approve the construction of a big mosque to accomodate a few Muslims.


    Please humanrights groups intervene in this matter the lads were praising their god.Why punishing them? Police monitor these guys otherwise if we are not careful we might be having the birth of Al Shabab.

  23. malawian says:

    kkkkkkkkk wodzozedwa(akhristu) bwanji kulowelera khani zam’banja laeni kkkkkk, muisova!

  24. chilungo says:

    Yaaaaa mwawachita bwino powakhaulisa ndipo ndasangalala kut aphunzilenso chipembezo chawo kut achiziwe bwino.

    amene zikumuwawa akasume timusatila

  25. Ingangasyungu yunyeghela says:

    Very bad. So this allah has no power to defend himself? And the Islamic Religion has their own police in the name of Islamic Concern?

  26. sain it like it is says:

    kenako muwasandutsa a al shabab…asilamu inu musatinyase mwamva…kodi osapita ku sudan bwanji shupit zanu kuba ma camera a ana kumeneko komanso kodi mwatsegula khoti yanu?

  27. johntembo Kuffor says:

    The High Court must intervene in this INJUSTICE by ACHAWA wa. This shehe must be arrested.

  28. Nyachikadzi says:

    Do we have separate courts in Malawi for Muslims?
    Guys what’s your opinion? Should Muslims let loose like this?

  29. Concerned Malawian says:

    why is it that most religions dont allow understanding, but memorising? anyway the kids are just 19 and 16, just give them back their equipments. its freedom. what if allah whom is perceived to be offensed by calling him God just carry the punishment himslef than subjecting this kids to troma (psychological)

  30. Curious Cat says:

    When did we hv Sharia courts in Malawi?Why are they not chopping off the heads of the cashgate thieves as far as i know these people.Taapatseni ana ma camcorder awo azikamenya swagga pa town.

  31. Chikondig says:

    Authority ya macourt amenewa yachokera kuti.

  32. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Signs of a failed state where a pseudo-Sharia court is operating parallel to the constitutionally recognised court. And the failed government watches in disbelief.

  33. LOOKER( MULONDA) says:


  34. Acient says:

    Sizikugwirizana kulanda katundu constitution yakut imeneyi dis z nt islamic state apatsen chilango china

  35. Its a good move.churches and other GODLY groups must have control over the activities by or within the members and congregation as a is a move that really separates people who fear no way could a true believer be happy if the name of God is abused.remember there is no freedom of speech nor freedom of activities or human the ten commandments there is no singing.

  36. baba says:

    Muwaphunzise osati kuwalanda katundu

  37. Nyasosera says:

    Aphunziredi amenewa

  38. Ndatero ine says:

    Achawa akumana kkkkkkk

  39. Ngiyakufisela ntcheu says:

    Is this “judgment” according to Sharia or Laws of Malawi? Holding a Tribunal – Zili mu Constitution yathu izi?

  40. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Ayamba sharia law kodi malawi is a secular state what our moslem friends have done is unconstitutional and violation or fundamental rights and freedoms of the boys to free expression etc this tribunal has to be checked otherwise a lot of innocent people will be punished can some clever good lawyers like kasambara chibwana kamdoni mordecai msisha kaliwo brothers savjan kanyongolo rush for an injunction before these boys pay the fines and ve their property back

  41. asilamu ndinu owukira zauchitsiru mwayambazo mwayambitsa timagulu mdziko muno et mukuti ndinu alkhaida panja ndinu matelala et?

  42. Ben phiri Wapanga resign says:

    @ Evans

    Learn what.?.. Go and hung with this ungodly religion of killers and perverts

  43. TruFactor says:

    Where did they get the power to do all this?

  44. nur Islam says:

    anthuni musapezelepo mwayi apa kuti munyoze chisilamu mwamva……

  45. umchazo kherere wena says:

    khala chete malawi zikubwera .aliyense akhala ndi khoti lake , mphamvu zochuluka “

  46. mchombolende says:

    Kodi chisilamu nkanyama kanji? Galu kapena? Nkhumba kapena? Kkkkkk Boko Halam

  47. The Revolution says:

    Wabalakatu koka

  48. SAM says:

    Ndipo ndinena ndi inu kuti palibe ngakhale mmodzi emwe adzalowa kumwamba osadzela mwa ine “Yesu” Mukutailanji nthawi yanu ndi izi. Islam is war, you all know this

  49. Chinyanga says:

    koma zinazi..nde ayinsotu.mmm

  50. Konkuno says:

    Sizili bwino izi ndi zinanso.

  51. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Achawa ansanga, iyi nde yauzilu. Do we have Islam kangaroo courts in bonyaland?

  52. Atcheya says:

    Great!!! Mbuli za ana… Muphunzile chipembedzo chanu ana inu. Great MAM! Great Blantyre District Assembly! Islam on the RISE

  53. munthu wamba says:

    eeeh ndizimenezo zayambika… ku malawi anthu akuteteza mulungu wawo, zomwe zili zopusa chifukwa ngati allah ali mulungu ndiye kuti ndiwa aliyese. ofunika boma lichitepo kanthu

  54. drogba says:

    is MAM a competent court of law to fine these youngsters?? if we were following Shariah law, we could have understood you, but in the absence of this law here in Malawi, take these youngsters to a competent court who will then charge them

  55. Davidson w. nyamphimvu jambo says:

    Zachamba. Kulinso ma court ena kupatula public courts???? Boma lili kuti? Ana Awa unrecognised Jail. shipiti muslims

  56. manjolow says:

    zamasimba basi!!! who the f****ng hell is MAM to confiscate private property? Who gave them authority over the use of the f@#$ng name called aLLAh? We all say allah all the time referring to “stupidity” and they still don’t get it???

    You mother f*&kers are hillarious

  57. I wonder why Muslims r like these?,they r fond of judging….

  58. mapapaya says:

    Mpingo kulipiritsa chi ndapusa ndiye zitinso ? Mu quorani zilimo ?

  59. Mufti says:

    Ana inu tiyambeko kukuphunzitsani chimembezo chathuchi. The reason why Islam and pigs are sworn foes is that they ( pigs) feasted on Prophet Muhammad’s nose. He lied through his nose that he was going to resurrect and advised his fellow perverts that he be buried with his nose out. after some days, this man could do what he promised until the nose started decomposing much to the delight of pigs which made a mince out of the “prophet nose and a good portion of his copse .

  60. Boko Haram says:

    Chipembezo cha BAALA

  61. Youth says:

    Zitayeni pansi izi za Muhammadizi. Mwakula nthawi yoti mudziwe choonadi and that is Jesus Christ. During questions time during your madrassa classes ask your MAM what crime did pigs commit as you are been indoctrinated.

  62. Thumbs up. Zikumuwawa akasume, thats best he/she can do.

  63. ziphaliwali says:

    where is the government? Failed politicians, nyasi zimayamba chonchi keneko nyasi after nyasi.

  64. Kwangwagwa says:

    Kodi Chirambo ndi Msilamuso?

  65. kwacha says:

    Mariers of 70 women. You think God Almighty He is should be there to organize 70 women for you?. I like you comedies moslems

  66. Chris katengeza says:

    Malawi tsopano.

  67. koko says:

    This is illegal. MAM is a voluntary organization. where does it derive jurisprudence to melt out such kind of punishments. Please tell these perverts that if they had issues which they to have though frivolous and misguided, they should have taken those boys to a competent body with judicial power to prosecute offenders. And we have a government that is grinning at this stupid and immoral development.

    Moslems seriously learn to respect civil liberties. Khadijah’s husband was just like any other man who shall be judged the very same way you and I shall be judged by the Almighty God.


    This is injustice at its worst. The name Allah is not a protected word. It has been used even before the invention of Islam. In fact , Muhummad’s father was Abudallah meaning the slave of Allah. During the pre-islamic times, the name Allah was used as the personal name of the moon god who was married to the goddess sun.

    But where are the human rights activists?

  69. Mdyomba Nkhumba says:

    Chipembezo cha violence ngati chisilamu sindinachionepo. Wakupatsani mphamvu zokhazikitsa khoti ndani? Aliyense amaimba zimene waganiza. If it is offensive we have national constitutional bodies like police, judiciary. Why do you regard yourself as government? I blame Abraham for impregnated his maid Hagar. This is where this religion came from.

  70. rajab hassam yazeed says:

    Let them learn and understand their religion. Ignorance is the source of all these

  71. malawi says:

    I shall never understand this cult of a religion. While its a crime, punishable by brutal killing, to ask questions about your pedophile prophet called Muhammad, Its fine with you when you insult our Lord Jesus Christ in sermons more particularly so on your Radio Islam.

    Surely this world would have been a better place to live in without this misguided cult called Islam.

  72. Kasim says:

    Don’t bring your terrorist tendencies in Malawi. You have no legal or authority To confisticate items from people you fools

  73. zaluma says:

    Boko haram is in Malawi. APM and the government are watching. Muslim radicalising the youths. This is the D-Day for Malawi.
    According to our sources, the MAM is funded by the Republic of Iran to Islamise Malawi and carry Islamic Awakening.

  74. Evans says:

    tru indeed they have to learn!

  75. Jang'ala says:

    Bwino2 mungabweretse Islamic State

  76. Hamu says:

    MAkolo ayenera kuwalimbikisa ana kuphunzira chipembezo chawo. Umbuli wa chipembeko ndi osayenera.


    Mphamvu Zolamula Anthu Kulipila Mwazitenga Kuti Ana Anjoka Inu! Bismilah Lahman Rahim Muhamad Swalehi!

  78. Long Dick says:


  79. Nachanza says:

    Pa Malawi tsopano. Zimenezi ndiye zitinso

  80. VIYAZI TEMBO says:

    hehedeee zili kumalawi………………………………….

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