Malawi Muslims advised to be united: Egypt envoy hosts fasting breaking

Muslims in the country have been advised to be united and leave their differences they have and focus on the common goal of Islam.

Prayers in progress at Egyptian Ambassodors residence (C) Stanley Makuti

Prayers in progress at Egyptian Ambassodors residence (C) Stanley Makuti

Egyptian Ambassodor to Malawi pose for a group photograh with some Muslim leaders at Ambassodors residence (C) Stanley Makuti

Egyptian Ambassodor to Malawi pose for a group photograh with some Muslim leaders at Ambassodors residence (C) Stanley Makuti

Speaking during fasting breaking in Lilongwe at Egyptian Ambassador’s house, Minister of Energy, Natural resources and Mining Bright Msaka Sc, said Muslims should continue looking at things that unite them than those that break their unity.

He added that the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and Qudria Association have small differences and they need to resolve them and be united as they have done by praying and eating together.

Msaka added that Malawi believes in the values of love, peace, unity and forgiveness and above all people who are prayerful.

He then encouraged Muslims in the country to continue with the spirit of prayerful and peaceful adding that when the Muslim community succeed the country will also succeed.

Speaking earlier, Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi Maher El-Adawy said it is the first time in the history of Malawi where the two Muslim Associations have prayed and eaten together and want them to come out with one message.

He further said Islam is about peace, unity, giving, loving, sacrificing and caring for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

El-Adawy added that Islam is what they have done by coming together not what is seen on television about what Muslims in other countries are doing terrorising other people’s lives.

“I urge Muslims in the country to practice what our religion tells us and that this month we should help in the development of the country and be role models to other countries in the world,” he explained.

Qudria Association Secretary General, Brother Osman Karim called upon the two associations to look at bigger issues that are similar in their faith and leave behind the differences that divide them.

“Let us respect and tolerate one another and the message should be take to the people in the villages. It should be well explained so that we move together as Muslims.

“I am announcing here in public that we shall respect, tolerate them and shall work together as Muslim in the world are one despite the small difference,” he said.

MAM Board of Trustees Chairperson Ali Kennedy said all Muslims are one and race cannot separate them.

Muslims across the world are in the month of Ramadan where they pray and fast. The prayer and fasting started on June 7.

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Winston Msowoya
Malawians,do not be hoodwinked by Muslims talking of peace and unity.First and foremost,let them talk of peace among themselves in the Middle East where the earth is scorched with fire emanating from religious bloody conflicts between Shia and Suni cults which have so far inflicted indiscribeble sufferings of their people in novel history.They talk of peace and unity,while in their countries,they do not even allow Christians to pray in their Churches and if they do,God forbids,bombs reign on them.So,Muslim leaders do not pretend that your religion or cult is for peace,love and unity.You tell the World community that this month… Read more »
Racist McTumbukaFace

Leave the suicide bombing al-qaeda trained ISIS terrorists alone!

Unity cannot happen, take it from me – it has failed in Afghanistan, Pakistan including Egypt itself. It is just a far fetching wish to score a political mileage by the Ambassador. He wants to show to Malawi that he is for unity of Muslims, Lol others have tried elsewhere within the Muslim world, but have failed. This is why in Saud Arabia all belong to one sect so too in United Arab Emirates.The major problem is that one sect always tries to claim seniority over the other and seek international recognition. They have never learnt to tolerate, each other,… Read more »
Anganga Mumbe

Since when did Msaka become a Muslim? this is cheap politics. Msaka is repositioning himself to be the Vice President in 2019 from the Eastern Region. The man is has no personality and umunthu. He is a slave of power and money. please don’t be duped.Asilamu mukaneni ameneyi….ndipo ku Machinga ndikosamukila…it is not his real village.

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