Malawi Muslims against law limiting children per family

Malawi Muslim community are opposing the proposed authoritarian law  that would limit number of children per family.

Mohammed:  No basis to formulate limited-kids law

Mohammed: No basis to formulate limited-kids law

The proposed legislation has been suggested recently by some of the country’s most influential traditional leaders who have argued that the rapid population growth was overstretching delivery of basic social services.

But  the supreme Muslim body, ULAMA Council of Malawi, said they will not be in support of any law that would limit number of children per family.

“This would go against teachings of Islam and nature. We oppose any quarter of the society advocating for this piece of legislation,” said  Sheikh Cassim Chongolo, Secretary General of the  Ulama council.

He is quoted by saying that Islam calls for taking care of children, but not limiting the number of kids per family.

“As religious people who are guided by the dictates of the Holy Qur’an, we would only support any measures which could be put in place to allow families to take care of their children before they can have some more, but not necessarily a law,” Sheikh Chongolo said.

Malawi’s population doubled over the past few years, standing currently at 16 million and Family Planning Association of Malawi (FPAM) says the population is projected to reach 40 million by 2040.

Renowned scholar and academician, Dr. Imran Shareef, added there would be no basis to formulate this kind of law.

“There would be measures to control population boom, if need be. But enacting a law to depopulate people is a mockery to creation and we wouldn’t at all cost allow that. Population growth couldn’t be a basis to enact a law,” Shareef is also quoted as saying

“Enacting a law that should police reproduction is a sensitive matter, therefore shouldn’t be allowed to succeed. What we would encourage is intensive civic education on the importance of child spacing.

“Malawians irrespective of their religious beliefs should appreciate the need to adequately care for a child before another one is born, without any law telling them what to do.As a nation, we should be careful with laws which could generate religious tensions,” he added.

Fr. George Buleya, Secretary General of Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), a mother body of the Roam Catholic Church, Malawi’s largest Christian denomination, said “matters of reproduction cannot be legislated.”

“The Bible is very clear on reproduction, therefore, enacting a law against reproduction would mean going against what God expects of us. This would draw the wrath of God. We wouldn’t be in support of this proposed piece of legislation,” Fr. Buleya said

Officially, Malawi is a secular nation, but with diverse religions. Islam is a second largest religion after Christianity.

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Let’s be honest on commenting issues not because u hate certain group of people then u comment kaka! Read the whole story and u find kuti nawoso a Roman catholic akutsutsanazo so why u just criticizing one group? That’s why we Malawians we still stupid cause we tend to give away our values to westerners

mose kez

kupusa kwa mulungu kupambana kuchenjera kwa anthu, mulungu sanganene kuti mubelekane ngati mchenga asakuziwa chimene chigachiti ku sogolo, chimene chazaza mumitimayathu ndimwano kuoneka anzelu pomwe zelu. gonjani pamaso pamulungu ndipo iye azakukwezani umeneo ndimwano waukulu pamaso pa mulungu. lamulo ili likanabwera 1920 bwenzi uliko iwe ufuna kuwasekeleza azako kuti asabadwe lemekezani pakukwanisa cholinga ndi chifunilo chake

Richard Pankomera

Moslims are on track none can limit number of children to one’s choice. Ulesi ndumene wakula if you say anthu amenewa kuchipinda ndikumene amakukhulupirira do you want to tell me that you don’t have bedrooms in your houses? Komakuberekeraanakwina


thats a good law considering the land that our country has not what so called coran or what so ever name u call says.


Umbuli basi. This is not an Islamic state. Afterall what influence Muslims (13%) have? This is the most imporant law that Christians will 100% support. Check Parliament records as to how many Muslims MPs do we have. Can they disturb a quorum as required?


Mtundu umenewu aaaa! kukonda kuchinda basi sukulu inawakanika anthuwa, anzathu mayiko akunja asilamu womwemo amabereka ana wochepa iwo akukana chani? kupusa chisilamu chake chiti? Lamulo ligwire ntchito basi. ndichifukwa chake anzathu kumpoto ndi pakati akufuna fedulo. Ngati sakufuna achoke basi. Kubeleka ngati anzanu satha Kuchinda! zina izi mwanyanya. I think federalism will help to control the population.

kassim mahomedi

a satanic ndi amene amayika malamulo oti anthu azikhala ndi limit pobeleka chifukwa mulungu mu bible olo quran sanaike limit za limit zikuchokera ku USA KUMENE SATANIC YATENGA MALO ,ANTHU AMENE AMAGANIZA ZOTI NDI ANZERU KUPOSA MULUNGU ZITSIRU ZIMENE ZIKUTIBWERETSERA U GAY KU MALAWI AKAPANDA KUTERO NDI SANCTION. SATANIC YABWERA MUFUNE MUSAFUNE


The issue is not about huge population but allocation of resources in this Republic of ours.


Maximum 5 Kids per family osafuna achoke


five children, that’s too many. A family should have not more than three children


you cant heal Mw

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