Malawi Muslims demand justice over Njauju’s murder

Malawi Muslims are demanding answers over the salvage killing of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs Issa Njauju, saying the investigations should come to its logical conclusion.

Njaunju car in ashes

Njaunju car in ashes

Muslims at prayer for Njaunju's justice

Muslims at prayer for Njaunju’s justice

Issa Njauju: Murdered

Issa Njauju: Murdered

Njauju was brutally murdered and his body thrown aside presidential villas along presidential drive in the capital city’s Area 44 on July 2 2015.

His body was found with two gunshot wounds according to an autopsy report and his official car a Toyota Hilux D4D double cabin was burnt down to ashes at Mtsiriza near Area 49 in Lilongwe.

Some sections of the society are speculating that ACB boss was killed by a “state-sponsored” mafia-style attack.

During special prayers held Thursday evening at the City Centre Area 13 mosque in Lilongwe, Muslims called for for speedy investigations into Njaunju’s gruesome murder who was a devout Moslem and described as “a humble, quiet and a friendly man”.

Hanisi Tuwabi, described the late Njauju as a dedicated practising Muslim “who touched lives of many” during his regular attendance of the mosque.

“Njaunju was a disciplined and humble man. The huge gathering is a testament to his life. The majority of those who have come out to pray are those who work in City Centre and knew the late Njauju,” said Tuwabi.

“May Allah accept him in the top of paradise,” he said.

During the prayers, Muslim worshipers asked Allah for justice to prevail and those involved in his murder to be brought to justice.

Post-mortem results showed that Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried near Lilongwe River.

Njauju’s brutal murder has sent shockwaves among officers working in agencies investigating and prosecuting corruption in the country.

Envoys from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, the European Union, Norway and Ireland last week visited ACB headquarters in Lilongwe in a show of solidarity with the graft-busting body.

The donors also called for speedy investigations and warned that intimidation and bribery should not been used to deter the bureau from pursuing those denying the country its much-needed resources through corruption.

“It is important that this particular investigation is concluded because this is a road to impunity,” said British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, speaking on behalf of diplomats.

“We call on government and all sections of Malawi society to help and protect those who are in the frontline of defending Malawi’s rule of law,” he said.

Police said investigations shows cashgate – probe into systematic plunder of public resources – could be the reason to Njaunju’s savage murder.

Director of training at Police headquarters, Richard Luhanga told a news conference in Lilongwe recently that the investigators are pursuing a number of conspiracies.

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38 thoughts on “Malawi Muslims demand justice over Njauju’s murder”

  1. i. isa says:

    we should not rest until this issue is sorted out by the security agents. we are however suspicious. we suspect government agents were involved in this brutal murder. for so long the educated people from mangochi have been targets of victimization by the mulakho high command in all offices of influence, be it in government or statutory bodies or even in the army and police.. the list of victims is long. educated men and women from mangochi have been purged from their positions through killings or explained dismissals under DDP regimes. it cannot be a coincidence . its happening and we are watching. the will be time when enough will be enough and we will react. mark my word.

  2. Honest says:

    Chete wamabig ndamene ndudabwa naye ine.

  3. which justice are we looking for?earthly or heavenly?my fellow muslims sit down.justice will come no mattwer what

  4. Mwamuwunda says:

    Number 7 akukhala ngati wamvapo kenakake. Pang’ono pang’ono ziwululika.

  5. Ndoda yabwandila says:

    A chawa anthu amenewa apangileni mankwhala amwalire
    onse omwe anapha Shehe yu.

  6. Rat says:

    That’s the beginning of Islamic Jihad in Malawi

  7. aslim ndinu nomwe mmati nzimayi.sangalamule lelo ndi izi OSATINYASAPO APA mukafuna mukatenge magulu anu ankhondo aja achina boko achose chirombochi panpando not dis muntha simunati

  8. pat says:

    Tithandizeni madyomba, madyombaless ndi madyombalet kugwila anthuwa mmalo momangoyankhula ndi kuheda pansi!!

  9. dadaboma says:

    Muslims through their UDF are supporting DPP, the party of death and darkness. These people are the same, and that’s why they team up through their parties. Now they have killed one of their very own, Njauju. Who are they calling upon to bring justice? The police, who are the underdogs of DPP? What do muslims think joining DPP means? Peace? Apatu mwaphana nokhanokha. Musatisokosere. Kafunsaneni nokhanokha pa chibale panu. Paja asilamu mulibe nzeru – zoona mungajoine DPP? Kuti chani? Ooh! paja asilamunso ndi akupha. Because muslims are also killers, they felt DPP was the right party to join through their UDF. Let’s see how you sort each other out.

  10. Hell on earth says:

    Moslems have to be inclusive. A lot of people have been murdered in our country and where were you. Please respect any Malawian without looking at religion. Njaiju was a great man. He deserved not to die. Malawi lost one of its own.

  11. Denguzman says:

    I salute u all muslims 4 showing love to late Njauju bt u shudnt stop there, ask Atupele to resign coz of the brutal murder of his fellow muslim or ask Malawians to march against the death of Mr. Njauju. May his soul rest in peace.

  12. Busy brains says:

    Sorry! Sorry! Not point of collection , but rather Point of “CORRECTION” in my earlier contribution .

  13. Busy brains says:

    Point of collection ! The name of the one talking about the late here, is “Hamis Twabi” and not as reported here or in all the local news papers. Hamis Twabi had been a District Commissioner in many districts before being promoted to his current position. Mbuzi za a tolankhani rushing into writing stories without verifying facts!

  14. Spectator says:

    Apatu a Dpp mwayishosha boko haram.Mulimbe nazo.Kaya zanu izo ndikukonda ndalama za magazi.Anganyawa ndi sayilola.

  15. wez says:

    In malawi do we going to have independance policing ? It look like whoever come to power then the support him what so ever wrong or right as rong they get sarraly. What about credibility of policing to save malawians not individually? We need to question malawi police to whom do they work for? malawians or the goverment ? If so then the too it need to be separated to occomodet the need of the pple who is paying them.


    Amangwetu,tangopangani masuicide bomb.Osati zomakalanda ma Vedio Camera pamene anzanu Akuyamika Ambuye.Che Cassim Anaffi ntchito ndiyimeneyi tapangani organise ma suicide.Paja ndinu Bouncer wa Mtumiki Muhammed.

  17. The issue here is not about Islam or Moslems but it’s about the death of a human being, who was a father, husband, uncle, etc, etc. on top of that this individual was a servant of the public. This individual happened to be a Moslem. Now thie issue is he was a true son of our soil & like any other human being there was at any cost a need for his life to be taken the way it was robbed. Indeed there is or there are evil forces behind all this. When it comes to money people do anything even the unthinkable. Now the point is we should not run to conclude things. It’s a known factor that the people in DPP are responsible for Cashgate just as well as the people in PP even going down to UDF Cadres.its only the MCP not that they’re saints but the fact that they have been outside the government for a while now then we can spare them from this quagmire. So just try to help with the investigation whoever has a piece of information that can bring light on this death whether be people from work or family come forward to the relevant authorities so that whoever did this must come into the open BUT don’t religionise this fateful incident.

  18. Bob says:

    It is increasingly becoming difficult for us Malawians to trust our police. So many investigations that have political connections ate left unconcerned. Someone on the background is destroying this country. I smell a rotten fish.

  19. Chikopa says:

    Malawi first and your religion second. Your clothes and your beliefs haunt so many of us. We panic whenever you demand more because we know bombs, knives and guns are on your bellies gnashing your teeth to use them. Look you die-hard of your religion, the Late ACB Boss was not killed because of his religion and therefore the whole members of the cult should not demand from government what to do.

  20. Cruelty of the worst kind
    who so ever did this should face the long arm of the law,
    May Allah grant Mr Njauni Jannah Al-firdaus

  21. Like Chasowa Njaunju will be forgotten like nothing has happened. Boma la profesa Ibu limenero.

  22. Zoonazake says:

    Koma mwezi uno ukatha ndiye timatche aslam atitspgolere

  23. We r with you muslim brothers this z total madness, He had family, freinds like you murderers, why you people don’t have symphany with your fellow human beings, you r so cruel bloodsuckers party.

  24. nana says:

    I am not a Muslim but I support the move what Muslims have shown on the murder i

  25. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is sad, looking at the period of the investigation has been going through, should we rule out that the commission of inquiry is incompetent?This is how we can prove that the ruling party is part and parcel of the whole Cash gate,we don’t have to be blinded. This issue is not taking us anywhere unless we change the government to the pure new party or MCP then truth shall prevail.You can agree with me Lutepo’s convict is just a trap just to buy time from the viewers this game is very delicate,guys we are talking of billions here not Millions they can spend millions to save those billions so The case of Mr Njaunju need independent entity instituted by the Family not Government.Judges should be from foreign countries not within Malawi,As i said it’s a 50/50 game it’s a sacrifice game do or die while on duty or at home.See my name.

  26. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    This is an issue of National Concern DO NOT Islamise it please. Our Catholic father in today’s morning mass bemoaned Njaunjus murder as an example of Herod’s cutting of John the Baptist’s head because he corrected him. Chonde tonse a Malawi ndi okhuzidwa ndi imfa ya Bambowa.

  27. I support U brothers and the Muslim community for coming up with the good idea,,rushing to Court or police offices will not solve any stride,let God be the 1st to intervene and brought justice to the culprits,,,if not them being jailed,let them die a very painful and shameful death,,,let those who killed Njaunju be mad or die a tragic death Ameeeeeeeeen

  28. boko says:

    If investigations are delaying muslims will do it for you so do it now!

  29. neymar says:

    Akanakhala mkhristu, akanatelonso? Ths has nothing to do with religion, the guy ws a fellow citizen and we are all affected in one way or the other, so this is not a case for muslims alone….

  30. mtumbuka1 says:

    Unfortunately bakili muluzi will not side with you on this one because he knows if he does mutharika will resume his corruption charges and that is the reason he sold his son to dpp. We are simply living in a screwed up country altogether.

  31. Go and hold vigills at mulli and masangwis house!!! You will get the reasons for njau

  32. Mnngulu says:

    Dziko lonse liri ndi inu asilamu. Chilungamo chiowoneke poyera osati ngati za Chasowa. Apo biii tiyeni asilamu ndi tonse tikujoyinani kuwonetsa dzionetsero za mkwiyo ndi Boma ili lakupha anthu asalakwa. Chaka chake ndi chino la 40 likwana.

  33. Truck says:

    Munthu wosalakwa kuphedwa ngati Galu chonchi zovetsa chisoni kwambiri.You are right to voice your concern people.

  34. Alfred Munduwabo says:


  35. Nankhumwa says:

    Amene anapanga chipongwechi abwele poyela zoopsa zisanayambe kumuchitikila

  36. mtumbuka1 says:

    Why is your president and the whole government not saying anything about it? The answer is because the murder is politically motivated. Do you know the reason why until this day nothing is known about the death of the political activist late chasowa? The answer is because dpp is a killing party that loves corruption and needs no any form of opposition. So Muslims stop wasting your time it’s all your beloved bakili muluzi’s fault, he introduced you to the mutharikas so this is how you get served.

  37. zaye says:

    to our muslim brothers we mourn with you we christians also demand a quick investigation to njaunju’s death

  38. GANYAVU says:

    DDP ikundikayikitsa sikudziwapo kanthu apa coz chipani chimenechi kaya

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