Malawi Muslims explain Prophet Muhammad’s birthday changes

Muslim leaders in Malawi have explained that it was purely a coincidence that the birthday of Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ were just a day apart this year.

Great march in Blantyre to celebrate the prophet's birthday

Great march in Blantyre to celebrate the prophet’s birthday

Sheik explaining The Prophet’s birthday – known as Eid MIlad ul-Nabi – falls on the 12th or 17th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal.

Sheik explaining The Prophet’s birthday – known as Eid MIlad ul-Nabi – falls on the 12th or 17th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal.

Muslims gathered to celebrate ‘Milad un-Nabi’ – the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

Muslims gathered to celebrate ‘Milad un-Nabi’ – the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

The colourful event on Thursday afternoon saw all traffic brought to a halt, as the event took place.

The colourful event on Thursday afternoon saw all traffic brought to a halt, as the event took place.

Malawi Muslims celebrating their spiritual leader’s anniversary.

Malawi Muslims celebrating their spiritual leader’s anniversary.

Thousands of people lined the streets on Christmas Eve as the Muslim community celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

In Blantyre, over 70 thousands attended the Ziyara Parade organized by the Attariqatul Qadriya Sunni Association of Malawi (AQSA) on Thursday.

Speaking at the function, Sheikh Tariq Chmambi, Imaam for Kanjedza Mosque said the coincidence of the date is a reminder for peace and harmony between faiths.

He asked for unity and tolerance among people of different beliefs in the country in order to promote peace and development.

Sheikh Tariq also said described the event as very important to Islamic religion because in the process, they find solutions to some of the challenges that Islamic community is facing ion the country.

“ Apart from that we always give gifts to those people who have come to attend this event, we also celebrate by going to the rural areas where we give out special gifts to the needy like bicycles and sewing machines and chickens,” he said.

Similar parades also took place in the cities of  Mzuzu and Lilongwe as well as some other districts.

Parade Media Spokesperson Ridwan Omar also took time to clarify on why they celebrated the birth of Muhammad on 24th December, a day before Christians also celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“It is just coincidence that this year we have conducted this celebration today on 24th December, others are saying we want to confuse people but it’s not true you know we clebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in accordance with their lunar calendar,” he explained.

The colourful event on Thursday afternoon saw all traffic brought to a halt, as the event took place.

The Prophet’s birthday – known as Eid MIlad ul-Nabi – falls on the 12th or 17th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal.

It changes every year because the Islamic calendar is lunar.

So this year there have been two Prophet’s Birthdays – on January 3 and Christmas Eve.

Last year there was only one, on January 14, while in 2016 it will fall on December 12.

In a similar way that Christians use Christmas as a way of learning and reflecting on Christ’s life, Muslims see the Eid Milad ul-Nabi as an important time to learn about and reflect on Mohammad’s life.

Mohammad’s birth was approximately in the year 570 (in the Gregorian Calendar).

His uncle raised him after both the boy’s parents died while he was very young and he began to preach around the age of 40 and he died from an illness in 632.

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62 thoughts on “Malawi Muslims explain Prophet Muhammad’s birthday changes”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    They want to damage the Islamic image,Time will come says.What a fool? Islamic image is already damaged by Muslims themselves and don’t blame others.The international community has seen what Muslims have done to humanity,the massive killings of both Muslims and Christians alike all of them innocent.How would your image remain intact with all this carnage? The brutall beheadings of Western innocent Journalists by barbarian Muslim Jihadists in the name of your Allah,Your friends in evil,Boko Haram ( Haram means curse in Arabic) in Nigeria randomly kill innocent people including children and committing brutal rape on young girls they abdacted some 2 years ago,massive killings of minority Arab Yazidis Christians,the brutal shootings of Kenyan shoppers in Nairobi Mall,the recent random of Parisians in France the nation that has given sanctually to millions of Muslim people so on and so forth.Your narrative therefore,is abandantlly disingenuous and your religion is now famously known as an evil cult.By the way,in Malawi you have to thank Bakili Muluzi to open the door for you as Hastings Banda did not recognize your murderous so- called Islam.Stop that humbug and come to terms with realities.Southern Africa will never ever fall to Islam.

  2. Time Will COme says:

    READ PETER 4:8
    Hey whats the problem if Muslims are cerebrating their rituals, in my observation I see that people are in need of civic education (such that they can’t impersonate others), okay, you say that Muslims are terorists what about those real terorists who colonized you, who are now changing your culture: do you know them? who are grabbing the lands of people somewhere there, who are now inaugurating new churches in your countries (Masonic, Satanic, co it), they are now manipulating you with popular things, Music, Movies, fictions …… and even zinthunzi zolawula, your hearts now have filled with their indoctrination. So, who are Terorists? do you want to say that if somebody is defending his/her soul, children, land…… is a terorists? why war is happening in the areas populated by enormous resources more particularly in middle east ? .
    #1 they want to have the resources
    #2 they want to damage the Islamic Image

  3. mufuna muxiyamba kudya mpunga from 24 mpaka 26 nkhombe 2much

  4. Munyane says:

    don’t plant a seed of violence with your comments

  5. Israel says:

    These Muslims are useless people and look what
    is happening in Iraq and Syria killing each other without mercy.They always brand Christians as infidels and always chant death
    to America.But my fellow Malawians do you know that the most people that use i phones made by Americans are Muslims and here are few products made by Christians and mostly used by
    AK 47 guns
    Mobile phones
    Designer sunglasses and clothes etc
    So if christians are infidels and dirty why
    do you touch and use their products?Why you like going and settle in Christians contries?
    Now busy begging the west to give you weapons to kill each other.Cats and Pigs I think they
    have proper brains than Muslims

  6. Paston mwale says:

    I condem Muslims they are violent pls do not make Malawi and Islamic state . The Indian community we are watching you , just go back to India , do not capitalize on poor citizen. Fuck you all Asian of Indian origin .

  7. mzungumbuli says:

    Does a birthday change? I salute Muhamad, he was a hero, he has managed to fool millions of people across the globe with his fake religion.

  8. kps says:

    There s no comment here,how can you say those who are catigating? In fact you castigate yourself by confusing people with unspecified dates,this is laughable

  9. Dusty says:

    Midyomba dyera akufuna azidya ma birthday awiri a Muhammad pa chaka.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  10. Pamajiga says:

    Za ziiiiii! Anthu okonda nkhondo inu. Kuteroku mukufuna kuyambana ndi Akhristu.

    Shame on moslems

  11. Nathan says:

    http://www.Prophet [email protected] Haram/Taliban/Alkaida/ISL. Zigawenga zonse za dziko la pansi dzimakhulupilira munthuyu! Kodi ndi mneneri wanji wotumikila zigawenga?

  12. nyayo says:

    Those that are castigating Islam should ask themselves if Jesus had a religion called Christianity. This religion was introduced after his death. After all you create a fictitious picture of Jesus. Shame on you.

  13. zoshola says:


  14. paprika says:

    Hahahaha koma ndikumaona ineee dzikoodi latha since when

  15. Mugonapamhanya says:

    So what disease did this prophet die of? Or I should say what disease did he contract? Maybe he contracted a precursor of HIV/AIDS chifukwa ntchito za mchiuno mwa malemu amene aja aliyense akuzidziwa.

  16. Bangizwe says:

    After seeing beheading videos of innocent and Christians in Syria and Iraq on u tube and I don’t have respect for this religion and I wonder why we do accept them as human beings.

  17. nyasa boy says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkk mijomba yagwa nayo ya mhamad

  18. Independent Montana says:

    You are confused religion.

  19. Phwado says:

    There is a Creator.A perfect artist,doctor,engineer,… mention whatever and he is precise.U cant just be guessing events when there is a perfect cycle designed by Him for every event.Fake religions all we have.We do not need all these religions.So all of these religions are fakes just to manipulate weak minds.Fortunately am not one of them!

  20. Zoona zake says:

    When something raises more questions than answers then there is a problem. Analyst , you are trying to defend the indefensible. If I may ask you, what’s the whole purpose of having a calendar? I thought it’s to remove confusion? Does that need any rocket science to understand? Again , why azimayi achieve nye saoneka mu ma parade amenewa koma achikuda. Zimenezo sindiye zopereka chikaikozo? I thought you analyst you are an objective man but I now see your religion can blindfold you big time.

  21. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Yesu wathu anatifera machimo athu ndipo tsiku lachitatu anauka kwakufa, pomwe ndikukwera kumwamba koma Muhammed nkhani yake ndiye sitikuyidziwa mpake kusintha date yobadwa.

  22. Pitala says:

    litttle by little avomeleza kuti Yesu ndi choonadi, ndipo ayamba kupanga nawo Xmas, bwelanso nonse olema ndi othodwa kwa Yesu

  23. Mugonapamhanya says:

    When everything is approximate authenticity is hard to come by. “The prophet’s birth day … falls on the 12th or 17th day of the Islamic month of Rab’ al-awwal.” “Muhammad’s birth was approximately in the year 570 (in the Gregorian Calendar).” The guy did not know how to read or write and his father died before he was born and his mother died when he was very young. There is no shame of simply saying “we don’t know when his date of birth” instead of bringing confusion among your uneducated followers.

  24. Signs Of Times says:

    Very strange indeed! Whoever heard of two birtdays? Evev if the calender changes why is the dates for the month of Ramadan not so different? Children of darkness! Sick!

  25. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    palibe chilungamo apa

  26. Kumamvetsa says:

    An average Muslim doesn’t know what s/he wants. That’s why s/he not be trusted at all.

    This is the only religion in the world that advocates killing of innocent people. They even think they can kill on behalf of god called Allah. How I they knew the true and only true God of love. Osati allah whose job is to sanction gruesome killings. Chipembezo chozinga anthu abale chamtundu bwanji?

  27. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Hehehe! Zachilendo! Merry CHRISTMAS all!

  28. SAMEZ says:

    Tiyeni nazoni!! Akasefa yekha!

  29. BWANAMKUBWA says:


  30. john says:

    Died from an illness? Wathu anafa nkuzuka thus He is Jesus

  31. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:


  32. lackison says:

    Anamwalira ndikudwala eti? Ok

  33. Zamaloza kuona xmas ikuchitikira limozi ndi ziyala

  34. Ronaldinho says:

    Ok,I nw get it

  35. Moses Makoko says:

    asilamu ndinu anthu osokoneza! l think nokhanso mumadziwa zoti ndinu anthu osokoneza. kulikonse komwe muli, for example Egypt, Sudan, Syria etc etc kuli nkhondo. mu nkhondo zonsezi, chomwe mumafuna sichimadziwika and it appears Ur only interested in killing people which is extremely bad! muli ndi magulu anu auchifwamba omwe akulimbikitsa kuti dziko lonse lapansi likhale la chisilamu magulu ngati bokoharamu, isis, alkaeda etc and Ur killing people without mercy! honestly, if u indeed Ur serving god in all these, then l don’t understand Ur god and wen u claim that Ur religion is peaceful, I think we need another definition of peace!
    The whole purpose of celebrating muhamadi ‘ s birthday on 24 December was to bring confusion over the birth of Jesus which is bad! nde asilamu a ku malawi mungosatira mwaumbuli u can’t think!! kumvetsa chisoni

  36. Bandawe says:

    kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki nzovuta kuzimvetsaaaa kikikikikiikiki kenaka zizangokhala pa 25po

  37. Marley says:

    Surely, don’t know that December 25 is not an actual birthday for Jesus Christ

  38. Musazafulu Dums. says:

    Asilamu saziwa tsiku lenileni lomwe mu prophet wawo anabadwa chifukwa makolo ake anafa kali ka mfana ndiye uncle ake sanalimbane ndi tsiku lobadwa koma kungokatola ndikukalera. Ndiye akumakhumbakhumba katabadwa pa 25 penipenipo poziwa kuti padziko lonse pali MBUYE m’modzi yekha.

  39. B C K says:

    He died at 632….while Jesus died and on the third day…he…

  40. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Ok , good explaination but you need to search the history on how 25th Dec , came about b4 you start explaining your coincidences !!

  41. wun-wun and tormund die in season 6 says:

    no need to explain. everybody has the right to praise as they wish. look at me, right now as we speak, i’m drinking beer, eating pork and thinking about somebody else’s wife. tomorrow i’m going to buy milamba, mbewa and ngumbi and then drink even more alcohol. it’s all about my rights. merry christmas everybody!

  42. Angoni apaphata says:

    Ndiye kuti nawonso ma birthday awo amasunthasuntha kapena kalendala ameneyo ndi wa Muhammad yekha? Monga birth certificate zimakhala bwanji?

  43. The Analyst says:

    I said this already yesterday, that the coincidence has more to do with the Islamic Calendar having days that do not match line and singer with the Roman Calendar; and less to do with the Muslims’ lust for violence. That’s why also these Muslims do not have a fixed date for Ramadhan on the Roman Calendar.

    Indeed . . .

    “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” – Alexander Pope

    Let us all invest in knowledge so as to better understand the world around us and for survival.

    “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

  44. kodi muhamad analiso mwana wa mulungu?

  45. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:

    Mmmmmmm! Two birthday celebrations in a year for one person? Very surprising indeed

  46. MISOZI says:

    This is really confusing. There is only one fixed date for a birthday. We need to be educated on how these dates are arrived at.
    But it was a good turn out and good message too. God bless you all

  47. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    I will only consider Islam a religion of peace when Christianity or other religions will have free space to practice their religion in countries they are in minority. Muslim minorities all over the world freely pactice their religion. But why in the Arab world the other religions are banned if not its followers persecuted not only by extremists but also conventional governments?

  48. ngongoliwa says:

    Boza basi, za ziiiiiiii

  49. Wokonda Yesu says:

    how possible can a human being have two birthdays just in a year. am sure our friends in the muslm community don’t know what do when.
    please come out clear and tell the world what you are up to. Christians celebrate xmas not to compete with any personality.
    please tell us when actually muhammed was born. 12 or 17 what is this

  50. Muhamed says:

    Why celebrating the dead! Useless…Book halam mpakana liti. Suicide bombers. Receive Christ as ur Lord and Savior for u to be saved and not bombing the faithfuls

  51. Alfred banda says:

    Please I want to learn more, what happened to his body after he died?

  52. KenyanMalawi says:

    mahommed kubadwa masiku osiyana siyana… new yr yanunsi idzakhale tsiku lina monga inu a calendar ya lunar

  53. chris says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk inenso basi ndisintha tsiku limene ndinabadwa likhala lijari.

  54. ijabu says:

    So vuto lanu ndi chiyani mpaka kutengeka wth someone who could not conquer death whose dead body was eaten by dogs and pigs. No wonder Moslems hate these animals

  55. wawa says:

    Hehehe he died of illness koma zoona kupemphedza chokufa

  56. Ma says:

    Liers and killers. .It is haram to celebrate mohammed birthday if you are a true moslem! Why didn’t you ask for guidance from Saudi Arabia the home of islam? No such thing in middle east those in Malawi are confused lots!

    Secondly mohammed was purely a womaniser and devils prophet. He married Aisha a young girl at age 9! Pali nzeru yapa? Then forced himself on an old lady Khadija with age difference of 40c? Prophet? ?? In his life he married or put it slept with more than 100 women! !! Kanani Aslam these facts.

    Thirdly huge fundamental differences between Shia and Sunni moslem so who is right? Sunni go to Mecca for Haji while Shia go to Karabara in Iraq to Imum Hussain nde chipembezo chanu. Kill infidels and now ISIS who is Sunni is killing Shia as infidels and Shia who is Hezebola and Iranians are killing Sunni as infidels. …he he he. ..which way Asilamu?

    Check: wherever islam is, there’s war..or violence. ..: Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Kuwait, mangochi, somalia, kenya, Nigeria ….kwinako malizitsani nokha nde zimati religion of peace iiiiiish…..oho dikirani jehad joni azakuthyoleni makosi ndi mipeni inu ma infidels aku malawi thinking ndinu asilamu…Uhule uli pa amwenyewo…ati asilamu. ..ufiti uli ndi masheik ati asilamu foseki….

  57. komkobb says:

    Malawi is a peaceful country. Achawa inu musayambitse phokoso. Very provocative action. Ndiye mwapundula chiyani ndi Mohommad wanuyo.?

  58. mbuyankhoma says:

    Christmas is an fixed day. But one wonders why Easter is not. All these days are equally important to us Christians.

  59. advisory committee says:

    All the best our moslem friends lets continue to have our peace

  60. manjolow says:

    ichi ndiye chamba a chawa – getting closer to the christian insanity as well. Why celebrate birthday of the dead? We celebrate their deathday kapena kuti sadaka or easter not za christmas. It is a circular holiday in America, Canada, UK, Germany, China etc – no one knows why we celebrate it – inu ndiye mikanjo wambawamba mukuti birthday ya Mohammed – Al-Nude Makli – Umd

    Let us be real and just work on improving our lives and not waste the limited time we have on earth seeking something none of us can prove ever existed. Za machende basi

  61. anadimba says:

    chaka cha mmawa musa zayende mtauni.mumasokoneza anthu. Ma boko haram, alshabub. Chipembedzo cha nkhondo,

  62. Mbonga Matoga says:

    It is a shame that Sunni Islamic leaders in Malawi are so insensitive, the fact that we have never had major conflicts between Islam and Christianity does not mean that we shall not or that we can’t have one.

    Apparently out of all non-Islamic countries in Africa, it was only in Malawi that this matching and cerebrations by the Sunni Muslims were done.

    I am glad that the public funded media house, MBC and or Zodiac did not entertain this rubbish.

    Instead of trying to pick up a fight with Christian rituals like xmas, my advise to the Sunni Muslim leaders in Malawi is that please help the world to get lid of Islamaphobia that is breading all acts of violence and terrorism. What is so shocking is the 99.9% of all terrorist in the world are Sunni Muslims, or claim to be…………please do not try to bring you stupid ideology into Malawi……

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