Malawi named in HSBC bank ‘Swiss leaks’

In what  has been described as the “biggest banking leak in history” – about 16 people and companies with connections to Malawi have been mentioned  in a trove of secret documents from Switzerland based subsidiary of HSBC Bank that reveals names of account

Swiss leaks

Swiss leaks

holders and their balances for the year

The Malawian names and companies have been named in the   Swiss Leaks as having illicity maintained bank accounts in the amounting to $16.1 million (about K7.5 billion) in the HSBC’s Swiss private banking arm.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which obtained the leaked files and created a database, have revealed who some of these wealthy clients are. They came from a variety of backgrounds, from businessmen to entertainers – who will have made their wealth legitimately plying their trades – to politicians and even a hostage negotiator!

But not all of the clients could claim to have made their money legitimately. Some of the revealed names included a collection of international outlaws – from tax dodgers and arms dealers to drug smugglers and money launderers

Malawi has received a notable mention because of how much the money in the accounts could have contributed to the country’s gross domestic product per capita ,which stood at $266 in 2007.

However, none of the people mentioned holds a Malawian passport or is a Malawian national.

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32 thoughts on “Malawi named in HSBC bank ‘Swiss leaks’”

  1. william says:

    Ndani akunamiza ndani

  2. Nduna says:

    Kuthamanga magazi basi,mukawadziwa nde mutani??Anthu omwe anapanga CASH GATE munawadziwa nde muna pangapo Cha???

  3. Nyaliki says:

    There is a lot of theft happening in Malawi. Can we get to the bottom of the issue. Nyasa investigate and mention their names. Thieves should not be shielded.

  4. Nyaliki says:

    Investigate further Nyasa Times. We need their names. These people could be linked to politicians or are stealing money from Malawi.

  5. mtima wa nyani says:

    eetu ndi conco. acina bwana muluzi ma nyumba ku UK lester amweneye mmagwilizana nawo aja akukudziwani , nanga ndalama za mmatumba zinka limimbililana na zija ku state house naga ma bwana a ujeni aja , nanga ku army amagula ma truck ku UK hard cash , nanga ku reserve bank bwanna chuka, nanga za migodi !!!!!!! heddee muonekela.
    lutepo acina mphwiyo muidziwa bangwe.
    tsopano muluzi m,nsana unapola pano sakugonaso pasi koma khothi likati liyambe nde ine, i hope kugwa mu mpapayaso nanga nsana ochookawoa
    hsbc yaika website yoonera maina ndi maiko omwe akuthawa misonkho, aposo kumatidyera zathu … .muidziwa
    nangodusamo anta kuthyola nkhwani

  6. matako says:

    The sad part of this story is that there are no names. I am sure in due course we will get to the bottom of it. There are many greedy and corrupt people whose names would fill the blanks. With stories like these why are we Malawians continuing to remain docile and mutu phwii? These people stole from us and continues to do so and yet we continue to pretend all is well? what is wrong with us? what will it take for us to bear arms and get rid of these corrupt cancerous inept parasites?

  7. Pichi says:

    Mwawerenga last sentence’yo?

  8. Taweni says:

    This could be a lead to a missing one biilon dollars equivalent to 92bn kwacha carted out of the country by dpp. This figure is far from the amount of 20bn kwacha in cashgate.


  9. amunabawa says:

    tiyeni tiziona

  10. Chatty Man says:

    I knew it ! there’s more to come.Ma BP akwerenso anthu.

  11. chakwanuleka says:

    The truth of the matter is that there are names mentioned. That could be the only lead to identify them. I am convinced JB is there and so is Bingu. There is no way he could have hidden all the 92 billion at ndata

  12. zingati zanu says:

    Mwadya chani kodi? Mukumachita mantha ndi chani? Kapena zanu zilipo pamenepo?

  13. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    If the money belongs to the poor Malawi nation it should be brought back, period! Whether it was generated legally or illegally, why save it in a far Swiss Bank? It would have helped reduce problems in Malawi if saved in a Malawian bank- still would belong to the depositor. Authorities, bring fight to bring the money back, even if it belongs to big Kahumas.

  14. ujeni says:

    Name and shame the Foreigners denting Malawi image or else it might be Mota Engine or whatever Mulakho name it is called in portuguese

  15. Joseph Pakhosi says:

    Kufuna kulemera mwansanga ndi Ndalama za kuba mapeto ake zimathera chonchi kiki!

  16. foretold says:

    Whom do you think the people can be? Indians period. These stupid administrators at capital hill and our silly politicians are the ones contributing to our poverty. Stupid.

  17. Nkalapwaga says:


  18. George Lihoma. says:

    This story sounds to me true.But the mode it has been given,makes it untrue to most of its readers.Come on,this is not Su Doku or Soltaire.Lembani nkhani mosatisiya mmalere kapena ndimafunso oziyankha tokha.Hahahahaha.

  19. joelmoses says:

    how does one qualify to be a Malawian if he doesn’t have a Malawian passport? Unless you are telling me that they used Malawi as their route but otherwise you article is not balanced

  20. Weakliks says:

    Jb is probably one of them. ask Lutepo before he dies to reveal. Lutepo was poisoned because he started opening his mouth.

  21. MBACHI says:

    We want names.

  22. mutu says:

    Please provide link for this article and names of people mentioned. stop taking Malawian reader for a ride

  23. Boyd Kilembey says:

    They are not Malawian passport holders and they are not Malawian residents. Shaa. Are you writing to kids? These are not Malawians in the first place. Munasowa zolemba eti?

  24. Alufeyo says:

    Iwe they dont use names i also have an account there.

  25. chief says:

    You don’t have the names, yet you din’t bother what to present to the public. Stop teling trash.

  26. I will always remember Kamuzu Banda’s way of governance despite was regarded dictatorship, but honestly speaking we grew with the spirit committed to our nation Malawi.And whitemen somehow are difficult race to understand they knew in that governance was unity, commitment, and strength for Africa to develope beyond expectations therefore lazy and weak people through democracy today its their advantage and disadvantage to Africa.

  27. clement says:

    Just mention their names. Why hide. Ngati nkhani iyi ili yowona, atchuleni maina anthuwo. After all they are not MW pasport holders but they dented our economy

  28. Malanga langa says:

    This article is untrue. Why are you not mentioning the names? Why are you telling us if there are no names? Zammaluwa!

  29. nsonga ciswe says:

    Tawchuleni ma bizimizi CO OK mainawo tifufuze life. Zongotengela a MW dog gig tax and invasion. Heeedeee
    Musakhalilre kumbuyo anthuwa. Pali amwenye omwe akucita zonunkha NDE amapereka can cikhumi kwa ma plesdent at hu
    Money londeling ili tho
    Izi timadikila akafucecefe kuti zituluke pot I zinavekapo kalepo. Timaziwa siifuka popanda moto nthuzi

  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    That’s where the 92b is.

    This article is incomplete. You are saying people were named but I can’t see their names here…….why?

  31. ujeni says:

    People who siphone forex out of Malawi in million dollars.

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