‘Malawi needs a revolution’: Suspicious K577bn cashgate report by PricewaterHouseCoopers

Typical of all audits, PricewaterHouseCoopers report has figures, graphs and pie charts to aid our understanding of how much we have once again been screwed of our tax money.cashbook

When all is calculated, K577 billion cannot be accounted for in the national treasury.

The figure has been arrived at after an analysis of 1,788,295 bank statements detailing payments between January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2014 which were then matched against the total number of payment entries in the cashbook which was 1007075.

This comes down to 781,220 entries not being accounted for representing the loss of a cool K577 billion.

Any Malawian who does not get angry with this should know that there is something wrong with them.

I have said this on many occasions and I will say it again.

This country can balance its budget and do away with the overly patronising donors who think they can come here and lecture us on everything as if we were their children.

This country can develop using locally generated resources and deliver quality social services to our people.

But there is just one problem and it is the heartless thieves in government.

It starts with the politicians who go into government with only one thing in mind which is to enrich themselves, their cronies and family. And then there are technocrats who follow closely what the politicians in government are doing and they too get their own cut from the deals.

Simply put, there is wanton theft of our tax in government even right now.

I can even challenge that next year some donor can fund another audit of whichever period they want and the result would be the same: Loss of billions and the figure will keep rising.

Yet this present report is very suspicious. Let us also not forget that the DPP government never wanted Malawians to see it and the question that we must answer is why?

It has no names but just figures. It is clear that K577 billion was stolen but by who? The DPP said we can only know this after some 10 months following another audit. This one was funded by the Germany, who is going to bankroll this subsequent one?

The terms of reference for this were very clear to Malawians and it was that it will cover the time that the DPP was in power from 2009 to somewhere 2012. Did this change midstream to include the Joyce Banda administration through to December 2014? Why was that so?

Is it not curious that the PP is bearing the full brunt in that the report says out of K577 billion, K350 billion was lost under the watch of Joyce Banda?

The Baker Tilly report funded by the British government covered the Joyce Banda period. Why the duplication? Now which report should Malawians believe? This one funded by the Germans or the initial one funded by the British?

This is all suspicious and the DPP government has a lot to explain to Malawians especially in view of the fact that they never wished Malawians to see any report but were coerced to release it because the opposition MP threatened to torpedo the budget which has just been passed in Parliament unless the document was made public.

Yet, we, Malawians must rise up and say boldly enough is enough. We cannot allow theft of hard-earned tax to continue unabated.

This country needs a revolution and now. We have been screwed long enough and it hurts.

  • This article appeard in the Malawi News of June 27,2015 under the columb of ‘Hitting the Nail’
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The article was well presented, but Kasakula would have made it complete if he attempted to go deeper into the catch word “Revolution”. What is revolution? It is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short time. It comes from a Latin word “revolutio” meaning “turn around”. Revolutions may arise due to widespread frustrations with economic, social and political situation, disequilibrium between resources and demands or when two or more competing interest groups can’t come to terms within a decision-making process. Malawi is currently facing a lot of challenges ranging from political leadership… Read more »


Manford Ng'omah
Guys do you believe that the report of out side auditors is correct ok it is correct but look back Malawi was on mentioned years budget over 200bm per year and how much monies were stolen per year? ask yourself does this report similar to 13bm please remember those MP could not allow budget of this year to pass if ineed the report is like with 13bm Truely nobody will be arrested on this blunder please not that politians are on no one of these (1) praying (2) killing (3) lying (4) and giving you will rember my word leave… Read more »
Mr Keen Observer gets it all wrong. Firstly enlighten us what suffering means and for your knowledge’s sake, the dead do not suffer. The fruits Black South Africans enjoy today came through struggle and indeed blood letting, if need be. The famous 1960 ‘Sharpeville Massacre’ and the 1976-1986 ‘Soweto Uprisings’ are such examples. Thousands lost their lives in the process of fighting for basic rights. And today our brothers trek down en masse to partake of the milk and honey there, despite being flogged and butchered alive. On the local seen, in 1915 Chilembwe and the other patriotic brothers sacrificed… Read more »

Malawi has very crooked politicians. I wonder how the opposition could pass the budget without looking into this k500 billion cashgate report. How self is the money that has been approved to help malawians. All MPs both government and opposition are crooks and they do not love their Country and it’s people, if they did they wouldn’t allow this budget just by being promised to look into report in 10 months period what a nosense?

Mbowe Mulambia

Nobody voted for these thieves they are there because of Chilima

Kasakula has written a wonderful article which jolts us all to start thinking.I like the title of his story that we do need a revolution at personal level by thinking differently and being more patriotic and holding thieveing and lying politicians to account or demand action.The report being referred to requires massive demonstration or demand an early election.When we lecet people into power, we do so because we trust them to run our affairs very well.Given what we know, what is there to show for DPP and give them the credence they so much yearn for and have little to… Read more »

A Malawi ndife at tulo komanso amantha. Chomwe tingathe ndikuotcha wakuba K1000.00 kumusiya wa amabillion ati chifukwa anaba masana . K1000.00 inabedwa usiku mwiniwake akugona; Wake up Malawi! Don’t behave like fools

mutharika and goodall are thieves
mutharika and goodall are thieves

In 1992 there was a revolution in malawi. In 2015 we need another one to end the stealing of public resources

Are all these people contributing to this column Malawians or they are Egyptians telli Morsi to resign or face bloody resistance, neither they are Brundians telling Mkulunziznza to resign or face bloody situations. I consider you to be Greeks whose economy is in shamble as if Greece is in third world war. I mean as if it is not the home of greatest world thinkers like Pluto, Socrates, Archimedes, Herodotus, Hippocrate, Pericles, Aristotle,democritus, Pythagoras, etc (ETC stands for End of Thinking Capacity add more ….). I mean naturally Malawians are God Fearing nationals. Possibbly because of the bloody shed that… Read more »

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