Malawi needs decisive leaders –PAC says at ‘future of Malawi’ meeting

A major conference organised by quasi-religious grouping the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is underway in Blantyre where a cross-section of Malawians is discussing the future of the country with is facing economic crisis.

Chingota:   Malawi needs  decisive leadership

Chingota: Malawi needs decisive leadership

Opening the conference, Blantyre CCAP Synod’s the Reverend Felix Chingota, who is moderator of St Columba CCAP congregation; – the conference chairman – said Malawi does not need donor aid to deal with socio-economic problems prevailing in the country but decisive leadership.

“We just need the leadership that can look at our vast resources and know how to use them prudently,” he said.

The indaba by the influential inter-faith civil society grouping is discussing the political, economic and food shortages that have virtually making Malawi fast going into a failed state.

Chingota in an interview with journalists later said the current leadership falls short of this, saying this is why Malawi has been hit by the numerous problems.

“We have many problems right now. Take the food shortage for instance; we don’t need funding for this. What we need is to have leadership that can use the available resources and turn Malawi into a bread basket,” he said.

The government blames the current food shortages to floods and drought caused by El Niño whilst some experts say bad government agricultural problems have compounded the natural disasters problems.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe who is attending the meeting conceded some of the problems the country is facing do not indeed need donor aid but decisive leadership.

He said the government has already started working on some issues to turn around tables.

The conference has unruffled quite a few feathers with government claiming that it has been organised to topple the government of President Peter Mutharika.

But PAC spokesman, Catholic priest Peter Mulomole, said Malawians have a democratic right to hold a lawful assembly anywhere in the country.

On instigating regime change, Mulomole described the allegation as paranoia.

There was an unusually heavy police presence in the city of Blantyre throughout the day. Anti-riot vehicles full of heavily-armed paramilitary police could be seen driving all over the city throughout the day.

The PAC meeting continues on Thursday.

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25 thoughts on “Malawi needs decisive leaders –PAC says at ‘future of Malawi’ meeting”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.Great One,you are not the great one,but rather a toothless bulldog.What I can tell you is that there is no difference between you and the two Muthakas frankeinsteins’ monsters.If Malawians could not blame Peter Mathanyula who else can be blamed you half human being? I can assure you that if Peter is removed from the Presidency he stolled using again,the stollen funds from poor people of Malawi,things will of course change to the best.He has proved himself the most unintelligent leader Malawi has ever had.To be fair,Bakili Muluzi and Joice Banda were far better than Peter Mathanyula,indeed,it is heart breaking having Peter being the President of our nation it is both shameful and unfortunate.By the time he is removed from the Presidency,Malawi will be no more,we must forget about that.Muthalika and his brother Bingu were just political excursionists whose ambitions among other things,were to enrich themselves and a gang of looters including selected lackeys.Whatever the case,Peter as his corrupt brother,will also vanish,but the wretched people of Malawi will remain to chart their own destiny.VIVA THE PEOPLE OF MALaWI!!!

  2. Alungwana says:

    Malawi a failed state!

  3. Malonda Anzako says:

    Its true PAC and her fellows were of the the regime change since they have been exposed have no massage for malawians. We are comparing things from different stand points. those that seemed to achieve had all the donar supports but they stole, while this one has no donars compounded with the natural disasters, We should compare things when all are equal and not otherwise.
    Were’nt you the same PAC that gave Bingu 90days because of his stand against devaluing the kwacha? He stood his ground but you chose the masses that had no direction and today apoor professors says Malawi need a decisive leader what a shame we had Dr KB and Bingu you all condemed them as dictators

  4. the great one says:

    Zimafuna mzeru don’t just comment. what I have observed is that Malawians are obsessed with bad motives, short sighted ppo. why can’t we be discussing issues which can build Malawi, do u think that if the incumbent president go things can change you are just building castles in the sky. The problems we are going through are not because of Peter its just time don’t be chicken head. We are talking of hunger what measures have we put to overcome come it. What plans do we have for the years to come. I have more to write but a lot of chicken heads here I may waste my energy.

  5. Chafwa Chanunkha piiiiii says:

    Vomekezani kuti lakukanikani Boma kuyendetsa mupaseni masiku ameneyu azayamba kunama kkkkkkk Magufuli akuwaposa ulamula

  6. Apao Kugola says:

    I wish Kamulepo Kalua was holding a decisive position in politics. He has positive ambitions and could become our Magufuli. Kamulepo has never changed his colour in terms of political idealogy. Zinazi, aaa, mmwemo — namsongole ndi tirigu kukulira limodzi ndithu. Koma wokolola akuchedwa.

    Pulizi save this fast eroding nation from the socioeconomic obscurity. Bamusi ndi wopanda nzeru musamumvere. m’bale wake Enock ku UK akusowa mtengo wogwira chifukwa chokakamira hule lomwe analitengera kusukulu. Mabvuto Bamusi go to UK and pump sense into your borther before you can try to confuse the nation of Malawi.


  7. B. MANDA says:

    Atumbuka amakha tagundika nawo ma comment otukwana kodi ife mtundu wathu unakhala bwanji? Sitingasinthe lija mkale amathu amitundu ina anayamba kutidandaula.

  8. Jere says:


  9. BOKHO says:

    Go go PAC this govt must go now don’t delay otherwise we will all die.

  10. yakumbuyo says:

    Gondwe just accept you that you have failed.You told us that DOLLAR has stablise ,Has it? You told us that Maize is available where is it? Inflation would go down where is it? Every body is failing to service loans /Where is the Government? Cashgate 577 billion you are quiet .Information bill ,you are quiet.White people do not need you .you have destroyed our country

  11. Omex70 says:

    I have never seen a clueless president like the one who is ruling us right now. Malawi is in trouble. Stupid Malawians voted him into power because the thought he is sharp taking into consideration that he is called “professor.”

  12. Lupwito says:

    I wish Undule Mwakasungula could organa again 20th July Faka-Faka Demos bwanji, coz eish these nyopiks in the government andikwana and John Kapito aaashiii naye sakuitha ka. Wat do we do guys???? Lets arrange ngati mwakonzeka drop yo numbaz here tichite zimenezi zotchedwa zionetsero…

  13. 2016 welcome says:

    The office of the presidency is too difficult for an average thinker like Peter Mutharika. That’s where the problem is,

  14. Trace kanyongolo says:

    It’s high time we rise against party politics and focus on what’s good for the people and how to get it. It’s a shame that less than six months ago government claimed that the country has more than enough food for the country and yet today they are desperately looking for alternatives! Poor leadership skills.

  15. Mbanga says:

    When is the meeting ending? That will be the beggining of another liberisation.

  16. Matako says:

    Well done are our only hope.This clueless corrupt puppet must go.This country is for all of us not just the Lomwe and their syndicate. You see a failing president when he fails to even hold himself accountable. Let alone those he has appointed to. He is clueless as his spindoctors continue to mislead him.He can blame his failures on others but the truth be told, he is the worst and most corrupt president our country has ever seen. Teo years into his presidency he has nothing to show for other than high food prices,high unemployment, inflation, no security and a worthless kwacha. Muthalika must go by any means necessary.

  17. dee kay says:

    Does it take PAC conference for Badall and Bwampini to accept that they have failed ndipo azitule, sitikuwafuna? Why did not they accept earlier and start working on that straight away? Kumbuyo konseku mumakana ndipo you have been spending millions on cadets and media warfare to try to improve the tarnished image of Bwampini that can not be improved at any cost while you could have used the 300 million plus working on improving the situation in Malawi. Sleep walking-CHOKANI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. C-4 says:

    what ever u discuss. we are ready to consume according to our stand. no man/ grouping can divert ones stand on Malawi’s political choice. I believed u know well that there are opposition & government supporters. chitsilu chilichonse chili ndi mwiniwake. I rest my case.

  19. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Why does Government speak as if the El Nino affected Malawi only. Do they think we are all illiterate. The phenomenon has affected so many countries. So please, just admit that you have failed to lead Malawi

  20. Man of God says:

    Don’t be afraid. The nation is very angly with this regime. We need to force it out. We will stand by you. Come rain or sun, bwampini must go.

  21. Sapitwa says:

    Tiyenazoni kwathu ndi kumvera zomwe mukambirane ife tigwirizana nazo.

  22. Sapitwa says:

    Muropwana khananiwana

  23. All4ks says:

    That Is the word, decisive. And proactive leadership. Take the Admarc fiasco, why should thieving and crooked staff hold the nation’s food at random?

  24. griffin says:

    Go PAC do as you did during one party system government PAC kicked the fierce KB and made Bingu dance to a wind tune,Joyce Banda knows you better,what about this APM he is the worst among worst Malawi has seen sorry my poor nation,Please make sure you come up with constructive ideas,you are the only Civil Society remaining for reality there, all CSO,s have been corrupted we don’t have hope,tell APM and his wagon of Mapwevupwevu must pack and go……

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