Malawi needs serious prayers, says Prophet Bushiri’s spiritual son

Founder of Grace of Victors Ministry Pastor Victor Carzotah has advised that Malawi’s present economic and political situation needs fervent prayers to return to normal.

Pastor Victor Carzotah

Pastor Victor Carzotah

Carzotah, who arrived in the country Tuesday  via Kamuzu International Airport (KIA), said in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times that Malawians must take prayers seriously.

“We’ve so much gotten used to prayer as a country such that we don’t take it seriously anymore,” said Carzotah who lived for more than 20 years in Malawi before settling in Botswana a couple of years ago.

“We need not take our prayers as sheer routine,” he added. “We must always make our submissions with refreshed rigor and honesty.”

Commenting on the economic status that has become the reality on scores of Malawians, the 30 year old preacher-cum-prophet asked Malawians to understand wealth as a “blessing from God.”

But he said that did not mean it should instigate laziness in Malawians.

“We must work hard,” he said, “but at the same time we must remember to acknowledge the presence of God’s mightiness in all our endeavors.”

Carzotah said the problem of lack of respect on days of worship is one that is bringing Malawians behind and is not only reflective of Malawi, but also the whole African continent.

“Come to Malawi on Sunday, for example, you will find shops open. People love money so much so that they get to the extent of forgetting God. For our Muslim friends that does not happen. They respect their days of worship and God continues to bless them,” he opined.

Adding on the same, Carzotah said that Malawians must learn to share opportunities to achieve “financial freedom.”

“Backbiting and jealousy has never been a key to economic success,” he said.

 Ministerial background

Raised in Malawi’s cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre, Carzotah recalls with a deep sense of nostalgia how Reverend Nelson Banda turned him to Christ at the age of seven.

“He was a great man who shaped my religious life immeasurably,” recalls Carzotah of his humble beginnings at Area 25C Assemblies of God Church in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

He told Nyasa Times that in his early days as God’s minister he worked closely with Bishop Mark Kambalazaza of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries.

Between 1998 and 2004 he said he ministered immensely on air on the rebranded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) TV and Transworld Radio.

Now, he says, he has branches almost in all the parts of the world including Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, USA, UK, Scotland, Malawi and Dublin.

 ‘Great’ Bushiri

Pastor Victor touted Malawi’s born Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) as a great man of God.

“He is actually a spiritual leader to me,” confessed Carzotah. “Actually, each time I shake hands with him, interact with him I feel blessed and spiritually enriched.”

He said Malawi was blessed to have a man like Bushiri, whom God had endowed with great spiritual riches.

“He is a great Man of God,” he re-iterated. “He is a great man.”

Carzotah said he was certain that for the few days he is going to be with Bushiri in the country, he was going to experience the greatness of the Lord manifested.

Bushiri has arrived in the country for about a week-long tour of his ministry in the country.

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daniel theu

We love you Prophet BUSHIRI

honey comb Chidyauzu

First abraham changed his name from Abram to Abraham. Jacob was changed to Israel,
Saul to Paul. Why are you people just fond of criticising. Touch not his annointed Mudzadzitengera tsoka . If you don’t believe him just stay quite. Even Jesus Christ was being rediculed by people like you.

Mphwache wa Bingu

Iwe Kazota and Bushiri you are both thieves. Shame on the small brains who follow these thieves


Like seriously, are prayers the only thing Malawi needs to prosper, then I guess that should be easy???? Can somebody give me one country which moved from being poor through prayers. Let’s face it people, we all know what our barriers to development are, there are written everywhere… Please don’t cheat us with your so called prophesies.


His real name iz kazota ena amati chisoso osamapusisa anthu by saing man of God muli man of men of God timadziwa ife sakhalisa ama zima fast.mukafufuze ma dvd a mark woodman.chongosintha dzina zaonekerati kuti ndi alaliki ofuna mthumba basi kumalawi kulibe wadzina ngati ochokera ku zetch republic.akufuna tisonkhe tikafupe kuti a use as tpt.

Prophet S Mabuza
One of the most suprising things is that we have people who don’t even know God who even comment on affairs of men of God and issues of Christianity as per it not that seculary in this world if you don’t have knowledge in a certain field of study you can’t even participate especialy complicated fields such as forensic science,making an example.I am devastated by the blasphemous comments I hear above about fellow man of God, It is only filthy,immoral people who don’t know and don’t respect God who can blaspheme in such a manner,if you don’t have any… Read more »
The brother

No comment about men of GOD in malawi some difiles, some satanisms, some rapist, some gayz, i honestly speaking i dont have something to say about these liarz so called men of GOD, DYING DOUBLE. NDANGODUSAMO SINDIDATCHOLE ONANI MMANJAMWANGAMU……….RIP

mlomwe wachitonga

thumbs up men of God. indeed Mw needs serious prayers, the devil has no gao. GOD BLESS ALL GENUINE MEN OF GOD IN MW.


Dzina mwasintha kukhala lachizungu? Lanu ndi KAZOTA musapusitse anthu kunjako. Mukuthamangira kunja anthu aku nyasaland awalalikire ndani.? Kodi ku Botswana kulibe olalikira?


why iz it dat u pipo open new denominations after receiving jesus?dont turn christianty 2 politics

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