Malawi netball star vindicates Mwawi in protesting NAM ‘oppression’

Malawi Queens stay-away star Mwai Kumwenda has been vindicated in her protest against “oppression” of Rose Chinunda led Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) as  goal-shooter Linda Magombo-Munthali has added her voice to reveal how players are suffering in silence.

Magombo: Players are suffering in silence

Magombo: Players are suffering in silence

Kumwenda, raised the issue defiantly when snubbed the national duty after claiming that it “pains” her that players are “suffering in silence for fear of being dropped from the squad.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that NAM has created a system that cracks down on players who speak out; taking advantage of their desperation for national team call-ups that earn better at around K2 000 daily training allowance and for $50 (K24 000) daily foreign trip stipend compared to K50 000 ($100) monthly perks for clubs.

“The players have no other source of income, so they opt to suffer in silence fearing they will be dropped. When called up for the 2013 Africa Netball Championship, I told NAM that I first needed my 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games dues. I wrote the former Sports minister, Sports Council and the Malawi Olympic Committee (MOC) on the same, but no one responded. I have never been called up again,” said Munthali as quoted by The Nation newspaper.

Rose Chinunda:  Players have liberty to speak even to reporters

Rose Chinunda: Players have liberty to speak even to reporters

The paper which has carried fresh revealations quoted Munthali saying NAM official can even impose players on coaches “that is why they cannot hire someone like Peace [Chawinga Kalua] who stands her ground.”

“Players have nowhere to complain. Linda [Magombo] was dropped for fighting for the others and now it is Mwawi. The association puts its senior officials as team managers, who instead of relaying issues of players concerns, gag them right in camp. They are like spies as they report players as being trouble-makers,” the paper attributed this quote to unnamed senior player.

Chinunda has since shot down the claims, saying players “are at liberty to, as long as they have facts, even talk to reporters.”

It has been clear from recent games that Malawi Queens – world’s fifth-best netball team – is losing its spark.

The Queens are officially the most successful sporting team Malawi has ever produced.

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57 thoughts on “Malawi netball star vindicates Mwawi in protesting NAM ‘oppression’”

  1. dayfri says:

    amayi awa si ampira…ndiwosokoneza kwambiri…..komanso ndi ansanje…kodi ali ndi ana amenewa?

  2. Cashgate 1 says:

    Some of these netball administrators have outlived and need to be replaced. Things are changing and we need new blood not old blood whose ideas are going down because of low IQ. REPLACE HER, the sooner the better. If players are liberty to express their ideas why do you drop them from squad?

  3. Ndi Momwe Moyo Ukhali Aaaaah, Its Part Of Life, Usalile Chondeeee Its Part Of Life.

  4. Mlolo says:

    Koma amayi amenewa.!!koma kunyasa nkhope kumeneko nankha ku ujeniko ndiye kuli bwanji!!!?mmmmmm!

  5. Sinthani says:

    There is no smoke without fire. This Chinunda need to be investigated by the responsible authorities and appropriate measures taken on her management style. It is better to lose her in the game than our pride we have at the moment of our best netballers. The best choice for her is to resign and not giving excuses here.

  6. Katswiri left wing'a says:

    Management ya netball silibwino. I wonder the minister herself is not intervening on this matter. This will lead to the downfall of the malawi queens. What Mwawi is doing is right and excellent, nonse amene mukununyoza mwazi ndinu opusa kwambiri, infact kupusa to the maxmum, kusaphunzira mkomwe kukukupangitsani. Mwawi is there becoz of her hardworking spirit

  7. Charter says:

    Chinunda and her ring must be fired! Let all players who are owed speak with one voice – let everyone who is owed decline the next call up! Who do managers think themselves? Very sad! Well done Linda and Mwawi.

  8. Nkhombokombo says:

    Don’t mess up the best Team Malawi has ever produced. Chinunda and your team plse look after the team well. We love you!

  9. mgemi says:

    Basi tizingomva zonyasa za Chinunda kaya mukuti Linunda mwinanso kanunda?

  10. msukwa says:

    Kodi kanunda ameneyo osangothana naye bwanji? Akuwonekavngati she is very untouchable? Mayi Muluzi bwanji kodi?

  11. Truth Pains says:

    Even though democracy was embraced some two decades ago, it still remains a challenge in employment circles. If a junior speaks out or attempts to express concerns over illtreatment by immediate supervisor or anyone in higher authority then you get repraisals as the case of Mwawi and her colleague. Autocratic leadership is the order of the day even with the very advocates. Truely, poverty is making alot of Malawians suffer in silence. Only the sharpened spears like the case of Mwawi and her colleague will fight for justice for the oppressed. Keep up girls for the sake of humanity, the Almighty will reward you. How untouchable the Chinunda-like creatures may be, they will one day fall down. Public positions are not supposed to be owned like personal estates. I rest my case.

  12. Chinunda waonatu kuzikonda kwako kwaonekera poyera. A minister chosani ntchito Chinunda right away. Kaya musova

  13. WAKALE says:

    Remember That Talent Iz Meant To Benefit The Owner

  14. mpopoma says:

    Cab you retire mama chinunda .ma bp muzak kweza bule tu.

  15. Mavi pathako says:

    A malawi mwamunenanena Mwayi chifukwa ndi mtumbaka pano ndi izi zina kodi Linda ndi mtumbuka ngati ? Pano mwaona mwayi amanena zoonatu.

  16. mike kamanga says:

    Chinunda Jezebel uyu! fokofu! ine ndie nditangomuswa makofu basi.

    1. say no to oppression says:

      You are not explaining yourself why you would do that, idiot!

  17. Hotlady says:

    Hahahaha inu mukuti Nam ndiye yayika Mwawi pamene alipo mukunama, bwanji enawo sakufikapo pa Mwawi?The fact is corruption and greedy is what our netball administrators are being engulfed with.Shortly u will hear Beatrice Mpinganjira complaining about the same issues yet responsible pple are leaving everything unnoticed.Jana and friends dont pretend there is nothing these evil ladies at Nam are doing.

  18. Wozinyanyala says:

    Amayiwa akuwonekerathu kuti she is a problem and ndi mfiti alipa….kunyasa nkhope ngati fisi. Muwafufuze ngati ali ndi mwamuna akuwuzani ndi moto bakayu…chonde ma Queens okha mukanawasiya amaika Malawi pa map asiyana ndi maujeni a mpila wa miyendo.

  19. kes munthali says:

    What’s funny is that mwai kumwenda is were she is today because of the opportunity given to her by the national team for her to play on the international stage. No one forces any one to play for the national team, it’s optional, not it’s not forced upon. Any sane person, with more than half a brain now’s that NAM is a cashstrapped organisation and that they is peanuts in terms of private sponsorship, revenue collection at netball matches is non existant, so logic will dictate that at best players will get symbolic pay. My advice to the girls use the chance of playing for malawi as a platform for career progression, playing for malawi may not be financially rewarding but it can open doors for you to play proffessionally. Lastly when you make it never shit on those that made you, be humble.

    1. edo says:

      u r missing important facts! mwai is where she is because of hardwork! why isn’t ur sister where mwai is! listen to people who have been in it to speak out and determine the truth from it! excuse me! these gals r nt on pay roll bt chinunda is! it is wrong to ask for allowances u were meant to be paid 12months! ? if someone helps doesn’t mean u neEed to lick their feeet or be a prisoner! nooooo! mind u these gals were quering their allowances nt a loan from NAM! why do we malawians suffer in silence? mmakampani its the same! ati musayankhule paja vepiyi ankolo ndamene anandipezera! aaaaah!

      1. kes munthali says:

        Without being given a platform to play on the international stage by the same national team she is now shitting on she would not be in newzeland. She is a disgrace and lacks patronising.

        1. edo says:

          The issue here is money my friend! Whether u work, or business even a berger! U expect somethin by the end of the day, now players r coming up and speaking out! Hu z a shame! Even mwai atapitiliza kumuswaya iwooo nkupitiliza kuwadyera ndalama ma player enawa , mwai sadzagwadanso pankhomo pawooo kupempha mmemo! Her hard work ! Paying off! Hey queens one day pls pls pls boycot a crucial game ! Zibwana zonsezi zidzatha a NAM! Even kukana kukwera ndege! It works

    2. ujeni says:

      Zopusa, she is where she is because of her talent. Is Didier Drogba playing for Chelsea because of Ivory Coast? When did Ivory Coast win Africa Cup of Nations.

    3. Think Tank says:

      did NAM give her talent? NAM recognised her talent and used it. This is the problem of building institutions as gods. You are used to get things by appointment and not through interviews and hardwork. Learn to use your skills to gain attitude independence. Mwawi and Linda are some of the finest netballers this country has ever produced. And like one-party state,we have doused the shining stars.

    4. kanchenga. says:

      Total rubbish. Mwayi worked had that is why she was picked by the national team. The national team does not go around picking non performing girls for training. They go for performance. A chinunda alipileni Ana ndalama zao. Asayambe uhule Chifukwa cha ufiti wanu. Mukutaniko inu kumeneko ngati kulibe ndalama.

  20. chembe says:

    Munthu sanyasa nkhopeKumeneko ndikunyoza Olenga.

    1. kanchenga. says:

      Zoona koma ukalolera tchimo kukulamulira ndiye khope imatsata tchimo lomwelo. Mumaona bwanji mahule a pa bar. Khope imayipa Chifukwa cha dehydration mowa ndi chemical burning. Ndiye mayiwa kuba. Apatseni atsikanawa ma allowance awo. Akayamba uhule ndiye muzitokota. Ufiti eti

  21. cbk says:

    what a shame chinunda!bapu wati pheetu!where is sports minister,why letting this bullshit going on?we’re tired of hearing the suffering of our ladies.where is jana?mungoyang’ana basi!

  22. lovemore says:

    Oppression will never end in our country.athorities do sth about it

  23. Mwama Du says:

    Posankha atsogoleri tiziwonetsetsa, munthu wanji angalimbe mtima kuvotera amaiwa! Nkhope yowopsa ngati Gahena.

  24. opportunist says:

    How special is Chinunda that her name keeps on coming whenever national team is mentioned .She’s continuing destroying our favourite team

  25. dakalimale waka says:

    kodi….chinunda or linunda like in sirloin steak?????????

  26. Alungwana says:

    Komabe Mwawi osamunyengelela ayi!

  27. Monica says:

    Please read the article properly, don’t just blame innocent people. The letter was written to former Minister sports Council and Malawi Olympic committee , nothing was done why blaming the four rent Minister, and she already told you that there is a commission of enquiry put in place , Nsanje Basi qmusiyeni mwana wa eni a gwire ntchito. BIngu Stadium yomweyo, .Anduna muyikeso Muthalika . Bravo BIngu.

  28. anaphiri says:

    Chinunda apakire ndithu,ife maplayer tatopa nawo

  29. where is the money says:

    Imagine allowances of 2010 not being paid until now;;; please lets try to wear a human face.. these players have nothing else to lean on.. so please give them their duly deserved ,meagre and malnourished allowances

  30. Mwalubazi says:

    APtseNi ana ndalamazo its not cashgAte

  31. linunda says:

    Too bad. make sure they pay with interest on top.its long overdue.

  32. monica says:

    Hoity where were you last year if the problem started with the former minister who was a man .you just hate our female minister she knows what she is doing. Talk about NAM .shame ngati ndiwana sanje ndipeze wagwa naye.

  33. nkunthamasese says:

    chinunda must resign.We want our original Qeens back pliz.

  34. Kanyimbi says:

    People are judged by their performance. Chinunda has proved to be a failure. please she must go at once. Zotiwonongela team ayi.

  35. nana says:

    the problem us that the minister herself is lukewarm apart from making stupid announcements of naming the new stadium but again the looks of the minister and woman man chinunda are the same. i accept nothing from them but siding with each other

  36. hoitty says:

    Why are you behaving like political leaders where no one speaks out in fear of being dropped in a ministerial position or kutukwanidwa pansanja? Ndalama mukukanizazi nzamthumba mwanu? Kapena munazidya? Amayi inu mukuopyeza ana nkhope ngati Muluzi? cashgate investigation

    1. Kkkkkk!Mayi Chinunda Muluzi!Kkkkkkkk!hahahaha!

  37. msukwa says:

    Stupid chinunda

  38. popapo says:

    She should be interdicted to pave way for proper investigation. Our Journalist this is worthy investigating, get facts from the girls please. A MAI CHINUNDA CHONDE MUSAIPITSE DZINA LANU APA ZAFIKA KAYA ZA BODZA KAYA BWANJI KULIBWINO MUTULE PANSI UDINDO. ANA ANU NDI ACHIBALE ANU AZIYENDA MOMASUKA. IZI ZA DZIKO !!

  39. ujeni says:

    Queens slowly but surely will be history, Netball officials have an attitude like silly Malawi politicians who have sucked this country to pulp. Pano Malawi is so poor and malnourished.

  40. I cry for my beloved Queen. What a shame? Chinunda should think twice.

  41. milimbo says:

    Kodi chinundayu team imeneyi ndi yake ya personal? Kapena titi ya amayi ake?

  42. Think Tank says:

    Long live Mwawi,Long live Linda,Long Live the Queens. Imagine the combination of Mwawi,Sindi and Linda in the Queens. the Minister of Sports should call for round table discussions with all concerned. All players should be interviewed on fact findings seperately. People should not be allowed to build fiefdoms in sports.

  43. Thumbwefu says:

    it may happen that every player will be annoyed and NAM will have no pleyers. please treat players as your fellow human being.

  44. my right to speak! says:

    Once they become free we will start losing, and already we’ve. The discipline of the ’80s under Kamuzu saw the flames grabbing some continental silverware. When democracy emerged, we started losing. Malawians need a heavy hand if they are to perform. Mwawi should not bring her experiences from Australia and New Zealand. In Malawi, freedom is tantamount to laziness. I rest my case!!!!

    1. kanchenga. says:

      The question here is allowance payment. Kamuzu never allowed anyone to go a day longer without getting paid their dues. That one reason people worked hard. They knew they would be paid. Now Magombo worked in 2010 a year passed by with no pay. The bible I read calls that sin. May chinunda what does yours say.

  45. Khuni says:

    In the final analysis its the national team that has suffered an indelible black mark. GREED!

  46. Paul Vida says:

    Tachioneni kunyatsa nkhope Chichinunda thats why Malawi Queens ingophetemulidwa

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