Malawi new television station MTV now beaming programmes: Engages Saulos Thindwa

A new television station, MTV, owned by one of the local companies, Global Television Ltd, has started beaming its programmes and related services to Malawians.

Thindwa: On MTV

Thindwa: On MTV

Test signal started on July 9 this year, according to Laphy Nasungwi, the company’s Technical Director.

“We are purely entertainment and sports. It’s a station for everyone. In the near future, MTV sports shall cover live local leagues (football) as no one does it,” Nasungwi.

They have since engaged former MBC TV sports analyst Saulos Thindwa as their sports pundit.

“The station will offer much of entertainment and sports programmes and other interesting and other must watch documentaries.

“We are also planning to have special channel that would be branded MTV sports,” he explained.

Nasungwi further said they will ensure that the television station identifies itself with programmes that will be highlighting the way of life in society in terms of culture, beliefs, art and language, among others.

MTV is on GoTV 816 and Malawi Digital Broadcasting Network (MDBN) 113.

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) licensed the company to provide private television broadcasting services for a period of seven years commencing on July 31 2015 and ending on July 30 2022 and can always be renewed.


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30 thoughts on “Malawi new television station MTV now beaming programmes: Engages Saulos Thindwa”

  1. BENGO says:

    Tsano kumudzi kuno ifika liti imeyi Kkkkkk

  2. APM Sangathe says:

    CheNkope, DSTV does not control names for countries. We have Registraar of Companies boys eish. Can DSTV register all those TV stations in Malawi?

  3. Amalawi Umbuli says:

    Macra does not have control names. The Registrar of companies has that authority. If a company name called MTV was registered in Malawi there is no way MTV would have the name. Eish a malawi zina kumangoyamikila koma ma negatives dziko silipita patali ili.

    Zonse zili upside down. Umbuli ndi mate nda. When you suggest a name of an organisation say Supersport Ltd, only if someone registered already u can’t use. Go for any ne now fast

  4. wadombola pipo says:

    Tell us about its coverage, nkhani mwatifotokozera koma simunamalize kuti ndi madera ati omwe ikuoneka panopo. Komaso don’t 4get kuti Gotv ili kumizinda kokha kuma town ndi malo onse akumizi kulibe Gotv. Ndiye MTV tiyiwonera bwanji kuno ku KU Chinkhoma?

  5. Rev Golong'ondo says:

    That’s a welcome development. I missed Saulos, the real sports reporter. I still remember him saying: ”it’s a draw in favour of Civo.”

  6. zilibwino sizinalakwike

  7. kk says:

    Ahhh Bambo ingopangani zanu kuti tiwone za anthu ophunzilazo…ife tikusangalala nayo ya anthu osaphunzilayo….keep it up MTV limited woyeee

  8. Aunt Getty says:

    Mr/Mrs spider web…i would like to wake you up and let you know that we are in the 21st century… the last time i checked Mtv is not putting music any different from the other channels. Soo i recommend that if you want it to stop… you should inform the musicians to stop swearing

  9. Mukati mtv wat is stands for?? Mozambique tv,malawi tv,kapena music tv?kma chonde musabele za ena,be lyk u went to xul,and u planed b4 establishment

  10. anonymous says:

    Okay. I think this is why malawians dont go far. Firstly’MTV’ is an ABBRIVIATION.

    If you do not understand what that is it means that the ‘M’ stands for something soo before you judge please ask MTV what it stands for.

    Can we not just recommend our Media for providing us with a wide range of channels to select from than putting them down…

  11. member says:

    MACRA should not have registered the tv station with this name. there is already MTV. Why do Malawians like copying? Even footballers are named nicked after other footballers. And the people who do this journalists, the worst people who like copying from others.

  12. Katswiri says:

    Will never forget Saulos Thindwa on MBC then TVM when he said “From sports we now move to athletics” Legendary Mr. Thindwa.

  13. Chingolopiyo Nyamayamilandu says:

    Mwati Saulosi for live game beaming???????????????????????????Bwanji osandifunsa kaye kuti zamipirazo zibebe pakhale ndani??????That s MTV as you call it but its MBC Tv in side B.No soccer coverage but replays or else Presidential diaries.

  14. Nsanje says:

    Good news ngati iyiyi mpaka kulemnba za nagative.

  15. Thief Nkhongoigwa says:

    Ngati mukukanika kukhala creative pa dzina LA TV station ndiye mungakhale creative pa maprogram any?… NDAKAIKA

  16. Spider Web says:

    Muchepetse kuika nyimbo zotukwana. Ngati simumamva chizungu ife ana athu amamva.

  17. Madzi amphale sokumwa says:

    Iwe Bwino khala ndi ulemu iweyo Recorder sumaidziwa? kkkkkkk Mr. S akufunsa kuti to connect pakufunika Recorder? kkkkk

  18. Che Nkope says:

    Komatu MTV iripo kale pa DSTV.sakusumirani ku court? Osapeza lina dzina bwanji?

  19. Youn says:

    What about those on DSTV?

  20. ANALYST says:

    “From ‘Thsssoka to football” – Saulos Thindwa tsopano!

  21. KAMBWE says:

    koma uyuyu uyu…Thindwa…asiye zomanena kuti Owen Michaels…. komanso zomati.. from soccer lets go to football….

  22. Umbuli says:

    The M is not restricted for use in Malawi. It can be used by any one. The article says MTV Ltd and that means it is a company registerd in Malawi. Only if MTV international registerd in Malawi same no one can stop its usage. M is not restricted. Chotsani umbuli.

  23. Myao says:


  24. EMTAK says:

    tionere zimenezi zinazo tatopa nazoo tsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  25. The real ujeni says:

    Before you even engage in first gear, you will receive legal papers from the real MTV brand owners, tulo chani?

  26. Bwino says:

    Mr S, thank you for informing the world that some TV stations need RECORDERS to be accessed…;). May be we can throw away our DECODERS now.

  27. TV Expert says:

    Abale Malawi needed an entertainment and sports channel. Zandale tatopa nazo ife. MTV woyeee. Timafuna tinjoye ife

  28. nzungu wa nzeru says:

    This is a good development even though the abbreviation MTV is a bit misleading you my think its the former Malawi television.

  29. s says:

    How to connect to you guys? Do I need recorder or what?

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