Malawi nurses slap govt with court injunction over employment ro

Over 300 nurses who were supposed to sit for interviews Tuesday to get employment in public hospitals will have to wait a little longer as Nurses and Midwives Organisation of Malawi has obtained a court injunction against the holding of the interviews.

Ngoma: Obtains court injunction

Ngoma: Obtains court injunction

Dorothy Ngoma, executive director of National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives confirmed Monday afternoon court injunction and is advising the nurses not to go to interview avenues.

“The interviews will not take place until there is an interparty hearing on the matter,” said Ngoma.

The nurses and midwives body says the nurses cannot sit for the interviews since the government already offered them appointment letters, an indication that they were now on government payroll.

The government withdrew the letters later citing lack of money to pay the nurses monthly salary.

However, after pressure from civil society groups, the government said it would hire 200 out of the over 300 nurses and called them for interviews slated for Tuesday.

“We are advising the nurses not to show up for the interviews in Lilongwe until the matter is heard in court,” said the firebrand Ngoma.

Civil society groups in Malawi have organised peaceful demonstrations over collapsing health services in the impoverished country, citing lack of medicine, health personnel including nurses and doctors and rationing of food to patients who are now given one meal a day in most public hospitals due to severe budget cuts in hospitals as there is cashflow problems at Capital Hill, the seat of government.

The government recently came under severe criticism for failing to hire over 50 medical doctors from College of Medicine, 18 of whom have secured jobs in Lesotho.

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36 thoughts on “Malawi nurses slap govt with court injunction over employment ro”

  1. Rodgers Banda says:

    The ship is drowning. Round and round in the widening gale ,things fall apart things are no more. Donors are no more, jobs no more, free food in hospitals and during hunger no more . Let’s just wait and die for crazy parties with crazy leaders have imaged.

  2. Alfful1 says:

    Atsogoleri Omwe Ana Lowa Satanic Sakufunika Azilamulira Dziko Lino, A Malawi Tiyeni Tigwirane Manja 2019 Tidza Chotse Boma La Atsamundali.

  3. Woget says:

    that’s why most senior government official amakamwalila kunja(south Africa) mukanati mukadwala mumapita ku Queens, central hospital sibwenzi ma nurse mukuwazunza chonchi. tax payers are suffering in our public hospital. a ratio of 1 to 140. one nurse 140 patients, sleeping on the floor, one meal per day, very pathetic.

  4. AMEN says:

    kodi uprofesa wake amagwira ngumbi kapena achule? mkasankha nokha akumwelaku. anthu ophunzira salimbira udindo komambuli. awonani mbuli zanuzi

  5. kumangoni says:


  6. kumangoni says:

    Not only DPP,all the governments that ruled after democracy were reckless. I think the donors were right to pull out their donation,now I can see Malawi and her Malawians is waking up.But it’s not too late to save Jerusam,Fight hard plus Work hard soon we shall overcome.Believe me we shall ivercome

  7. mayayauve says:

    Nurses are afraid to speak englisg during intervies. Mwagwa nayo munya muwona. Who told you that the government is obliged to hire all people that it trains?

  8. kumangoni says:

    I can see the real democracy in my real nation, I can see democracy coming into mature in this Land.Where were all this before.This is what we call the good government of the people not for only government leaders and their families.This must continue to all the government that will come in future time.(The People’s voice must be powerfully than the Government’s) Holding the government accountable always improves the oldnary people’s lives.In this way Malawi will be a better place in the coming fourty years of democracy.

  9. Man of God says:

    The problem with malawians is failure to heed advice. We said it several times kuti nkhalamba iyi singathandize Malawi, koma kusamva. Lero ndi zimenezi.

  10. DOBO says:

    I think the main problem with this Government is INCONSISTENCES. I think CHAKWERA made a very good observation. I think what the Government has done is a clear indicator of INCONSISTENCE and even a savage supporter cannot run away from this truth . However, there is still time to improve. Atleast, you are lucky that you have wise opposition who are showing Government weak areas.

  11. john banda says:


  12. MLOMWE says:

    muntharika is a failure am telling you uyu taluza naye ndukuuzani look wat gudall gondwe told brian banda on exclusive interview akut health ministry has misused the money he allocated so tiinve ziti nokhanokha mukukanilana.ha ha hahahahaha

  13. New generation says:

    Thank you Dorothy Ngoma, how careless is this government so called DPP, do not allow such things to happen in nursing as it has already happened in ministry of education where hundreds of specialist teachers are fully funded by government but after that this DPP government deny them and TUM can not take such actions. Kwacha manesi onse!!!

  14. Gadabwali says:

    This is indeed government of contradiction. U mean the money spent on training the remaining 100 nurses wll have just gone down the drain? Malawi indeed siwosauka, she can afford to spend so many millions to train her human resources only to fail to employ them, what a waste of scarce financial resources! I was wondering why donors withheld their aid, its not only because of cashgate but also the bankrupcy of her so called leaders!

  15. DR WACHILOMWE says:

    What a crazy is Mthalikas administration?He think he can just come up with his list and yet telling nurses to attend for the interviews yet he has already taken his Lomwe clan.He is mad he need to be admitted in M1 at Zomba central mental hospital

  16. Honala says:

    Kkkkk. Am blessed to go through all the presidents after independence. This is the worst leader I have ever had. Eiishhhhh

  17. BrownMan says:

    Ife tinkangokumvani enanu muli indee..tikufuna ophunzira tione nawo zachilendo;kkkk….Eeetu;zachilendozo mesa ndizimenezi? Nanga mukudabwa cha?

  18. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Malawians why this time we’re quite muvi woyang’anila udalasa diso.Are malawians failng to remove chitsiluchi? Should we suggest the easy way of removing asitting leader.?

  19. U prsident wakuba zotsatira zake nzimenezi, ulira pyooooooo, siunati.

  20. Phinifolo says:

    Mbuya wa number 9, ndakudziwa. Ukadwala udzawonanso kuti ma nurse ndiwochepadi muzipatala.

  21. kambwali says:

    munkati ng’ombe yaikazi sikoka ngolo nanga zakhala bwanji yaimunayi ikulila ndi joko

  22. Mlakho says:

    Pangani ma interviews mukuwopa chani agalu inu.Pa ntchito sitimangolowa ayi.Interviews basi.

  23. nyayo says:

    This is a big mess!

  24. Denguzman says:

    Amenewa musasiye choncho azolowera. Ngati sakufuna kuyendetsa boma atule pansi basi mumalo mopangitsa kuti anthu ophunzira azikhala ngati anthu osapita ku xool. Zopusaaaaaa.

  25. Green Grass says:

    The decision to hold interviews is merely a tactic to gain time. The results of the interviews can be withheld until the next financial year hoping that by then the IMF program will have resumed with some financial relief. Running gaffament is serious business

  26. Konza Chapasi says:

    This toothless dunderhead is far from being a president of this very small country , nothing is moving in his favor .

  27. Eye Witness says:

    Not only the injunction but the government must also be sued for breach of contract.

  28. Mbuya says:

    Learned people who are afraid of interviews…a case of Malawi…..Having been educated through government money doesnt mean the same government should provide employment for you please a Malawi anzanga…this freebies attitude is what is keeping us where we are!!!

  29. Mukharapwio says:

    300 Nurses*k97,000 basic pay grade K*12 Months=k349,200,000 equivalent to 4 cars for the speakership and opposition leader equivalent to presidents entourage expenses to UNGA,almost 20 times money the President siphoned from Reserve Bank.Akadwala anthuwa ayikileni drip ya chlorine

  30. Mgoloso says:

    NONM go go go go go go go,,,,,awalembe ntchito basi,, ife ntchito isatiphe ena ogwira ntchito akungokhala,,,,remember locum nso inatha,,,,,nurse mmodzi akugwira ntchito yekha,,,,mu ward ya mapatient 140,,,,,,thus not health at all,,,,,,govt assist us plz,,,,imene mmati ma civil servant azasangalala mmanena zimenezi?pangani zomwe mmalonjeza zija

  31. mogasa club member says:

    musawasiye choncho, azolowela!

  32. Chikutumbwe says:

    Masankha sankha anu Amalawi…..tinakuuzani ife…soap ina imangokula koma ili yosalimba….mbewu ya Muntharika sichedwa kugwidwa ndi matenda a chiwawu….ndi izitu…they were boasting during campaign kuti they will change things, looks like everytime we take a step forward we moving 4 steps backward nde kufikile 2019 ndi pano???

  33. Zambulo says:

    Kodi bwana pa chiongolero simukuona kuti mwakhotetsera galimoto yathuyi kuchiphompho? Ngati mànja achita konye siirani anzanu awongolere bwino galimotoyi. Kudzikonda bwanji. I have witnessed the worst leadership Malawi has ever had.

  34. haward says:

    Boma la Dpp Mulungu achite nanu mwawononga dziko sure

  35. Dziko la Malawi liri pa mabvuto chifukwa cha anthu amene amapanga ma decisions opusa. I have serious doubts. Apa wina aliyense aziona zofuna kuchita basi otherwise dziko ili liri pa mabvuto ndithu

  36. maganizo says:

    what about TUM teachers are there well trained but not employed yet others are called in training colleges and they are paying school fees yet they will not be get job. TUM will not voice for them…

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