Malawi opposition dismiss ‘coup’ talk

Opposition leaders in Malawi have rejected claims that there is a plot to oust President Peter Mutharika.

Menyani: Coup fiction

Menyani: Coup fiction

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said allegations that its leader plans to overthrow Mutharika’s government is “fiction.”

Chakwera is said to be in state intelligence notes uncovering coup and that plotters have set June 2016 as the deadline to have President Mutharika toppled.

“We have no intention to overthrow the government,” MCP public relations officer Alekeni Menyani said.

He said MCP rejects “in the strongest possible terms” the allegations.

The allegations also implicate international community including United States diplomat Virginia Palmer as aiding the plot for hosting meetings at her official residence.

US officials dismissed the claims and accusations as “ludicrous”.

The United States says it only supports political transitions that are democratic, constitutional, peaceful and legal.

Umodzi Party president Peter Chisi also trashed the allegations that there are  plans of destabilization and coup against Mutharika government.

Chisi told a local radio that it was “laughable and discreditable”that the international community is being linked to the  said plot.

He said the coup report is a mischievous propaganda claim which he suspects to be advanced by the state machinery.

The coup talk had also received a condemnation by Malawians in general.

Social-media and comments on Nyasa Times story show Malawians denounce the claims.

“This is unfortunate. Oh yes, Professor Peter Mutharika has failed, but to overthrow him? Ah no. Malawians don’t need such madness. What Malawians need right now is for the professor to resign. He doesn’t, and then we start revolution,” reads  in part a comment posted on Nyasa Times by a reader  under the name Kadakwiza.

A Facebook status by Lloyd M’bwana in part reads: “Please, Mr. President and your questionable aides do not divert us from economic mess you have inflicted on Malawians with the staged plot that the opposition parties with support from US Embassy wanting to remove you on that hot seat…

“Malawians want maize in ADMARC, Malawians want electricity tariffs to be lower, Malawians want the Kwacha to be stable, Malawians want drugs and food in public hospital and Malawians want reduction in inflation rate. This madness won’t take your leadership anywhere but witnessing what transpired in 2011-2012. We want solutions now not this raw deal.”

Sitinga Kachipande wrote on her  Facebook page that the information relied in the coup story was highly questionable: “Seriously, this sounds like utter nonsense that probably can’t be proven.”

Meanwhile , Nyasa Times understands that security officers have launched an investigation into  the coup allegations and stepped-up surveillance to opposition leaders.

Chisi said investigating the report  is nonsensical and warned the report would harm Malawi’s relations with its cooperating partners implicated.

The government spokesperson and police have, however, refused to comment on the issue.

President Mutharika and his government have in recent months been receiving criticism over the country’s continued economic hardships.

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31 thoughts on “Malawi opposition dismiss ‘coup’ talk”

  1. tsetsefly says:

    APM simply walk out. Malawi is fed up with you and your team of idiots. No amount of propaganda will bring maize in admarc depots. Accept that you joined a trade that you have no idea about. Uchoke uchoke.

  2. G.Phiri says:

    kumanamizila zinthu zobweretsa udani pakati pa anthu ndi tchimo larikulu kwambiri.Amfumu muli pa menepo mpaka kutha kwa nthawi yobvomeleka.Mabvuto adziko siainu nokha ai.Aitaneni anzanu mukambirane zochita onse ochokela m’magulu osiyanasiyana mosasankha kuti muchepetse mabvuto achulukawa.Tatopa ndikuwonelera ujetu wa zipani pamene miyoyo ya anthu ikupuluka.Dzichepetseni kuti mulungu akukwezeni.

  3. chikondi Magombo says:

    This is the sign that the President and his government have failed. The best is to pave way for others for the better of the nation

  4. Kenneth Kiyare says:

    Comment reserved

  5. Ths plo sfort us unbeliveable particulary from state inelligsncs led by ndau.its propaganda and fhd involvemsnr of us diplomate loughable fod what motive.
    Inhnso mukunsn za ths south being neglectsd by mcp not tdue ths fisrt univesity was put there, so ths sugad company and david whitehead and tarmac road fron chinkwaaa m1 tdu bt to lla anx laksshore road.chanco ilikuti kamuzu stadium inali kuti, amens anawinonga si chaid anuwo panopa aom aanuyo.jb tried sort problma anamulakwitsa ndi omwewa so called auds a mpwiyo. Lutdpo. Kasambara etc, kodi mukadali mtulo, kaacha tsooano kwacha tigwire nnctito ya mkw.ngakha nkhani yamu mcl ija ndinu a doo

  6. Cash Gate says:

    bomali lagwa kale, ndi mantha amenewo

  7. shadreck Masauko says:

    He must go we tired with him, no maize,no medicine,he must resighn now is the time my fellow malawian

  8. Dikisan says:

    Mulibe nkhani KKKK. Muone mavuto mulinawo usati zopusa zomwe mukunena.

  9. wakumuyi says:

    Waku Mutchesi Kujaaaaa! I think you don’t understand what propaganda is all about. APM and his friends are doing all this to divert our attention from the current problems and concentrate on the so called armature plan to overthrow government as propagated by APM and his fellas. Do you think it is practical for the opposition with the help of development partners to overthrow the government. Do you think UK and USA would stoop so low to do such an abomination? It is really sad for each and every propaganda the government has people like you qho believe in every stupid thing the say.

  10. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    1. The author of that piece proclaiming a coup d’etat is utterly irresponsible. Enough to incite civil unrest: maybe that was the primary objective. (He’s lucky times have changed, as he would have been fed, alive, to the Nile crocks by now during the times of you know who.)
    2. MCP’s denial is not sufficient to douse the umber, especially in the South. Not because APM comes from there; but because that region was probably most marginalized by that dictator, Kamuzu Banda, and his MCP. Majority in the South do not want to see that Party rule the country again.
    3. So, it would be prudent for bwana oChakwera to actually come out and denounce such plans or ventures, rather than assigning the job to a minnow, like Mr Menyani. This calls for a demonstration of real leadership.
    4. APM is the one showing leadership, by staying put and working mwausaveji (like crazy); just as his cabinet and caucus are doing. There is no kukhala phwi (sitting with arms crossed, and just sipping tea at tax payers’ expense) with these women and men.
    5. Let’s face it: Malawi is in this position primarily because of Cashgate. The brainchild of Joisi Banda and her kleptos in PP. Sure, the drought is a factor, but without the previous government’s raids on the treasury, many countries that stopped aiding Malawi would still be subsidizing us. Business as usual.
    6. So, you tell me, who is the savior in sight, to get us through the current economic hurdles? oChakwera is out of the equation: he has no experience running any complex enterprise. Church business is NOT government business. He has no clue whatsoever, about machinations of government.
    7. Ignorance and pure hatred of APM is the main drive for many wishing him even quick demise. And, oh! hatred of Southerners AND the aLhomwe (his tribe) too.
    Pretty sad that most of the haters are the same people who claim “victimhood” during MCP, UDF and DPP governments; except during PP’s time – their government. Clearly,the PP government was one for the Northern Region, as it was dominated by a northern cabal, no less. And so, Joisi Banda was actually contributing to the tribal tensions in this country.
    It is ironic that her parents were Southerners, and she’s a Northerner only by adoption through marriage; and people now where her father came from (Phalombe) only want to see the back of Joisi Banda. They will not touch her even with a ten foot pole!

  11. Ndi Chisomo cha Mulungu says:

    God bless Malawi; keep it a land of peace; put down each and every enemy especially hunger, disease and ENVY; God bless my president (leader) and protect him from any attack; in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST i pray. AMEN!!!

  12. Ijeku says:

    let us not blame our tools for not doing better

  13. Yamaweya yanjira says:


  14. Chipani chakupha mcp says:


  15. Nambewe says:

    Can I ask you Malawians to for once write suggestions to the president of how he can

    *Produce help in the production of more food for people in the country
    *Can lower the tarrif for electricity and still manage to have people manage to pay for thier electricity
    *How he can teach Malawians to stop stealing from themselves
    *How he can help Malawians to wake up and make sure that sensationalism in news papers is bloody waste of time! You make the job of the president even harder!its dangerous for the country!

    Stop behaving like imbeciles!we have a country to decevrolop people!

  16. Finyani says:

    Pemphero; Ambuye tichotsereni munthu uyu, akuzunzitsa anthu osalakwa, kati ndi cancer yapakhosi, kati ndi cardiac monga ija yamkulu wake mpatseni, talema naye. Amen

  17. whitehouse says:

    Please Virginia just join politics in Malawi if you are willing.why financing leader of opposition a trip to USA. You want to tear Malawi into war, Look at Mozambique which creeping to war any time from now.

  18. Peter Woeste Ngongoliwa says:

    Chakwera is useless and a failure. He works with Virginia Palmer to overthrow the government. The trip to USA was financed by Virginia Palmer’s office. I knew it. That is why she criticises the government over trivias for a whitehouse servant.Palmer you are a disgrace to Obama. Obama will hear this. You are too clever like a man.Virginia Palmer will be completely exposed.

  19. Satheka says:

    you do not know the animal called politics no smoke without fire be carefull politics is the game of blood.

  20. satheka says:

    some of you who have commented you dont know politics musamale lets watch no smoke without fire

  21. Sapitwa says:

    What if he doesn’t resign as per your wishes? You will start civil unrest as planned in your meetings? Then through it, one thing will lead to another then we will hear “aachoke!,aachoke! aachoke!”
    That will be the connection to what has already been unearthed.
    That’s from where the unexpected can dangerously happen mainly from APM’s supporters and perhaps those from the Southern Region.
    You need to be very careful on this. Chimbulimbuli chiyambitsa nkhondo ya gynocyde kuno. This senseless journalism is what fuel led senseless killings in Rwanda. Watch this space.

  22. Jonasi Kanyemba says:

    Kodi munthu uyu afa liti? We are tired

  23. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Bad stories. Actually sensitive topics. However, don’t plan to MCP leadership in the name of coup failure. We are watchful though.

  24. masukuti says:

    i personally blame the author of the story of the so called ” coup plot”. this is very dangerous type of journalism. guys learn to write something develop oriented. this kind of writings can bring about anarchy & bloodshed in this nation. journalists much as we respect you guys but for once be patriotic. this government has of course completely failed but i dont think any sane malawian can think of overthrowing it mmmmmm. asiyeni afe imfa yochoka kwa mulungu. si awa ayamba kale kugwa okha okhawa. atsala pati. atha kale awa.

  25. Gondwa says:

    Go out Mr presdent, if time doesn’t allow to rule it’s sign of failure.

  26. BOKHO says:

    We dont want another sudden death of head of state. President uzikonda anthu ako ndipo anthu ako azikukonda ngati Commorade Mugabe, late Muamar Gadafi. Not this madness. Go away please.

  27. Varume vahombe says:

    Signs of failure

  28. Majoti Chimuzanga says:

    This to me is dangerous journalism being practiced by Nyasatimes and their producer. This is very insensitive, inconsiderate and can easily incite political upheaval in the country. Stories like these ought to be thoroughly investigated before anyone rushes to the press. I know Nyasatimes will want to hide behind press freedom but there need to be aware there is much more at stake than press freedom. By any stretch of imagination that freedom is being abused here. Nkhondo sichinthu chabwino and the press is there to safeguard the peace and tranquility in the country.

  29. Oge says:


  30. Bwampini says:

    This useless president… GOD take him away now

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