Malawi opposition faces wipe-out, says DPP’s Mchacha

Overzealous regional party governor for the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP), Charles Mchacha, has declared Malawi will soon have no opposition as all politicians will flock to the ruling party.

New regional governor for south, DPP's Charles Mchacha

New regional governor for south, DPP’s Charles Mchacha

Mchacha has vowed to wipe out the opposition , saying  the opposition is becoming irrelevant by the day and that what Malawians want now is development which he said can only be delivered by DPP government.

He said this Saturday after Etina Koloviko, former national deputy women director in People’s Party and Bertha Masiku, a former senior party official of the former ruling party were formally welcomed in DPP.

Koloviko and Masiku are not prominent national politicians though their defection might affect the PP which is fast losing its membership.

“This is a clear indication that the DPP is becoming stronger by the day. Everyone wants to join the party and soon, we will have no opposition as all politicians will have joined the DPP,” said Mchacha.

He stressed that Malawi will soon have only DPP as all parties will be in the dust bin of political history.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi opposition faces wipe-out, says DPP’s Mchacha”

  1. Che Sipindulo says:

    Za zii zopanda ndi mchere omwe.

  2. Man of God says:

    A mchacha, mukunena dpp yake iti? Maloto chani? Dpp chingakhale chipani chochibokera? Mulibe manyanzi or nzeru. Tabwerani kuno mudzaone ngati dpp yanuyo iliko.

  3. Chatsika says:

    Is he speaking from the ass or what? R u sure u can wipe mcp out after buluzi and james phiri failed. Pola kaye pamchombo aise. Uwusaka mpira mu 2019

  4. Chatsika says:

    Guys kodi munthuyu akulankhulira mphuno kapena kobibira bwanji? Are u sure u can wipe mcp out after buluzi and james phiri failed. Kula uzione

  5. Yankho says:

    Koma manyazi mulibe. I doubt whether in dpp there is any political thinking. Today you are telling that all opposition parties will be in dust bins, yesterday you were telling us that come June the opposition want to overthrow the govt. Which is which? Chamba kapena ma raiders?

  6. Kenkkk says:

    What can you expect from a dpp thug like him?
    Yes we know dpp cadet are preparing for massive disruptions of oppositions. That has come right from your intelligence chief Dausi. Atiuza kale.

    Violence, intimidation and thieving are a typical dpp dna.

  7. Mbwiye says:

    kkkkk d0 woyeeeee win a asanza manyi

  8. Buyelekhaya says:

    Satifiketi ya Fomu Folo ali nayo koma kuganiza mwanzeru sikunakhazikike mozama nchifukwa chake akulankhula zoduka mutu.

  9. The Partriot says:

    Atupele, this message is for you! Wamva akuti opposition siikhalapotu?
    As for the rest of Malawians lets not give credence to the barkings of a regional governor of a ruling party who is so drunk with power that he is having delusions! His dream is that DPP will rule forever and that he will enjoy taxpayers money for life!
    Delusions indeed, I will live long enough to personally ask Mchacha about these words once DPP will be out of power!
    Tidzakukumbutsani bwana Mchacha, nanga si mwayenda ndipo mwasiya mlomo?

  10. Boliwoli2 says:

    Mr.Mchacha mukundiuza kuti kuchipani chanu mukarandila anthu kuchoka kuzipani zina za oppos. Ndikuti opps ikutha? A!a!a! Mu chipani muli ufulu wamunthu wina akulowa wina akutuluka ena akubwera kuchipani chanu ndi cholinga.Munthu wanzeru angalowe DPP mmene zinthu zikuavuta kuyendesa boma

  11. Patriots says:

    Zero IQ speaking right there oh! no opposition really ????? Back to one party state where autocratic rule thrives! Already your administration is failing poorly to endeavor progress and the economy has stagnated. Stop living in a bubble and come back to reality where the suffering of poor Malawians is unbearable.

  12. Collins Chatayika says:

    Ife zobwerera kuchipani chimodzi sitikufuna.MCP yomweyo tiyenayoni.2019 boma.

  13. Omex70 says:

    This is another useless guy on the political scene of Malawi. Mchacha you have been in parliament under DPP government can you point out any change which you brought to Malawi or your area. You always get positions because you are “homeboy” to the presidents of DPP. You became deputy minister of finance with your Junior Certificate of Education (JCE)under Bingu wa Mutharika.

  14. so u r happy in returning back to one party system of Government? It will never happen my friend infact u r such an idiot.

  15. Dikisan says:

    Atupele makani! Unamva kale kuti njoka saweta. Wina adatero kusonkhano omwe udachitikira ku Ndirande. Atupele dyera ngati mkulu uja. Uja waku Machinga kwa Kapoloma. Akuti ndi bamboo ake. Mchacha akunena.

  16. Jeremiah. James says:

    Problem it’s greedy among Malawi an. N

    way.MCP Boma. mufuni musafune

  17. Nabetha says:

    wazimva zimenezi Atupele?

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