Malawi Parliament accused of extravagance amid economic hardships

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has been accused of buying four vehicles valued at K300m amid economic hardships the country is going through.

Speaker Msowoya: Accused of extravagance

Speaker Msowoya: Accused of extravagance

Parliament has bought a Land cruiser for the Speaker and three Toyota Prados for leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera, deputy speakers Esther Mcheka Chilenje and Clement Chiwaya.

Democratic Progressive Party officials and sympathisers say this is hypocrisy at its best.

“The Malawi Congress Party has always been hard on the government and President Peter Mutharika on financial prudence yet the same party can blow up to K300m on luxurious cars,” said a senior party official on Saturday who declined to be named because he says he does speak for the party.

Chakwera is MCP president whilst Msowoya is MCP vice president.

Chilenje is an independent MP while Chiwaya is UDF legislator.

Other Malawians writing in social media wondered why parliament couldn’t hold the buying of the cars until when the economic situation improved, saying it is double standards to ask the executive arm of government for belt tightening amid economic problems when the opposition itself cares less.

“They were not walking on foot, am sure they have other officials cars which they could have continued using until the situation improves,” says a post on Facebook.

President Peter Mutharika has cancelled his India trip where he was to attend India China summit, claiming the economic situation does not allow him to travel.

Jessie Kabwila, the MCP spokesperson has time and again lashed out at the Mutharika administration for lacking economic prudence.

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44 thoughts on “Malawi Parliament accused of extravagance amid economic hardships”

  1. gulugunya says:

    Msowoya is a very mentally retarded speaker ever lived in Malawi. If you were Rodwell Munyenyembe, Lewis Chimanga, and Chimunthu Banda I think Malawi would be in trouble, in blood by now.

  2. Mirella K says:

    MCP will even do more harm to this economy than the currently even more harmful dpp. We are in for a mess!

  3. golo says:

    Mr Msowoya, you have goofed and this is your downfall. Nobody in his right senses can trust you anymore.How can we vote you into government with this type of behavior. My heart is bleeding

  4. Nyapapi says:

    Speaker Msowoya is the first speaker of its own kind. We had Rodney Munyenyembe from opposition party then UDF while DPP was in power, we had Lewis Chimanga speaker from opposition MCP while DPP was in power, we had Chimunthu Banda speaker from opposition DPP when PP was in power. All these speakers had no problems, they were switching towards the ruling party easily. But not speaker Msowoya. You are a problem. I am alfraid if we will sail to 2019 peacefully or when all of you guys are alive not being taken away by accidents or mafian deaths.

  5. ngongoliwa says:

    Chakwera is a human being too. No difference between him and Mathanyura. Chakwera when are you taking your car? Or have you already taken the car? Are you enjoying seating on K96 million kwacha when people in the village are dying of hunger?
    Where is Jessie Kabwira. Please I need your comment. If you are wise enough you could have refused the maphwevuphwevu of the VX cars? That time you refused to take on maphwevuphwevu on round table with dishes. Today You have failed

  6. Captain Mediocrity says:

    To compare the UNGA trip and the cost of it to the cost of buying these cars is a silly argument. These individuals were not walking prior to the buying of these vehicles. And are we to assume that the trip to the UNGA, which wasn’t just a spur of the moment trip, wasn’t budgeted for???? And the meetings that were taking place on the sidelines of the UNGA, have far reaching benefits to Malawi as a whole not to DPP or government or the supposed hangers on who were in the US.

    The reality here is that those(MCP) with the loudest voices on the austerity that govt should embrace are the same individuals who have decided to go and buy these cars. As much as this is politicking, it is the same tactics that the opposition has been using. If anything this is simply intended to make us realise that most of what we hear is just rhetoric and as clueless as we describe our president, it appears that this same clueless behaviour is present in those who we were made to believe are champions of the people….This just got interesting.

  7. musekanji palibe kanu says:


  8. Mbwerera za Nzeru says:

    That’s too hypocritical so to say. But on the other hand, I want to know how is the vehicle procurement process go like at parliament. Are the beneficiaries consulted in the process? Who really is responsible for the approval of the purchase? I wanna know first.

  9. James kotoki says:

    If you can’t beat them,just join them

  10. CHISWABUMBU says:


  11. Economist wamkulu. says:

    Mcp is equally useless just as Dpp.I would rather go for chipani cha pfuko.Dpp and Mcp are all not caring.Malawians are in hell economically at the moment.They are blowing tax payers like nobody business.So should we say Chakwera and Msowoya were walking on foot all this time?Should we mean that 30 million car would not have taken them to their required destination instead of 75 million kwacha car?Will African politicians ever learn in life?Where is frugality on this?We are having problems with Dpp expenditures,and you are repeating the same mistakes.When will Malawian politicians learn?They seem they are all not together with struggling Malawians.

  12. network says:

    Why did the Executive fund Parliament to buy these vehicles instead of using the money on priorities such as hospitals and schools? Was it for politicking?

  13. pundit says:

    If this is something that was budgeted for and the funds provided for, then no fuss. Bola ma galimotowo at least ndi ma assets and they will be used for a while. DPP spent on consumption. mapwevupwevu. K300m was blown on DPP independence celebrations. Almost a billion on touring America. Mapwevupwevu just trying to find some scapegoats as usual. Childish arguments

  14. zayakunkhongo says:

    Government funded the purchase deliberately so that it tarnishes the image of MCP. Cheap politics

  15. Asant'e says:

    Chaipila mbuzi pogunda galu eti??? Tione ngati zimawawa!!!!

  16. becks says:

    Dzikoli lafika pa wanya wanya mpira was kaidi

  17. fitsoni says:

    If you are living in a glass house dont throw stones

  18. Msilamu says:

    Malawi is a very good nation but there is a chief evil spirit of curses walking inside Government and leaders all of them. You talk too much judging others as if you are holy in acts but its all the same seed of the devil. I know you all whether pastors, politicians you meet secretly and share the little you plunder for poor Malawians. God and His people soon and shortly will judge you all by any means even Sword

  19. Weatherwise says:

    And MBC has really gone to town over this story citing suffering Malawians blah blah blah yet when when the New York story was talk of the nation these idiots were quiet. Stop playing double standards you idiots because you are not best placed to comment on this. Does traveling to Mangochi just to cover Gertrude play volley ball constitute responsible use of scarce resources you idiots?

  20. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    MCP, especially, has some explaining to do here.
    oChakwera and co. are always accusing DPP, and Ms Kabwila-Kapasula often accusing APM, personally, of arrogance, and of reckless spending amidst serious economic troubles. In reality, really, MCP are worse than DPP; and the former are showing their real colors. Give them power, and boy, they’ll just go to town on spending sprees; on themselves and their relatives (even whole villages) Just like the old times of HKB.
    MCP ikhaule baasi (don’t let them win the presidency) until they demonstrate that they have changed their old ways; ways of dictatorship, nyakula and wanton and unchecked theft of our tax monies.

  21. Zuwayo says:

    Ndikamati ndi tribal war muzikana mwamvatu mmene anthu akubekekerana apa

  22. Mphondo says:

    Lyanipo mwabana bakwithu, ninyengo yinu namwe pwevulanipo

  23. chatonda says:

    Speaker cannot be the only good goverment office when it comes to spending while the leader, i.e the president is leading with bad examples. Zaphweka ku boma la Malawi. Time for leaders in government to enjoy, MEC ABA NDALAMA, judiciary just wait you will hear very soon.
    DPP is using Richard Makonde who was fired at Toyota Malawi for stealing money for 20 Malawi Army Land Cruisers with former Army Commander. They delivered 180 instead of 200 vehicles and stole a cool 20 vehicle amount together and he is the key person in DPP AND TACTIC FOR MODERN DAY STEALING IN GOVERNMENT WITH MASANGWI. Do research please, we are losing billions now because of these guys.

  24. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    The good thing that will come out of all these expenditures and finger pointing is that no one will now spend money without scrutiny. The Executive cannot buy new vehicles, Parliament will not buy new vehicles, Ministers will reduce the 1000 litres ful allowance because they are now limited to 8 trips a month (according to Mr. Mhango, the Information Minister.
    Onse osakaza ndalama za boma awonekera lere

  25. kaya says:

    Vuto si atsogoleri okha ai, komanso anthu olamulidwa. A Malawi azadzidwa ndi ziwanda, they do not know what they want. Work hard and be productive kuti mukhale odziimira panokha. Kodi Opposition parties sangathe kumapeza ma donors ndi kumathandizira improving economy yathu? The mentality of waiting kuti tikadzakhala muboma we will do such and such is a reflection of failure. Ma CSO tsekani pakamwa if you do not have solutions to improve the economy. What you and the opposition are suggesting is to distabilise the country and its economy even further.

    Father, God bless take over now and let your fire consume all evil ploters.

  26. koma MCP sidzawinadi mpaka 2064!!!! moti mmene kabwira amatha mawu muja mkuti chakwera akugula galimoto ya 80 miliyoni ndindalama za msonkho?. eeee! anthu awa ndi zitsiru eti? atonkhwetonkhwe enieni…. kusapota zitsiru nawe umakhala chizete kkkk ungamve?


    Mwasowa zonena mwaiwala mamilioni mumagawana ku USA isa musatiyankhulise padera.mumafuna aziyenda pansi

  28. Patriot says:


  29. mpimpa says:

    Hey pple, I think before u talk much, lets wait and see. Much as I know these pple being mentioned here they hv their integrity and they cant just do that or else they hv a good reason behind than kubweleka ndege for the single trip on the same cost. Nkhaniyi walemba ndi wa DPP thats very obvious.

  30. nachisale says:

    Chakwera is not fit to be president. He is self-serving and clueless. He can’t lead Malawi because he is not interested in change. He critises Mutharika just to get into power and enrich himself.

  31. Mabvuto Kawonga says:

    MBC be professional in your reporting
    if parliament budgeted for vehicles then I see no problems in them buying but if they overspend that’s when we can take them to task.please educate our journalists on how the financial blue print works for proper reporting as you see how this issue has been reported. it is like they have stolen monies for that cause

  32. The Analyst says:

    “A man who does not have an opportunity to steal, calls himself an honest man.” – Dictionary of Proverbs

    Chakwera and friends in crime! Cant you demonstrate that you are different? You speak austerity and you cant live it? Cant you see that you are not making sense? Or is it that you only lack opportunity but you are no different? Am disappointed!

    Do you know how many souls you could have bewitched into MCP had you just said “no” to the proposal to buy you the new cars, citing the economic challenge as the reason? And advertise the same to the public pa Zodiak, nyasatimes, or pakamwa pa Kabwira? This is how souls are won kaaa. What use is holding a political card if you don’t know how to play?

    Chakwera, you are not a wise politician!

    Opportunities are presenting themselves to you but you cant see? How unfortunate!

    And now listen to the CSOs. Only silence is what you can loudly hear, right? Hypocrites! Maybe they needed a reminder. But how come they don’t wait for a reminder when its others doing it? You CSOs are losing credibility, cant you see?

    Whom shall we send? Who will be our messenger?, asked the Lord in Isaiah 6:8

  33. KALULU says:


  34. Kenkkk says:

    Shame to you thieving dpp gurus and thugs. This has nothing to do with extravagance. Those costs plus those of other MPs have been budgeted for and part of their entitlement just like the president’s and his cabinet’s vehicles. The president and his cabinet have even spent more that that on vehicles alone which they are entitled to.

    What we should be saying is that all politicians entitlement should be to buy normal vehicles rather than expensive ones to reduce costs and make savings on troubled budget. That should start from the president down to the MPs and top civil servants including the judiciary a well.

    Did the president and his cabinet waive their vehicles entitlements? No.

  35. chipie says:

    Hahahaha! Now, it has been diverted to opposition whilst budgeted by the parliament along with so called rulling govt and approved by the so called president. But who voted for hiring a chartered jet? A plot? Mwasowa nkhani eti?

  36. Montfort says:

    malawi hovt is nt poor and has more money what makes it to look like poor is many big fish put in their pocket angowatseka pakamwa kut asalakhule

  37. Peter Truman says:

    APM blew more than what is claimed from the expenditure of the vehicles in question. DPP took the university from Lilongwe to Ndata farm. Do you think this is fair for the country? Congrats Hon Msowoya, His Excellency Chakwera and MP Chilenje. Yours is only K300m theirs is in billion

  38. KALULU says:

    I need a multi machine gun now!

  39. KALULU says:

    Mwasowa nkhani

  40. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Government released funding for the purchase of vehicles. Has parliament overspent its budget or what? Were these vehicles budgeted for and parliament passed the trash?

    Nyasatimes, can clarify before I release my tongue.

  41. sapitwa says:

    These are signs that even if they are in power today, they will do the same and will defend themselves at all cost.
    If CSO,s will not ACT on this, then it will confirm the speculations that they are the AGENTS of the MCP in the same camp. It will also confirm kuti amafuna kulanda Boma mwaupandu citing economic challenges that Malawi is facing. Surely by buying these vehicles indicates that their economic reasons accusing APM are not in good faith.
    Anthu awa a MCP njoka yomwe anaipha osaidula mutu ndipo inadzuka ndi zake zomwe zakale zija.Lero ndi iyi njokayo, yopanda chifundo konse!
    Anzathu ku Zambia anapheratu UNIP, ku Kenya anapheratu KANU.

  42. learnedmi says:

    IS IT NECESSARY FOR PARLIAMENT TO MEET WITH THESE ECONOMIC HARDSHIPS? ZODIAK AND CSOs Please organize a match against this sitting of parliament.

  43. m’bambo ukakhala chitsilu usaone ngati ana ako akhala olongosoka ayi zonse becauase of of leader .our country wil never change due to poor leadership ithink DPP and PP now they dead

  44. Bololo says:

    This madness is not only restricted to Parliament, Government is equally guilty of buying vehicles whose abuse is well known. Malawians are always asked to be patriotic when the leadership is usually not.Shame on all you.

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