Malawi Parliament demands answers on Phalombe Hospital construction, CHAM pact

Parliament’s Health Committee has told government that it wants progress reports on the memorandum of understanding between the ministry of Health and Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM)  and progress on the construction of new Phalombe Hospital.

Lunguzi: Checks and balances

Lunguzi: Checks and balances

Chairman of the committee Juliana Lunguzi said the government seems to be backsliding on issues that parliament had passed.

“In the last meeting of parliament, we discussed and agreed on the way forward concerning the government and Cham but things seems to not be working as we agreed.

“We need the ministry officials to come back to us and tell us progress as rural people are suffering in the absence of the MOU,” said Lunguzi.

The government agreed to pay close to K500000 million in arrears to CHAM so that ordinary people can access cheap health services from the church run mission hospitals.

Lunguzi also said there seems to be no progress on the construction of Phalombe Hospital despite parliament authorization a loan for the construction of the hospital.

There is no district hospital in Phalombe and the district depends on Catholic run Holy Family Hospital.

Lunguzi said there was need to make a follow up on the progress of the construction saying people of Phalombe, just like others, deserve a public district hospital.

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12 thoughts on “Malawi Parliament demands answers on Phalombe Hospital construction, CHAM pact”

  1. Timve says:

    Anthu a ku Phalombe amati iwo malingana president ali mlomwe nzawo, zinazo zilibe ntchito. Kwa iwo, chitukuko chimathandawuza kuti president ndi wa kwanu. Fullstop.

  2. The funny part of it will be that the DPP mps will vehemently oppose this fact when parliament meets in June. They oppose anything coming from an opposition mp, mbuli zachabe chabe. This is wh I always say with DPP on the driving seat Malawi will always move backwards. Remember the ACB private member’s bill which sought the independence of the ACB? DPP vehemently shot it down why? Because it came from the MCP mp nad further more akudya momo mukatangalemo. Zamanyazi.

  3. victim San says:

    Julian Lunguzi is a genuine Malawian, well versed and non-partisan MP. I have been following her performance, she is a real minded Malawian. She cares for developments in the North, Centre and South. Keep it up Hon. Lunguzi. She is not in parliament just for money, like most of the mps (Malawi Pigs) are.kho

  4. Kwataine says:

    I do totally agree will Lungudzi people of Phalombe need a District Hospital and they have been promises and lias for quite a long time on this Hospital, please Government do something this lady is trying on her part a Chairman of Health Committe in Parliament to remind you on necessary projects that will benefits alots of people.

  5. Matombodya says:

    Who should follow up? Why cant this committee tell us a full story that there is no progress and that they checked with government or indeed Ministry of Health and this is what they are saying. In the absence of all this; we take your outbursts as mere noise making to put yourself on the spot as one. if you agreed in your last meeting; then raise the issue in your “matters arising” in your next meeting. You do not address this matter in the media. I know others will rate you highly for this but some of us look at it from the other perspective.Both of us are entitled to our opinion. Ndamala pyanga kulonga

  6. Nchanga wa Nchenga says:

    Let them explain properly.

  7. reasonableman says:

    There goes my Lunguzi again always showing brilliance in the way you approach things and always a step ahead. Malawians here I present to you a model Mp in the name of Lunguzi.

  8. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    If all parliamentary committes were led by members like Juliana Lunguzi Malawi would definately move forward. I follow this lady and all that comes from her is very constructive.
    Good luck juliana I see that you have a bright future in politics.

  9. Mlomwe says:

    Kuyankhula kwa anthu a zeru pamene alomwe eni ake aku Phalombe ali NDWiiii.Alombe ndi a chule bwanji

  10. Dr Chaponda says:

    Where is cancer hospital. Shupit. Owe pitara explain to us. Basi ukudikila 2018 ma kampaingn. Mboliuii zanu. Ngongole za China ma project ake kungo wayika ku south uchitsirutu umenewu

  11. koma abale inu eeh says:

    Yes Mai “Kanthiti”:
    That Phalombe Hospital is overdue, but there doesn’t seem to be an MP from that district pushing the issue to the powers to be! They all seem contented with just sitting phwi (idling) on their MP seats in Parliament. And sipping water, spiked with alcohol! And enjoying their allowances, while the people who voted them in are simply fighting for mere survival.

    What about the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe-Chitakale Road? Gees! If Bingu had completed his second term as President, that road would have been completed by now. How Phalombeans miss that Chisulo cha Njanji! They are agitating, and should not be taken for granted that they will vote for DPP next time. Last time two MPs were elected as Independents. Remember?

  12. frank says:

    Mulungu akudalitseni, udindo wanu mumagwiritsa ntchito, siena amangodziwa kutukwana ndikulalatawai.

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