Malawi Parliament explains procurement of ‘fuel guzzlers’

Malawi Parliament has come out to clarify the controversial procurement of four vehicles for the Speaker of the National Assembly, leader of opposition and two deputy speakers.

Chakwera alighting from the controversial Prado

Chakwera alighting from the controversial Prado

National Assembly said they used MK256, 522,140.00 which was budgeted for in procurement of the vehicles.

Minister of information, Jappie Mhangoaccused Parliament leadership for buying “fuel guzzlers” vehicles at the time when Malawi was experiencing economic problems.

However, Parliament spokesperson Leonard Mengezi wondered where the K300million figure originated.

“We did not pay such much money what we know is that Parliament paid MK256, 522,140.00 for all the four vehicles,” Mengezi told Nyasa Times.

Mengezi said Parliament bought the vehicles using budget for the 2014/2015 Financial Year.

He said Parliament is one of the three arms of government, just like the Judiciary and the Executive branches.

“In this vein, Parliament is, therefore, mandated to follow the laws, policies and procedures that govern procurement of public assets and management of financial resources,” he said.

Mengezi said traditionally, Parliament secretariat prepares a budget to purchase vehicles for the political leadership, at the beginning of its five year term of Office.

The PRO said this is done on the basis that Parliament will have no vehicles to allocate to the newly elected Speaker, Deputy Speakers and Leader of Opposition because the vehicles are sold to the outgoing office bearers as per their conditions of service after seeking approval of the Office of the President and Cabinet to sale the vehicles.

Mengezi said it is a policy and practice that every office holder in the public sector is provided with conditions of service, which are approved and sanctioned by Government and implemented by the Secretariat of Parliament in line with the Public Service Act.

According to Mengezi, in this context, following the expiry of the 2009 – 2014 Parliamentary term of the former Speaker, Deputy Speakers and Leader of Opposition, Parliament had no vehicles to allocate to the new office holders because their predecessors had bought the vehicles in line with their conditions of service.

Mengezi said approval to sell the vehicles to them was granted by the Office of the President and Cabinet as indicated in their letter Ref. No. 16/015/1 dated 15th April, 2014.

“Upon being sworn in and elected into office, the Speaker of Parliament, Deputy Speakers and Leader of Opposition were using hired vehicles which were costing Parliament a lot of money per month and bearing in mind the Government ban on procurement of capital items such as vehicles, Parliament sought approval from Office of the President and Cabinet to purchase vehicles for the Speaker, Deputy Speakers and Leader of Opposition. This was granted in their letter Ref. No. 16/06/4 dated 4th July, 2014,” said Mengezi.

Mengezi said procurement processes were duly done in line with the Procurement Act and the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) issued a letter of no objection Ref. No. ODDP/03/283, dated 2nd September, 2014 to procure the vehicles.

According to Mengezi , Toyota Land Cruiser for the Speaker is same model to that of Chief Justice and Chief Secretary to Government.

“Parliament would like to inform the Public that the vehicles were delivered  by the Dealers as follows:-  Toyota Land Cruiser VX which is being used by the Speaker was delivered on 28th November, 2014 while two Toyota Prados LX which are used by the Deputy Speakers were delivered on 17th December, 2014 while one Prado LX which is used by the Leader of Opposition was delivered in January, 2015.”

The explanation by parliament put off fears that Parliament bought the vehicles recently when the economy had deteriorated.

Meanwhile, the opposition Malawi Congress Party says the issues of K300Million vehicles is surfacing as one way of diverting people’s attention from numerous blunders which the DPP led government has been making.

MCP Publicity Secretary Dr Jessie Kabwira told Nyasa Times that MCP is not shaken over the matter.

Kabwira said their leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera is not a procurement officer let alone an officer of the Office of Director of Public Procurement.

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99 thoughts on “Malawi Parliament explains procurement of ‘fuel guzzlers’”

  1. Andrew kho says:

    Agalu inu, if u don’t same to comment just be quite, zikukulempherani to make things in this country ndi petal wanuyo. Live MCP leadership alone.

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    It seems Peter Muthalika and his dupes are a gang of Machiavellian who are leading our nation into a complete economic ruins which will eventually plunge the nation into political instability.However,there is no need for the regime to spend US$50.000 to please a few individuals with less productivity to the nation,while the national economy is in tumultuous situation to the extent that civil servants and other govt parastatal establishments go for months without being paid.This is not only a violation of human rights,but also a shameful failure of the Muthalika’s leadership which gives Malawians legitimacy to vote out his illegitimate government in 2019 elections.Malawians have the will,reasons and abilities to vanquish the misguided and corrupt administration in the history of our country . Malawians,remember that divided we fall,United we stand.Let us remove this cancerous govt.before it is too late.

  3. vetran says:

    its goverment burget

  4. Angoni says:

    The vehicles are described as fuel guzzlers. However, the article makes no mention whatsoever of the engine size nor how far it can go per gallon. Kapena fuel guzzler just means expensive vehicle in this case?

  5. Mlomwe original says:

    A few individuals milking my poor nation.
    Iwe chakwera bwezatu galimotoyo kuti tiziwe kuti umawakonda a malawi osauka.

  6. Winford Saka says:

    Shame To Chakwera And Mcp As A Whole.They Have Shot Themselves On The Foot.

  7. Mmapeh says:

    Chakwera and his MCP are fools. Like Tembo, he will never rule this country. The next leader is Chilima osati zinazi ai. I rest my case.

  8. ndawagwira says:

    You are shaken only when u feel DPP is loosing truck. Take note; this blunder is similar to the one tembo did by rejecting budgets of Bingu hence landslide victory of 2009. Mcp forget ruling this nation ur are giving out onother landslide to dpp 2014. How cam a bidget be passed on your conditions?

  9. mtelezi says:

    Zonse mwanena za mveka , choti mudziwe ndi chakuti pali ndondomeko zomwe boma lidayika kuti aliyense azitsatira pogula katundu waboma. Ngati a nyumba ya Malamulo sadatsatire adzayakha mulandu wosatsata malamulo akagulidwe ka katundu wa boma. DZIWANI KUTI UKAKWERA PA MSANA PA NJOVU USAMATI KULIBE MAME. KOMANSO CHOWULUKA CHIDZATERA.

  10. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    1. Any branch of government- the Executive; Legislative and Judiciary-must not squander public funds on a lavish life-style. These branches of government must lead by example. Do not compare your perks with those in countries that are finscially and economically more prosperous than Malawi. Our country is considered to be one of the poorest in the world. So, what is this ostentatious life style trying to prove.
    2. The sale of public vehicles at the end of the term of office of the speaker, and other office holders should be stopped. The country cannot afford such expensive purchases every so often. Moreover, the vehicles must be used when on duty; not for personal purposes. In which case, those using public vehicles mush be driven to and from work. After work, the vehicles should be parked at a vehicle pool.

    3. I am aware of countries that are better managed and more prosperous than Malawi but the President has only one ste house and a holiday resort; the presidential convoy consists of very few vehicles. The culture of extravagant spending of public funds is the first place for changing a mind set.

  11. This is a very good example or a lesson rather, most of the people think that politicians will ever have the people’s interests at heart. It doesn’t matter which camp they come from, be it MCP, DPP or UDF they’re are all the same to enrich themselves & to be semi-gods. There was only one Thomas Sankara so whether it’s Mutharika, Chakwera or Muluzi Jr. All these guys are the same.

  12. Henderson tepeka says:

    Mutatha zonse mwanena kumbukani this world a devil fall into so Jesus is coming ar u ready?

  13. Shonai says:


  14. Mr Pheee says:

    Umbuli ku Malawi siudzatha

  15. Mapwiya says:

    UN Summit Trip Amachita Organise Si APM Ndie Nayenso Don’t Blame Him, Blame Ma Organisers. Agalu A Congress!

  16. John K Black says:

    This only says it was legal. But that does not make it ethical. What this shows is that the MCP politicians are not a real alternative:they are ruling class just like the DPP and UDF politicians. They have this sense of entitlement: I am ruling class so the people of Malawi must buy me a top of the line fuel guzzler with matching fuel allowance. This is not connected to need, they can do the job just as well with a modest vehicle. It is not even connected to performance: the performance of Parliament has been below expectation. Where is the passing of the Access to Information Bill? Why are the Cashgate investigations going so slowly? Why are we still in poverty? How come we don’t know where the money for the seed component of FISP is coming from? Why has Parliament not investigated the bloated delegation to the UNGA? IN fact, Parliamentary opposition is not functioning properly, so the opposition is moved to CSOs. But CSOs are not elected and that means not accountable to the electorate. Shame on Chakwera, shame on the MCP, shame on the whole Parliament.

  17. Mg yalowa chisawawa.bwanji osawagulila chimanga aphawi.anthu woyipa inu.

  18. Concerned Citizen says:

    There is no justification for spending over half a million US Dollars on vehicles for only 4 people. This is morally incorrect. That the vehicles were received by the recipients is even more cause for concern. Are we all bankrupt of our moral values?

    You “leaders” of ours, how long will you take us for a ride. We fail to develop, yet all the same you choose to reward yourselves for mediocrity.

    Paying yourselves three quarters of a million Malawi Kwacha each for a house to live in, and feel this is justifiable. This is day light robbery.

    All this spending from our impoverished coffers. YOU ARE BRINGING MALAWI TO ITS KNEES, AND YOU DON’T EVEN CARE.

    When it comes to the good things, then the tune changes to “We are part of Government”, when it is bad “We are …”.

  19. Brino says:

    Khokhokho didn’t you authorize kuti mizidabwa pano? Don’t dent our president.does he have a signature in the opc.

  20. Ma says:

    Most positive comments about the stupidity of Chakwera are from blind followers of CHEWA PARTY.
    1- Even if Chakwera has no powers to buy cars, if he was smart enough he should have said no to such expensive car for me give me a reasonable car that can take me from point A to Z. To me he was going to be statesman. Not all gifts are to be accepted unless you are so stupid.
    2- Chakwera got a free Mk24 million not long ago together with fellow MPs, that tax payers are still honoring on his behalf, are you telling me that this cash was all used in paying his tithe (if at all he still pays tithe) and he didn’t buy a car? Don’t be stupid.

    3- If Chakwera said will be using the car I purchased with Mk24m or to embarrass DPP call his wife to come and pick him from parlianment protesting that gov. should buy cheaper car or wait till the economy picks up not to quickly move into the new too expensive Prado and this prostitute Jessey backing this few!fwe!fwe Chalkkwera is not procurement officer such shallow thinking will be repeated once MCP is in power.

    4- Malawians don’t be fooled that Christians like Chakwera will be fraud free,,,,heeee wait till Christians are exposed to billions , you will know who they are, ask ZAMBIANS ABOUT BORN AGAIN CHILUBA…Koma inu…….blind and cheap analogy of individuals kills.

    I would rather have Hitler who can transform the economy of Germany than have BA who ends up stealing………..

    KEEP ON SLEEPING MALAWIANS AND this heartless Chakwera…….

  21. benjnes says:


  22. #Angozo. Iwe number 46, ndiwe opandadi nzeru go back to school and learn to understand short stories. Boma lina wagulira magalimoto anthu ofunikira ndichifukwa President anachiona cha mnzeru kuvomereza. Boma silingati nyumba yanu kuti ndalama imene umafuna kugula panti utha kugula mowa ndi makondomu basi palibe vuto. Parliamentary allocation can not be reversed and reallocate its funds to Mudzi Transformation Trust now dubbed descent and affordable housing with cement and malata subsidy. Do not just comment blindly.

  23. Ngiyakufisela ntcheu says:

    Eish, pat (#51) kodi sukulu yake unapita kuti? MK246, 522, 140.00 to the nearest 100 million is not MK300 million, In fact, it is MK200 million. Go back to sukulu osamangotokota apa zopanda nzeru

  24. Wilhelm says:

    It was in the budget!

    Same old nonsense about ‘conditions of service’ and ‘budget’ and so on.

    The salary increases were also ‘budgeted for’.

    It does not matter if it was on the budget or not! It’s an extravagant waste of money.

    How many items are in the budget but never come to be?

    Hospitals, schools, roads. They are ‘in the budget’ for years! Not a single sign of them! Then they say ‘it was just in the budget’ and there is ‘no funds’ .

    This happened just recently with one of the hospitals. And yet there never seems to be shortage of funds to blow all the budget on ridiculous cars, houses, and travel. Of course you won’t have funds for schools or hospitals left!

  25. thembi says:

    Mr mengezi shut your mouth. Whether 2014-15 budget or not you and your greed parliamentarians you lack reasoning and have no human heart for the poor. What are you saying by giving us the figure 256million? Is it too small? Will it change the fuel consumption? We are watching u

  26. thom says:

    Magalimoto anagula nda Malawi Gov through ODPP A Chakwera alibe udindo wogula zinthu. Goodall is to blame chifukwa ndiye mwini thumba

  27. Dalitso says:

    Chakwera has no power to force parliament to procure such. Government through ministry of finance has it all. Why blaming Chakwera as if he took the money and purchase the vehicle for himself?
    Government is busy buying cars for many individuals in the government and Bola’s case to be latest one, and you people are so mute when billions of Kwachas can never be accounted for, basi busy kutambasula pakamwa nkhani ya K300million?
    Bola apa ndalama yaoneka kuti agulira galimoto kusiyana ndi zomwe zikusowa osaoneka chopanga.
    I challenge you people that, if this money to be allocated to other areas, eg health, chipatala to be specific, sizikanafikako zikanakathera mmatumba mwa anthu ali m’bomawo.

  28. William Miya says:

    cheap politics, how can the whole gvt sink so low to come up with that propaganda ? 2019 is a bit far u can polish up and win back our support otherwise Chakwera is gaining more and more support as of today. Ndiye zinazi kumaziona b4 u air them.Mufune musafune One arm of gvt ( Parliament ) ikuyendetsedwa ndi MCP is Opp Party ndiye simunati muzimvabe choti juuuuu

  29. Malawi Wane says:

    Parliament, that is real accountability, with all letters of authorisation stated. Any malawian to object your defence must go back to school.

  30. levelheaded says:

    The one in the picture is not a Prado. Its a hammer.

  31. noone is best ever says:

    Nyapapi pitala wabalalika uyu mmesa his office approved the buying of ma prado wo ndiye akudabwanso chiani Mumangosainila eti komadi inu apitala ndi M B C mutithandiza inuuuuu anyapapi inu

  32. Khwethemu says:

    Palibepo nkhani apa. Mumati adziyendera vitz? Za zii.

  33. tembusha says:

    Amalawi tht surely doesn’t look like a prado to me …. Nyasatimes ikani photo ina not tht 1 . Mmxxxxiiiii

  34. Maliro Sabwelera Mnyumba akatuluka says:

    We know Parliamentary service commission bought Msowoya 800 000 phone as Parliamentary service Chairman. Did the president approve this? Let Kachinjika be honest with himself. HE did not approve any conditions of service for Parliamentary service commission. Where did he get this from. Msowoya

  35. Mapuya says:

    Jappie machende ako let them use u” am mind ur mouth u don’t knw wat comes 2mo’ uzalilira ku utsi” who were u b4 joining politic? Shy for urself and ur nasty DDP wit ur creative shame stories God is watching at u” mukamufunse Bingu

  36. sir sapanga says:

    koma nyasaland uzamva liti iwe?

  37. jk says:

    Zintchito za utsogoleri wa MCP pamene apeza mpata ndi zimenezo. On average each vehicle is gooing at MK64 million! Hey what a choice by MCP president and vice for the nature of our economy in 2014/15??? I pray Malawi shud at somepoint get humble and selfless leadership. Obviously that will be ready to get lower levels as its citizenry! Sad!

  38. visekere says:

    Mu8nthuyu akufuna ulemelero osati kuweta nkhosa za Mulungu.

  39. mchewa says:

    thanks Mr mengezi this puts to rest this issue chifukwa anthu ena a dpp amaona ngati the cars where bought last week.enjoy the ride Dr laz.

  40. DOBO says:

    Boma la DPP yapanopayi ndi lamasanje enieni. Boma lomwero lidavomeza zoti Parliament igule magalimoto,Boma lomwelonso likuti parliament likuononga ndalama.Akufuna ati chani kwenikweni. Pali mwambi amati chikazingwa chimadya udzu. Ndi nkhani iyi yokha boma ladya udzu,

  41. polofesa says:

    ndiye apatu ngati ndikulakwitsa analakwa ndi a pulezintenti and OPC. nanga no objection eti. again, nkhani za kalekale December

  42. H,Chitumvi says:

    Zina Ukaona Kamba Anga Mwala,,,apatu m’bomamu mwachuluka avunduzi kapena a chiphetsa mwina tingoti atentha tizime sakumuthandiza prezidenti kumupusitsa kutenga mudzi ndi hayala ya ndege, ugogodi woukira boma ndi ukambelembele zinthu zopanga iwo omwe ngati boma atembenuzira kwa ena.Mwatamba masana mwayaluka nazo,,nkhanga zaona.Bodza loti ana anu anakutsutsani koma osamva mulibe manyazi.

  43. tent says:

    This money is budgeted for Parliament, right? So if the budget is for vehicles, where do people want the money to go?

    Do we want parliament to give money to hospitals, schools, a budget already approved by same parliament for parliament?

    If anything, these allocations should be revised otherwise I don’t see how money allocated to an institution can be reversed without approval of the same parliament?

    Can ministry of Agric, for example, give part of its allocated funds to Ministry of Health just like that? WE the very same people would make noise here that its unprocedural

    SO IF THE CARS ARE NOT BOUGHT, WHERE DO PEOPLE WANT THE MONEY TO GO? USING WHAT PROCDURES? REVISED BUDGET ALLOCATIONS OR WHAT? That’s what we should be talking about, the hows of how to reallocate already allocated funds! Otherwise, our system is to blame.

  44. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Kabwila, that is not the way to answer

  45. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Kabwazi ndiwe chitsiru kuthako kwako kosasambako konunkhako. Mboliiii zamanu. Leave CHAKWERA ALONE. Why Chilima bought new fleet of vehicles? Its all about conditions of service

  46. Domingo says:

    Well explained now let’s hear what one Yappie! Yappie! Mean go says. Iyankheninso imemeo. You will not divert our attention from this clueless government. By the way you are also a clueless PRO

  47. John says:



  48. Pat says:

    A nissan vanette for the speaker and three subaru sambars for the deputy speakers and leader of opposition would have costed not more than 10 million kwacha of tax payers’ money. Imagine how much medicine we would have bought with K246,522,140.00. By the way 256million rounded to the nearest 100 million is 300 million, so dont be surprised where 300 million came from

  49. George phiri says:

    Buy anything you need, actually the president should also go and buy a jet. Guys we are tired of you. Seriously I politicians are very selfish, thats why the economy cant tick. In private sector people get previlages according to the value they bring to the company. Unfortunately the only thing the government does better is collect tax and spend on stupid things. Nchifukwa anthu amathawa kulipira tax.

  50. Maliro Sabwelera Mnyumba akatuluka says:

    Kachinjika we know you paid for Richard Msowoyas girl friend to come to Malawi as a consultant all the wAy from Botswana. Tionana. Let us know what she did here

  51. bodza lekani says:

    Some one said we have a sleeping government that’s why the issue of cars bought in 2014 is coming up now towards the end of 2015 something is amiss here. Its all gone can you please concentrate on something else like hospitals,hunger,blackouts etc.

  52. Kenkkk says:

    Excellent explanation, shame on you sale-out serial liar jappie mhango. You are a real doormat for your dpp thugs gurus.

    Tell us you stupid jappie how much the president and his cabinet have spent on cars during the same period as the parliamentarians?

    Only ignorant bootlicking fellow dpp thugs can believe what you vomit from your mouth, jappie.

  53. Angozo says:

    Kunena zoona amene anganene kuti leader of opposition ndi speaker of parliament sanalakwitse kugula magalimoto odula ndi opanda nzeru, mfiti, zitsiru zianthu zosafunila dziko lino zabwino, agung’ung’u, zitserekwete.

  54. Kaligondo says:

    Chakwela alipheee inu aboma zikanganani, olo akanapanda kugula kagalimotoko chakwera amakwera HUMMER osati ka LX , kodi ndindalama zingat zimene convoy ya mtsogoleri imaononga patsiku kuyelekeza ndi k256,000 000 ? Anzathu ku BOTSWANA presdent amayenda ngati MP koma kuno umbuli chonsecho umphawi uli thooo

  55. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Those making ant Chakwera comments are DPP FRUSTRATED IDIOTS

  56. Patrick says:

    So what’s all this noise all about?
    Chakwera as the leader of the opposition he’s quiete but small flies who has never runned even a tak shop are the ones making noise,let me ask a question here,has one of these idiots who’re making noise ever runned a small company somewhere for them to be making this ideolotic noises?
    Please you bustard CSOs get your own Party and see if Malawians will vote for you so you so you can come in and and bring your own implementation systems than just making unnecessary noises.

  57. Phinifolo says:

    A DPP mwagwa nayotu. Nanga galimoto zogulidwa chaka chatha inu mukuchita ngati yachitika leo lomwe.

  58. Dididid says:

    Dpppp ndi bwampini mutharika….

  59. bodza lekani says:

    2014 October/November a boma takambani zina uno ndi October 2015 kapena Calendar yanu idakali 2014? Zangovuta boma sayendetsa ngati banja kapena farm…a Malawi we know the truth timasiyanitsa bodza ndi zoona masiku ano

  60. Chigawaneni says:

    I wish the speaker were from the rulling party and see whether he or she would refuse using this car.

  61. WIN.B says:

    Kodi mukuti ndalamazo agulira za mthumba mwawo????
    i thot tiz government-sponsored????
    teach mi pliz

  62. drogba says:

    a Chakweraa, ubusa mungaukumbukilenso pamenepa?? kkkkkk. Simungoti zimachedwa kuti? Huleeee Kabwira lati ziiiiii, ma Press Conference onse she’s frozen kkkkkk. This world. Someone said that people get very much alarmed when they see their own sins in others. You urge the president to economize pomwe inu you are wasting that much money buying expensive cars. Its only in Africa esp Malawi where politicians priotize vehicles over development. Iwe Chakwera, tisamvenso ukuti Peter mfwimfwimfwi mfwemfwemfwe economize with your fake, sluggish slang ngati ka teenager, pass this message to Kabwira as well. You politicians are just but the same, just you want to capitalise on your friend’s weakness but sweep down you are same

  63. Phwado says:

    Iwe jappie you are an asshole!

  64. musisipala says:

    The vehicle befits chakwela as leader of notorious opposition party in the land. The party is comfortable in oppositiion .they are ok to die in waiting. Kabwila has forgotten what happened to her parents when mcp regime sent them in exile for being Jehova witnesses sect

  65. Mapiri says:

    Plz stop the practice that when officers leave office they shud buy them. 5 years is a short time. The in-coming officers shud use the same vehicles

  66. Mirella K says:

    Kodi paja mwati Jessie ndi PhD holder eti? Ok. I see. Mukuona reasoning ya mkazi ameneyu? at Chakwera is not a procurement officer….Is a procurement officer more powerful than him? I swear I will never waste my time to vote for this opportunist into power as well! A country with Kabwera at the helm is even worse than with Akweni wakuchikamwa kwakukulu uja!

    By the way, on something very serious now. I think Malawi’s we need to wake up and revise these so-called conditions of service for our public servants, i mean for our public resource squanderers. A speaker, all deputies and the the so-called leader of opposition are all members of parliament fisrst and they were all given vehicle loans they never repay at all. Now, they needed the very same govt to buy them ‘official’ vehicles they will nonetheless ‘buy’ by the end of five years at MK1 000 000.00 only (at times even at low as MK427 000.00). Guys, trust me, this is utter madness. If we don’t see any problem at this arrangement, I will not be surprised as to why we are still the underdogs in the world! Stupid arrangements!!!

  67. losco says:

    We still need the withdrawal of these vihecles. Can u explain the financial stand of our country by the year 2014?Moreover don’t run away from the figure of k300000 if u know approximations. Mxiiii

  68. da says:

    nde A Youth yonyo aja bwerani mutokote…nkhani ndi imeneyi!thanks for the clarify //…leave the DPP gurus azitokota…this is wellexplained

  69. kasuzga says:

    If they are fuel ⛽ guzzlers, has the office of the speaker or leader of opposition requested for extra fuel? And how about the president, his vice, cabinet ministers, PS’, directors and Statutory Corporation (SC) CEOs.. Aren’t they using the same fuel guzzlers? I urge u all to use ur brains and never retire from thinking

  70. kampira says:

    Ochakwera nuchitsiru zedi

  71. Apa palibe nkhani. Jappie Muhango wangofuna kuti anthu tiyiwale mavuto a boma la Mr. Ibu. I salute Mengezi for clearing the mist.

  72. kasuzga says:

    Btw when were these vehicles bought?
    Why are we jumping up and down as if the ink on the cheque for this purchase is yet to dry?
    And it’s ok for a part-time Mayor of a bankrupt city to drive in one but not a full-time speaker?
    Akuti ma judge azikwera ma Carina?
    And did I hear someone say Cameron uses the underground?
    Which Cameron?
    Osanamiza wandu with your smear campaign. Have you gone through their TORs kuti mudzitsutsana nazo? If its about the type of cars then why cant the president and the vice withdraw some of the vehicles on their convoy? And why cant the ministers surrender their prados so that govt shud purchase Nissan March for them? Ngati mwasowa zokamba osamangoba mwakachetechete bwanji?
    If our economy is really in tatters because of these three vehicles then mavuto tili nawo ambiri

  73. yuona says:

    DPP ili ndi anthu oganiza mobwelera kwambiri. Nchifukwa chaketi zinthu zikungosolobana.

  74. i miss kamuzu banda and john tembo says:

    koma m’malawi prado anayimva kukoma. pope francis rides a fiat, A FIAT, that’s probably worth 1.5 mil showroom, and that dude has over a billion followers. do you see how normal people behave?

    can’t you figure it out yet kuti zomapatsana magalimotizi after the term of office ndizimene zikupangitsa anamalilawa kugula chi motor chokwiya? there are very silly things that drive a black man crazy. expensive cars, nkazi oyera wambina and nyumba ya upstairs. eni money achina bill gates amakwera njinga ali phee, account ikungoyenda.

  75. MTCHONA says:


  76. SONG says:

    DPP yasowa chonena akanakhala kuti speaker ndi Kasaila akananena izi za zii. Amalawi akuvutika chifukwa cha maprado anayi. Yendetsani dziko kuti chuma chikhazikike. Amaliwongo inu boma ili mulikulitaya nokhatu osadandaula mmawa ayi. Asiyeni a Chakwera. Mukundiuzakuti palibe nduna yagula galimoto chotero. Fokofo kagwereni uko

  77. The game says:

    Mwagwanayo apa muti bwanji.Well explained.Chakwera sagula magalimoto aboma and programme yogula inapangidwa kale osati lero.Wakula apa ndi umburi plus nsanje plus uchitsiri mkusamvetsa zithu ndimmene boma limagwirira ntchito zake.Mbuzi inu eti.

  78. cm says:

    I think anthu we are directing issues to the wrong people really. Remember, when we said hiring of private jets for the president is expensive and the president should be using commercial flights, he said he cannot do that and we need to respect the office of the president. It is the same person who thought it wise to respect the office of the Speaker and Leader of Opposition in the house by not buying Nissan Tiida Latio from Be Forward for these people but rather, honor their conditions of service. Hiring was expensive. By the way, when the Speaker et al were using hired vehicles, what vehicles were being hired? Anali ma Nissan Tiida? Why did you not question at that time kuti they are using expensive hired vehicles? Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji?

  79. Moyenda says:

    Chakwera, MCP: the truth shall set you free…Mengezi, professional, brave and candid PRO. DPP: unless you acknowledge your shortfalls, you won’t get any better. Denial and diverting attention means, you’re not ready to change. The road you take will take you where it leads to. Unfortunately, some individuals that I held in high esteem are on your bus, and the dry scone in their mouth is choking them so much so that they can’t utter a word. You have good people, DPP. Use that as a springboard. Start by not playing dirty, apologizing where apology is needed. Lead in humility. God will pick you up. Pride goes before dishonor. Kamzganga nifwit yaye….

  80. Explanation or no explanation the fact is you procured cars which are too expensive. Walk the talk. Iwe Kabwila are you telling us Chakwera’s vehicle was procured without his knowledge? By the way, this other day during Tiuzeni Zoona program your answers were pathetic. Umangobwebweta. I took your teacher role and I gave u 26% after assessing you. Please try again later. May be u will pass.

  81. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Who blamed them? DPP? as it is tikamba chani tsopano?

  82. mavuto says:

    Ochakwera odali kuchedwa ku chalichi. Tsono uli okwera VX ngakhale tili ninjala mdikoli.

  83. MCP has been aproved by god to run this country.

  84. cm says:

    Dirty politics. Politics of hatred. 4 vehicles were bought, duly approved by APM. Pano tikungomva za Chakwera and Msowoya, simply because they are MCP? Enawo simukuwanenapo bwa? pamene amapanga approve APM, iyeyo APM samadziwa kuti economy silibwino at that time? Do you know how many cars of this type the govt has bought from June 2014? Who is using them? Why are they not being queried mukungolimbana ndi Chakwera/Msowoya? You know kuti the previous Speakers and Leader of Opposition anagula magalimoto akale, ndiye mumati the new entrants aziyendera chani? Magalimoto akale omwe anagula ma previous Speakers anali of what make? Anali ma vitz? Nthawi yomwe amagulidwa economy yathu inalibwino? This must be way back in 2009 when the vehicles were bought – how was our economy then? Why was there no noise then when we all know how the economy was in 2009? The conditions of service are made by the govt itself, not Chakwera. If the govt appreciates the fact that the economy is not good, the same govt would have been the first to revise the conditions of service and change the type of cars being used by ministers, deputies, PS’s etc and the same would have gone to these guys we are talking about here. It baffles me, ma minister akuyendera galimoto zake zomwezo, bwanji sanakane ma minister wo and opt for ma vitz mukunenawo? By the way, after reducing the cabinet, magalimoto omwe nduna zinazo zimagwiritsa ntchito alikuti? Ndale zamtundu uwu amalawi anzanga sizabwino. Let’s learn to balance up things without taking sides.

    that aside, I see an accounting problem here. The vehicles were bought using the 2014/2015 budget? Mesa 2014/2015 budget expired on 30 June 2015 and therefore anything bought from 1 July 2015 relates to 2015/2016 budget? Kapena accounting sindiyitsata – ma accountant ndithandizeni. Were the vehicles budgeted for in 2015/2016?

  85. Nampota says:

    A DPP ndi Mathanyula wanuyo muchtenso phokoso ndi galimoto za chief secretary ndi chief justice. Mukachoka apo muchitenso phokoso ndi galimoto za ma judge ndi ma PS onse poti nawonso poti nawonso akugwlitsa ntchito galimoto ngati ya a Chakwela. Tikatelo tionenso galimoto zomwe akuendela APM ndi Chilima.
    Mongofuna kukukumbutsani inu a DPP; Palibe chomwe mungachite kuti muletse kutchuka komwe MCP ikuchita ndipo pamene mukuyeselela kuipitsa mbili yake ndi pomwe mukuitchukitsa,muvutika kwambiri uku nkuyamba chabe.

  86. Dominic says:

    Chikakhala kwa nzako. Pano zakomera inu ndiye ziri bwino, koma zikakomera ena ndiye zaipa. Tikukuwonani. Chimwemwe chili kusaya tsopano.

    Dr Chakwera, word of advice: Jessie Kabwila will make you fail elections come 2019 (take it or not but this is a fact). You have your own destroyer in the camp – better sort her out (the earlier the better).

    I know you fear her too MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  87. Chakhalira says:

    I think a DPP ( Disaster Party Politics) asowa chonena. The whole PRO of Parliament has fully explained the issue, but Jappie Mhango and his colleagues still talk of it. When did Mhango sit in an office to appreciate office procedures? The best office that fits this man is a bush desk for rough politics and beat the people NOT to run the Government. If the issue is of fuel guzzling, I think people have lost their heads.

    Why not give them limit of litres to be used per month or per quarter so that if they exceed that allocation, then let them pay from their private resources. What is the problem here? Does it imply that azimwa mafuta a dziko then the dziko will run out of fuel?

    Just wait! Soon and very soon things will stop moving in DPP and this Chakwera mukumunyozayu will take over. After all who does not know kuti mukumuwopa Chakwera?

  88. The Analyst says:

    Anyone who has ever done mathematics and passed, knows that K256,522,140.00 is the same as K300,000,000 by rounding (to the nearest million). Also anybody who has done statistics and passed, knows that K256,522,140.00 is not statistically significantly different from K300,000,000.00. The null hypothesis of K300,000,000 can’t be rejected, even with 1% alpha.

    That detail is therefore not necessary hence irrelevant!

    Also, whether procedures were followed or the OPC approved it, the timing of the whole thing is grossly wrong. komanso OPC yo nde yotani tsono? You think there is any soul with sense there? Don’t insult our knowledge, please!

    Even in thievery, witchcraft, Satanism or prostitution there are procedures but that doesn’t make these ventures desirable.

    And you seem to find solace in the fact that many people were involved in the whole process? I will tell you something . . . “Wrong is wrong even if everybody else is doing it. Right is right even if nobody is doing it.” – St Augustine

    The timing of whatever happened is wrong and faulty, regardless of who approved it and that procedures were followed.

  89. sapitwa says:

    When you place an order for a new vehicle from any Dealership, there is no pre-payment made. Though the budget was approved in 2014, ownership of the vehicle has been passed to Malawi government in 2015 at the time when this could have been avoided with no obligation on the part of the government. So mr Mengezi, don’t take the public for fools even if you can explain 100 million times to justify the cause, you and your masters are absolutely wrong and arrogant.
    Hey! Look at the way Lazaro is alighting from the vehicle as if he is the head of state already. Akazangoulawa u Pulezident yawa, kudzakhala gule wa fumbi zedi ndi onse azidzayenda chokwawa ngati njoka, ndikupukata nsapato mene ankachitira ndI Kamuzu wawo!

  90. DZUWA LINYENGA says:

    MCP Ndiyadongosolo pamene ito pangazithu zake sizinazi ataaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  91. yako ija says:

    The explanation is crap!!!!!!!!! Issue is about integrity of the leader. Of course, austerity does apply to already budgeted activities!!!!!!!!!!!! Fault finder has been caught pants down!!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkk!!!! Thy holier than thee attitude!!!!!!!!

  92. The problem of Malawians only talk without reading the truth. People in Malawi like leaders like APM or Muntharikas. The car is nt for Chakwela for Gods sake. It is just a pity it is bought during conomic hardship. What is a car compaired with hiring a jet plane from UK. How many cars could that jet hiring could buy? I knw people are fruastrated of poverty for many years after indepedence. This is why there is revoultion in some parts of Africa. People should know that it was much better duing Kamuzu when it comes to social welfare of ordinary people than this time. There was no huger. Healthy sector had medicines. No poor private schools and clincs. Medicine are stolen from hospitals and sold to pivate clinics. Who checks? No one. Why because its government officials who steals.

  93. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Another indication why Malawi is poor! You export very little and purchase expensive (of course foreign) cars for your officials and parliamentarians. The same in private sector. Why doesn’t someone stop this madness?

  94. Ernest Banda says:


  95. mavuto says:

    zili bwino basi Chakwera sopano umaliralira ninji? ukufuna chani. tamuwoneni akuwoneka kuti akumva kukoma MA JUICE kwabasi…wagwa nayo.. DPPP WOYEEEEEE!

  96. Kabwazi says:

    But it was wise to buy Toyota Vitz to Leader of opposition as he is the one tracking down this government, why he need such expensive vehicle himself. Can Kabwila the harot explain on this please.

  97. Beast Msonda says:

    I didn’t know that we had a sound economy in 2914. Pastor Chakwera has been preaching about servant-like leadership. I expected him to practice it.

    1. Beast Msonda says:


  98. Lydia Phiri says:

    DPP yasowatu chokamba ndiye nkhanizi. I thotikhala ya civilized mmene ankanenera Pitala koma vice wake ndi amene ali civilized basi. Anthu akuona mungokhala phee. Munthu akamayendetsa njinga yamoto namasilira atsikana amagwa. Agwa awa asiyeni wina apita ndi BPnso

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