Malawi Parliament ignore calls to impeach President Mutharika

Malawi Parliament on Monday ignored a petition from Mzuzu City constituency to impeach President Peter Mutharika.

President Mutharika: No impeachment motion

Except for one MP from Mzimba who said Mutharika would stay put in office until the next elections, back benchers from both sides of the House did not make any comment on the issue but concetrated on the business of the day; debate on mid year budget review statement by Finance minister Goodall Gondwe.

Over 36, 000 people from Mzuzu City constituency have signed a petition to force their MP Leonard Njikho move a motion of impeachment against Mutharika in the 193 strong House.

Njikho has since refused to take up the assignment while Constitutional law expert Edge Kanyongolo said the grounds for impeachment do not warrant the action.

Outside parliament however, in social media, the issue has been divisive as Malawians differed on the matter.

Some people say high level corruption and failure to bring back the economy from its sick bed are reasons enough to impeach Mutharika.

However, others say Malawi is just too broke now to afford a staggering election bill.

The petition seeking impeachment of President Mutharika is being championed by taskforce chairperson Andrew Longwe and Sandra Kamanga.

It sets grounds for indictement through impeachment as; Criminal negligence, Mutharika’s executive order to suspend laws that make homosexuality illegal in Malawi as one example in which the President has contravened against the Constitution and delegating ersetwhile minister of agriculture George Chaponda for ministerial duties when there was a court injunction stopping Chaponda from performing as a cabinet minister.

They also accuse President Mutharika of influencing arrest of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members over treason allegations.

Laying their grounds for impeachment, the petitioners argue that Mutharika has time and again proved to be “a negligent President” dragging Malawi into “grave danger

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I stay in the stated Mzuzu City constituency where Hon Njikho represent but I have never seen the said people in a meeting with those 36 000 people can they bring the names of those 36 000 and where were they meeting, coz I would have been one of the signing member and even hearing from people that some people are moving around the city to seek views from us, these people are not honest what they want is to involve the city to win grounds hence they have their own motive. My advise fight your own battle honestly and… Read more »
Mipando goba

Atumbuka very satanic people. You want to eliminate Peter. Anyani ndinu chifukwa mumachokera kukhalango. Heeeeel Huwiiiii


Ine ndi mmozi wochokela kuaTumbuka land. But we are stupid and not united. By the way Mzuzu central why did you vote for Diesel Petrol Palibe MP. Can somebody vote for you “mighty” AFORD down South? No matter how good that person might be. Osalira just continue leaking your bruised wounds. VOTE WISELY NEXT TIME

so we still have people who don’t see that peter is failing…..shame on those who still wish him on the seat. some people wanted this country divided ,i think they were right,bcoz those behind peter could see for themselves without involving tumbukas,Let us respect these people,all the tribes were silent when the British were clinging to rule Nyasaland but these people came to our rescue,again when MCP HAD its evil ruling the tumbukas were forfront fighting kamuzu the other tribes were just watching,this time again those tribes are just watching and smiling.shame on Malawi ,i i would say let us… Read more »

kkkkkk hahahaha….a smart …mungatani inu kkkkkk hahaha hehehehe kkkkk lol tamangozikandani zilonda muli nazozo kkkkkkkk kkkkkk hahaha

humphrey kawenga
you will keep making that noise until 2024, professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will rule Malawi until 2024. and there after we will have anther mutharika to rule us. the mutharika regime will continue to govern this country until GOD Says time is up. so you can never impeach mutharika. imagin we took over the government while in opposition, now that we are inside the house, who can defeat us now? We defeated them when the had all the weapons, we did not have any weapons to support us to take power. we used our good manifesto to win the polls.… Read more »

Even God can say time is up now. Mulungu siwosewela naye kuti alole anthu ake adzivutika ena akuba ndalama za misonkho yawo.

Atumbuka chinthu chaima pakhosi. When shall you swallow it you northern people? Comeon! get a life, smell the coffee and see the positive side of things. Mukuwonjezatu atumbuka inu. By the way, manyazi mulibe? Don’t you think that you are tarnishing your own image by peddling lies to Malawi citizens? Do you think that Malawians are not able to see things in their right context? One day you shall regret you tumbukas if you continue with your antisocial behaviour. Tikukuwonanitu! Do you think Chewas, Senas, Mang’anjas, Yawos, Ngonis of Gomani, Lomwes, Nyungwis, etc are stupid but you northerners are not?… Read more »

Tumbukas are a nuisance to the progress of Malawi. Why you all the times??? We are tired of you Northerners. There is nothing unusual in Malawi leadership to warrant impeachment of the President.


Humphrey Kawenga, I never knew that in Malawi we have so many people like you who have eyes but don’t see.They have ears but don’t hear. They also have brains but cannot think. What a shame!

Thako la Nkhuku

Atumbuka mukuenjeza!

Dodoma mtharika
amalawi tulo zoti ziko likuola mu kudziwa and fungo mukuliva koma mwangoti phwii, pitala akunka nae kut Malawi wathu? anthu akuba iye ali ziii, mapeto ake azanena kut ndalama yopangira chisankho kulibe ndiye muzatani. dziko lanji loyendesedwa ndi nkhalamba zokhazokha. tumechoka nae pitala, afiti inu plz gwirani ntchito chingoferaso chili pampando chimenechi. ndale zoopa mukafika nazo kut amalawi. miseu ngat yopita kumanda koma museu opita kwa Mr, ndalama zomwe adazipeza kunyumba kwachaponda zikanakhala kut munazipereka Ku unduna wazamaphunziro bwezi JC sikanalembedwa? amalawi plz think twice, ndale yolemera wekha zinatha kale kale, visit foreign nationals mukaona. congratulations Mzuzu constituency ndi mp… Read more »

What do you mean Malawi is too broke? Chaponda amazitenga kuti? Tengani zomwe zinapezeka kwa Chapondazo tichotse mathanyula nkhalamba yopanda mano ku State House. Takutoperani. Mxiew!

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