Malawi Parliament seeks funding to discuss Bingu’s offshore bank accounts

Malawi  Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) says it needs funding for its members to meet next week to discuss allegations that former president Bingu wa Mutharika stashed K92 billion in offshore accounts.

Bingu's wealth faces probe

Bingu’s wealth faces probe

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) deputy chairperson Kamlepo Kalua said all preparations for the meeting are over.

“We are just waiting for the funding, if the government funds parliament then we will meet next week,” said Kalua.

Parliament’s Public Relations Officer Leonard Mengezi said the government has already funded parliament only that accounts department is unable to access the money because a new government financial year has just started and the IFMIS computer system is clearing some work.

“This happens every year, the government uses the computerised IFMIS system but the funding is there. We will have the money by next year,” he said.

Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire brought a document in parliament which showed that Mutharika took a cut of 10 per cent of all government payments to Mota Engil which turned the former leader an instant billionaire.

Agriculture minister George Chaponda and Labour minister Henry Mussa denied the allegations that Mutharika stashed the huge sums of money in offshore bank accounts.

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Malawians are easily forget n i think its being used to prblms. I repeat that the best Leaders are those who know / who once face the life of grassroot level of their country. If you strictly base on this say indeed you will really have the best Leaders.


Ahhh mbuzi… angofuna to eat ndalama za boma… Need funding for the discussion? Haven’t they already eaten ndalama za boma zokwana?

I can easily tell that “NYASATIMES” (Owen Khamula) has a hearing problem, if not Leonard Mengezi and his computerized IFMIS are stupid. plus, plus. The other thinking is that if Leonard is not stupid then he is an accessory trying to foil the PAC meeting. IFMIS system has been clearing transactions from whatever date and it will finish next year 2017 since its computerized system. That’s what Owen and Leonard are telling us for the delay to access the money. If established that Mutharika and Mota Engil were involved in corrupt practices then Mota Engil should be sent packing and… Read more »
Petre Mathanyula.

A bwanawa anali mbava big time. This is why I always say that politics of patronage will never develop Malawi. People of Malawi fail to vote for a credible candidate and opt for a thief just because that thief is their tribes man. Shame on you presidents from the south. Mwaononga Malawi kotheratu. Koma pangatalike or pangafupike ndalama zimenezo zidzabwezedwa.

Stupid MPs

Kodi Kamlepo nthawi JB ija umatani kuyamba zimenezo…Ukufunabe uzidya ndalama zathu ku parliament? I hate u ndisaname.


@Stupid MPs, you are indeed stupid and your writings is enough proof that you got a share of bloody money! Mwana wa njokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


@Central I agree with Mr Stupid. Do you think APM can give money to PAC to show the skeletons of his brother? This will never be reveal by this regime. May be with the other president.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

we need our money back DPP and Mutharikas have stolen enough from poor Malawians


This is the reason why we have not moved development wise. Our leaders portray a picture of love for the nation but they had so many skeletons in their cupboards. We wondered why every small to big projects were awarded to one company. If we still have such type of leaders now then be ashamed of yourself. You are not worthy a leader but a thief.

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