Malawi Pastors tell Mutharika to address endless power cuts

Pentecostal pastors on Monday fell short of asking the holy spirit to intervene in the endless power cuts in Malawi instead they asked President Peter Mutharika to ensure power blackouts are minimised.

Mutharika gives his remarks-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Mutharika gives his remarks-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Speaking at Kamuzu Palace, one of the pastors, in his speech dwelt much on power blackouts, saying Malawians are suffering and losing a lot.

“These power blackouts are also a scare to potential investors,” said the pastor as President Mutharika looked on.

Mutharika is presiding on the worse era in the history of the efficiency of power utility provider Escom as Malawians and investors spend long hours without electricity.

The pastor said the government should explore alternative energy means to supplement power from Esom, stating the frequent power cuts are a detrimental to development.

Mutharika however did not respond to this electricity power issue, although he said, the church and government must work together to improve lives of ordinary Malawians.

Apostle Augustine M’gala promised to provide guidance to government.

“We are there to provide wise counsel where we feel you need the wise counsel and we are available. We are at your disposal to provide the guidance as men of God so that the country enjoys the good peace and tranquility that is prevailing” pledged Mgala.

Mgala pointed out that with the conductive environment government is providing for the preaching of the gospel to many parts of the country, they feel obliged to pray for the country’s leadership.

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55 thoughts on “Malawi Pastors tell Mutharika to address endless power cuts”

  1. Mimi says:

    Well said

  2. DJIBOUT says:


  3. Captain Knewell says:

    True, Malawi has to sort out the energy sector issues comprehensively if foreign investors are to be attracted to the country. However, the pastors have missed a point asking the president to address the issue of frequent blackouts. ESCOM has rightly said that it is about low water levels in the lake and river shire due to low rainfall in the just ended rainfall season. Pastors must start helping the country in mobilising their followers in replanting the fast going forest and taking care of the same to improve water flow rates in the rivers. The current situation leaves a lot of water bodies being filled by soils eroded from the bare lands. Calls for national holistic action.

  4. Chezelani says:

    We have to stay for 8 hours everyday without electricity here in Zambia.Its just not Malawi.Now some banks are offering loans to the Zambian people to enable them purchase generators.

  5. innocent says:


  6. ujeni says:

    nothing is happening is happening under this clueless administration. No construction works in towns and cities, no rehabilitation or refurbishment of infrastructure under this administration. They are good at going to foreign cities and enjoy infrastructure there. Clueless boma

  7. kaya phiri says:

    Do not touch the annointed ones of God once you get curses without knowing. We need to join hands and pray for our nation (2 Kings 7:14). Insulting each other will not help. Writing negativity about your country is self suicide. If you are intelligent and you have solutions, write about those solutions. We all understand and appreciate that some of the challenges our nation is facing cannot be resolved in one or two years. Where is the money to run this country effectively> Let us join hands in fighting corruption which is hindering development of this country.

  8. BlegoH says:

    Uzafa ngati m’bale wako

  9. blessings matiki says:


  10. Omex70 says:

    Clueless professor,APM, President of Malawi. A waste of time and resources. It puzzles me when I hear some wizards and witches praising him.

  11. Palikanthu says:

    My advice is that the President should from today develop a job description and a workplan and share it with us Malawians that pay tax. (Which your looting buddies the Asians and Mota Engil do not pay)
    He should then give the journalists performance indicators for his job description and then every month they montor progress, that is the way to go.

  12. Sapitwa says:

    Even if you had JB, Chakwera or Atupele and Chihana or even if you a President with 10 PhDs, this problem was there since Kamuzu. None of the could solve this problem in just 13 months. The ones who have such expectations are the ones so clueless to the highest level. They don’t understand their country at all!
    Within 42 months if all goes well, we will have a Coal Fired Power Station in Mwanza. The man is not clueless, he is updated and in touch with what is going on. Ni wowina wina kale yawa!

  13. Kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    On several occassions in the past such meetings between the state president and the clergy have attracted so much anxiety among the clergy because the pastors many of whom are poor is an opportunity to get extra money and can not advise the president on pertinent issues affecting our country. If you to an invistigation you will know that the aim of the meeting was to palm oil the clergy so that through their influence they can allign their flick to the ruling party. Time should come when the presidents will realize that not all pastors were choosen and sent by God. After all many of them do not keep Gods commandments,so how can God use them? I feel sorry for the president to believe that the clergy would help him to pray to God for his visions to be established, when himself there is little evidence that he fears and reverent God. Oooooh my country Malawi!!!!!

  14. Chinyanga says:

    its pathetic that we all know that the problem has been there for ages and we just node our heads in approval whilst defending our leaders that they cant put a permanent full stop to it. Are we going to nurture it coz of its prolonged existence? We mean there is nothing we can do as a nation to stop it..What I’ve seen is that Malawi has never produced a leader(s) who wholeheartedly thought of envading & engalfing this challange at hand in the name of “zikufunika ndalama zambiri”. We are short sighted & our plans are based on two terms (10 years) which benefits the rulling political party than a nation at large hence causing harm to our beloved Malawi.

  15. manjolow says:

    Malawians – we are turning to things of the flesh and ignoring the power of the holy spirit. The pastors should have been praying for the president, ESCOM and better rains so that Nkula can run properly – instead they choose to denegrate the president and our venerable management at ESCOM.
    I wish these so called pastors can pray for rain for once, we are suffering because of lack of knowledge. Hebron in Chronicles 14:6 says that “he who presides over a failed government shall be deemed a failure in the eyes of the lord and the same shall be castrated and fed to the minions”.
    Remember what Yuda says in Habakuk 16:37 that “power failure is failure of power”. My friends – we are witnessing failure of power at the highest levels. This was already prophesied – I wonder what our men of god are not able to receive these prophesies and just concentrate on death of the oresidents

  16. point Blank says:

    I don’t blame him because some clueless Malawians voted for him. From now on don’t blame these clueless leaders but blame those clueless voters.

  17. Clement mwale says:

    Iwe uzilakhula bwino ukuganiza kuti sitikukudziwa samara.

  18. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    He looks like a deer caught in head lights, totally disoriented.

  19. Dwambazi says:

    Those are the concerns of Malawians and this dunderhead of a president decides to totally ignore the issue.

  20. mona says:

    What a dull president we have in muntharika
    Koma zitsilu zina 2019, zidzamuvotera mxiii kuzolowera kuimbira mfiti mmanja kupusa a malawi

  21. Achitauni says:

    Koma ndiye zitha bwanji with the clueless president?


    Akanakhala cluless bwenzi atawina chisankho chapatatu? Zaziiii!…ufitiii?..chani? Magetsitu ndi ndalama.Mayi anu aja ndi inuyo aziB usa wonyenganu mugoba iba ndalama ndiye mmati bwana Presidenti atani?..Akagulise Nyanjanso kawiri?..Zitsiru aneneri wonyenga..Load shedding ngati ikuchitika kunoko ku RSA..What are telling the PRESIDENT? Zankutu,pamtumbopo.,xiiii..agalu…ana anjoka inu

  23. Kikikikiki Pastors you had a bird in your hand and you opted for a bird in the tree God can not forgive you you deserve to be punished.

  24. blessing lipengs says:

    can you please next time say , and they failed to ask Muhammad to fix the power cuts instead they asked muntharika. we Christians do not fight for our God!

  25. Kabwanda says:

    Hahaha, you mean the president who doesn’t even know his job? He is still waiting for Malawians to give him a job description, no wonder the country is crushing in all aspects.

  26. MATAKO says:

    clueless inept and corrupt administration that has no clue as to what to do. How can you expect investors to come here? An ill advised man

  27. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkk siyeni ine

  28. Mhesha says:

    Atumbuka. …kukira kwanu kumaonekera poyera by insulting the Head of State. The power problem has been there and plans for power improvement are already there thru the MCC. Do you think these issues can just be sorted within a day? You’re too daft due to politics of hate.

  29. JCInLA says:

    He looks confused and and clue-less like a head-less chicken.
    Again, it looks like our head-less chicken leader is bringing this great country to the toilette, same as his brother.
    Are we Malawians sooooo stupid that we are just going to stand and look at this head-less chicken, or can we do something about it.
    I urge all of us to match in BT and LL for three days, loud and clear, but peaceful.

  30. mbundesigeya says:

    Mdala uyu ndiye panja penipeni…….ma blackout daily iye ali dwiii ngati akumetedwa

  31. Matchado says:

    What the pastor did was like banging one’s head against a brick wall . This particular “president” cannot do anything . He is as impotent as a castrated man . Tiyeni tingolimba mitima a Malawi . Ku State House kuli chinzili cheni cheni .

  32. Kwinindo says:

    Easy to criticize, easy to laugh and easy to mock. No coal, one dying Shire River coz of your greedy charcoal and timber businesses. To invest in new power sources Malawi needs a lot of dollars, most which you ate through Cashgate. So where do you think investment money will come from-heaven? Come on you people-be reasonable upstairs sometimes!

    1. Maliroagonepati says:

      Have the problems only been realised now? You had answers for everything during the campaign, only now do you talk about “problems”? And you really expect to hide behind cashgate for all the five years the voters gave you? Do you realise that Government makes money literaly every second of each day? Every time you buy a taxable item from a shop, make a phone call, send an sms, drink beer, pay for a service, pay a traffic fine, receive your salary, etc you are adding to government coffers. It has been more than a year since JB left office, you cannot continue blaming her for DPP’s incompetence. Just last month MRA reported collecting MWK52 billion – this is more than 3 times the amount stolen through cashgate…

      As a closing thought, do you know that if DPP diverted the billions it is currently wasting on FISP and malata subsidy to power generation each year it would possibly double or even triple power generation by 2019? The problem with DPP is that it is pre-occupied by winning elections and petty issues rather than improving the lives of Malawians.

  33. Pension Nenereko says:

    A dull professor! indeed clueless

  34. This problem has been there for a quite while now and it is wrong to heap the blame on Munthalika.
    And you Pastors if this is your sophisticated way of asking (Yellow bans) just say so

  35. jok says:

    Bwana president zinthu zativutatu apa. Do you have any solutions or you have run out of ideas? You can do an honorable thing by resigning otherwise you will just waste our resources without any tangible achievement. Kulamula dziko simasewera boss.

  36. Caribbean queen says:

    first comment @ujeni u have nailed it,I have always wondered how Malawians don’t see this,had it been in America or UK this President could not have lasted a month in office,his incompetence is obvious

  37. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Koma osanama Peter these days wayamba kutchena ,

  38. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Our president is unavailable. Network is busy. Please try later.
    He can’t process any complex questions or messages as of now. I suppose he is strategising 2019 general elections or he is preoccupied with JB.

    However,he will give answers during party campaign rallies.

  39. becks says:

    Your request is too much for this president.

  40. Nanga ndi chitechiyani says:

    Now, we need to reason sometimes. What has the black outs to do with the state president??? Just get to ESCOM officials!!!!!

  41. namatikitiki says:

    Mutharika consentrates on the speech written for him. He does not answer any question which is not in the speech because he is clueless.

  42. kanyimbi says:

    kodi zinazi ndiye kuti boma palokha sikuwona?

  43. BBC says:

    The clueless president in the whole continent of Africa.

  44. Mapiri says:

    That’s APM. He does not respond to real issues.

  45. mmm says:

    Avoiding the true prophecy. He should have told the big man that God said to step down bcoz all these calamities are happening for cheating malawians on 30 May 2014.

  46. chiyipilawachaje says:

    the president is too busy and adamant to listen to pastor’s wooing. let him wait for a boomerang

  47. Atchton says:

    Don’t expect govt to do everything for you but ask yourself what you can do for your country..instead of asking God to intervene he is asking pitala to intervene at ESCOM as if pitala works at ESCOM ku state house blackouts its hard for the president to share the sympathy with the pentecostal pastor.

  48. Lexxxie says:

    Mapwevupwevu indeed, so u mean he just remained silent on the issue, not even kabodza hahaha koma zinazi eeeeish

  49. here we go says:

    what else do you expect from the president who doesnt even know how to present a written speach, mbuzi ya munthu

  50. anadimba says:

    si mapwevupwevunso awa monga mapastor mwangobwerako basi ?ine nditani kuti anditane?aPresident tandiitaneni nanenso ndikufu envelope. Mavutoanga achuluka.,

  51. The one says:

    The country is in pretty bad shape to be honest.everything seems to be broken.

  52. urunji says:

    Koma abale mavuto onse ali mdziko muno koma chokamba chikhale magetsi basi kkkkkk osanena za njala ndi kukwera mitengo kwa katundu bwanji.Cant you follow what your fellow catholics are doing in advicing the government on how it can be operated.Next time before you go and meet the president, seek the advice from your congregations on what to say osati za magetsi.

  53. The guy is toooooooo sleepy doesn’t know what to say/ do things in the right way.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  54. ujeni says:

    What do you expect, Clueless president, he was clueless was Foreign Affairs Minister, he was clueless too as Education Minister. Clueless is written all over his face.

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