Malawi plans hospital fees, nation health fund: Reforms

Malawi government plans a push of health sector reforms which include introduction of paid services at public hospitals, allow private operators to run public hospitals and establish a special health fund.

Dr. Jean Kalirani (r) Minister of Health and Dr. Charles Mwansambo l Chief of Health Services

Dr. Jean Kalirani (r) Minister of Health and Dr. Charles Mwansambo l Chief of Health Services

The government also wants to introduce levies on alcohol and cigarettes consumption to raise additional revenue for the public health sector.

Dalitso Kabambe, director of planning and policy development at the Health Ministry said the proposed changes are meant to make public hospitals “more efficient and effective.”

Kabambe also said there will be an introduction of an insurance scheme for public servants..

He said the proposed raft of health reforms are meant to “raise money to support the health sector”.

The Health Ministry has submitted the proposed reforms to various stakeholders, including donors, who will later give their recommendations to the government.

If accepted, the proposed reforms will be endorsed by the government and sent to parliament for approval before implementation.

Juliana Lunguzi, chairperson of a parliamentary committee on health, hailed the proposed raft of reforms, but urged caution on how they were sold to Malawians.

“We need to package them in a way that, as a sector, we speak with one voice,” Lunguzi said.

She added: “We shouldn’t confuse the people about these reforms.”

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Good move. No time for free lunch. Everyone must pay. Even the poor are able to visit a sangoma.

nunkhadala wa lu bongwe pe

MALAWI where r u heading to? if more than 50% of citizens spend less than $1 /day u think this will help? think about them, think before u look into ur pocket MAY GOD BLESS


It’s A Welcome Idea. But It Should Not Affect Health Employees & College{ Kcn, Com,etc}

Who will manage the funds accumulated, unless all corruption holes are sealed from central level to health centre level. I only see this as a self enriching move to health sector personnel, these monies will end in training activities not involving community. Many activities are done in hotels where communities are not participants and there supposed fruits are not seen on the ground and the services are going worse than before the activities. Health is one of the sectors with more workshops that only benefit participants not communities. Unless something is done to change this trend then the reform is… Read more »
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
I thought the issue of user fees at public health institutions was settled as a “NO” by the government, a few weeks ago, in view of unabated opposition to the idea? So what is different between the last proposal and this one, beside the obvious levy on the two “sin” consumer goods – cigarettes and alcohol. The minister owes us an explanation, with details, nothing less. I am as confused as Joseph @#5. Health is NOT a sector to be considered as a major source of revenue! Especially in a country like ours, poorest of the poor, where even most… Read more »

These Monies Should benefit The Pple Of The The Area Where The Hospital Is Located.The Fees Should Not Deposited In Account # One But DDF Account

Lu Nginde

Thats the only way to improve the quality of health services in Malawi.

Issa Kabudula
I was the first to support the idea last year and am supporting the idea today. Zaulele sizabwino we better pay for our service, we can claim back our dignity, many times we have seen small girls and boys coz they are nurses and doctors shouting ills to the old men and women in clinics and government hospitals which you can not get that treatment at Mwaiwathu or any other private institution coz u r a bwana there walipira. The difference of government paying service will be minimal not as the so called private institutions – lets learn to develop… Read more »
The gambler

ee koma ziliko but, why punishing the poorest man on earth in the name of improving the health sector. Osakangotenga 92bn kwacha ija, 13bn kwacha etc……..we work ndipo timakhoma nsonkho and we are always told kuti ndalamazo zimathandizira maunduna ambiri aboma including Health……this is xenophobia in mothers land Malawi ……..mupha anthutu. THINK HARD bwana PULEZIDENTI…
.anthu asavulare kawiri

Likoma Economist
Malawi behaves like a welfare state: free fertiliser (and therefore free food), free education, (free) safety nets through cash transfers, free houses (through housing subsidy programe), free, free, for “poor” people who pay no tax. A “poor” farmer (or fisherman) can make over K5mn a year by growing soya, pigs, cattle, goats, etc and he will not be taxed. And yet a civil servant (such as as a teacher) who earns much less is heavily taxed! It’s time govt stopped giving handouts. Handouts promotes laziness. The current govt policies heavily taxes hardworkers and subsidises (and encourages) laziness. Quota system is… Read more »

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