Malawi police arrest 4 for aiding illegal lags from Rwanda 

One Tanzanian national and three Malawians are in police custody in Malawi’s northern border district of Karonga for aiding and abetting seven Rwandese (three women and four men), to enter the country without valid documents.

Karonga Station Officer Almakio Daka identified the suspects as Braham Mussa, (47) years of Mbeya village in Tanzania, Jackson Mweneloki (28) of Luhimbo village Traditional Authority Kyungu in Karonga, Pililani Mphande (27) of Matemanga village Traditional Authority Ntwalo in Mzimba and Beyan Munthali (25) of Kajiso village Traditional Authority Ntwalo in Mzimba.

Illegal lags at Karonga court

Illegal lags at Karonga court

According to Daka the four were caught at Lukulu road block in a minibus coming from Songwe boarder going to Mzuzu.

“All the suspects were in a minibus Toyota Hiace registration number MZ9621 with two conductors which are Malawians and Malawian driver and a Tanzanian who was with the seven people in the back seat,” said Daka.

He said during interrogations the three Malawians told the police that they were hired by the Tanzanian nation to carry the people and were told everything will be well in the road blocks.

Daka said the illegal immigrants said that they were from Democratic of Congo (DRC).

“In the interview, the seven people explained that they are from the DRC and are seeking asylum  in Malawi but when we called United Nation High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) representative here in Karonga to interview them if they really looking for refuge, they failed the interview hence they will answer charges of entering the country illegally,” said Daka.

Meanwhile the police also impounded the minibus they were travelling in.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi police arrest 4 for aiding illegal lags from Rwanda ”

  1. Vigirio says:

    Satilani malamulo a dziko lathu la Malawi akuntinji pankhani za munthu wopanda zoyenerera mziko la Malawi. Aliyense amene wapezeka ndizosemphana ndi zomwe dziko linakonza kapena zomwe dziko limasatira pakati pa anthu alowa ndiotuluka zikuyenera kugwira ntchito. Agwire ndende kwinaku akudikira tsiku lomwe atumizidwe dziko la kwawo. Mmalawiyo naye nayenso akaiwone ndende kuti tsikulina asazayambirenso chifukwa tsiku lina azanyamula mbava zomwe zizatibere.

  2. Stanley Banda says:

    I have followed with great interest comments regarding federal government .Let there be debate on the subject matter so that people should have informed decision . By the way they are some institutions in Malawi who run the affairs based on federal system. The church for example Blantyre synod runs the affairs of C.C.A.P in southern region so too Nkhoma synod in the central region and Livingstonia synod in the northern region and they all co-exist. In all these synods you find people from all three regions running the affairs of their respective synod and so why all this fuss

  3. KK says:

    Why do these immigrants kp coming 2 Malawi?Kutiona kuphweka?Kp on sending them back,there z no war in Burundi and Ruwanda.

  4. patrick says:

    Ayi inu mwayenela kumetsela bwino kuti anthuwoo akufuna aslum chomwe chili chilolezo kwaiwo kuti akhale mmalawi. Mwaiwala kuti ifenso amalawi tikumathawa kwathuko umphawi mkumabwela ku RSA koma mofananamo akutikaniza kupeza aslum tsono munthu atani kuti atkhandizidwe munene ndinu a malawi dip ot home afares. musawasautse anthuwo ayi athandizeni tikudziwa kuti mukugwila ntchhito yanu koma ikanipo chifundo pantchitoyo kuyi ana anu olo zidzukulu zanu adzalandilenso zifundo kuchokela kwa anthu ena timakololatu zomwe tabzala.

  5. As a specialist of the great lakes region, an attention must be paid on this case. These rwandese people might be the hutus repraching themselves of slautering tustis in Rwanda 1994 genocide. Send them to rwanda to face justice baton.

    1. Marumbaru says:

      You Mulenga Josaphat inyenzi, you are just an extremist genocidaire who hates those poor hutus oppressed in your country by a criminal regime. Even decent tutsis are fleeing your country nowadays and some even have been killed (for example Patrick Karegeya in SA) because of opposing the military dictatorship, racial segregation and the killing of innocent peoples. Shame on you !

  6. za nosense ayi says:

    Iwe murumbaru komwe waona kupangirako zachisoni ndiku Malaw basi?kodi africayo amatanthauza Malawi?afta all kwina konseko kuli mtendere bt y only Malaw?Apapa akutuluka mu Tz bwanji sanaime mmenemo?Zaugalu ife ayi takana,mukafikaso kuno mukumaba kwambiri agalu inu,awatu akubwerera ndiye ukolope nyanja ngati zakuzungubuwa.

  7. Kanyimbi says:

    Mukawagwira kumawathirako makufi angazolowere.

  8. harris says:

    “Let malawians run the shops in townships”…. Did these foreigners who run the shops now grab them from their hosts?
    This can easily tantamount to xenophobia!
    I say no to illegal immigrants…I say no to grab their stuff.

  9. Chiku bowa says:

    They should be sent back

  10. Zikundiopsya says:

    Well done to our Police Service for professionalism. I think the people in the other countries think they can just come to Malawi and do whatever as birds would do. Lets begin by giving them a lesson that Malawi is for Malawians first so they must think twice before deciding to come to Malawi to take up our business space and land. Lets close their businesses and let Malawians operate these. Ministry of land, please reposes the land that you have corruptly allocated to the foreigners and give it to Malawians. Malo akutha but you can’t see that you are denying the Malawians the right to land? Let us see Malawians running the shops in townships and urban centres other than to see Burundians, Congolese and others. Tangowonani ma township a mu Lilongwe and see who is doing business in the different locations. Once we fix this mess, we will stop grappling with these illegal immigrants- Malawi 4 Malawians.

    1. Marumbaru says:

      Stop hatred man ! These poor guys are seeking asylum for their safety ! What is happening to them today may happen to you tomorrow !! Be humans and Christians and stop hatred and jealousy. As Africans,learn to love each other and live in harmony. Otherwise you have a long way to go if you don`t have a compassionate heart for your brothers and sisters in pain.

  11. Black Market says:

    The problem is growing due to lenient punishments on the wrong-doers. If you gave them 40 years imprisonment with hard labour. The purpose is not to punish them harshly but to stop the malpractice.

  12. Mafia says:

    Tazingowasiyani anthuwo, kodi simukudziwa kuti abale anu adzadzana ku SA koma akakumana ndi boma amangowapatsa ya cold drink ndikuwasiya chifukwa amadziwa kuti anthu akusaka. Monga ine sindingasapote zimenezo coz nanenso ndiri kwa eni ndipo chomwe ndikusaka ndichomwe abalewo akusakanso.

  13. Wamandasi says:

    Inu afisi. You partner with illegal activities and the same people climb pachulu nkumati chitetezo kulibe. Funso lima nkumati boma lakumpoto ntchito zawo zikuonekelatu.

    Ngwira, Joice and Kanyongolo must be in forefront against aiding criminals. Instead they just think about themselves.

    Even Nyika is a republic a state today one must know that if the people I mentioned before do no occupy high positions. They willl again call for their district or a village to be a country.

    Ngwira learn to heard your family. Help and stop illegal immigrants. You forget that people have a duty and responsibility for the country

  14. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Can u establish the owner of the minibus? It can not take more than 10 min if it has all the papers.

  15. kholobowa(nthochi wapathyolo) says:

    amalawiwo mumva mawa atuluka alipira k40 thousand.ndikhalidwe lao anyamata amenewo akatuluka akathandza ena

  16. Abk says:

    they are on their route to south africa and asian countries, malawi only provides safe passages to them, including passports to some.

  17. Zaonaine says:

    Lord have. Mercy, chalo. Chasuzga. Ichi

  18. Chopwinjo says:

    Thanks Mr Daka thats why tikukulilirani kuno ku Chilumba. Mumatha ntchito.

  19. nkhedu says:

    i thot ku rwanda ndikochitakoo bwino than kuno? komaso y kudusa mayiko enawo lyk tz ndikumabwera kuno?tidabwepo pamenepa ndithu

  20. Damson says:

    100% to our Police Officers for catching irrigal immigrants from Tz. Takunyadilani! U have done avery wonderful job.

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