Malawi Police arrest 42 ‘looters’ after Mzimba market fire

At least 42 people have been arrested for allegedly being involved in looting shops at the gutted Mzimba Market which has pushed off 400 vendors out of business and goods worth millions damaged on Sunday March 8 2015.

Mzimba market fire

Mzimba market fire

Mzimba Police Station spokesperson Gabriel Chiona has said that the suspected looters were arrested during the inferno and that they will appear before the court of law soon after investigations are over.

A security commentator Edward Mpanda observed that cases of looting or stealing property when an accident like fires occur are very common in Malawi as most often there is no security to check on the malpractice and that the case is so complex as everyone is seen as operating rescue services.

“It is bad, suffice to say, it is not easy to detect who is acting in good faith or taking advantage of the fracas so it is not just a matter of non availability of security but failure to trace a real owner of the goods or property being removed,” observed Mpanda.

Mzimba Market Working Committee Chairperson lamented that a considerable number of goods that could have been saved was looted during the fire

The District Commissioner Thomas Chirwa  said that the report he has is that power went off around  seven in the morning but that just after 10 minutes it was restored and some sparks were noticed at an electric pole which resulted in fire that spread to the shops and salons nearby before the whole market was under siege.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest 42 ‘looters’ after Mzimba market fire”

  1. patrick gomiwa says:

    Sorry,sorry !!

  2. Aaron says:

    I myself sport

  3. kanyika says:

    Together we can rebuilt.. Pepani

  4. nyasa boy says:

    Sokakwa awo chinthumwa chaphyerakumoza

  5. mzamba wamkulu says:

    very sorry indeed.

  6. sodo says:

    So bad

  7. Tavisuska, chomene kwa imwe wachimbwi binu wachimbira its like mwafwa kuwiri shame


  9. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Phepani chomene wangwa mose imwe mwakhwaskika na ngozi iyi.

  10. juzi says:


  11. maxwell says:

    Sorry ma fellow country men

  12. ndebele says:

    When Escom is installing electricity in a house it’s meant for that house. If you extend it to other four houses you are overloading the line to the house. When power supply suddenly goes out all the appliances which were switched on may not be switched off during the power loss. When power is restored all the equipments which were not switched off during power supply loss will switch on at once causing sparks on the pole where you are connected. This is the main cause of fire. Avoid illegal connections. This will help protect your houses

    1. It is pathetic to hear that the misery at Mzimba Market was caused by Escom Power sparks at its standing power pole,Don’t cheat the miserable and desparate bussiness people who have lost bussiness because of Escom’s Negregency or incopetency.A spark will only happen at its connection, only if the connection is loose. Loose connections will spark heavely.Escom need to have its own sound protective gaugets when heavy current is detected needs to trip, not burn things I therefore rule out any excuse to this matter. Escom. Should pay for damage

  13. walter says:

    Apo kasi boma lithu likutepo uli pankhani ya katundundu wawanthu na msika with?

  14. Simie says:

    It was a sad story to wakeup with…. Phepani chomene mwawanyithu uko!!

  15. Peter Nkosi says:

    At the Stansfield (hardware) market in Mzuzu, the vendors there took the initiative and (I think) have had Escom disconnected. They did this after the first big fire at the “Kandodo” market, which was blamed on an electrical fault. They have also replaced their plank built shops with ones made from bricks. I get the impression that this was their own initiative, and they told the City that they were going to do it regardless of what it thought.

  16. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    Azibweza ndalama ndi a ESCOM, Coz they are not serious with their work

  17. Mmodziyekha says:

    Kodi magesi amenewa bwanji?ESCOM nthawi zambiri mumanamizira anthu kuti careless.lero risky ndi inu. muyisova!

  18. nyapankhwesah says:

    Pepqni nonse okhuzidwa makamaka mnyengo iyi yoti ndarama zikuvuta ena adatenga ngongole ku bank,ena akatapila etc pepani sizinakhale bwino

  19. M'malawi Wabwino says:

    Escom should not hesitate to compensate the affected vendors.

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