Malawi Police arrest commander of ’11 Bongos’ gang

Malawi Police in the capital Lilongwe  say they have arrested a senior commander of the criminal gang called ‘11 Bongos’.

We got him: Kingsley Dandaula Lilongwe Police PRO  says of the arrest of 11 Bongos commander -  Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

We got him: Kingsley Dandaula Lilongwe Police PRO says of the arrest of 11 Bongos commander – Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

The notorious youth criminal group has carried out banditry and anti-social attack in Area 36 of Lilongwe.

Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer Kingsley Dandaula has said t the arrested commander is identified as ‘Amoni’ and comes from Kaondo village in senior traditional authority Tsabango in Lilongwe.

He however confirmed reports that the group has for so long been breaching people’s peace through beatings, theft, pick pocketing and snatching various peoples belongings in broad day light.

“We have arrested 11 Bongos master Amoni on several offences, we are yet track down another man believed to be the groups’ second in command,” said Dandaula as reported by Mana.

Other people however say the sought second general has taken over the leadership and collecting market fee at St. Johns market, which the Lilongwe City Council deem illegal market.

Ganizani Kalumbu, a fruits seller, claimed that a strange group of boys have been collecting K 100 from each vendor at the market saying it is a market fees close to two weeks but there are no receipts.

“Some young men are spotted collecting market fees of K100 daily. When I tried to quiz them about their identities they told me I should not come again. I pleaded with them and they extended my stay,” Kalumbu told Mana.

Another vendor,  Alice Kumwenda said that she was uncomfortable to pay her daily market fees to people she knew had no jurisdiction over market fees but laments that she has no option because if you protest you are eventually banned from selling.

“The bogus revenue collectors only mark a symbol shaped like an eight or a zero to signify that one has remitted market fee,” she explained.

It is said that at first the terrorists claimed that they were being sent by the Msamba Catholic Parish, whose Clerk Tresford Mvula said the Catholic Church was in no way connected to the revenue collection.

“The boys are indeed bothering the people at the market. At first they claimed that they were being sent by us and when we quashed their assertion they changed saying they are being sent by the councilor and we know for sure it is a blue lie,” said the Church Clerk.

He explained that the Church is not amused with both the availability of the illegal market and the actions by the boys, hoping that Lilongwe City Council will take right action.

In Area 36 it is reported that there are also other notorious crews  like ‘Soft boys’, ‘Ghetos’, ‘Bad boys’ and ‘Seka unye’ which make people live in fear in the area.

Meanwhile the Police have issued a fresh caution to parents to monitor their children against forming or joining gangster groups saying nobody will escape from police long hand and that once arrested they would face the law.

And Dandaula said Police on Thursday arrested 36 people for illegal sand mining after conducting a sweeping exercise around the Capital City.

“Some roads inLilongwe were damaged by people who conduct illegal sand mining on the road-sides.

“This practice makes many roads in the Capital City grow gullies and impassable for vehicles,” said Dandaula.

He said the police were continuing with the sweeping exercise across the city with aim of rooting out suspects who eke a living by sand mining.

Dandaula said suspects will appear in court soon


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44 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest commander of ’11 Bongos’ gang”

  1. Mark Markc says:

    Ndiye zachamba2!mukukunika kugwila mbavazo mukukulimbana ndi mu2 wamchenga?

  2. aMUMA says:


  3. Omex70 says:

    Please! We need just to eliminate these thieves by burning them alive.

  4. zawanda says:

    Nthawi yikupita lero mkumati tagwira mmozi bwaji ,ena akukukanikani.Tatopa ndi kumva za 11 bogozi just kill them

  5. nazimbiri says:

    Abiti Walusa,mwatosowa zonena kodi?ngati inu mumatoba mukhale chete

  6. Kadakwiza says:

    Good news to hear. Well done Malawi Police. Pitirizani kutero


  8. Ted Junior says:

    tamufufuzeniso steven jemitoni ku 24, nayeso ali ndi gulu lake mu 36 atha kukhala ake amenewa

  9. Israel2013 says:

    Could be the beginning of “Boko haram” or “Aal shabab.” in Malawi

  10. manyi says:

    Mkulu ameneyo anathawa sentence ku Maula prison atamubela ma units wa TNM. Ndichigawenga

  11. zphiri says:

    do not forget to remind the human rights organisations to remind and “civic educate” these gangsters that if they continue kusowetsa anthu mtendere the police may shoot them … osati wina akaomberedwa basi press conference against the police. kodi anthu asowe mtendere chifukwa cha ma rights a zigawenga???

  12. Abit walusa says:

    It is said that at first the terrorists claimed that they were being sent by the Msamba Catholic Parish, whose Clerk Tresford Mvula said the Catholic Church was in no way connected to the revenue collection.

  13. Abit walusa says:

    The report is quite clear. The terrorists group is being sponsored by the Catholic church.these are the being used to resort violences.

  14. Ana opusa. Amangidwe atenge phunziro

  15. tsukuluza says:

    Takomentani za 11 bongozi osati zanu za mataunizo tikufuna mfundo zenzeni pano

  16. Hoitty says:

    Ku town ku Lilongwe? mmm extended version ya trading centre. Ndipo nsanapiteko ku LL ndinkayesa kuli ngati ku Harare kapena Lusaka popeza tonse tinali mu Rhodesia and Nyasaland koma zachisoni capital city ngati extended version ya Liwonde mm bola ku Liwonde fumbi kulibe koma uku nde iii kaya nkutaniko kuti,kuonekeko ngati. Even Daresalaam ngakhale ali ndi umve koma umaona tall buildings 30storeys osati 8 za ku Lilongwe. Anthu mukamapopa Lilongwe kuti ndi town ndimamva chisoni. Simunayende. Paja Bingu amkati atamutenga president mzake kudutsa naye mu Lilongwe ku city centre president ankafunsabe kuti where is thw city centre. Bingu anangoti we’ll get there don’t worry. Ananena yekha izi kuti anachita manyazi nde wina aziti Lilongwe tiwn, zamanyazi

  17. Concerned citizen says:

    apolice athu kugona ali ndwii dyoooo.ndikaguluso koti kazivutitsa kameneka.zankutu.bweretsani nfutizo tiwagagade ife.zopusa

  18. Chitotoka says:

    Bravo police. Employ an editor please to avoid “some roads around Lilongwe roads” and “collecting market fee at a market at st Johns market

  19. chemembe says:

    Akuti ku mpoto ndi ogwirizana??? Waiwala ugalu umachitika pa Karonga Central uja during election campaign.????

  20. CHEMMBALUKU says:

    Ife mmene timapita ku xul iwo anali buzy ndi maganyu, zibwezi, sand mining……. today they r jobless and hv resorted to forming Illegal Unarmed Groups who for sure, sooner or later will find arms sponsor as it is in drc. plz police deal with them once and for gud. tileke kuitanisa njalevfron BeForward coz of these nonentities?

  21. mdala says:

    Apa nkhani palibe mukumati sadapite kusukulu kodi amadya ndi amene adapita klusukulu yekha. Kazisokorani kwa azunguko ife tizisokora kwa inu.

  22. Patriot says:

    I hope si mpolidinso?

  23. Mtumbuka kuda says:

    Commendable job our police, please smoke them out. And empower the communities to report any malpracxtices lest we create hell

  24. Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkk Malawi tsopano. I like such stories anthu apenye.

  25. Ngozi C Nkhoma says:

    Flash dem out. these boys are so notorious that we dont have peace at all.

  26. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr reporter, you saying four groups within area 36 and how many boys in each group. Area 36 has a big with parents or elders.

    MPS, this 11 bongos still exists in your presence. Do you have any interest in their activities, right? If was your IG this could not take six months.

    Anything further than six months two or three members will dead. You’re nurturing criminals and very bad citizens.

  27. ine says:

    Police please move in and close them; this is how groups like Boko Haraam came into being, imagine all these groups make one group, they can have wider coverage and more activities to fund themselves.

  28. sothini says:

    Thirty six is sour now, so they will emigrate to other areas. Ie 25, 47.More intensification the new IG.
    Gud beginning

  29. I think ndi bwino kuwathila acid mmaso kapena kungochotseratu maso asadzaoneso! ngakhale baible limat chotsa chomwe chimakuchimwisa! Akasiya kuona sadzaba coz chot abe sadzachiona

  30. How can this go on for so long in the ignorance of the security authorities

  31. Phwado says:

    Also there is a neighbourhood gang @ CCDC here in Lilongwe beating and demanding money even from people they know,and the chairman,mdala wa ma glass is at the forefront doing this.It

  32. zazii says:

    Iwe wakumpoto izi zikuchitika ma tauni osati matauni akumizi

    1. ujeni says:

      Is Lilongwe a town? Really? Apart from city centre which looks a bit like a town, the rest is all slums and dirty

  33. MIKE DW says:

    Mpakana senior commander? mmalawi mommuno? Apolice gulu ili lithe basi

  34. Kalulu says:

    Police needs to move in quickly and hunt down the criminals at area 36 and all places in Lilongwe and beyond. They are some young people who are closing roads pretending that they have worked on it and demanding money if you are to pass at Kaliyeka near the market. This needs to be stopped and punishable. I wonder why the Bongos keep on resurfacing time and again – police please show us that you mean business.

  35. bigman says:

    kunonso kuli gulu la anthu more than forty,likumaba ndikumenya anthu,ku makhetha kachere,

  36. real. mjomba says:

    Mpaka seka unYe, anyamaTa akwiya awa!

  37. blessings says:

    Tiyeni nawo amenewa chonsecho amathawa sukulu

  38. kalulu nyarunyaru says:

    Akagwidwa chonchi alandire chilango

  39. mshadada says:

    meke #3, kumpoto kulibe chili chonse so obviously the crime levels would be lower than m’ma town aakulu but you are good at smuggling ethiopian illegals through the border, i’ll give you that!

  40. MEKE says:


    1. Kapyepye says:

      Iwe MEKE (#3) ndiwe mbutuma yotheratu. Kumpoto kopanda town ndi chitukuko anthu akaba chani. Ndiwe mbuzi ndipo mutu mwako muli mamina okha-okha.

  41. N.zinyongo says:

    Chonde anyamata amenewa muwafufuze onse mpaka atagwidwa chifuka akusowetsa mtendele anthu osalakwa

  42. Wa ku Lilongwe says:

    This is very good reporting Nyasa. News that affects ife anthu wamba. Sitonse tikulandidwa njale, enafe tilibe, koma tikulandidwa ma handbag usiku.

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