Malawi Police arrest Indian businessman who jumped bail: ‘I will get out by tomorrow’

Malawi Police on Wednesday arrested an Indian businessman Chandrashekar More who jumped bail when he was earlier arrested after Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) accused him of not filing a tax return and then jumped bail.

Indian High Commissioner Kumar Menon: Seeking bail for More

More was arrested at Lilongwe Magistrate Court at around 4: 15pm.

He had gone to court to hear his application to court to explain why he had earlier jumped bail.

More came back in the country in March to sort his issues but with Indian High Commission pushing through to ensure he gets cleared and setting meetings with authorities for his immunity.

However, he has not been reporting to police every Monday as one of the conditions for his bail.

MRA applied to court to have his bail revoked and court granted.

When More returned to attend court and appeared before Lilongwe Magistrate on Wednesday, his lawyer Justin Dzonzi who was standing in for   India-based lawyer, Neelkanth Aher, accused the Magistrate for revoking More’s bail and issuing a warrant of arrest.

Dzonzi charged at the Magistrate and as tempers flared, the court was adjourned.

Order could not be restored in the proceeding of the matter forcing the Magistrate to suspend the hearing of the matter to another day.

After adjournment, Police moved in to execute a warrant of arrest on More triggered more chaos as he shouted in defiance.

“What the f**k are you doing?” More charged at the police officers.

“Don’t handcuff me … leave me alone you plebians,” the Indian businessman further charged at the police officers.

“F****n you will be ashamed I will be out tomorrow,” he challenged.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the arrest of More.

He said jumping bail is an offence and that the court has ordered his arrest.

“Police have just executed the warrant of arrest as ordered by the court,” he said.

Tax enforcers said More is accused of jumping bail when he fled the country. He was accused of failure to submit tax returns which consequently led to evading tax when he jumped bail.

The Indian High Comission in Lilongwe has been meddling in the case of Moore who went with his family to India after being granted bail on tax crimes of about K8 million.

The Indian diplomats have had meetings with MRA director Felix Tambulasi and Mercy Chalunda the head of internal matters in the tax body to discuss with the authorities towards closure of the court case that has been lodged against him.

But MRA presented an assessed taxes for him to pay and gave him two weeks to respond.

He went to court with his lawyer to apply to clear his name why he jumped his bail. Court set Wednesday for interparte hearing.

Meanwhile, Indian High Commission was seeking for More’s release on  another bail.

The Indian High Commission opts for withdraw of the case.

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32 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest Indian businessman who jumped bail: ‘I will get out by tomorrow’”

  1. Mbongire says:

    It’s always a problem when people are told lies – a bunch pass comments basing on lies

    More’s issue is not clear and very much twisted
    The truth of the matter is that some Mwenenye (OIL 1) with a big fat wallet is fighting Mr More Using government arms. Ma bwana have pocketed and ena reporting za bodza pa nyasatimes hence all these comments !! A Malawi fighting battles zisazidziwa;
    A Norman ku area 30 kikikii osagona coz OIL 1 wawapadza bans to arrest Mr More!!! Shame on you!!!
    What is being reported is not the truth but rather exaggerated story by Oil 1 camp!!!
    Kikiki commenting on issues you don’t really know
    Reasoning 0/10

  2. benjones says:

    The whole conclusion is Malawian has to start to respect its fellow Malawian and stop getting bribes from these so called Asians. That is if you really want a change. Our president and all politicians stop boot leaking these foreigners, they do not come here to invest to benefit us but easy money siphoning country where government is sleeping dead.

  3. smoko says:

    Nchifukwa chake ndinachokako ku Nyasalandiko..

  4. Buluzi wa ma Eazyyyy says:

    uyu ofunika kulowetsa mavu ndi njuchi mu cell mwake…a real nkholokolo iyi ifakeni makofi

  5. winston msowoya says:

    It is not astonishing to observe Mr.Chandrashekar’s obnoxious behaviour towards government’s legal authorities in the sense that,our leaders have been tamed financially by AMWENYES.These rats have been given unprecedented powers by our government leaders hence,unwarranted misconduct within their minority societies in our country.Really,the recent fuckup by Chandrashekar,not only frustrated Malawians,but also outside nations who doubt about our sovereignty.The extent to which these rats have reached in undermining our country’s national identity,is both shameful and undermining our respects in the eyes of the world.These rats mistreat their African workers worse than former South African boers and yet,the government turns a blind-eye on this matter because the leaders are corrupted with money.What pains me most is that,when Africans go to India,are looked at like monsters and treated like slaves,so why does our government succumb to these inhuman treatments and yet they are living and protected by our government? Indeed,Chandrashekar’s remarks,support my narrations pretty well.In South Africa,our brothers there are facing the same problems.President Jacob Zuma,is controlled by Indians led by notorious tycoon by the name of GUPTA hence,Zuma’s exit is obvious due to pressure from South Africa’s overwhelming masses who demand the President’s down fall as soon as possible.We must not just wait for the so-called leaders to take drastic steps against these rats,people themselves must defend their integrity.It is shameful that a minority of unthankful foreigners disrespect our generosity towards them.In fact,these rats look themselves as the owners of the land and we look ourselves as foreigners,SHAME ON US,WE LOST OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHEN FOUGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM!!!!!

  6. Zachamba yet says:

    Aaaaaaaa Malawi nde amayipezerera. Immigration tapitani mukawone kunyumba k adabwera liti and how? If he doesn’t have propper papers deport him….hes not paying tax ku derera kuti atuluka mawa? Koma Immigration ya malawi Tulo kwambiri…. raise from these people…… akick them to their home countries

  7. winston msowoya says:

    Indians have become big headed just because they have put our so-called leaders into their hands financially.SHAME AND UNPATRIOTIC!!!! Malawi has clearly become a Punjab of India in Africa,these rats can do anyting they want in our country while Northerners are treated like outlandish in their own country of ancestry.Indians have accumulated billions of KWACHA in our country,while our people are languishing in deadly poverty.In fact,they run the country economically,the outbursts of an Indian rogue businessman Chandrashekar proves my narration beyond doubts.Malawians,wakeup don’t you feel ashamed to be controlled by AMWENYE over your own finances? Yes, Hastings Banda was controlled by the Whites,but not to the extent of Indians over our todays Presidents.Idd Dada Amin,was uneducated rogue,but he expressly realised the economic destruction the Indians had inflicted in Uganda hence,the deportations en-masse of Indians from Uganda in the 70s and the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa strongly supported his actions.In South Africa,an Indian tycoon by the name of GUPTA,has put his financially strong hands on the country’s President Jacob Zuma, who has completely capitulated to Indians’ craws hence,Zuma’s exit, is on the mirror. Malawians,we got out of foreign rule by the British only to become the victims of the Indians’ unforgiving economic corruption supported by our greedy and unprincipled leaders.MALAWIANS,WAKEUP,THIS IS 21ST CENTURY AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT A GOOD INDIAN IS THAT WHO IS SIX-FEET DEEP!!!!!!!!

  8. vavlov says:

    It always amazes me how docile Malawians are to Indians and whites. They can be abused, and they just smile. Honestly the Indian is a criminal. if he insults officials, why not beat him thoroughly to set an example to others not to do the same?

  9. chimwene says:

    If indeed this Indian is that rude and cannot respect Malawians, the best is to have him deported to his mwenye land.

  10. be humane says:

    Mr. Dzonzi, as Chairperson of the Malawi Human Rights Commission you are in the fore front defending people who are evading taxes? Serious? and then when your MHRC get little money from government uzilira apa kuti kwiyo kwiyo kwiyo and accuse government when yourself is not interested in helping the government get more taxes? So sad you are not worthy to be MHRC chairperson

  11. amwenye ngat amenewa sakufunika mu dziko muno,, police, show him that this is the land of fire…


  13. GONANI says:

    The guy seems to be a criminal. We don’t need him in Malawi. Let him serve amaximum
    prison term and then get deported.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Amwenye amazolowera kwambiri. Meet them at hospitals, Immigration or anywhere where people queue for services, they always look in a hurry and do not respect the queues? What is wrong with them? Who do they think they are? Learn to respect people and you shall be respected.

    1. mr D.C says:

      shame is to us malawians who just sit and look at things unfolding themselves

    2. mr D.C says:

      these poor indians came to malawi and claim that they are rich while they know that in their country, they are like puppets on the string. give him maxmum sentence and get him

  15. peter says:

    Bravo to our law enforcers!!!! This investor was beginning to think that being poor is the same as having no brains. The 40th day, has surely arrived for him. Good riddance.

  16. mtete says:

    What an arrogant Indian., Recently APM declared total war on foreigners who degrade Malawians. Let’s see how our courts/police will handle this one. The chap even has the audacity to challenge he would be out of jail the next day. His actions seen to suggest that someone up there has been oil palmed.

    And our lawyers seem to defend anyone, despite the seemingly obvious gravity of the crime.

  17. Rasta Nyamilandu Botomani says:


  18. Wa DPP says:

    Kodi iwe Zawadi Chilunga, do you have a personal problem with More? You seem to be stalking this guy forever. Get a life…Bastard!!!

  19. Matongo Yusuf says:

    This Indian is very rude. These are the people we shou7ld deport immediately. APM you said it…let this man go otherwise we cant let go of someone to insult our people like this.

  20. M’mwenye ameneyu akuyenela kunjatidwa
    Ife Amalawi monga eni dziko timadziwa kuti
    kwathu kuno kutukwana wa Police ndi mlandu
    waukulu chifukwa kutero kumapeleka mantha
    ngakhale kulepheletsa msilikali waboma kugwira
    ntchito yake mwaufulu popanda kuwopsyezedwa
    mwamtundu wina uliwonse kotelo a Police akuyenera kuwonetsa
    chitsanzo chabwino kwa Mtundu wa Amalawi ponyonga M’mwenyeyu
    kumuzenga mlandu ngakhalenso kumutsekera kumene akapezeka
    olakwa pa mlanduwo. Ife A Malawi tikunzunzika tikapita mayiko
    awo samatiwerenga ngati anthu chonsecho ife kuno timawaweta ngati
    Apaka ,akalulu mbewa ndinso sesenya tiwathile tsatsa mokwanira aleke kutitengera

  21. kamulonde says:

    Amatitola amwenyewa kuti a Malawi timazunzana tokhatokha and respect outsiders zimene dziko lililonse silipanga. Ku ndende kwathu kuli angati a Malawi? so how special are they? Plebian means lower class, up to that extent? Akulimba mtima ndi chani? Ife ku dziko la eni tingatero?

  22. Hatton says:

    If these mwenye were from MCP, or PP this would have been politically motivated. Law enforcers, do the same with ogulisa ma passport komanso omanga mansions near maula prison.
    A Dzonzi, are you convinced you are defending the right thing. Learn to put your country first and money second.

  23. Chibage says:

    Don’t give him release him, insulting our policemen oooooohhh that’s too bad and that’s another case he need to answer

  24. Zex says:

    jumped bail or absconded bail?

  25. WWW BANDA says:

    What is special about this menye from India causing havoc of a criminal offence? and why is gvt being challeged by this businessman…menye? kuteleku wina ku boma lobvunda with corruption wakhala akudyelamo mwa menye ameneyu.MRA ndi POLICE adziwa kuti ali ndi high connection ku boma la Muthalika….katangale thats why menye ndi Indian high commissioner to Mw are meddling and taking the law into their hands.Tell me can these indians behave this way in any country flouting country’s laws? no ways ! Malawi as a country is thrown to the dogs as things are uncontrollable by Gvt machinary .You too pvt lawyer Dzonzi dont turnish law reputation in the country.How can you loose tempers at the court yet from your consciousness you know the client you represent is clearly in the wrong. Poor lawyer …shame on you !

  26. Kwiyasi Mbewe says:

    As a law abiding citizen I feel injured by the utterances of this Indian. I wonder what I will benefit from such a foul mouthed, lawbreaking investor cum criminsl! As I passionately sing in my beloved National Anthem: put down each every enemy hunger, disease, envy! This morally diseased investor is not welcome in my homeland. Let him go back to his motherland …. a little bit more quietly, YESTERDAY!

    Before he goes, he must pay what is owed to Mother Malawi!

  27. moro indianant says:

    This indian is a handful both to The Indian and Malawi governments. He is able to twist the arms of both governments and ib this case the courts will readily set him free despite having jumped bail and fleeing the country. Even his lawyer in the name of Justin Dzonzi having the temerity to dress down His worship the presiding magistrate. I implore with The Chief Justice to check decisively this type of behaviour. Its demeaning to the judicial sysyem of our country especially that the case is that of a foreigner.

  28. Hido says:

    These corrupt indians shud not b left scot free. Akuononga dziko lathu awa.

  29. Paulo says:

    This is totally unacceptable!

    Aamwenye aku dzolowela. If this indian is released for jumping bail nde kuti local poor malawians should be released too!Indian High Commisioner has no right or powers to get involved! Sjould he nde kuti naayeso aadzi pita.

    Limbe mwenyes should be prepared for operation chotsa mwenye and the lilongwe town centre mwenyes.

    Who so ever this judge was!!! Bravo!!!!!

    But if you grant him the bail, ndiye kuti mwaa dya nawo so!

    If a Malawian jumped bail, would he have gor this special treatment!

  30. mo says:

    After all the names he shouted at the police officers he wants bail?? How about the insulting words?? Will u let free?? Guys lets be serious, the way police handle ordinary Malawians simple issues is very pathetic, so u mean this guy needs more respect that the citizen??supposed those insults were coming from a Malawian at v court he wld have bn dead by now.uyu amangidwe and save pamaula or zomba basi

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