Malawi Police arrest Malunga, cop’s ex-hubby in bank robbery

The Malawi Police have arrested renowned notorious criminal Pelekani Malunga believed to be one of thesuspects in the recent robbery that happened at the country’s First Merchant Bank ( FMB) Livingstone Towers Branch in Blantyre where the criminals went away with money amounting almost MK100 million.arrest

The robbers who were in FMB dress code shot dead one police officer in the process and injured two others.

Malunga was identified by the CCTV footage from the bank and one of the police officers who was shot during the robbery but survived.

He is a well known criminal by the Malawi Police has in the past masterminded several fatal armed robberies including the time of late Clive Macholowe and Kwacha Ghambi.

Malunga once married a Blantyre Police Commandant Supretendent Blandina Chanika and some sources reveal that the two still see each other although Chanika distances herself from Malunga.

Facts are still fuzzy as to the involvement of Malunga ‘ s ex -wife but unconfirmed reports indicates
the guns used in the robbery are from the Malawi Police Service.

FMB head of retail banking Ewen Hiwa said when the robbers entered the bank, staff on duty were ordered to lie down as the suspects made their way into the room where there was cash .

This is the second Bank to robbed in the space of three months as the first one was Mzuzu Standard Bank in the Northern City of Mzuzu where robbers went away with money amounting to MK 0.5 billion .

Hours late the two Malawi Revenue Authority ( MRA ) officers managed to rescue the money from the thugs but no one was arrested.

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79 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest Malunga, cop’s ex-hubby in bank robbery”

  1. dandire wa dandire says:

    He is a well known criminal in Blantyre who has masterminded armed robberies in the past during the macholowes and the kwachas so goes the sentence and yet he is left to roam free to commit his sinister moves.Why don’t you lock him up and throw away the keys in Mudi River?The scum needs to rot in jail.Why do you thieves like heroes kumazungulira ndimagalimoto opezera makobili okuswa ma bank ndi nyumba za anthu?These are the scum that needs a firing squad like they used to do in Nigeria in 80s.Even the youngsters are emulating this dirty lifestyle of getting quick riches through dirty means.Lock up the rascal.

  2. sayin it like it is says:

    don’t get your panties in a twist guys…anyone is still a suspect just like the malunga guy is…if not careful aboma amulipila ndalamatu ameneyu..oho

  3. Tuvitwana 68 and Lebralist 64 seem to be in dreams. You think it is easy to de-thrown a legitimately elected government. Most of the Tumbukas being used as condoms for ages without any breakthru. We went to polls and you thought your mandas idiot would carry the day. Similar to the rantings of one party of “death and darkness”. Keep on dreaming whether in feadalism or cessasion way, but DPP is the one at the helm till 2019 and beyond. Just wait for the next polls. You will be amazed with the outcome. Some Life Leaders of Opposition think they were robbed of their victory. But they are now in deep slumber. You can hardly see them beyond Ntcheu. And they think they are popular? With the cashgated lady, who has pinyoled the party to one notorious BJ. Mulhakos being vindicated as leader materials, You saw Chitsulo cha Njanje, APM and now BJ. Abwenumbenu kwawo nkuombera mmanja ndikudya zamagazi za Abiti with their dubious CSOs. I wish they will end up repenting the Undule way!

  4. Ngati anali well known criminal, bwanji samamugwira. Don’t fool us.

  5. odanda says:

    anye manyi agalu amenewa….mxiii

  6. Ndanilawyeryo says:

    Mr Lawyer really knew about this matter in advance? Up to stopping him ABWANA ABWANA NDIKUYIMBIRANI. Ah!!! very sorry kodi Ma Lawyer are Rich in this way?

  7. Jeff says:

    At a time when more and more people think they have the discretion to arbitrarily kill whoever they will, just on their whim and for unlawful gain, what is the wisdom of abolishing the death penalty? Have we become wiser than God?

  8. Dear Leader of our beloved country and Lilongwe City,

    I am a very concerned and indirectly affected citizen of the recent wave of crime.

    There is a big vacant plot of land in Area 3 below Bishop Makenzie, near Lilongwe river which is in the name of a Malawian of Asian origin, which according to the original city plans was meant to be split into many smaller plots and was to have separate access roads. This plot has not been developed for over thirty years despite the heavy demand for land in the said area. As far as I am concerned the owner of the land does not have the capacity to develop it and it should have been repossessed many years ago and subdivided.

    My major problem is that the said land has served as a haven for thieves who are terrorizing the houses in the said area. My plea is that the City of Lilongwe repossesses the said land and allocates it to capable developers. This will bring about the much needed security in the area.

    Please deal with the current crime wave in a ruthless way.

  9. tuvitwana says:

    Malawians, let’s do the Burkina Gasoline way, let’s demo n REMOVE this govt. Wr being governed by THUGS

  10. Pierre kamoza mvalo says:

    These people who are doing this and caught pliz handle them properly in jail for life ….thus why kamuzu hated to keep such notorious bad guys. secure his people thou is interpreted bad leader he knew rebels keeps bloodshed in nation other live in fear. …Small cases are dealt fast in judgement even without bail but these ones eee early in the morning bail is for bwana…God help our nation malawi

  11. George Lihoma says:

    Ameneyo asatuluke pa bail,ali ndi tinkhani tambiri tomwe akudziwpo kanthu.Koma muona pompano alikunja nafe.Remember Kaka,Ambukile Salimu.What a corruption riddled country,kukhala ngati sikwathu.

  12. Zain Adam Kaisi says:

    Inside imformation,

  13. Liberalist says:

    While I totally agree with some sentiments expressed on this article I find it difficult to reason together with those that are so angry with Malunga who is my opinion is equal to Peter Mutharika, JB, Bingu, Muluzi & all Malawian politicians who because of greed they are kleptomaniacs that are wrecking havoc on public coffers. If Malunga were party official he would be Osward Lutepo. Fellow Malawians Peter & his horde are creating a perfect example of robbery; NACGATE. What am saying is very true. The only difference between Malunga & Peter et al is that Malunga is practising old methods of stealing while Peter et al are white color thieves. You ask me, they are all hardcore criminals killing people differently.

    1. Demo says:

      Mtumbuka iwe ndiye chitsiru chenicheni

  14. JB says:

    Castrate these beasts!

  15. tk says:

    You mean the cctv footage captured only one person?

    1. Peggy says:

      Not making sense at all

  16. Peggy says:

    Imagine the only punishment Blandina has been given is to be transferred to Salima where she will be officer in charge. Another gate way for Chamba trading and trafficking. The government is not serious. They have known Malunga as a notorious criminal for so long without arresting him coz amadya naye. Police needs to wipe clean all BT police staff, send them else where coz mbava zonse zili mmanja kwao. Even criminals terrorizing LL come from BT. Clean BT before it’s too late please.

  17. Thug Killer says:

    ngati sanamumangedi as some of you are saying, mutamuona simunapange mob justice bwanji? Kapena ali ndi mankhwala? Amene muli naye pafupi tengani chigamba cha zovala zake mupite nazo kwa asing’anga otchuka amene mukuwadziwa. We don’t need thugs in Malawi esp when our economy is not that ok

  18. ameneyo anyongedwe ndi akazakewo becouse abambo akangopita kundende amayiwa akwatiwanso ndi mbava ina ndiye umbava suutha

  19. mphakati says:

    Guys ley us be factual.let the police investigate

  20. Kataque says:

    Ndisamve kuti ali pa bail ameneyu . Ngati anali gulu la machowe mpangeni zoti asowe basi.

  21. Wonena Zoona says:

    I’d like to warn the whole country about the danger of co-habiting with someone whose name is llke that of this suspect, because it seems to me that they all have a criminal streak in their blood.
    There’s the case of a highly placed individual with that kind of a name parading himself as a ludicrous “poet” in Zomba, who was intent on killing his own wife apparently because of a feeling of vainglory and wounded pride. He locked the helpless woman and his own son in a room, disconnected all the phone lines, and started drawing blood from her slowly but steadily by smashing her head against the wall and beating her up for a long long time, in the middle of the night.
    Fortunately, the helpless wife contacted this man’s boss who came to her rescue. This guy later told the whole world that nothing could happen to him because he was politically well-placed. Apparently nothing has indeed happened to him. So beware everyone!

  22. concern citizens says:

    With people lives threatened by these heartless thugs we just wonder why government is dragging its feet to make armed robbery unbailable offence and death sentence by lethal injection if convicted. Tapapata a boma tatiganizilani abale athu apedwa chifukwa cha makape okubawa.

  23. RFD says:

    Much as it is sad to hear of police officers being shot dead or wounded, something needs to be said about FMB. At the moment FMB looks like it is the victim but that bank has been a bloodsucking parasite for ordinary, hardworking Malawians for such a long time that it is really very difficult to feel sorry for its owners that they have been swindled of nearly 100 million bcoz FMB management are the biggest swindlers of all. As any employee or former employee and they will tell you that this is true!

    People can work in that bank for years, decades even and still not be able to afford a house, school fees, a car, household furniture ,appliances etc etc for one main reason GREED.For a bank which makes such huge profits and owns so much, they have some of the poorest employees. Only very few people suceed in that bank. And it is usually through being dishonest.

    Management does nothing to protect the employees from harassment. There are countless of innocent people who have been muscled out,ousted, hounded, being forced to leave or simply fired for frivolous little reasons which don’t make any sense. And yet at the end of the day FMB is held up as a paragon of success in business circles when there is so much rot going on underneath the surface.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it is okay to kill and rob, but it’s about time Hitesh Anadkat and company received a wake up call and start doing something to clean up that filthy bank. Their carelessness and neglect has literally ruined peoples careers. What goes around comes back around. Karma is a female dog. You reap what you sow!!

  24. swiswiri mbewa says:

    As citizens let us all be vigilant in our communities by reporting criminals to the law enforcers. The police needs to be shaken from the top as it is clear it has lost all credibility

  25. Mchewa okwiya says:

    Kodi shoot to kill bwanji?

  26. Namalila says:

    He must be quizzed urgently and reveal his friends he was with whilst carrying out the nasty operation.
    These are the people who bring down the development of the country and chases away the few interested investors.
    Have no doubt, the GOVERNMENT has the whole machinery to trace down these notorious and with no substance animals.
    will wait and see poti popha nyani sayang’ana nkhope.
    Save the police lady for the time being whilst investigation s are under way but deal with the culprit in hand, no VIP treatment.

  27. Tiwonge says:

    A paul cibingu, pankhani iyi yetsetsani kuthandiza bwino lomwe dziko lanuli. Zitheka bwanji munthu ameneyu kukamusiya mofuluira comci? Ndiye kuti bail mwamupasa cifukwa ciani? Cifukwa kuti mkazi wake ndibwana ku police?
    Mwationjezatu kwambiri apolice panopa.
    Nanunso a kanyama, mwaona ana anu zomwe akucitazi, akucotsetsani ntchitotu izi ngati simukuziwa. Udindo wanu simuwudyeleratu umenewo. Nanga mpaka galimoto yabwanawapolice mukanyamula chamba koma mkumati palibe mulandu? Utsiru eti? Cibwanwani eti? Mwatopa nayo ntchiro eti? Ulukhu eti?

  28. G u says:

    The wife knows something naye amangidwe…. The husband was also usin police vehicle via her wife to transport marijuana

  29. mohaamed malinga says:

    Kuchepa kwa mphamvu mu dziko ndikomwe kukupangitsa kuti umbava uchuluke.Apeter tatengani gawo kuti chitetezo chikwime.Kapena nanu mwatengapo gawo kutuma okubawa

  30. A MPINGO says:


  31. brutsha says:

    If you need this guy to be injected with a lethal dose, as a medical personnel I volunteer myself to administer it. This guy deserves no space in this world. His previous association with the likes of Clive Macholowe and Kwacha Gambia makes it more appallingly dangerous. By the way, we hear that at some point he he was involved in a police vehicle accident in which he was transporting illicit drugs, did the Malawi Police mete any disciplinary action to the accomplice wife? Or munangoti poti galimoto la boma.

  32. country rat says:

    i have seen the same guy drinkin at kamba in blantyre around 6pm today nde a mmanga nthawi zanji?

  33. Mpalestina Olusa Shakeman Namwali says:

    These robbers must be sentenced life imprisonment

  34. de' Morgan says:

    Sharia Law must take its course.

  35. moniredada says:

    I am not sure about this statement “they were wearing FMB uniform” what iis known is that its only the security personnel at FMB that wear uniform and not all the staff”. There is need for forensic evidence. By the way have the Police recoverd the stolen money? Recovered money is prone to gross abuse!

    1. KK says:

      What an Idiot!!

  36. Denkhule says:

    The person who has died has gone for ever but money can be recovered. Why for Gods sake are these nasty things happening. Lets us all follow the word of God which says that we should Love each other then non of these horrible things will take place.

  37. Mirella K says:

    Radio 1 yopusayi sikutsutsa zoti mbalayi aimanga

  38. Faya says:

    Ameneyo apendwe basi becoz apetsa mioyo yambiri.

  39. Hours late the two Malawi Revenue Authority ( MRA ) officers managed to rescue the money from the thugs?

  40. yes before sent them to death they must show every single tambala.bcz they had take big amount of kwacha.eeesh

  41. ujeni says:

    Arrest the policewoman, she eats the proceeds of crime. No way can she distance herself now. Is she really a policewoman, why didn’t she report the hubby who is a well known Robber/Murderer? Areest the womam now now!

  42. lennox says:

    Nayenso munthalika analinawo

  43. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Just shoot them also,they are not supposed to be on this earth.

  44. odala says:

    Tiyenayeni ameneyo mtundu wa malawi wakhala ukulira chifukwa chachigawengacho, amkazi nthawi zambiri amasunga zigananga chifukwa cha chikondi.

    Kodi king cleve macholowe anapita kuli chete?

    Nanga Jack Bandawe (Nachipati) adakalipobe?

  45. D says:

    The fact is that most dangerous criminals are known to police officers, and officers know the likely suspects each time there is a robbery. The officers now must find was to regain public trust otherwise it is folly on our part to trust the men in uniform.


  47. Batchala says:

    If he wont cooperate to tell where the money is, let him starve to death. But if he reveals, let the mob do what they know best….. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! The Bible tells us so…..

  48. Man Ifeyo says:

    It obviously shows that our security men deliberately tame these criminal for their own benefit.just imagine that this bandit has been doing what he knows best since macholowe and kwacha time without being dealt your taming has backfired now you have lost one of your members and injuring others.shame!!!

  49. Chuck Kamwendo says:

    Shariah Law Those Robbers To Be Hunged Its Too Much Now !Eeh My Mother Malawi!

  50. Immaculate says:

    That will b better punishment to shot them down @ the Kamunzu Stadium

  51. nelson says:

    Everyone ndi mbava bt killing ndi issue inanso nw cops maguyz amenewowo ndi dhilu kill dem plz don’t show mercy



  53. SAMSON says:

    Whichever way you look at it, Blandina Chanika was involved. it is very possible that she is the mastermind employing Malunga to do the work for her and her senior police friends. The issue of wife and husband is just a way of ensuring that Malunga cooperates and is kept at close bay so that he can share the loot after an “operation”. Otherwise he may disappear with the loot.

    If this is the situation., then these schemes are likely to be very common amongst police officers in the country. One of the most motivating reasons for police officers to track down criminals is not to bring them to book but to catch them and force them to share the loot. If there is no loot then make them pay to avoid jail. If it is a high profile case and there is much public interest once the thieves are apprehended police officers pretend to open a case and perhaps keep the thieves in jail for a day or two then release and the case becomes cold.
    This appears to be police work. Robberies masterminded by police offices and using town criminals to do the jobs them. Its so sad

  54. bigman says:

    this ex wife knows something for sure.afufuzidwe,amai ndiomwe akuba kwambiri .mfuti za police anawapatsa ndani akubawa

  55. Gogo says:

    Jst Live Him, Z The Woman Who Made It.

  56. Tnt says:

    Apolisi Tisamve Kuti Malunga Wanuyo Mwamumasula. Even This Wife Shd Be Arrested Whether She Is Your Bwana Or Not.

  57. Kamchitete says:

    Most malungas are thieves. The other malunga married to Dr Susan Chikagwa also stole moneys from Malangalanga admarc and ran away to USA following his wife. He is on Police wanted list but now he is back to malawi living in Ls happily with his wife. Follow up the issue through admarc records, you will catch him.

  58. Jimmy says:

    The wife knows something.How cana criminal be married to a police woman,is there any law that support this?????

  59. Jimmy says:

    Tjo Malawi will be a very fearful place to live in if certain measures are not to be put forward to fight against this stupid behaviour of police personel getting involved in robbery activities.Billions of kwachas are stolen everyday which is very worrying at this time when the economy is not right.On the other hand i see this as politicaly motivated so as to give bad picture to the already failing current gvt.

  60. nambewe says:

    Criminal law and legislation needs to be tightened in Malawi! They should not get away with this! They should tough judgements!

  61. BT says:

    The woman is an idiot is supposed 2 be arrested coz she may play apart in the bank robbery

  62. Erin Phiri says:

    If he is a renowned notorious criminal what is he doing walking around free. The wife must be interdicted am sure she has been benefitting from the proceeds of her husband’s crime. How does a law enforcement officer marry a criminal unless she is a criminal herself. This should serve as a lesson to Malawi Police its about time they stopped shielding criminal Police Officers when they commit crimes. A transfer is not a sufficient deterent for such criminal officers. They must be dealt with like criminals.

  63. Ngwenyama says:

    Ndinanena kuti sipatha 3days zidziwika chifukwa wapha kapolo wa mulungu wathu ,mvula anali mtsogoleli ku church kwathu ,malunga wapanga zambili

  64. DA says:

    Bravo FMB, bravo police!!! Keep it up! Lets nab these buggers! Let’s make them pay! These scums are the reason for the failure of Malawi. I hope they suffer. May the soul of the policeman killed in the attack rest in peace. I call on the IG of police, Mr Kanyama to ensure that this lapse in security is dealt with brutally to deter these satans from future attacks. Additionally, I call on the police service and the Reserve Bank to ensure that our banks are strongly guarded 24/7 as the current situation merely revolves around a couple of inadequately equipped G4S guards protecting millions of dollars.

  65. Angozo says:

    If the gun used is believed to be from police then there are clear indications that some unfaithful police officers are involved may be Blandin Chanika knows something, she too must taken as a suspect.

  66. Ngwenyama says:

    Ndinanena kuti sipatha 3days zidziwika chifukwa wapha kapolo wa mulungu wathu ,mvula anali mtsogoleli ku church kwathu ,

  67. mlomwe wa nzeru says:

    dont worst your tym for nothing just kill them

  68. kyroc says:

    malunga and chanika and of course the other acomplices should face the cruel arm of justice. if they were murdered that would be so much better. please try to regain confidence which the citizens had lost with this rotten police services. GOD bless our raped mother Malawi

  69. Myangwe Joe says:

    Death by firing squad!

  70. Aphedweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  71. Yankees says:

    Mwaona Guys mayi aja ayamba kuukana mulandu wa amuna awo aja? A police mudzaleka liti moyo obakilana? Now tell us what kind of Bullets were used if chanika is distancing herself from the scene? Tawapatsani aku Mzuzu ampange probe ameneyu osati anzake aku Brantyre there z no profesionalism there, mamuna wamunthu siwa police, mkazi wake wa Police, mamunayo akubela anthu using police weapons, palinso zoti wina akanepo mulandu apa? Ngati amaidziwa ntchito bwanji osayamba kumumanga mamuna wakeyo? Chonsecho mukuti ndi a sub! Shame! U sub inspector wakunyini wakuti? Inunso mukayamba chonchi ndiye bola a Dzonzi mr Cool, tikuitsata bwino iyiyi yokhatu!!!!!?

  72. MANDA says:

    Aphedwe ameneyo basi! akusokoneza dziko.

  73. TRUWELL says:

    This is a blue lie. Malunga was just held briefly for questioning as he was found around FMB on his way from mount soche where he had been drinking. He had to stop to assist the shot police officer where he managed to get an EScom vehicle to ferry the officer to the hospitals

  74. Greencardless Malawian says:

    This wife knows sonething abt robbery, she is distancing herself but theres evidence of her thug husband getting arms and police vehicles through her. Its high time thugs like these including police involved should be wiped off the face of tue earth. Jail is no good for them coz thats where they plan all these robberies. We need them hung both her, hur hubby and everyone who has killed in this manner. Our jail cells are filled with ppl who needs to be gotten rid of mayb we can live a peaceful life after they are gone

  75. MWENENYOKA says:

    All those must be shot dead at Kamuzu Stadium. Has the money been recovered? If not where is the money?

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