Malawi Police arrest MCP workers in surprise morning swoop

Two Malawi Congress Party (MCP) workers , a guard and a garden boy, at the party headquarters in the capital Lilongwe  have been arrested in a morning swoop.

The bodyguard, Joseph Undi and a garden boy named Harrison Nsalupa are in Police custody at an unknown location.

Mkaka: There was no warrant of arrest

Mkaka: There was no warrant of arrest

Party deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka confirmed the police raided the party’s headquarters on Tuesday morning.

He, however, accused the law enforcers of arresting and raiding the party headquarters without a search and arrest warrant.

“Yes its true the police earlier in the day came at the headquarters where they have made some unlawful arrests of our one body guard and a garden boy,” said Mkaka.

“They were arbitrary arrests, politically motivated,” said Mkaka.

The arrest comes barely a week after some guards at the party headquarters beat up lawyer Jolam Mpagaja who had gone there to leave court documents.

He was beaten up to the extent that his underwear could be seen.

Lilongwe police spokeperson Kingsley Dandaula said he was yet to get details on the matter.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest MCP workers in surprise morning swoop”

  1. Central says:

    @ Be humane and Pitala; if we are to leave politics aside, and use your adage that beating a person is a crime in Malawi, why then is that till now, all those who harked MCP supporters in Mzuzu are yet arrested?? Mind you, we are in one house, called “Malawi” and if one police start to be favoring some people and act quickly when its others, that on its own is dividing the people!! The law should never be selective!! By this time if they gave a progress report as regards the status of hunting for the alleged culprits, it would have been better! Their silence in itself is a strong message that when you ill treat others nothing will happen to you…………………………………..!!

    Supporting a party in government is not a key to abuse others…………………………………………!! Omwewa a policewa mudzawaona kusintha maanga nthawi imene ikubwerayi!! Tisaiwale, ndani amkadziwa kuti Bingu mkufa mwadzidzi ndipo DPP mkutuluka m’boma? Dzikoli ndi la mwini wake Mulungu, ndipo zakutsogolo akuzidziwa ndi mwini wake!! Tikhoza kukhala odziwa kulankhula lero, koma mau athu omwewo akhoza kudzatibwerelanso m’mene zinallili mu 2012-204 muja!! Muluzi sananame, a Malaw sachedwadi kuiwala……………………………………….. izi tikuziona apazi! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No wonder Chakwera loves this Mkaka dude. He is such a fool! Who told him that the arrests were arbitrary and politically motivated? Doesnt he know that a lawyer was beaten by these thugs when he went to serve letters on his master and the party?

    And besides, MCP pipo should be the last to complain about arrests without warrant because they didnt stop at just arresting without warrant but they went on to stage accidents for those arbitrarily arrested or fed them to crocodiles.

  3. Alex kaliba says:

    Apitala zimezo mfundo za mcp kkkkk senseless,primitive

  4. Alex kaliba says:

    uh but this mcp people, you harrased someone ,beating him mercilessly and you want the police. To just look because you’re a political party,sure?

  5. nganga says:

    Ayelekeze kumanga Dr Laz, titkagona ku Area 30 konko.

  6. Kokani says:

    Whats wrong with our Police a guard or gardener does it give sense. Something very wrong please Police don’t dent the name of Police Kamuzu built in Malawi. Remember that Chakwera is taking over this government come 2019 because of his ant-corruption drive.

  7. Pitala says:

    Izi nde za uchitsiru izi timakana a MCP anakhapidwa ku Mzuzu panalibe amene apolice munafuna ndi kumumanga pano poti nkhaniyi wavutika ndi otumikira zitsiru zotumidwa ndi DPP kuzera kwa chitsiru cha chidzanja nkhoma apolice muli yakaliyakali kumanga ma guard police yopusa mzavutika mumfuse mkhito momwe zinamvutira atagwa malume ake ku state house. A police ndinu a boma tumikirani athu onse mofanana a ndale asiyeni .

  8. Njerengu says:

    Those who seek protection of the law must be the first to abide by the law so the saying goes.
    The law officer sent to deliver court documents at MCP offices, was beaten , stripped naked…….
    Some would say you asked for it.

  9. be humane says:

    so MCP you are not accepting that beating a person is a crime in Malawi? Why rushing everything to politically motivated? Being in opposition does not mean being immune to prosecution. Kung’amba court document and beating a server mukuona ngati Malawi azingiyang’ana? Chakwera cannot be arrested he is just a sleeping dog. Bola kumanga Msonda. Wake up MCP. Dont fool yourself Chakwera will never rule Malawi. Mukhaula 2019 DPP Woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. They will fail, DPP is evil and evil never succeeds with sons of Almighty Father.

  11. kumapeto says:

    When Chakwera will be arrested just know he is forming next government. ….. this is malawi

  12. Hassan says:

    Akufuna Chakwera anthuwa not anawo, akufuna amumange Chakwera adzapitenaye ku Bt akuti azuzike ndithu.

  13. MSONDA says:

    Arresting guards so that the MCP office should be torched ???????????? DPP , DPP , DPP DPP

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