Malawi Police arrest murder suspect of South African national

Police in Karonga the northern border of Malawi has arrested Jimmy Sichone, 29 of Malemia village in the traditional authority Kyungu in the same district who is a prime suspect behind the murder of South African national Harry Wakeford, who was killed in an armed robbery at Mufwa lodge last week Saturday.

Harry Wakefold murdered in Malawi

Harry Wakefold murdered in Malawi

Confirming the development to Nyasa Times, Karonga police officer in Charge Edward Chingayipe said the arrest was made on Thursday this week after investigation.

According to Chingayipe, the suspect has admitted during the interrogation and has disclosed the names of his three colleagues.

“Yes we have indeed arrested one of the murderers and has already admitted the crime as well as mentioning the names of his friends during the interrogation,” said Chingayipe.

Adding that “on the three names that were mentioned two of them are Tanzanian nationals while the other one is also from the same district but as of now they are at large.”

But police did not disclose the names.

He said they are working hand in hand with the Tanzanian police to arrest the other suspects.

The South African national was shot and killed when he was accosted by robbers who forced their way into the tent of a female travelling companion in Karonga, Malawi.

The murder victim who was in a team of others who travelled through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, and Rwanda to the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, had reportedly set up camp at a lodge after one of the vehicles in their convoy had broken down.

Malawi Police indicated that the group may have been followed for several days by the men that attacked them.

Meanwhile, the Karonga business community has expressed worry over the increase of the gun crime in the district claiming it has affected the tourism industry as well as sacaring foreign investors in the area.

Karonga business community chairperson Wavisanga Silunge told Nyasa Times that investors and toursists “ will be now afraid to do their business in the district” due to the development.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest murder suspect of South African national”

  1. Mbava wochani says:

    That is revenge SA killed more in xeno war

  2. Mtochi says:

    In Dubai there’s no stealing coz their law is strict, here robbers take advantage of our weak laws pliz repeal them b4 our beloved mw turns into south Africa. DPP why did u kill Robert Chasowa? Why did u kill Njauju?

  3. Kulibe kantu says:

    Some of these guns are coming from DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. start door to door searches

  4. Denguzman says:

    Gud job cops, this is wat we want.

  5. wasoka manson says:

    A khoti pelekani chilango chokwima pa anthu amene chifukwa akubwedzeretsa nchito zokopa alendo(tourism) alendo adziwopa.

  6. Mlomwe says:

    Atumbuka kuba kwambiri. Let the face the full wrath of the law.

  7. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job our cops, we are proud of you thank you Mr Kachama your boys are really showing commitment please think about risk allowances now don’t take long the guys are sacrificing their lives.

  8. idi amin says:

    mbonjy thus obvious! r u not that educated? why not join the police and learn how they do it!.. well done the Police sesani ose tikuwakhumba chaaaa!!!!

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    If mob justice is leagal in RSA then our people 8 died and lost their property for a just cause. If not then this man shud be let free.
    Why shud we arrest ours man yet South Africans have not? Is this Justice?

  10. phillip says:

    Shame on our officers doing the arrests

  11. Mathews mwafulirwa says:

    It might be a luck of insecurity becoz we hear dat even z polic are zat of boswana man

  12. Raw stuffer says:

    As poor as we are, we should be the last people to chase tourists this way. For starters, we cannot kill any south African just because we lost our brothers in xenophobic attacks in South Africa. We need these foreigners but South Africa is ok witthout us. These murders should all be traced and let them face the long of the law. We surely cant condone murder.

  13. Real Ngonde says:

    We don’t hv Sichones in Karonga.Sichones are ndalis from hilly district of Chitipa.We don’t have Malemia in Karonga instead we have Malema.Malemia is in nsanje.Nkhondes are not Mbuyas from Ntchanje as senas call Nsanje.

  14. Mtumbuka wenecho says:

    Chokani apa achewa.All those crimes happening in the South and Central all the time.ACB staff buried half down at presidential villas,a Salima suffocated woman buried in a toilet like a dog,a petroda bulgarly where a policeman loses his life and other dirty scenerios.Akati kudula ziwalo ndi kosayamba.So you half wits anthu anyau inu shut up ndipo kukonda kukhala Ku zikamwini kulamulidwa ndi azimayi.

  15. Wanangwa Hellings says:

    Wavisanga you are also a thief.Theft by trick expert.You swindle people by pretending to be a unisa licencee at karonga pollytechnic.You got my k205 000 in 2012 but failed to provided the services.Unisa denied having conections with your school.We are coming there for our fees refund in person since malawi judicial system has failed us.I have gothered information about other students who have fallen victims in your dubious business.Tikwaghana nosi lululu.

  16. Decent Citizen says:

    While i don’t condone killing people,but alot of Malawians and other African nationalities lost their lives SA in a brutal way and the SA govt never condemned in the world.This issue of thugs is everywhere in the world even in the US where they have all have the necessary materials to curb thug crime but it still happens.It was one of those incidents that happens in life.A Malawian national lost his life recently and buried right away close to presidential villas where you think there is supposed to be tight security.What happened?The criminals are not caught up to this day.The police should find the root cause of these gun crimes and where do these people get these guns.It seems they are alot of unlicensed guns in Malawi and sometimes suspects have been the police themselves involved in army robberies and you don’t even know where their cases ends.There is total security breakdown in this country with the sinking of Malawi economy.There is too crime and prostitution at the moment because of the high rate of poverty and unemployment among Malawians.The govt has alot of assignment to do than giving people empty promises during their campaign period.

  17. Emmanuel E.Muyenza says:

    Well, our beloved country is beloved by evil spirit !!!

  18. Mulungu akapanda kumanga nyumba akuyimanga agwiritsa ntchito chabe.Lodala dziko limene Yehova ndiye Mulungu wawo. Amalawi dziko lathu Mulungu wakwiya nalo ndipo tikapanda kupemphera kulapa palibe chabwino kwa ife. Dziko likamalamulidwa ndi oipa anthu amasowa mtendere. Mufune musafune koma Mulungu sanama. Kuphana kuseku wonani nokha kuti zikugwirizana ndi mawu a Mulungu. Anthu anga otchedwa dzina langa akadzichepetsa,naleka zoipa zawo nakapemphera. Ndidzamva ndi kuchiritsa dziko lawo.

  19. wales banda says:

    An eye to an eye,these guys must be slaughterd, fuck their assholes

  20. zakusimba says:

    DEATH PENALTY NEEDS TO BE RE-ENFORCED before we lose many people. Where is the human rights of the person who died

  21. NYAKA 1 says:

    I think these pipo of xenophobic attacks from SA Lindera brought more guns n ammunitions in Malawi wth their mission impossibo in SA. Malawi GVT tread carefully on this and check these people as u took their fingerprints

  22. WHITE HOUSE says:


  23. hisbolla says:


  24. Gass says:

    Akufunika kuti akaphwe kaye madzi ameneyo.

  25. Do not compare kale ndi lero. How can you be secured when the people within the government are the one killing people

  26. White Rabbit says:

    So…then dpp doesn’t really exist?

    Investigate if dpp has its papers in order. Did bingu even sign? Under which name? IF at all he signed….

  27. White Rabbit says:

    So…then dpp doesn’t really exist.

  28. Mwamuwunda says:

    Hand him in to the South African government please.

  29. Kelieman says:

    Well done Malawi Police Services full remand him till sun dies

  30. Akuba mu bank wa ndi atumbuka? it is not a question of race but as a nation we need to do something about these mfuti killings.

    Taifas mwatiyenjeza. Ask Watchmen aku william koyi mzuzu CCAP

  31. MWASUWA says:

    Let them please face the law.

  32. The chosen1 says:

    Guns in Malawi? I am shocked. During Kamuzu you would not hear these issues. How are guns getting into the country. I genuinely think on this occasion capital punishment would be appropriate. Sorry guys but we have to set examples to these criminals.

  33. The chosen1 says:

    @Maximum Prison. Come on now,you can not condone murder. These are the people who brings much needed forex to the country. Please fellow Malawians, start using your heads. Yes some Malawi and we’re killed in SA, but it was not this man who killed them. Furthermore, it is black people the tsotsi’s who killed Malawians in SA. Get your facts right before opening your mouth. You will find that white South Africans treat Malawi and well. White South Africans will give a job to a Malawi an over a Black south African. So please my fellow Malawian’s gate these kcriminals to Mdzaleka.

  34. Alexander Makanga says:

    Come on now you can not condone murder. These are the people who brings much needed for ex to the country. Please fellow Malawi as start using your heads. Yes some Malawi and we’re killed in SA, but it was not this man who killed them. Furthermore, it is black people the tsotsi’s who killed Malawians in SA. Get your facts right before opening your mouth. You will find that white South Africans treat Malawi and well. White South Africans will give a job to a Malawi an over a Black south African. So please my fellow Malawian’s gate these kcriminals to Mdzaleka.

  35. Maximum Prison says:

    South Africans killed our brothers and no one was arrested there! Release the guy! We lost so many people in South Africa as compared to one person!

  36. Concerned citizen says:

    Please in exceptional cases, carry out the death penalty.

  37. yunusu says:

    Mfutiyo anabweretsa ndi aku tanzania chonde apolisi afinyeni anene bwino ndiponso achilawe chipolopolo agalu opanda ntchito padziko lapansi

  38. omar khaliffa says:

    Sharia law

  39. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Muchewa wakaka chindere chakwiba chakufikapo. Chimutumbuka. Kwiba baTumbuka.

  40. mandio says:

    Amalawi tionepo apa nkhani yophana ndi mfuti ikuchuluka ,ndipo ikuchuluka nthawi ya dpp

  41. clement says:

    Bullshit tumbukas, you are now quite no comment for this murder of South Africa citizen. Thieves one day we will get tired of your silly comments on line, dogs.

  42. Sapitwa says:

    These are the issues to be dealt with by Chiefs,church leaders to ensure they don’t harbor gangsters in their societies.
    Let’s us not wait what Boma can do for us. We should become vigilant and report any suspects to the Police before incidents happen.

  43. mbonjy says:

    Would the police define interrogation in this case

  44. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Take him to court koma mukapange kaye tintitintin

  45. Chisale chindipha makina says:

    R I P! BASI APA SHALIA LOW igwiri ntchito

    1. half trillion says:

      SHARIA LAW amwene. muziyesetsako kulemba zomveka please

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