Malawi Police arrest Nigerian for exporting Indian hemp to UK

Malawi Police have intercepted 16.24 kilograms of Marijuana locally known as Chamba destined for United Kingdom (UK) and arrested a 27-year-old drug trafficker in the process.

The illicit drug trafficker, Nze Chidiebere, a Nigerian citizen, has since been charged with Illegal Exportation of Dangerous Drugs contrary to Section 4 of Dangerous Drug Act as read with Section 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.

Chidiebere, police have disclosed, was arrested while trying to export the Cannabis Sativa wrapped as gifts and packed in boxes on Thursday.

The Nigerian resides in Lilongwe Area 36 (Phwetekele) h.

Blantyre police Public Relations Officer, Elizabeth Divala told Nyasa Times that 12.24 kilograms of the Marijuana was intercepted at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe destined for UK.

”He sent three parcels of Cannabis Sativa through Blantyre Post Office weighing 4.3kgs, 4.74kgs and 3.2kgs. It was well wrapped and packed in boxes with some clothes. Our officers managed to intercept
it before it was flown out the country,” explained Divala.

Divala said Chidiebere was arrested on Thursday at Blantyre Post Office while sending another parcel of Marijuana weighing 4 kilograms.

”He was sending it to his friends in UK disguised as gifts. He is currently in custody,” added Divala.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest Nigerian for exporting Indian hemp to UK”

  1. Malawi says:

    Anaperi, ndi achitsulu. cham a chimaonga munthu

  2. naperi says:

    This isbreally stupid arresting an entrepreneur. This is the only resource Malwi has apaat from tobacco. How many people donunknoq who smoke xugarettes in Malawi? Very few. And so is the test of the world quitting smoking. The qho qill u be selling tobacco to? Who? Without tobacco Malwi is finished. Hemp is the last tesort. Sell it or perish. There is no such thing as reputation. The reputation of Malwi is that it is the poorest narion in the world because of wanton corruption stupidity backwardness and laziness! It is this lack of resourcefulness that misses this golden opportunity to generate huge sums of forex when a poor woman needs money for her children ahe sells herself when a very poor country needs fores it sells what it has

  3. Prodigalson says:

    This Nigerian forgot that he is in Malawi.Ndiye apa angopita kwao azikapanga zakezo ndi chamba cha kwao koma atalangidwa kaye.

  4. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Koma olakwa ndindani? Chamba chikhale momuno anthu kugwidwa achitumize kunja kugwidwa, koma chizilimidwa. Kkkkkkkkk

  5. Chiphwenyenye says:

    Big up nze for good work, apolice mangani anthu 115 atibela ndalama zathuzi osati uyu,ligalise ganja i say jah man.

  6. pido says:

    Which one is better selling chamba and cashgate?

  7. nkhedu says:

    wasted generation

  8. tonde wa mbuzi says:

    One ameneyu nchabe, koma amwenye akundipanga irritate to shit.

  9. tsukuluza says:

    Koma anthu amaiko akunjawa akutionelera kwambiri.kutereko ngati akugwidwa lero ndiye kuti anajaila kutulutsa chambacho, la 40 lakwana. Galu ameneyo adzipita kwao akuthawa Boko harram.

  10. montfort says:

    this nigerian citizen need proper punishment thaxs for police that discover indian hemp

  11. these days life is hard and if you want to survive you must do such business otherwise udzafa pa maliro pako olo galimoto ndi modzi yomwe osaoneka, maliro kungodzadza ndi oitanira ma minibus ndi osuta nyaope

  12. Joe says:

    Very commendable job done by our Police officers. Safeguard our countries’ good reputation by apprehending those who want to destroy it. No mercy and no favour, just enforce the law.

  13. Thako Lambeta says:

    Those were samples sinanga inu mukukanika kugwiritsa ntchito bwino bwino anzanu anapezapo business, big up maNai and let the slpng Malawi lie

  14. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    Release the innocent man. Malawi could benefit a lot through exportation of such high value product.
    Scrap off these oppressive laws that hinder or infringe upon economic rights of citizens.

  15. advisory committee says:

    Let him face the law 6 yesrs in prison at nsanje akamve m bebe ndidzuwa and mosquitoes

  16. Austin says:

    Why arresting him he z tryng to make a living

  17. chisomo says:

    Well done our men in uniform. Make sure he faces the Law here no deportation. They don’t go back to Naija they settle in Mozambique and operate from there. This may not be the first time. Jesus ruling in the heart give s you insight and wisdom. Remember in all your getting get understanding.

  18. Mapiri says:

    No fine. Let him serve jail sentence and depoted. In Asian countries, it’s death sentence. There is nothing like fine or being first offender. Many Nigerians like Malawi because of drugs. Police need to keep an eye on them. They open small shops, but the real business is drug trafficking. Some of them are illeqal immigrants. The police needs to step up intelligence gathering and shud be using police dogs to sniff parcels. Govt shud also issue a notice to discourage pipo from accepting parcel unless they know what is inside. Please stop sleeping on the job! And plz dont ever give a Malawian passport to a Nigerian. Becareful with IDs as well.

  19. Jamison Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business bringing insecurity in Malawi. Small fish, get the Oga in Area 43.

  20. F chibwe says:

    Now export him back to boko haramu state.

  21. Malawian Patriot says:

    These are foreign investors you are keeping at the devil street selling some cheap perfumes and sending weed to their colleague in UK using Malawi as a conduit.No wonder Joko Widodo the Nonsense President of Indonesia doesn’t negotiate with these scum.The only solution is to face a firing squad.You find many of them wandering around the devil street talking in their funny accent.Its time Malawi started being serious and started kicking them out of the country.Malawi has enough of its problem.They should be doing those deals in Abuja not in LL putting Malawi’s name in black book.

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