Malawi Police arrest self-styled Prophet

Malawi Police have arrested Prophet Evan Nundwe of Machinjiri in Blantyre  for allegedly holding on to a minibus belonging to a woman which he alleged it needed ‘special annointing’ for her business to thrive.arrested man

The 22-year-old self-styled prophet has been charged with an offence of ‘obtaining good by false pretence’ according to Southerm Region police spokesman James Kadezera.

Police spokesman said the prophet has been using the minibus for past six months and could not return to the owner on claims that it was still being given anointing powers.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest self-styled Prophet”

  1. Mphwiyo says:

    A Malawi kutengeka too much. Mkhalidwe opusa ukhulupilira ziri zonse u ndi umene ukuphesa ma albino. This is so stupid. Ma night of prayer abadwa mma church cha ku 49 kubadwa mwana ndithu. Stupidity at its best

  2. Fact says:

    No wonder the serpent had to coerce the woman in the garden of Eden. Ma prophet ake a masiku anowa nyere thooo.

  3. TATI says:

    Kupusa ndi ma prophet anuwo!Christians? I fail to understand them ,how on earth you can believe on a fellow mortal being God the Almighty.Shame but Iam not supried most chritians believe that stealing is the blessing from their so called prophets.Galimotoyo nayenso mayiyo ndi yakuba!why did it need some cleansing or whatsoever.Stupid people that’s why I FOR oNE DO NOT BELIEVE IN THESE MODERN PROPHETS.nTHAWI YA MA PROPHETS INATHA KALEKALE.

  4. naphili says:

    Can only happen in Malawi with your so called prophets! Stupid nation!

  5. Markmarkc says:

    opusa ndi Mzimayiyo iyeyo alibe m’busa ku Mpingo kwake oti akanamuthandiza?Angotopa mkukwatana basi!asatipusitse apa!

  6. gang bang says:

    i think she has also been screwed several times to bless her punana too kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. Zilani says:

    Thank God she’s alive and can claim her property.

    In Lilongwe, a similar incident ended in death of the woman. The false prophet wanted to have all the property to himself after he managed to convince the woman to transfer ownership of the property to the wolf in ship’s clothing.

    I don’t know how women get cartied away to such levels of devotion to a mere mortal than to God.

    The man even having freedom to get to the bedroom? Beware of false prophets, they come just like angels, but if you remain in prayer, you will know them.

    In a separate incident, the woman had cashgate money but was failing to get it into the money system for fear of ACB scrutiny on bank accounts belonging to civil servants. So she used one prophet to get it into system, on a commission.

    The prophet used it all, built own businesses and own houses. Married three wives. Everything ended there.

    What am trying to say here is that many prophets we see today are false prophets. Coincidentally, many have mushroomed soon after cashgate revelations. So that some who were walking now are driving expensive cars.

    Am I wrong to say that much of cashgate money has been exploited by the churches, knowingly and unknowingly?

    Read your prpphets between their lips, they harbour wolf’s canines. They can kill mercilessly if given chance.

  8. bright says:

    i cant believe this,as i personally know the young guy so called Prophet. its a shame to us

  9. nkhalamu says:

    Kkkkkkk annointing pusy mpaka kwachema basi

  10. Zoona says:

    Release the man please! At least going by the story we don’t hear anything like the owner of the minibus complained. She did this out of her faith.

  11. Goodluck says:

    Azimayi kutengeka ndi zilizonse

  12. Advisory Committee says:

    Women, women, women and men of god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! azimai kutengeka nanga inu kumpasa man of god minibus for six months for what????????????????? this man must have done more to the woman in addition to taking the bus haahahahahahahah

  13. mbolozidana says:

    Azimayi kupusa, kusachedwa kutengeka, zoona ungatenge minibus kupatsa munthu wabodza kuti aithile madzi a satanic, mchifukwa chake azimainu mukungochindidwa ndi ma so called, pastors and prophets

  14. Aozani says:

    Prophet Mboro kkkkk

  15. Phingiritcha says:

    touch not the anointed

  16. wavisanga says:

    this is fantastic! kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. Karonga Boy says:

    Foolish woman. Typical of Malawian women kutengeka ndizachilendo. Nanga kukugonani ndiye wakugonani kangati in the name of blessing your pussy so that it attracts men? Very stupid indeed.

  18. Mbunga says:


  19. NYONYO says:


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