Malawi Police arrest traditional doctor over murder: Gave man deadly concoction to quit alcohol

A 47-year-old man has died in Chikwawa district after taking medicinal concoction to quit alcohol, police have confirmed.

Manjolo: Traditional doctor  slapped with murder charge

Manjolo: Traditional doctor slapped with murder charge

Police, meanwhile, have arrested traditional doctor, Flora Diston for alleged murder after giving Kenasoni Salabeni a lethal concoction that eventually killed him.

National police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo told Nyasa Times that Diston will be charged with murder contrary to Section 209 of the Penal Code.

According to Manjolo, on Wednesday Salabeni, a habitual drunkard, approached Diston to help him quit alcohol and was given a lethal herbal mixture.

”The deceased fell sick after taking the concoction and he later on died. The body has been sent to College of Medicine for postmoterm,” explained Manjolo.

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32 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest traditional doctor over murder: Gave man deadly concoction to quit alcohol”

  1. aurora says:

    why should one get a concotion for alcohol addiction?its not own,he probably wentthere for drugs to kill himself. Serious;y, a person can stop alcohl in just minutes nt mpaka mankhwala.

  2. BEXTRA says:

    This is a very sad story indeed. RIP

  3. nyau dancer says:

    Murder.? Thats too much. Wait for postmoterm results before you make such decisions. I hooe police will do the same with hospital personnel when ever there is a similar case

  4. che kaphwiti says:

    Nothing like murder here. To prove it was not murder, let the suspect take the same concoction at a high dose. if she dies, then she gets what she wanted.

  5. andy says:

    Let’s wait for results guys

  6. Povo says:

    RIP brother

  7. peter njala says:

    much needs to be done .Legislations ,very clear ones, to protect these scenariors from taking place

  8. ndugumvwinya says:

    murder charge?

  9. What happens when a petient goes to the hospital, he is given medicine and it does not work the petient then dies. Do you charge the hospital officers with Muder case? Did the deseased followed the right dosege because even asprin if you take an overdose it kills.

  10. Bright Mugwa says:

    Govt should make plans(my opinion)to standardise alcohol volumes of the locally distilled kachaso through MBS so as to contain such cases,believe you me coz I’m a prospect victim of the story in question.Mitundu ina ya mowa cannot call for one to hunt for mankhwala just like the deceased bro{may his soul rest in peace}

  11. joe joe says:

    He is not a traditional doctor but traditional healer or wizard.

  12. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Kodi wolakwa ndan? He wanted kusiya mowa, now is done. Ndiye u r arresting someone 4 assisting him to stop alcohol, shame on u! Mkulu adapeza kadona ka chisilam ,so amafuna kuleka bibida. Rip.

  13. Koma anthufe ndi opusa zedi.Tikudalira mkono wa nyama mmalo modalira Mulungu.Dzipitani kwa aSing’angawo akumalizeni

  14. WIN.B says:

    How sure are u dat he died of local herb ingestion??? what if he had an empty stomach n collapsed due to hypoglycaemia??? lets await postmortem results

  15. Man vin says:

    No room for medicine,decision making mattaz.RIP

  16. wamkaya says:

    Nkhaniyo muiwone bwino coz anapita yekha kukapempha

  17. Chilobevu says:

    Mr Aninoni Masi why can’t you resort to Satchets?You will still get plastered like nobody’s business until the economy gets to normality.

  18. Jimuni says:

    The departed may have not been specific to the witch doctor how he wanted to quit drinking. Coz 6ft under is just another way to quit drinking

  19. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Is the picture that of manjolo or not. Rhoda is beautiful please use her nice pictures not this obe

  20. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Did he die coz of the medicine or coz of too much beer? Not very clear the witchj doctor may be acquitted we need much scientific evedence to the cause of death

  21. Smoko boy says:

    Ena akufunitsitsa atasiya mowa, mpamene ena akuphunzila kumwa ati kutengela za anzao. Mwadzimvela nokha momwe mowa umazunzila.

  22. Madalitso G Mwanza says:

    Apolice Ziphuphu achepetse

  23. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:

    The knowledge of our traditional medicines is scanty at best; and this is dangerous when you have herbalists peddling their goods like we can actually rely on them. There are, out there, real pharmaceuticals that work (not 100%), but they are very expensive.
    We have no real knowledge of therapeutic indices of our herbs. And worse, we do not even knowledge the basic pharmacology. Herbalists should be aware of the limits of their; to avoid dire consequences like this one. Leave some of the practices to people in the know,; those with real scientific knowledge of pharmacy.

  24. Anguye Madala says:

    Ause Mumtendere.

  25. Observer says:

    Yes, the Traditional Doctor has been arrested but his medicine has still worked? His client will no long drink alcohol for ever! he has indeed quit drinking for ever………coz he is dead.

  26. Mr Aninoni Masi says:

    I used to drink like [email protected] until when Mutharika came to power and money started to be a problem and now am always sober. Thank you Pro. Mutharika for saving my life, money is so tight at the moment.

    1. Tonde wa tonde says:

      So sad but the best way was to pray to God akanasiya kumwa awuse mwamutendere

    2. kkkkkkk usamuonjeze mtsogoleli wanthuyu choncho

  27. patrio says:

    thats good

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