Malawi Police brutality slapping school girls – NyasaTV

Malawi Police brutality slapping school girls

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jussa joni

To Empire!!! you are a stupid animal. you think to marry a white mzukwa you will be half cast..kkkkk. no wonder you wash, cook and bathe her. stupid iman indeed. you think you are married.kkkkk.just work at the old age homes wiping their bottoms.kkkkkkkk ..and you think you have license to live in UK. you will remain black sooted as back of charcoal pot.kkkkkkkkk

What on earth is that, After all the tax Malawians pay is that you get in return from the police who is meant to be protection us, here in England that policeman would have the end of his job,how come nyasa times not acting Booz if it was here in engaland Sun news or sky news would have make sure that police man pays the price bcoz no one has right to do that, plz Malawians lets stop this for better malawi, have got 12 years old daughter and my wife is white never in ma life have I ever… Read more »

Munya manyi agaru inu mungamenye mwana wa John Kapito

The Oracle

can someone identify the police men seen in this video? We need to press criminal and abuse of office charges immediately

The Oracle

Limenelo ndi boma limamenya aliyese wa mwano


Panyapawo mbuli apolisi ngati iwo sukulu idawalephera ndi zawo zimenezo, frustrated brutes. The law will take its course, awona polekera. I will personally fund the private prosecution

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