Malawi Police confiscate liquor sachets, close shops

The growing number of youths taking illegal liquor sachets around Nkhotakota has forced the police in the district to respond to public out-cry to confiscate thousands of heaps of such sachets and close some shops.

Young man enjoying liquor  satchet

Young man enjoying liquor satchet

The police have also arrested eight people for illegally operating the shops that were selling the illicit sachets.

Just like in other districts, the number of young boys and girls taking sachets in Nkhotakota and its surrounding areas has become a serious issue following the rampant shops selling the sachets.

This week Nkhotakota Police, led by its Crime Station Officer Senior Superintendent Mwiza Nyoni, embarked on an operation aimed at confiscating all liquor-sachets which were being sold illegally and arrested eight suspects for operating liquor-shops without licenses.

The exercise was conducted at Nkhotakota Boma and old market, Kalimanjira and Mkaika Trading Centres, among other areas.

The operation followed a series of meetings the police has been holding with people who are complaining about the trend of shops owners who are selling the sachets to youthful school going children.

Some people are operating such shops near school premises a development that enhances the increase of sachets intake by students who end up dropping from school.

According to Nyoni the exercise will continue until change is achieved in the district which has seen the number of teenagers indulging in crime increase sharply over the few months.

Nyoni said out of the eight suspects, one is a woman while the rest are men including a Burundian national.

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24 thoughts on “Malawi Police confiscate liquor sachets, close shops”

  1. ndadabwa says:

    a polisi opepera inu why nkhotakota only ku limbe market bwanji. operation yanu yopepera that why mumakhala timanyumba tangati toilet. apolisi akuba. masana operation ya masacheti usiku mukuwate anyamata omwa masacheti akakuthandizeni kuphwanya manyumba agalu inu

  2. Corrupt Government officials you failing to hit a nail on its head by closing those companies which manufacture those sachets.Bcz they pay tax and on top of that they pay top officials for their illegal business of these sachets.Leave those small stinking shops to operate bcz they are not the cause of the problem.

  3. very stupid operation,why leaving behind manufacturers if you really intending to stop this.The police are directionless as Government,lack of consultation.

  4. vendor says:

    Extend the operation in all districts

  5. pias says:

    Why dealing with the ones who are selling instead of closing the companies .

  6. Patriot says:

    Mbava zimenezo. Zizikamwa izo ndani sadziwa izi?

  7. Reuben Jere says:

    Dats Gud

  8. MBACHI says:

    Please this compain should continue and other districts to follow suit. Watch out for brundians and Asians.

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    It’s illegal because the beer is put in sachets. But if the put it bottles it be legal.

    Or its illegal because most consumers are young people but if adult consumes it’s acceptable.

    Please, explain why its illegal.. Is it substandard?

  10. None says:

    Koma jeston e-mail address anakwanitsa bwanji kukhala nayo mmene ndidziwila anthu amasachet akanakhala achibuku bola ayenera kulowera account ya ena kkkkkk

  11. Tiko says:

    Extend to video shows. Pupils as young as standard twos abscord classes to watch videos especially those with chichewa versions. Zikuchitika makamaka kwa a Chinsapo, koma ma community leaders alibe nazo ntchito. Tikupha Malawi.

  12. nkunthamasese says:

    The Liquor manufacturers are left free , chamba growers are not arrested, charcoal burners are left free the same with cashgate signitories both the 92bn and 20bn are left free. but Malawi laws – why ???. sizizatha izi .

  13. max ajida says:

    Alcoholism among students is high. A seller isn’t to blame. To tackle the issue is to close the tap that drops the illegal substance. Closing the outlet doesn’t change anything at all but shutting down the source is a great achievement. Students who made themselves as pub parishioners are on a destructive ladder. They must abandon this fatal behaviour and inculcate their education. A liquid in a sachet mustn’t their a precious education. The intake of such liquid is like puttig a fusillade lead on their head that will blow the head and leave the brain scattered on the floor.

  14. Tengupenya says:

    Education about alcohol, provision of social activities opportunities like sports, drama, cultural events are better deterrents. The sellers are only responding to demand to solve their financial needs or satisfy their entrepreneurial libido. So tackle both the supply and the demand.

  15. Paul Vida says:

    Busy busy kugwira ogulitsa ma sachet, anthu asapange business? Bwanji osagwira a cashgate akunjoya mtaunimu? Stupid pilice.

  16. kaukonde says:

    Come to Chilobwe and you will find the same being done right in front of the police station with students seen partakinng even in their school uniforms with police officers as friends. what society. And there is a guy called Mtonga B who owns land and now has partisioned his place into stalls where unlicenced liquar is being sold and BT City Council just watches such things yet we have the rangers residing in Chilobwe one of whom owns land close by that he let out to an airtel distributor. Come on

  17. tonde says:

    Chamba mixed with masacheti, buuuu!!! Kuvulatu basi.

  18. pijo says:

    The guys smile though. ..#epic

  19. Sorry says:

    Is it illegal for under 16 to take or be found in possession of satchets? if yes, why are the youth partaking the satchets not being arrested? lets apply the law holistically! AND HOW DO U DEFINE illegal satchets?

  20. Amangeni,Boma lidzitero.5ud move!!

  21. moz moz says:

    Where is the human rights organisation??a mtumbo ndi Trapwese muli kuti ife ufulu tilibe oti tizimwrlera ndi ku dyerera??A Mtumbo ndi A Trapwisi muchitepo kanthu ma member anu pano pa mzinda akuletsedwatu ka chakumwa kaja munatimrnyera ufulu kaja lero kasandukatu koletsedwa???

  22. Jeston says:

    Ifetu sitizasiya loko mutatani mutatani, this is the cheapest

    1. o'Betha says:

      Mwina inu a Jeston mudataika kale. Koma Malawi ili ndi udindo opulumutsa ana obwera m’buyo mwanu kuti asataike.

  23. ged says:

    Good move

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