Malawi Police detain 11-year-old murder suspect

Malawi Police at Area 3 uinit in the Capital Lilongwe are keeping in custody an 11-year-old boy (name withheld on ethical grounds) for killing 12-year-old boy in Chisapo area in the capital.teen

Lilongwe police spokesperson Kingsly Dandaula says the suspect killed the decease after the two quarrelled and exchanged blows over unpaid fritters sold by the deceased on Sunday.

“The deceased was selling the fritters some of which the 11 year old ate without paying money. A fight ensued regarding non-payment but some elders interfered and the matter was resolved,” he said.

Dandaula said after a while the aggressor came back and stabbed the deceased in the chest with a knife.

“He was pronounced dead on arrival at Likuni Hospital,” he said.

He said angry resident retaliated on Tuesday after the burial by burning two houses belonging to the suspect’s family in protesting against the murder of the innocent 12-year- old boy.

Dandaula says the police are currently investigating the murder, theft and arson for further action.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi Police detain 11-year-old murder suspect”

  1. john says:

    hahahahahaha some people are under death spell lik man akuchigumula aja eeeeeeee amavutitsa hvy nde anzake odziwa kucheka nyama amuonetsa kut asamangocheka anzake & anzake amavuta naye limodzi ar next on line….becareful…nzanu tiyika mawa…young boy & girls kuvutitsa sikwabwino sunkhalitsa pa dziko..God should forgive ths who die akuvutisa anzawo…

  2. akimu jimu says:

    ndizomvetsa chisoni kwa makolo ake amwana wophedwayo komanso kwa munthu amene ali ndi umunthu,kunena kwa ndithendithe nanthambwe anazitengera. we have to be very careful at a particular single word when it comes in our mind about what and how to comment before coming out with a sensible or insensible commenting .we had to have a spirit of a human being as well as we are humans.

  3. Mayi a Ya says:

    The story says the deceased is the one who was selling the mandasi. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  4. munyasa says:

    ma film ausiru amene akuonera achichewawa now they understand uikayambana mbaye…. Both kids are innocent i blame censorship board coz they are allowing this stupid piracy to destoy our kids …no wonder my kids always ask for chichewa uncensored language films….

  5. Dr. Mango says:

    Number 9, this does not concern The State President at all. Please leave him alone. Ndi nkhani ya ziwanda. Let us pray for the nation to heal. Remember the greatest commandment? LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR!!!

  6. When it comes to justice there is NO justification! Kaya ndi mwana koma iye wachitiranji zachikulu

  7. mary says:

    Children of thieves and wholes.

  8. Mwananjovu says:

    Kwa Chinsapo kumeko. eeeeeeeeeeee mwana wang’ono kuwonela zochita akuluakulu.


    This is the kind of story that sends a chill down your spine.
    May the soul of the departed rest in eternal peace.
    At 11 most boys are still INNOCENT in their minds: no filth of sex, no lust, no hatred, no jealousy, etc. But how does an 11 year-old pre-adolescent boy demonstrate wickedness like this? How much more wicked is he gonna get with those male hormones at 15-18?
    On one side you’ve got Areas 9 & 3 which are home to millionaires and billionaires while on the other side is Chinsapo where poverty is almost palpable. There can be little doubt that this kind of tragedy is more likely to happen in Chinsapo than Area 9 or 3 because of POVERTY. Address the wealth gap between the rich and poor and you will be amazed at how rapidly crime falls. In fact, you won’t even need those ugly fences around your beautiful house. As you know, even brick fences are now proving useless; just ask Mr AA Muluzi or Mr SK Chilima if in doubt.
    Replace your brick fence (FEAR) with LOVE and see what happens!!!

  10. ndadabwa says:

    no. 2, do you what you are talking. here is a poor boy set by his parents to sell mandasi and some stupid boy eats mandasi without paying. the owner complains and then he is stabbed to death and you say he is a thief. because he complained? because he is poor. and you call him a thief? No. 2 you must be mad and you are very stupid. you have no human heart. just because you are rich and you dont sell mandasi. ndiwe galu ndipo Mulungu akulange. akulange ndi mtundu wako wonsw ndiwe nkhumba

  11. ndadabwa says:

    i agree with number 7

  12. Here we go again says:

    Insecurity at its best, how can we have security with the dumb president spearheading the party of beasts. This is just the benning of the worst, come to area 25 lilongwe and you will see how porous the security of this country has become, theives loitering as if they are going to the market, I feel sorry for my beloved Malawi.

    1. Jose' says:

      you are the stupidest thing I have ever imagined! DIsgusting!

  13. Concerned Malawian. says:

    Poverty at its best!

  14. truth says:

    Violence is being sworn in our children due to the exposure to violence in the film industry. Mavideo showroom need to be censored otherwise how can an eleven year old do the unthinkable. Please govt this should be a wake up call. Do something urgent. License them and set parameters for them

  15. sitimati uinit but unit mumangolemba opanda kuchecker

  16. Batchala says:

    Too young to die. Let the Law take its course. A life has been lost let the murderer face regardless of age.

    1. TSAKHO LIMENELO says:

      No court will impose charges on MINORiTY this is 11 years old still under majorilty which is 18 years

  17. Kawamba says:

    My Bro ur Soul R I P

  18. nkunthamasese says:

    Should be sent to Mpemba to stay there for 20 yrs. TheChinese firms are destroying our youths

  19. Mob justice basi says:

    Good, all thiefs should be killed irrespective of age.

    1. Citizen 'O' says:

      Mulibe nzeru man and I dont think mumamva chizungu. The lad who has been killed is not a thief. Its rather the thief who has killed an innocent fritter seller. Watch your comments brother, osamachenjera pa zinthu zopanda pake.

  20. 2 chainz says:

    mxiew. mbuziii

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