Malawi Police fire tear gas at MCP supporters

A Police officer  in the capital city Lilongwe on Tuesday fired tear-gas in order to disperse the angry Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters who  gathered inlarge number at Kaneng police station  in order to force Malawi Police release their legal advisor, Lewis Chakhwantha who apparently, handed himself in over accusation of coup plot through WhatsApp conversation.

Police state: Cops block the road - Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma

Police state: Cops block the road – Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma

Tear gas thrown to MCP supporters - Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma

Tear gas thrown to MCP supporters – Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma

Police on alert

Police on alert: Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

MCP members had peaceful demonstrations on Tuesday as they conducted vigil at Kanengo Police Station demanding release of Chakhwantha.

However, things got out of hand when at around 19:00PM local time, MCP vigilant group announced that they would sleep at the Police Station.

The party members argued that there is no way that the members could be in their comfort of their homes while their youth director is in prison.

The announcement did not go down well with the duty Police officers who immediately pulled out teargas  and threw to the MCP members.

Fearing for their safety, the members sped to different directions.

Nyasa Times reporters saw riot police, some armed with rubber batons, guns and teargas launchers and some in armored trucks chasing the MCP supporters.

The State is accusing MCP members  in US-sponsored drive to galvanise the regime change lobby and topple President Peter Mutharika

Malawi Law Society has described the arrest as unlawful and tantamount to stifle hard earned democracy.

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24 thoughts on “Malawi Police fire tear gas at MCP supporters”

  1. So sad. According to MLS

  2. Fire Man. says:

    Chikanakhala Chimanga,tikanakazinga Ndikuchitafuna.Ameneyu Ndiwa satanic,angofuna Tonse Tife Akhale Yekha.Ndichifukwa Chache Nthawi Yovota Ija,njuchi Zimamutsatira,anali Ma Illuminants Amazaponya Nawo Mavoti Kuti Awine.Vampire Opha Anthu Uyu.Mademo Fast,achoke Ameneyu,osamusiya.

  3. Zmwale says:

    Watsala pang’ono uyu Mathanyula. Afa ndi maganizo as zonse zikuchitikazi sangagone nazo tulo ndipo alibe mtendere. Akayesera kugona afera kutulo komweko

  4. Backs says:

    Anthu akamati dziko la Malawi ndi losauka sikuti akumanena za ndalama zokha ayi komanso inu anthu okhala ku Malawiko ndinu osauka ndi nzeru zomwe. Tawonani ma comment ameni mukumalemba apa it shows kuti simukuziwa china chilichonse. Kumaonerera news zakunja chonde muwone anthu mmene amachitira ku SA, USA, UK, TZ, France, ndi maiko ena otere. Anthuwo ndithu sanalakwe it shows kukonda chipani chawo komanso kumukonda munthuyo chifukwa ndimusogoleri wawo ndithu therefore they have to protect him. A Malawi chonde dzukani mugona mpaka liti!

  5. Nelson says:

    Nawesoo tikakwilirra kundata, umangova trison ukhaula ugwaso ngati m”bale wako uja

  6. levelheaded says:

    Koma guys dzikoli anthu enadi alibe ma plan eti?
    Zowona munthu ungamamujijilikire nzako mkumagona panja munthu oti akatuluka pa bail sakupatsa mmoni komwe chifukwa sakudziwa?

    Mutsegule Ku business page nyasatime yomweyi muwone momwe anthu akutsegulira ma company mu dziko lomwe muti sizikuyendali. Think postive in any problem you face.

    Ndimawelenga mafunso pa qoura komwe wina anafunsa kuti kodi kungakhale bwanji dziko lapansi atati anthu onse a below average IQ atati asamabelekane ndicholinga choti asachulukane?
    Yankho linali loti dziko lapansi litha kukhala dziko labwino lomwe anthu onse atha kukhala ogwiritsa ntchito mitu pochita zinthu.
    Zachisoni nzoti anthu amene amafuna adzigona panjawo Ali ndi anthu ena amawatcha amunawo komanso adad.

  7. Topsana says:

    stupid actions require anough tear gas. MCP can not go into govenment through the back door. USA and others amangobweretsa mpungwepungwe. ulemu ndiwofunika. Why are Malawians today angotukwana mosaganiza. Why can’t you bring solutions? A constructive MCP and a constructive USA can see Malawi achieve growth.

  8. James Banda says:

    These are signs that the young kangwazi is about to go to Ndata to rest in ‘peaces’ the devil has already opened his doors to welcome him to the land of darkness. We will be there for a rapturous send off as Chilima will be taking over the reigns of power.

  9. Kuchitekete says:

    Almost everywhere in Africa the police are the cause of insurgence because of their overzealous conduct. They always growl like angry dogs even when what is happening is not worthy any salt. Remember the Chilumpha and Matumula “treason” trumped up cases, the DPP and the stupid police said they had overwhelming evidence and MBC went ahead to air the inaudible conversations and wasted so many millions which could have benefited Malawians? As if that was not shamefull enough the same DPP and police are at it again; MBC as usual, without shame, chose to air the purpoted doctored Whatsapp conversation, for what? The problem of employing and using dull people is that they cannot tell which shoe goes to the left foot and which one to the right. When DPP wants to score a political vendetta they are ready to overstretch the budget and waste as much money as they can
    With such kind of doing things unusual how do we expect the donors to come to our aid? We are a doomed nation and will never prosper as long as we incite the wrath of the almighty Jehovah. These silly actions will soon lead to another kadya ka kalisita.

  10. john chapuchapu says:

    All malawian let as bow down and ask God for afaver and grace becouse all things that are happening in our nation it shows that we are far from God every one do what he or she want to do so there is no comparation among our leaders let me tell you this all malawian God is love so we mast love one another so there is no love in this country people are jast hate one another while others are jast happy when they see there friends sleep in empty stomach let us help one another this is not time for arresting one another or throw tear gas this is not a solution to solve problem aa malawi let us find the source of the probles there is no solution to arrest anyone let us run guckly to God is our provider come matt 11:28 and repet malawi confess your sins to God he is able to forgive you and secure you if you don’t confess, you will see more destraction ever and ever.

  11. chipheni says:

    these are stupid DDP mulandu wa treason angapereke bail…..police kumangomvera chilichonse umphawi mudzafa nawo azilonda inu anyani…..

  12. Emmanuel says:

    Mulungu akazangoti pin code iyi
    Tione ngati atazamuthire tear gas Mulunguyo ingakhale kumumanga based on treason.
    God is always on the side of the oppressed.

  13. john phiri says:


  14. Andrew says:

    As a free nation it is a right of free assembly, just as the PAC conference was.

    Not understanding the need to dispurse or even use teargas if the people even though maybe loud, were peaceful and holding a vigil for their fellow members of the MCP,

    Numerous law professors throughout the world have condemed the actions of the Police in these arrests, and so should the people of Malawi as these are the actions of a Dictatorship not a democratic nation with 3 government parties all wishing to be the government.

    A sad day for Malawians where free speech and assembly has been removed and the opposition party has been intimidated by arrests on bogus old and outdated charges that will be thrown out once the matter is before the court.

    This a democratic country NOT a single party dictorial state where any Malawian not pleased and says so on social media including this news site is subject to the same laws these people have been charged with Treason or Sedition.

    Malawi is a FREE Nation do not let the Government take more of your rights away,

    The Government must remember that they work for the people, and can be removed at the time of elections.

    Remember this day, use your vote to remove governments that do not respect your rights to free speech,

    Actions such as this has shown that the ruling party DPP cannot accept criticism of their policies, and will go to great length to quite the opposition

    These people have Not incited violence just discussed options to remove the seating government, before the end of their term because 17% of the population is or will suffer because of a lack of food.

    The Government says they have plenty of maize but have not released it even though foreign countries UK, Germany, Japan, China and USA has provided money to be spent on food aid.

    The question is WHY has the sitting Government not acted faster when the donors have provided Aid.

    Actions such as this Will cause foreign nations not to support with Aid the undemocratic actions of this government which will cause even more hardship to Malawians.

    Malawians will surely raise up against this Government if more people become hungry

    With God’s grace this Government will realise and use the Aid provided by so many to assist the people of Malawi.

    The 83% of the people who do not need assistance should help those in need, if we all do alittle alot can be accomplished as we have seen we cannot depend on Government all the time.

  15. Ndasalapati Junio says:

    Amalawi Zinthu Zikavuta Kulibwino Kungovomelez.Munthu Ngt Zinavut Zaubusa,Zandale Zingatheke? Mwachidziwikile Ndi Nkhosa Yotaika Basi.Tizit Ndinu Uja Munakan Kolalika Ndikukamezedwa Ndi Nsomba?

  16. Wapamtima says:

    Nose ma comment anu mukunyoza MCP. Chonde pitani ku chipatala ndinu amisala

  17. Ndhekucha says:

    Police you were too soft on these MCP fools. They think they can go into government through the backdoor? and Chakwera being fooled by such stupid ideas? Nkuona ubusa adauthawira pawindo eti? Wait for 2019 we will show you how a landslide looks like. Fortunately, the opposition never learns and they are following the footsteps of JZU of Sec 65 No 1, Budget No 2.

  18. Phoka says:


  19. Hede says:

    Mukanangowathira machaka amene ana a diyabulosiwa. Why are they afraid of 2019 if they know that they are popular. If you listened to the discussions of Jessie Kabwila and her fellow stupid fools, you can’t rule out sedition and treason is the right charge. If you discredit WhatsApp, what can you do if you find in your wife’s phone love messages on WhatsApp? Will you smile at the one who messes up with your spouse just because the message was on WhatsApp? Unless you are a fool! This Chakwera guy pa pulpit padankanika ndiye asationongere dziko. We are closely watching. So why did the coup plotters go into hiding? hen why were the supporters running away from teargas if they can die for the Party of Death and Darkness?

  20. George Kamanga says:

    late George Nga Ntafu prophesied blindly live in the August House that DPP is a party of dogs. no one knew that his words would be fulfilled so soon. indeed these are Agalu achiwewe.
    all there actions prove that these dogs are harming innocent souls in Malawi.
    Malawians be happy for dogs die in a miserable way even if the Best security is around them. as that dog bingu went in a miserable way so shall this dog APM go. hold your peace

  21. MIKE KADZUWA says:

    koma a police ukapolo ukuphani, ka salary kanuko koma kumangomvera chilichonse.mavuto amene amalawi akukumana nawo wa polisi ndi times 2.kana if I am not telling the truth.ulonda amene mumaba ndi mfuti a polisinu ?

  22. kabotolokamo says:

    Again ! Malawi the lost glory !

  23. MIKE KADZUWA says:

    count down these are the same signs we had in 2012 and my brother big kahuna kicked his bucket.small kahuna watch out

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