Malawi Police goofs in Chande bail bond: More questions than answers

The bail bond which was issued by the Malawi Police to midfielder maestro Jaffali Chande on April 11th 2016  raises more questions as it says Chande should appear in court on 14th 2016 without mentioning the name of the court and the month.chande bail

Chande, who is waiting for his verdict from Football Association of Malawi (FAM) disciplinary committee on his transfer saga from Nyasa Big Bullets to Mighty Be Forward Wanderers was summoned to Blantyre police where he was charged with forgery and uttering false documents according to the law enforcers.

Wanderer’s general secretary Mike Butao has asked police to explain more on this anomaly.

“Look at this. No month. No court. They indicate that he should appear in court but publicly they say they are conducting investigations. Is this not intimidation and harassment? Which court will he go to? In which month?

“What has he forged because the contract he gave to Fam has his signature and Harold Fote’s. Did he forge his own signature or Fote’s or the whole contract? Have the police now established that Bullets contract is authentic but it is Chande’s that is forged? He is our player so we need to know,” said Butao.

Butao insists there is more questions than answers in the whole issue as it seems someone is using the police to intimidate the player.


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23 thoughts on “Malawi Police goofs in Chande bail bond: More questions than answers”


  2. Chiputu Mtengo says:

    Please our law enforcers musatichititse manyazi.
    A law enforcer has to know the laws before he startes enforcing the law.
    Please lets construct our future malawi.

  3. Dziko Malunga says:

    Nyasa Bulets leave chande to do whatever he want not to force him to do whatever he never want

  4. Zanga phee says:

    osaiwala kuti Bullets ndi timu ya mbuli zokha zokha, mkona zimenezi zikuchitika.muonamso mma sewera a mpira muzikhala ziwawa chifukwa cha zimenezi.

  5. mike Jaffali says:

    A Butao sindimadziwa kuti ndinu opepela chonchi. Zoti ku scaning anapita kukasintha ma date a contract kuja ndiye forgery simukudziwa? Ndiye ndinu opepelatu. Kusintha ma date ko ndiye forgery a Butaoooooooooooo mbuzi

  6. yanja says:

    i heard from farm that football news must nt b taken to court why bullets, let sulom and farm rule as they r discusing the matter.

  7. mada says:

    Msungama , fote , wina ndimuchule ?
    Mukanditopetsa , ndiululatu !
    lnshort the contract of jafallie chance will expire in 2017

  8. Ojambula says:

    Our Police Officers are fools and greedy for money. They are incompetent and they seem not to know boundaries of their job descriptions. It also looks like they don’t know how to investigate cases. For a starter please read widely novels written by James Hardly Chase, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, Sydeny Shildon and many more. These guys write a lot on criminal cases and you’ll learn some tactics on how to thoroughly investigate cases before u either arrest someone or come up with a decision. Many prisoners that are rotting in our prisons are innocent, their cases were never investigated professionally but rather money exchanged hands. Like this issue to me is just a very straight forward one. Where is the rationale that Jaffalie Chande’s contract is a forged one? By the way, whose interest are u serving? Your ignorance has been exposed on the summons which does not have a name of the court and date for Chande to appear in court. Nonse a Police ndi Kachama wanuyo mbuzi kunsi, u r all idiots. Pankwinya panu!

  9. pagonachi says:

    I think Mr. Butao must be involved in this forgery scandal why is he talking too much as if he is a judge on the other hand holds any position to Sulom. I think the better thing he could have done is to wait until the disciplinary committee resolve the issue than commenting to this issue. Police should be left alone to investigate this issue properly without being intimidated by these who would want to be clever at the public yet they are dull.

  10. Matako panja says:

    Bullets nonse mbuz

  11. dwight says:

    why is wanderers saying chance is their player?has he played for wanderers?why did wanderers sign the player with out bullets knowing?let the procedures be followed and why is wanderers making a lot of noise when BB is also the effected party?hahahaha stop complaining neba

  12. Lucas says:

    Kodi a Bullets ku Police mmapita kuja mmafuna kuyaluka chonchi? Muyalukira limodzi ndi Police yanuyo. Bwanji mukukakamira Chande pomwe iye akukanani, timu yatha ilipo? Kunali akatswiri Kinna Phiri, Lawrence Waya ndi ena anapita timu idatha ilipo? Ku Wanderes Kunali Jack Chamangwana ngati osewera, Bennet Gondwe ndi enanso anapita, koma timu ilipobe. Bullets muithetse chifukwa nzeru mulibe koma Billy Tewesa ndi Kelvin Moyo ndiye anzeru kuposa ochemelera anu onse ndi osewera onse.

  13. Savimbi says:

    mwachande, waiwala. enter play offs, enter dedza young soccer

  14. ndondwa says:

    Who is chande in Malawi football to be taking our time? Munthu woti satengedwa ku national team squad ndiye kuti pali vuto sikuti a BB akumukakamira as some of the comments are putting it, koma kuti chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi, contract ya chande yeni yeni ikuti chani? ndipo iye anakapangitsiranji ya fake pa bureau akuziwa chilungamo ndi iyeyo ndi Harold Fote no wonder Fote akuopa kubwera ku BT he the mess he created in this whole saga, chande aphunzire kuti kulemera sitithamangira anzake ali chete ku BB komweko koma iye matuku tuku thoo kuzimva kuziwa mpira kokha kokhako? Tili ndi Sulumba pano ndi Chiukepo zintchito zao zikuoneka ku BB sitikumusowanso chandeyo, apite kwa Butawo akathere komweko momwe akuthera Zakaka

  15. Francis Gama says:

    J.Chande is anoma although he joined bullets,if you follow history of players ,Abig percent of players who leave noma toBB they have good histroy in doing fine not who leave BB to noma let wait and watch.

  16. Kenkkk says:

    I don’t know how the police come into this case. Is it because of the documents forgery? Is it not the courts who will determine whether the documents are forged or not? If the courts decide that chande’s documents are forgery, only then can he be charged by the police or prosecution authorities.

    If bullets version is true, then they must be compensated fully or chande should go back to bullets until his contract runs out.

  17. Mwembe says:

    I am not a “Blantyrian” and would like to know, who Jafali Chande is. Is he a Malawian national football player or what? How many goals, if he plays in your national team, has he scored for the Malawi National Team? Was he worth K500000.00 for one and half years? It seems people wanted to use Chande for their fame but not for the benefit of the player. When someone is worthy K1000000 and you give him K500000 then the number of years for the contract is divided by two again. In this case Chande was supposed to play for “Bata Bullets for 9 Months only.


    Kasiyeni ka mwana ka 26 yrs kaphulitse chikopa pa Noma as

  19. Machete says:

    Che Dyafari musavutike nazo mumtima ngati Bullets yakukakamirani khalani koma usamachinyenso zigoli, afika pokutopera okha .

  20. Mzozodo says:

    Zatikwana izi, mpila wa ku Malawi umayendetsedwa mwa u chitselekwete

  21. Dyafali Mwachande says:

    Exit Bushiri,Enter Grace Chinga!Exit Grace Chinga,Enter Jafali Chande.!Exit Jafali Chande enter??????

  22. Favour says:

    Nkhani izi zandikwana nanenso

  23. moses makoko says:

    izizi zatikwanano

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