Malawi Police hunt for thugs who cut off Malunga’s penis

Malawi Police are following leads to arrest thugs  who  cut off the genitals of a Thyolo man Tendai Malunga of Beula village in the area of Traditional Authority Kapichi.

The victim lying critically ill in the hospital after his penis was cut off by an unidentified thugs

The victim lying critically ill in the hospital after his penis was cut off by an unidentified thugs

Malunga is battling for his life at Thyolo district hospital after his private parts were cut off by thugs.

The  attackers attempted to cut off the victim’s head as he has a deep cut on his neck. The motive for the attack was unknown and police were investigating.

Thyolo Police Public Relations officer Sub inspector Edith Kachotsa said her office received a report from Sabston Folija, 75 of Shala village in the same area that the victim, who was accommodated at his house (folija’s), was attacked at Chinyama forest in Mulanje.

”It’s true that we received a report from Folija who said he accommodated the victim in his house on Thursday night but he didn’t know that the victim was attacked. He told us that he realized that the victim was attacked in the morning,” said Kachotsa, adding that it was the victim who told the police in his statement that he got attacked at the forest by unknown thugs before he was accommodated by Folija.

In addition, Kachotsa said her office was working hand in hand with Mulanje police to further investigate the matter since the incident is reportedly to have happened in Mulanje.

However to the contrary, the victim’s nephew James Elaton, 41 who is currently the guardian, views the whole incident differently.

Elaton who was besides the victim’s bed, said the police were supposed to investigate thoroughly on the matter to find out the whole truth since according to him the victim was not attacked at the forest as it is more than 10 kilometers to where he was accommodated.

“The victim is currently based in Mozambique where he is working and on new year he decided to visit his son who is living with her mother at Khave village (some walkable distance to Beula village) before proceeding to celebrate the rest of the day with us. He then realized that he will not manage to reach his destination when he decided to seek accommodation at Folija’s place who is a well-known chairman in the area,” said Elaton.

Elaton added that though it is reported that Folija was not aware of the condition in which the victim was but to him, a person who has a deep cut on his neck and private parts removed cannot walk that far.

“I am on the view that something is wrong somewhere because one cannot accept a stranger in his house without looking at him or her. Unless my uncle was not bleeding but as far as he was bleeding heavily then the owner of the house could have noticed something. In addition, the clothes that my uncle was wearing this morning had fresh blood,” said Elaton.

Elaton further explained that it was also confusing to hear the owner of the house in which the victim was accommodated that he heard about the victim’s condition from his son when he was busy in the fields.

“The chairman reported to the police that on Friday morning he left the victim at his house and went to the fields. While at the fields, his son approached and told him that the victim was screaming from where he slept. I cannot believe this. I know something happened which must be known to us,” lamented Elaton.

According to Elaton, the victim is reported to have met a Mr. Namame (a kabaza man) who is one of his friends and he allegedly told him that he met the victim in the late afternoon of Thursday who seemed to be okay.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi Police hunt for thugs who cut off Malunga’s penis”

  1. KK says:

    Titus Chikoti, you should have been the leader of this nation. I believe if all Malawians had the same thoughts as yours, Malawi would be a paradise. You’ve made my day. Bravo!!!

  2. B.I.G says:

    bravo nyasa

  3. clement says:

    Am very disappointed with this barbaric behavoir done by barbarians in our area.ThiS incident didn’t happen in Chinyama Forest as far as I know the disatance from the forest and Shala vge.Am currently out of Malawi but if the Police don’t arrest Yellowman,Cobra,Chabe, Taliyana etc I will deal with them once returned home.All these guys stays in Sitima village and their rumours are so bad.You must investigate properly I don’t want people in our area to be scared becoz of salvages,crocodios eeeish it pain me becoz its my area.Folija know something if you let him go I will chase him out of our village.Why threatening peoples lives in the area ?Why not find other means of finding money or if things not working out why not just dying.Why can’t you chop your fucken penis if you want money?Yelloman and Taliyana your days are numbered I swear.

  4. Elaton is speaking with sense. Investigate the chairman and i believe he is responsible for this act. Its unbelivable

  5. Titus Skoti says:

    Amalawi tiyeni tiyambe kulemba zinthu zothandiza dziko lathu. Kodi bwanji issues of this nature mumazikokomeza ndi kumatchula mtundu wa anthu? Ndani anasankha kukhala mtumbuka, mlomwe, mchewa etc? The spirit of a beast is in all tribes and crimes take place all over the world, so why do we personalise things?

    Let me say that the above mentioned tribes are the ones that are busy castigating each other as if they are the only ones in Malawi. We have tongas, lambyas, senas, mang’anjas, yaos etc koma you rarely hear them on this forum. It’s not that samatha kulemba koma kuti they are principled, I suppose. What’s wrong aMalawi? Can we for a while pause and reflect on the impact of what we are doing. These things eventually will backfire and people will be fighting one against the other chifukwa chosiyana mitundu. As a Lomwe who married a tumbuka lady and settled in chewaland, I feel bad when people castigate lomwes, chewas and tumbukas ‘coz I love them all and associate with them on daily basis. Let us love one another and live in harmony. May God forgive us as a nation and help us to change our way of thinking.

  6. Chathanga says:

    Yaaah, nyasalands w’ll never stop evil.

  7. wammy blues says:

    its unfair and shameful for the police if the haqen to let it go, on the other hand why malawi citezen vunarable to such threats? Are malawian body parts expensive at the market? Why are malawi leaders always poor when it comes to security shame to dpp

  8. Den says:

    Is this security that DPP stands for?

  9. Mzumara says:

    Pitara kudzakhwimila tsopano

  10. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Sad news. lembani chichewa pilizi as had to work out the meaning of some sentences.

  11. mashanie says:

    Evil @ it’s best

  12. Sambi, i think it is a plot of jelassey nkhan yolimbanira mkazi

  13. Yashangindarozi says:

    Very sad, but why poeple osamadula zaozo bwanji?

  14. GRACE says:

    very sorry, why pple in maiawi tikusowa chitetezo!

  15. Munthuwazeru says:

    Amenewa ndi amalawi? Kaya, let’s pray for ur Malawi.

  16. Sad news am failing to understand it

  17. Youngman says:

    A che Folija atengedwe amenewo akudziwapo kanthu.

  18. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Signs of the end times. When the thugs who did this are caught, we shall start hearing of human rights applying, not to the victim but to the thugs. I contend that some of the things we call human rights are actually human wrongs and should be classified as such. Let’s wait and see who will be protected by our laws between victim and thugs.

  19. wangalusa says:

    There are peopie both men and women who are making clean money. They are developing their lives with clean money building houses and buying cars and sending their children to schools with clean earnings. Mukuvulaziranji anthu osalakwa. Tsatirani chiphunzitso cha Ambuye Yesu ndipo muzalandira zofuna zanu. Mulungu amakwanilitsa malonjezo kwa iwo omuopa iye.

  20. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    Reminds me of killings and maimings associated with T/A Likoswe’s area in the Lhomwe area during Muluzi’s reign. Koma MTL belt!!!

  21. mbuya says:

    Shaaaaaaa..anzathuwatu mpeni amauona ngati ball point yao. Sinkhani imeneyo

  22. fathi slshehaab says:

    why!deminic culyutes!


  24. KANGAANJOBVU says:

    Koma a Lomwe okha inu mpaka
    kucheketa mtatu wa mzawo tso
    iyeyu sadzachindanso zoona?Iyi
    ayisove a Human Rights poti
    amukhethula mavalo, ufulu wake
    amulanda wochita chigoloro.

  25. ken says:

    I took part n treating tis patient. He is realy n physical & psychological pain. Mw r we going.

  26. Patriot says:

    Alomwe ndi zikhulupiliro zawo…

  27. mlomwe wachitonga says:

    the devil at work. God will deal with you (anthu opanda umunthu) how could you?!!

  28. aphiri says:

    Achina Malunga munakhala bwanji? Kuba ndinu nomwe kudulidwa ziwalo ndinu nomwe ushasha mu Blantyre ndinu nomwe Achina Malunga Mulipo ambili bwanji. Mbola zokhazokha

  29. Likoma Economist says:

    I’ve said this before. The business of trading in human parts, although relatively new to Malawi, now seems to be entrenched in our society. A nonth hardly passes without these horrible incidents. The STRANGE thing is that very few, if any at all, culprits have been successfully convicted and are behind bars. This just shows that this is a MAFIA business involving the high powers, the police, the judiciary, etc. Unforunately it is another “gate” – bodypartsgate.
    These cases do not go to court for fear that the suspects can easily reveal the “bosses” behind the trade. Therefore the suspects either stay “permanently” in remand prisons or are “transfred” to another prison where they get eliminated. It is a very dangerous game.

  30. hoitty says:

    Koma azibambo mwafikapo. Nkhanza izi zopyola muyeso. Such crimunals need to have their own parts removed

  31. Zonsezi ndi ubale wa Malawi ndi China. Ndalama atibere, kuntchito atimenye, nginiso asuse. Mayi wa-wa-ye -ee!!

  32. Hey you Police guys. Arrest the so called Folija and quizz him well.

  33. Daniel Phiri says:

    So no more sex? I’d rather lose an arm than lose the most important equipment. Sorry moya!

  34. ujeni says:

    Primitive Malawians, send a squardron of Malawi Police and clean Lhomwe belt. The whole area is breeding ground if thugs, robbers, murderers.

  35. Yosefe Langwani says:

    Koma alomwe kukonda chuma kwa mtundu wanji?Why being heartless for the sake of money?Tinakuuzani that your uncle Pitala is clueless pilot Pano mwasimikiza.Look now you have started chopping each zida.Kaya ndiye Pano mudulalana kangati.Kaya mwina is another way of population control.Tiyeni nazoni.

  36. tiyeni nazoni amaphyiya pwetekanani,vulazanani nokhanokha kumeneko, limenelo nde luso lanu paja

  37. Nawaoo says:

    Koma abale tiyene tisiye khalidwe limeneli, mukumudula mzanu chiwalo kodi olo kufuna kulemelako mukafika nazo kuti? Mukuyiwala kuti pa dziko pano tikungodutsatu’

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