Malawi Police hunt for MCP roughnecks who beat up legal officer

Malawi Police say they are hunting for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) roughnecks who beat up and tore extensively the clothes of a legal officer who had gone to the party headquarters to drop High Court documents concerning expelled party official Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma.

The MCP Youth League

The MCP Youth League: Party in civil war

Police have told Nyasa Times that the arrest would be effected this Friday following the assault on Jolamu Mpangeni from  Chancy Gondwe law firm on Thursday afternoon. Mpangeni went to MCP  headquarters to serve court documents to party leader Lazarus Chakwera and party administrative secretary Potiphar Chidaya.

However Mpangeni said he was tossed from one office to another as the MCP officials refused to receive the documents in which Chidzanja Nkhoma is suing party president Lazarus Chakwera,  administrative secretary Portipher Chidaya and MCP for defamation and unlawful expulsion from the party.

Mpangeni said he was told by his superiors to drop the documents at the gates of the party where he was beaten up, had the documents torn apart so too his clothes.

MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka refused to comment saying he has to see the documents first.

Chidzanja Nkhoma said this is exactly what some people are complaining of MCP.

“The MCP leaders think they are above the law, they can tear apart court papers and beat up lawyers,” she said.

Mpangeni said up to six people beat him up.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi Police hunt for MCP roughnecks who beat up legal officer”

  1. Chemusa says:

    Foolish police officers. DPP cadets savagely beat up a Pastor of Bushiri’s church you did nothing about it. Just because a lawyer is beaten you are all over the place. Stupid and unprofessional people. And if people accuse you of unprofessional conduct you complain

  2. Chambe says:

    Where did operation Bwezani miss this HQ which had a tunnel connected to MYP HQ? If the operation had bulldozed it together with the MYP House, may be the Devil Spirits that are fully lodged and comfortable in the house could have been wiped from the Party. They tried to bring the Reverend with a hope to pray and cleanse the house but the Spirits are becoming stronger by day and instead, he has just joined them. Yes,If you can beat them, join them!

  3. daudi mj says:

    Very big mistake in Chakwera’s camp

  4. Alex kaliba says:

    Kkkkkk koma abale ka uniform ka ma youth 1978 model kkkk kuli ung’onoing’ono pano ,be modernized

  5. inkosi says:

    we don’t mind kaya mwatumidwa mCP was there,is there and will be there for CHAKWERA,Viva MCP.

  6. inkosi says:

    Leave our clean party alone.Nkhlolokolo zonse to hell.Ngati ndinu anzeru kayambeni chanu chipani.Even mmbanja mwana akamadzimva kukula ndi bwino kuyima payekha pokwatira.A MALAWI tatopa ndi manyaka a DPP.Dzanja lalemba kuti chakwera alamule.sitingakwanitse kumadya mbewa as main meal.Mudzafa imfa yowawa.

  7. Kkkkkk MCP sidzatheka amangwetu

  8. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Our police is vigilant enough to arrest the culprits. Lets see what it will cost them to be bought by greedy politicians.

  9. Bill Mbalame says:

    MCP has Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo and Deputy SG James Kaunda .why is Mkaka always rushing to respond .i have my reservations for this. 1st i was blaming Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma but I after listening to her I now I understand the drive she has taken .as a MCP we should go back to the drawing board .which is Convention.

    1. MKANDAWIRE says:

      Have you read the whole story, has Mkaka rushed to respond or mwina chizungu chavuta? Do you know the meaning of rushing? He has said he should see the documents first and it was nyastimes rushing to him. When did you go to school?

      1. Kanchenga says:

        He went to the child care centres we call school these days. You had to go to the Kamuzu era schools to understand the Queens language. This one didn’t

    2. Lizulu says:

      Because he comes from Lilongwe.

  10. izi ndiye zopusa kuli ma email, achina courier mkati, in 21st century still sending messangers ndichifukwa chake akufafantha, on the other hand this must be the agenda of DPP to tarnish the image of Chakwera and the entire MCP

    1. steve says:

      anawatuma ma roughneks’wo kuti amumenye lawyer’yo ndi a DPP. Why cant you sit down and solve your mess other than complaining and whining about other parties?? Do you think problems in your party will sort out themselves by complaining?? That’s illogical and foolish thinking. PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER OTHERWISE YOU WILL COMPLAIN AGAIN AFTER ELECTIONS IN 2019 THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ROBED OF VICTORY. Can we give you a vote of confidence with the trend of matters as they stand now to lead us out of this current predicament?? mmm ata better the devil you know. Kaya ndangodutsamo ine, mpanda chipani ine. Ndikuyang’anitsitsa zochitikazi kumalingalira kuti ndidzavotera ndani.

    2. Fololo says:

      You don’t know what you commenting shut up your mouth idiot

  11. Kokani says:

    DPP ndiye fisi zikwanje zonsezo bwanji kodi. Iyitu yinali yamanja nanga mwamvapo zazikwanje apa. Six beating him where are they, what equipment did they use beat you, did you not fight back as it was just blows.

  12. santana says:

    Central, Kokani, Winston Msowoya, here you are with the winning party! Yet the opposition has all the hope of winning the elections in 2019 led by Chakwera(or is it Chatsika?) Muthana nokha.

  13. Chimwala says:

    Anamchepesa ameneyo akamphiliphita zenizeni.

  14. Gawa Undi says:

    We have always said MCP has not changed, they pretend. This party is still dangerous for Malawi. Malawians must be very afraid. I’m sure God had very good resoans not to let this group of hyenas win the 2014 elections, eish! Bwenzi tili pa moto.

  15. be humane says:

    Asatinamize amene achita zimenezo ndi a DPP amene amafuna kukaotchanso the MCP headquarters

  16. Kwachaaa says:

    Fisi ndi Fisi basi. You remind me of those painful old days. MCP will never change.

  17. Kwachaaa says:

    Fisi ndi fisi basi. This party will never change (Honourable Kaluwa’s quote)

    1. Vimavi says:

      Leave Honourable Kalua out of this thing. Kalua is a northerner hence not affected as he stands on his own two feet.

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