Malawi Police hunt for Prudence Chanthunya over crashing car after downing vodka and run away: Wife to murder suspect

Malawi Police in Blantyre are hunting for Mrs Prudence Chanthunya, wife to murder suspect MisoziChanthunya, in connection with a hit and run accident after she crashed her vehicle into the brick fence of Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, and disappeared from the scene.

Prudence Chanthunya: Wanted after she crashed her car when she was over the drink-drive limit

According to eye witnesses, in November last year around 4am while driving under the influence of alcohol as she had downed vodka at one of the drinking joints in Blantyre where she was reportedly getting wasted with her close friends, Mrs Chanthunya crashed her vehicle, a Mitsubishi Pajero into the brick fence of the college.

Fearing to face the police a for drink- drviving and  dangerous driving,  the South African national forced the vehicle from the collapsed brick fence reversing back into the Kamuzu Highway but ended up hitting a tree causing more damage to the rear side of the vehicle, sources from the Total Filling Station near the college confirmed.

Upon realising the vehicle was too damaged to drive, she asked for a lift from a passer-by and sped off from the crime scene while she arranged for a tow-truck to quickly tow the damaged vehicle away.

It was later reported that she immediately sneaked out of the country to let the issue die down. Mrs Chanthunya returned after some weeks and immediately relocated from Blantyre to Lilongwe to widen the distance between herself and law enforcers and the college.

An official at the college confirmed to our reporter, “We have been trying to locate Mrs Chanthunya with no luck. We do not know her whereabouts. The damage caused to this property could cost the government millions to fix and that is if the ministry agrees to fund that kind of budget which will be an uphill task.

“We simply reported the matter to police but since November, there has not been much progress.”

This publication also understands Mrs Chanthunya may be successfully masking herself from the law with the help of a top official from Ministry of Home Affairs whom she has been allegedly dating since her arrival in Lilongwe.

When Nyasa Times tried to contact one of Mrs Chanthunya’s friends, he refused to comment on the matter and simply gave us a mobile number which we could reach her on, but has been unavailable.

MisoziChanthunya, husband to the hit and run driver, is reportedly on remand in a South African prison awaiting trial for the murder of his Zimbabwean girlfriend, the late Linda Gasa, whom he allegedly murdered and tried to conceal her body under a bathtub at a cottage in Mangochi.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police hunt for Prudence Chanthunya over crashing car after downing vodka and run away: Wife to murder suspect”

  1. mwalafyale says:

    Iwenso wanyula chizungu man, you should have written, where did he graduated, not graduate

  2. Mudzamva Liti says:


  3. falliot says:

    the writer of the above article should also polish up his English grammar, coz if it was a composition, I could give him 30% for both poor presentation of facts and hastations,,,I don’t know where he was rushing to, look at the last paragraph..He should also learn to write the truth only, where did the author graduate with lies .

    1. Theyo says:

      what grammatical problem have you found please?

  4. mtete says:

    JB may assist the Police with their investigations.

  5. Tpash says:

    @shonga nde kayanso mzimu wa mkazi zake umuzunza bwanjinso anapha ndi iyeyo ??mmesa ndi mwannake anachita zoopsyazo

  6. Juliu Phiri says:

    What kind of a wall is this people to cost millions remember its a Mitsubishi pajero not a truck you can’t be serious is it because she is a south African born or what the way this story is its painting my beloved country the most poorest country in the world wake up editors sometimes try to be positive a mutsubishi pajero can not cause a damage of millions to a brick wall are trying to tell me that the damage caused by Mitsubishi pajero is expensive than to buy a car in Malawi no wonder this woman is on the run you are giving her a wrong quotation tell her the truth she will pay

  7. Gaba says:

    This woman is a disgrace. She gets too wasted with alcohol all the time and sleeps with any man that gives her attention. She is screwing every big shot in town and has no morals as a woman whether the men are married or not. I hear she had Gonorrhea a few months ago. Ladies, do not bring this monster anywhere near your husbands, she will finish both of you.

  8. William Tell says:

    Who cares about the hoe wife and killer husband? Si nanga they are untouchable?

  9. chisomo jimu says:

    zovuta izi

  10. Moya says:

    If the car had any form of insurance they are supposed to fix the ( third party property damage) therefor no need to hide. You may only pay excess if it applies. Free advice. If the car had no insurance then you are indeed problems.

  11. Salesimandriya says:

    Yes yes yes Prudence met these girls at 4 seasons one particular time and men fighting for her.But truly she is not in hiding and the only untrue story I disagree with one writer above is the cost of the damaged fence up to millions? Very true at one time Prudence was living in one the late President house in Nyambadwe and later moved to Lilongwe. Drinking and smoking are part of her hobbies and nobody can easily challenge her on that.

  12. Xhlobsuzolo says:

    I do not agree with the author of this article and it angers me to hello. You are sure Mrs Chanthunya cannot be found by the Police in this tiny country? Mrs Chanthunya walks without even CHEU CHEU in the streets of Blantyre and Lilongwe and why should the Police cheat the general public in this manner. This South African girl is just another crook like her husband who is not even on remand of South African prison and he too is very free in South Africa and many people meet him very freely and even asks that KUMUDZI KULI BWANJI holding a bottle of beer in hands and why do you deceive the general public.
    Mrs Chanthunya has been living in the house of the former President late President Muntharika in Nyambadwe after Nyambadwe clinic and in many times she used to drive vehicles of the late President together with his daughter Tapiwa and during the week they drink indoors at Ndata whilst during weekends at Blue Elephant in Blantyre, 4 seasons, Mchinji Road in Lilongwe and near Bunda Road block we know all these and you mean Police could fail catching this girl. Dont tell lies inhere the real issue here is that the girl is highly connected with the children of the late President that is all. SIYANI ZOMANAMIZA ANTHUZI PLEASE TATOPA NAZO. You as well find this woman at Dr Chanthunyas lodge at Area 9 in Lilongwe most of the time

  13. Dum Magulajena. says:

    Zikumveka ngati akuti a police a ku Lilongwe adyamonso mwa mzimayiyu kufuna kum’bisa. Shaaaaaa!

  14. Ngolongoliwa says:

    Beautiful brainless woman, no wonder her husband killed his girlfriend just to conceal mimba from her. A top government official amenewo ndiye angofela za eni because kuli list ya ma biggy yomwe yadyelera katundu ameneyu osati masewera…shame…Dzuka Malawi Dzuka

    1. Ngolongoliwa says:

      Ndinyengeleleni ndiulure maina

  15. Andrew says:

    The story baffles me! The wall will cost millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how huge is the damaged area?

    1. Makhuva says:

      Thanks for asking… am also wondering that is it the whole fence or just a few metres? Cash gate zomwezi?

  16. Shonga says:

    This lady is haunted. Nzimu wa Linda Gasa ukumusaka ndithu.

  17. Mage says:

    Chili bo

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