Malawi Police invade village, arrest 30 over suspect killing, police torching

Malawi Police dawn raid in a village in Dedza has led to the arrest of 30 people in a village in Dedza suspected of killing a murder suspect whom they allegedly took from a police cell before torching the police station.

Police vehicle carrying suspect

Police vehicle carrying suspect

Councillor for Katewe ward in the district, Lucius Chidovu said the law enforcers came in three vehicles at the dawn of Thursday.

“They went house by house taking all older men in the village. As I speak now, all older people are now in police hands, the village has children and women only,” said Chidovu.

The incident happened at Kanolo Village.

The villagers allegedly killed Limic Mbiri Thomas who was suspected of killing another villager.

Central region police publicist Ramsey Mushani confirmed of the incident and said some villagers would be releasewd after police investgations.

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So it means kugwidwa kwa makosana 30 ndi chifukwa chootcha polisi not bcoz of mob justice on the suspected killer! Bravo!

Koma know this u inept police and your politicians mob justice is here to stay unless u change….. we no longer trust our own DPP driven police.

Chikakwiya Thawani

I think it is mob injustice on the rise not mob justice?????

john banda

we are now back to colonial system type of governance where pipo had nowhere to gate peace,they were illtreated by pple who were supposed to protect them,thats only asolution dats dat u thought waz right to act,u would hv investigate why community hv to behave like dat & solve the problem,look now!!! u r violeting pipo’s rights which z contraly to ur constitution of which its ur mandate to protect tiese rights,so,where can these pipo pate protection?u can’t refil apit by diging another pit at all,malawi at 51,shame to u guyz


The Police and the Commander in chief u should ask yourselves,who are you serving Malawians or pleasing foreign instituntions at the expense of hardworking Malawians suffering from the acts of these criminals.Becareful more pple are becoming victims everyday,chitetezo tinavotela chija sichikuwoneka kwenikweni apa.You might end up losing support of the pple and sparking something big than another police station being attacked by the public.

Ze Roberto
What an irony. So our police can be that efficient with what seems to be defending the criminal? This police lives in a fantasy world. But the reality is you will end up arresting the whole Malawi because mob justice is rampant because people have lost trust in the police and the judicial system. Now, here is potential danger posed to the village. You take all the men away from the village. Don’t you think thugs can take advantage of this to attack the village? Have you provided security backup ? Fuck you inept police!

How do you arrest all older men in village? Is this how policing is done. Village should sue the police for false imprisonment.


Malawi’s democracy!!! The one to kill has got the right to live, but killed one had no right to live…………. Police you release these notorious people on bail, they come back ndi mau onyoza ‘mumati mutani ndabwerako wina achite ngw’engw’engw’e aone’ so how can we feel when we remember of our beloved one? Police act proffessionary aza wayizi no change but mob, mob, mob basi.


Dr tonde ,it is not right to overpower police which is government and doing what ever you want.keep up police this is the type of police i used to know. you must be doing mob justice if there is no presence of police.

7 men died in Nsanje all the police did was to collect the bodies in a pick up like smoked mbewa and show them to the public how well they were smoked. Now a killer is killed himself the police go to town over. So the lives of those seven people in Nsanje were less important to the police than that of this Dedza killer. Could be that his friends have told you that if you don’t do something about these fallen friend they will no longer serve you. Or paja aRena sianthu. Mukanamachita zimenezi sibwezi abale a chialabino atafa… Read more »
Dr tonde

Malawi justice system sucks! Who are the police protecting? The suspect? Down down judges and magistrates up.up mob justice!

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