Malawi Police launch campaign against ‘albino hunters’

Malawi Police in Kasungu have launched an intensive campaign against the killings of people with albinism and the launch took place on Wednesday in Kapelera village where the last, so far, two year old girl was abducted from her sleeping mat and brutally murdered.

Crackdown: Kachama with other people with albinism

Crackdown: Kachama assures people with albinism

Kasungu Police Station office Ax Muwanya said the law enforcers partnered with other stakeholders in order to sensitise the villagers that it was a crime to harvest somebody’s body organs for any reason.

“There was need to sensitize people that body parts of people with albinism cannot bring wealth whatsoever. Hard work and dedication to duty are the only principles tha can propel one to richness,” he said.

He also told the people to be on the lookout for suspicious strange faces in the village which must be reported to police as they might be criminals.

Thomas Mwafongo, an official from Kasungu District Council welcomed the initiative and asked that it should reach out to all tradition areas in the district.

This follows the killing of an albino two year girl Witney Chilumpha a month ago who was abducted from her sleeping mat as her mother was deep in sleep. Her father, who was not in the house at the time of abduction, was arrested with his accomplice.

Little Witney’s body was fund severed with her napkin, clothes and teeth scattered all over the place where two women discovered the body deep in a forest in the village.

Following persistent abductions and murders of albinos living in Malawi, the country’s police chief Lexten Kachama issued a shoot-to-kill order in the hope of curbing the scourge facing the nation.

Criminal gangs, nicknamed “albino hunters”, have embarked on a reign of terror across Malawi, often killing albinos in broad daylight without mercy or remorse.

Believed to possess magical powers, the bones of albinos have become a hot commodity in recent times.

Fetching high prices on the black market, syndicates remain on the hunt for albino body parts in Malawi and many parts of Tanzania.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi Police launch campaign against ‘albino hunters’”

  1. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    This is witchcraft. Those that say there’s no evidence of the existence of witchcraft hear this.

  2. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Hey tell your fuckin govt to provide Identity Cards (IDs) for every citizen. IDs help alot in identifying every citizen and help to track down criminals. Hey why is this govt so stubborn on issues of national interest

  3. Gang* says:

    Words don’t mean Protection you have to prove it,Otherwise Mob justice suits such offenders.sunk u zele welo thank u siti dawuni madam

  4. Mmmmm says:

    Our police is too weak thus why albino hunters take advantage.They are politically affiliated

  5. Mkwichikwichi says:

    What we hear always is mere talk frm the head of State, Cabinet Ministers, IG of Police etc. So far Malawi is rocked with unprosecuted: 1 K577bn cashgate; 2 unprosecuted killers of R. Chasowa; 3 unprosecuted killers of Matafale; 4 unprosecuted killers of Karonga Stambuli; 5 unprosecuted killers of Issa Njauju; 6 unprosecuted killers of people with albinoism or lenient sentences given to albino killers; 7 and we have new revelat-ions of the Embassy Cashgates in all the embassies, who are the relatives of the ruling elite. 8 not mention the mismanaging of the finances at our sports administrators.

  6. Yanja says:

    Malawi is a God fearing nation..

  7. Enock mabeti says:

    Ndikulakwa kutelo naye ndi munthu

  8. Tecnocrat says:

    I feel sorry for the little innocent soul..May her soul rest in peace…..

  9. ndebvuzamwayi says:

    It is Chaziya Village, T A. Kapelura. Sad chapter of of our country.

  10. goli says:

    Chilango chake nawonso adziphedwa muona zonse zitha enawo akhala ndi mantha

  11. Mnkhwere 1 says:

    A sick society enveloped in beliefs in witchcraft and yet we say we are the warm heart of Africa. We must wake up from this belief in non existent forces lest we will end up eating one another.

  12. wovinidwa Ine says:

    The Police need to be commended here. But still sickened by these kind of crimes (against humanity.)
    But as a people, we can NOT police ourselves out of this problem, because the stupid belief that organs from our albino bros and sisters have some magical value is entrenched in some traditions. It’s along haul to a solution: are we waiting for outsiders (donors) to solve this too?
    How times have changed: when I was growing up in Lhomweland (village not specified on purpose) there was never mention or talk of this nonsense! Even kusimba (during initiations) where everything said and done is left there, nobody ever insinuated anything like this stupid belief. (Hear me out on this: I am not saying the aLhomwe do not harbor this belief – because some of the perpetrators are aLhomwe too, to be sure.)
    This is an issue, if there ever was one, the whole country should be mobilized for. And it should be an opportunity to show our humanity; and denounce these barbaric criminal acts. Especially since many Malawians espouse that we are a God fearing nation. Kikikikiest.
    This is an opportunity for MCP and PP to join the governing party and their partner, UDF, to fight this evil, no holds barred. Work together as a people, because this problem crosses political boundaries. But, how come the silence from the Opposition is so deafening? (We have heard ministers, such as Akweni denouncing these criminal and barbaric acts – but nothing from the opposition.)
    Since, apparently, Malawians think that every problem is political, political will could probably almost eliminate this scourge, within five years. Especially if the Police and the justice system played their parts significantly, too. Everybody working diligently without favor or corruption, for a change.

  13. Chipalamandule says:

    Please dont kill our fellow human beings. God should help us and protect all albinos.Devil is a liar.Jesus never fails.

  14. Nkula says:

    A superstitionus society believing in God mopusa and believing in the dark world mopusanso

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