Malawi Police nab 8 child-traffickers, rescue 14 children heading to Mozambique

Malawi police in Phalombe district have rescued 14 children who were being trafficked to Mozambique.

Manjolo:   We arrested  the child-traffickers

Manjolo: We arrested the child-traffickers

The law-enforcers have since arrested Justine Chikuni, 25, 35-year-old Charles Mathewe and six others who were trafficking the children to Mozambique on bicycles.

National police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo told Nyasa Times they managed to rescue the children and arrested the culprits following a tip-off.

“Our officers were tipped by members of the general public that they have detained eight suspects and 14 victims who were in transit to Mozambique for labour exploitation,” said Manjolo.

She added: “Our officers followed the provided information at Nambazo trading centre where the suspects were arrested. The suspects will appear in court very soon”.

Chikuni hails from Maluwa village, T/A Nkhumba in Phalombe while Mathewe comes from Nambela village, T/A Chiwalo in the same district.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police nab 8 child-traffickers, rescue 14 children heading to Mozambique”

  1. muthu mmoneke says:

    atuluseni anthuwo inu anawo munawabereka ndinu?nanu amanjolo mulephea kugwira akuba ndi mufti mulimbana ndi anthu oti apanga zawo bwanji?ndiye kuti omwe mwawagwirawo ukuwafuna chibwenzi chifukwa waziwa kuti ndi opata

  2. tanangachi says:

    yes you have arrested the perpetrators but please ku courtko muwamangedi zimatha choncho izi .

  3. papa chakwaps says:

    Yes this is good story that the suspect was arested but the malawi government shall put strategy in place that youth even children shall not go to mozambique for work , right now even though they think can block them to go but with some problems like hunger and povety will force the youth and children to go to mozambique to work . come to south africa engelo location thousands of youth are there sicking employment others are chilren below 12

  4. gondwe says:

    A bola kumuka mwarya ma scone ya dpp pathako Pino. How does a sane person back dpp and mutharika?

  5. Moya Jombajomba says:

    a child is a child despite a tumbuka or lomwe lets thank police for the job done not you who are out of comments on tumbukas and lomwe where is the connection? maybe you are politicians

  6. GOGO says:


  7. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    Mtumbuka 1 ndiwe chizeleza! Ndiwe chindele chakufikapo. Ukutikhozga soni! Mu mutu wako muli maji pela. Ubenge Ngoma ya mbuto, mphanyi taka zina waka… ukutinangila mtundu. Umo ukuwonekela, sukulu nayo njakuchita kupepeta. I don’t think you went any further with education and I also doubt if you have had enough exposure in your life. This feeling that Tumbukas are more superior as regards education and wisdom is not just misplaced, but awfully wrong. It just shows your ignorance and myopia. Get a life Boy!!!. There is no reason in this time and Era, we should be talking of tribes and geographic regions. That is very sad. It is against the same background that some people in government have this misconception in their heads that Tumbukas are more educated/more intelligent and have imposed Quota system of selecting students for tertiary education. Really, in this time and age? That is even more wrong. Where do you get these stastics? Is it proven? Even with all these intermarriages, you can still lines between North, Centre and South. That is inhuman? Stop thinking this country belongs to Southerners or people from the Central or North. Quota system perpetrators and Tumbuka 1 were cut from the same cloth. You think alike….and you are the people Malawi can do without. Both of you are tribalistic!

  8. mtumbuka1 says:

    Feel sorry for who you asshole? Have you ever lived amongst the lomwe people yourself? Have you ever seen a lomwe feeling sorry for anyone? Maybe bingu felt sorry when he shot dead 20 people in mzuzu and he went on to drink and celebrate. After all these sons of bitches were not held at gun point they were promised to go work in Mozambique in farms or shit like that so I can’t feel sorry for them since they were not assaulted. So you mean I must feel sorry cos they went looking for work and cos they are more Malawians than all of us? You should be a dick bhuthi!

  9. Mtumbuka thats exactly what i found at Bolero in Rumphi around Nkhozo, jarira and chikwawa. There even big people up to now run at cars to have a look and even a touch at them. At first i had an impression that all tumbukas are well educated but its contrary. I have learned with them at tertially level and found out that most of them ndi mphale intellectually but they manage to get out with good grades coz most registrars of academics in our public universities ndi ambwenumbwenu so they manipulate results. Phalombe kids needed help! Thanks our police

  10. anadimba says:

    makolo awo anawaloleza?sign of poverty.zafika tu povuta pitala?mmidzimu anthu akungolowa.

  11. GIFTPONGWE says:

    Judge them accordingly.Azikalima maganyu ngati atopandi umphawi

  12. neymar says:

    Kumwera kunachuluka mbuzi za anthu, and its overpopulated, so who gives a shit bout that, kukubwela2 njala, let them go ku mozambique

  13. Complex says:

    Iwe Mtumbuka1 you are a fool

  14. not myname says:

    Good keep on our police

  15. not myname says:

    Being your duty but i should thank other police officers who are patriotic to our cnuntry keep on to serve us from such evil practice.

  16. Tili Chenene says:

    Child trafficking is really high. Thanks police for the job done

  17. mpalambutete says:

    Mahope anga Manjolo umatha ntchito keep up the good work u will be promoted

  18. Lickie says:

    Stupid comment. Why can’t you feel sorry 4 ur fellow Malawians

    1. kadamanja says:

      Look both sides of the coin.

  19. mtumbuka1 says:

    People of phalombe are half Mozambicans anyway. I worked in phalombe some 15 years ago with a certain NGO, you get the whole village where no one can read or write! so pathetic. Just let them go to Mozambique and practice witchcraft there cos I don’t think Malawi needs them…for what if I may ask?

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