Malawi Police nabs 12 Universal Industries workers for stealing biscuits

Malawi Police have arrested 12 Universal Industries Limited workers for stealing the company’s products contrary to Section 278 of the Penal.

The company, situated along the Chipembere Highway at Ginnery Corner in Malawi’s commercial capital, Blantyre, largely manufacturer and distributes biscuits, confectionery, savoury snacks, baking ingredients, milk powders and beverages

They were arrested on Tuesday and will be taken to court on Wednesday, October 22, according to Andrew Mayawo, Assistant spokesperson for Blantyre Police, where they being kept.

“They were arrested just outside the company’s premises around 19 hours and they were found with bags loaded with assorted biscuits.

“We acted on tip-off we had received from the general public and we acted swiftly,” said Mayawo.

According to him, some employs bypass the security system with the factory building and hide the bags in one of the drainage system.

“Others managed to escape and we only managed to apprehend the 12 employees who are in police custody,” said Mayawo, without figuring their identities.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi Police nabs 12 Universal Industries workers for stealing biscuits”

  1. chikanda boys says:

    Atumbuka awa!

  2. Mkonda Amalawi says:

    Priority set upside down.Arresting people stealing biscuits instead of people stealing billions in Malawi.Just a waste of time.Afterall Amweye heavily exploits these people.They get very small wages while mwenyes are making billions in Malawi.Revise the minimum wage in Malawi please.

  3. No fear says:

    Kodi instead of mugwire athu amene akuba ma cash gate mukulombana ndi okuba ma biscuits what’s dats coming guys? Milanda ya amphawi pakana pa media awo akuba ndalamawo?

  4. Chilombo says:

    Kodi mukamati okuba zochepawa aziwasiya mumatanthauza chani?Mukuona ngati akumaba zambiriwa anangofikila pamenepo?Nawo anayamba ndi mabiscuit m’ma okalamutu ndi kuma conference centre akamachita ma meeting.Ntengo timaongola usanakhwime!

  5. Chozoli says:

    Kuba ndi mtima ngakhale atalipidwa zochuluka wakuba ngwakuba basi. Enanso ndi akulu amipingo pomwepo app kkkkkkk

  6. ZZ Junior says:

    The numbers tell a story. 12 and others athawa..there is need to investigate working conditions at Universal Industries. by the way, why is Universal Industries still selling their wholesale products through that window on that wall? Ngwazi inathesa zachitsamundazi kalekale its amazing that in 2015 Universal Industries are still doing it. Mr. Mayor, please close that window it has racism written allover it.

  7. johnmasanza says:

    Amwenye ndi mabwana ozunza heeeeeavy anthu ozikonda amazitamandila kuti they can’t get arrested coz Malawi is a most corrupt country.They beat,torture, harras,fuck local people the way they wish and they pay their workers salaries of their choice without complying wit labour acct.

  8. Chinyanga says:

    Aint support the act of theft here but I think its government’s prudent hesistancy over the working conditions in the so-called companies of this calibar that pushes these lads to indulge in theft..They just try to make ends meet. How can one survive with those peanuts & yet he works long hours plus inhuman restrictions. This is insanity for sure. I foresee jail cell packed to the maximum with these people unless u figure the salaries out.

  9. Alex carlos makawi says:

    Mbava zagwirana zokhazokha kkkk zovuta kwambiri

  10. Stampycious says:

    Nanunso apolisi ndinu zitsiru kwabasi, asiyeni sanalakwe akulipilidwa zochepa ndiye akufuna top up

  11. Moya Jombajomba says:

    that’s part of life and being arrested is not a punishment but part of learning and you learn more after making mistakes

  12. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Njala? Samaba choncho anthu inu. Kkkkkkkkkk

  13. Mungete says:

    Apolisi mwasowa chochita! Arrest real criminals terrorizing residents in towns and cities

  14. Abiti says:

    While I don’t condone theft but the working conditions of most of these Asian owned companies is pathetic. Malawians are being abused both economically and socially by these Indians. They are insulted at work place, no respect to local laws, paid minimum wages

  15. advisory committee says:

    You give peanants you get monkeys. This shows the employees are not well paid nanga up to 12 stealing employee others anathawa lets payee employees wellto avoid mass stealing

  16. Zakeyo says:

    Aaaaa!!! Inuyo simunabepo sugar or mkaka mmakomo mwa amanu?? Tawasiyeni awa aba za atate awo!!! Tapitani mukamange Paul Mphwiyo ndi anzake!!

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