Malawi Police probe doctors who sought to examine Mutharika in cell

The Malawi Police Service has opened investigations into allegations that doctors were sent to examine and treat President Peter Mutharika, then an opposition leader, when he was locked up at Lumbadzi Police Cell in Lilongwe.

Mutharika in Lumbadzi police cell withhis former cell mates and ruling DPP gurus

Mutharika in Lumbadzi police cell withhis former cell mates and ruling DPP gurus

The DPP leader claimed the doctors services were not sought.

Nyasa Times has learnt and confirmed that a number of people have already been interviewed since two weeks ago on the episode which happened when Mutharika and others were arrested on treasons allegations whose case got discontinued after Mutharika won power last year.

It is alleged that on a second night of his incarceration in 2012, Mutharika learnt that government, then, had sent doctors to examine him at the police cell even as he had not requested for the same.

He refused to meet them, saying he was not in need of any medical help.

“This is what is being probed,” said a source close to the investigations within the Malawi Police Service who sought anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on such matters.

“It is just about establishing a few issues: who sent these doctors? Were they indeed doctors? Where did they come from? Who told them the inmates at the police cell needed medical attention? Did they receive any request from those they sought to examine,” added the source.

“The findings will determine the next course of action,” the source said.

The Malawi Police Service declined to comment on the matter, saying they were not familiar with the details of the alleged investigation.

There is general suspicion among the Mutharika sympathizers that the alleged doctor’s visit was motivated by ulterior motives.

President Mutharika said he signed an affidavit with Inspector General of Police on the matter which he said will be produced at “an appropriate time”.

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107 thoughts on “Malawi Police probe doctors who sought to examine Mutharika in cell”

  1. He is the president now.What is the investigation for? For political hero worship, national interest,vengeance, reformation or…creating another useless case to syphone tax payers money and resources while the K1.7 billion-Bakili Muluzi/Chilumpha treason/Bingu-JB Cashgate/Nac-Beam-Mullhakho etc cases are stalling in the courts? Poor Malawi being run by thieves and crooked hypocrites only interested in themselves while the majority languish in abject poverty

  2. nsas says:

    he should get k100 000 compensation for that

  3. [email protected] says:

    nonsensical president,ukulimbana ndi JB y.mantha ngati fisi

  4. mtunthama says:

    its jb who sent them to our beloved president, plz dont let them free to avoid this samething to hapen to others

  5. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Mkulu uyu wangokhala professor koma alibe nzeru…. mmalo molimbana ndiumphawi omwe ukuphetsa a malawi ku joni, akulimbana ndi za ziii, kungofuna kulimbana ndi JB basi, kungomva kuti jb akubwera ayamba kale kubwebweta

  6. Chimkhalo says:

    Their aim was to kill.They should indeed be investigated.Something worse could have been done that night.These are mafias& we need to know the names of their master.I’ve never heard before that a normal person can be checked up by a doctor without his/her permission.

  7. First class idiots!

  8. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    This was really a plan for assacinating APM. Another treason case coming in. Jb sabweranso mpaka xeno impeza. Kaya!

  9. Ezekiel says:

    Malawi will never develop until Jesus comes, why being busy with such baseless issue? Why don’t you just focussing on other issues? Don’t forget other issues are at your back when you kicked out next time your friend wil as well sue you on what you’re doing now. Malawi akumvetsa chisoni kwabasi even nkhope zake zosekesa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk zinadzi kumachitako manyaze bwanje! Ndipo mukuchita kuoneratu kuti Kukhala mmalo momalimbana kuti njala yimeneyi mungayigwire bwanji inu busy kukafufuza nkhani zake zimenezo zoona ayi kaya simuzatheka inu m’pakana kaya.

  10. Gwalamula says:

    Maboza Basi We R Tired Of U Pipo

  11. KAMBWE says:

    iwe number 95 (smoke)…the same way the issue of who send the doctors to that prison is serious , is the same way the coup plot is, lets just wait and see what will happen…

  12. ida pota says:

    PP just accept you are out of gvt and rework on your past mistakes. Don’t cry like babies

  13. @ Ken Nsonda,let zealots Of PP and it’s uneducated diehards comment with uncontrolled emotions on this,we can easily forgive them,,not you,I mean,assuming you belong to the elite!!!
    Why branding the whole allegations baseless,when they have solid bases for resurfacing the matter? Don’t you see that this is indeed a serious matter worth pursuing if some doctors indeed faked assessinh the President!? I’ll tell u what it entails: it signals that someone/officials embezzled taxpayers money on medical assessment that never took place! And if one has to account for who sent who,how much was financed,and the result of the ‘never-happened medical assessment’,is it a waste of time and witchhunt to turnish Joyce Banda’s image?
    We all know you are a ‘die-PP’ old fella,but isn’t it high time you accepted reality and learnt to move on respecting the wishes,efforts,powers and autholities of the Ruling government despite it being an embarrassing thorn in your fresh!?
    If you fault the current administration for investigating a moral issue of one’s public service,what will ever be neccessary be probed?
    Let me ask you,,,Mr Ken Nsonda,,,
    Is JB a god to you?
    Are you of a sane mind?
    Will you learn to appreciate something even as holy as Jesus’s Ransom Death for the redemption of mankind? Why don’t you learn to see good and admit it forth even if it’s done by your worst enemy? Backing JB up everytime and shielding her from suspicious dealings and motives like she’s your Alpha and Omega will always send a bad signal to your wish to have a clear pictute of her. It’s all running counter-productive. Keep silent on some of these things and let the gvt fool themselves if nothing tangible comes out with valid evidence.
    There’s another life afta politics,,bury your pride,dissolve your shame,wake up to a common man life and accept it that the DPP is on the lead,and that even it cudnt win,and won’t win,PP will not come second even in the next thousand years to come!
    Join MCP for a change,or UDF,quit the sinking boat!
    Plain advice is cheap!
    Find something to oppose,not this petty one. And learn English dynamics on what to call ‘baseless,useless’
    Need be schooled?

  14. So! says:

    I agree with someone who says those that are against the probe pathako pao! So you wanted PP to kill APM?

  15. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    kungoononga ndlama zaboma uku. panonso eti mufuna kut mgule presidential jet. shame on african leaders who cant read btwn the lines.

  16. Ken Msonda says:

    This is another baseless and senseless unfounded allegation of the highest level by the DPP administration trying to link the former State President HE Dr. Joyce Banda on the matter and have her arrested.

    HE Peter Mutharika and his DPP administration would like to have Joyce Banda arrested at all cost.
    We questioned HE APM “olive branch” reconciliation statement soon after he ascended to high office of State President. We suspected his call was in bad faith and had bad intentions; “an olive branch on one hand whilst holding a gun on the other hand”.

    Previous attempts by DPP administration to have JB arrested on cashgate and cctv footage haven’t worked and now DPP administration have come up with this unfounded senseless allegation; this is total madness.

    Peoples Party is watching and following with keen interest every move being taken by DPP in respect to the said claims.

    Let’s wait and see.

  17. Mphangela says:

    Uwu nde timati uchitsilu.iwe president ma dokotala sunakumane nawo and uli moyo nkumati afufuze,ndalama ukuwonongazo osapitiliza mulandu wa Robert Chasowa munamupha uja bwanji poti mukulamula u think mwatonda?oho tiyeni mudzatifuna takudziwani.

  18. Chimani. Game says:


  19. Bwitoto says:

    Iwe Nanyati nawenso pamtumbo pako wamva? Mxiew….

  20. Jenifa says:

    kkkkkk. koma zinazi Tortoise like a stone ndithu. Ngati kutulo abale. Imeneyi ndithu nikhala nkhani yoti Gavament basi nkumafufuza?

  21. NANYATI says:

    go ahead wth the issue im supptng the mve pathako panu those whr against the move

  22. Malawi Wake Up says:

    You are still alive and Chasowa was killed by DPP thugs. How do u feel knowing that u were part and parcel of the execution. Please stop taking us for granted.

  23. Chikondi Silaju says:

    Lets bury the past, go forwad with this years hunger

  24. Pumbwa says:

    Man Iyinso, why is this coming out now? Is it because NTata is spilling the beans and you still want to come out as avictim in the midnight 6 saga… Nkhani inali ya treason, Ndipo munamangidwa basi. Mwina anakakhala ma colonialist Kuti anakumangani while fighting for independence, it could have been a bold move and Lumbazi was going to have a landmark for that incidence

  25. James mwale says:

    Jst focus on hw u cn develop our country..where were u 2 raise dis isue wen u were not in power..did u tel us,during ur campaign,dat wen voted into power, u wil b raising these sily useless issues 2 poor Malawians in remote areas..shame on u! Stop dis nosense please! Do wat we voted u for!

  26. Vavlov says:

    This is bullshit. Please focus on really developmental issues not peripheral bullshit like this. Malawi leaders always focus on witch-hunting and seeking praises from the people. Mr president, deliver on your numerous pledges during your campaign, and stop this nonsense. Why has this issue taken so long to investigate?

  27. ngati sanakumanenawo sopano vuto ndi chiyani?

  28. Ndili mphwiyo says:

    Mmmmmm alibee motooooooooo

  29. JOZEY IBUKU says:


  30. chalera M. says:

    Ayambanso system ija,chiyambi ichi DPP singasinthe ayi

  31. Charombanthu says:

    Waste of taxpayers money. He refused to see them or to be seen, he did not request for medical help and the “doctors” did not see him. So what is the issue here? Anyone can claim to be a doctor sent to see an inmate; but if the inmate is not willing to see one or he/she is not sick, they have the right to refuse to be seen. Why do we have to pay for such useless probes using our tax?? Why waste money and time on petty issues like these?? This probe is not different from the graffitti that was inscribed on the walls of the cell.

  32. Nzake wa APM says:

    Uyu ndiye kanundu weniweni. Dziko la Malawi ndilafodyadi eti?

  33. Straight Talk says:

    The president is becoming intoxocted with power. Of all the issues to be solved u r busy with petty issue like these. If at all the doctors were sent with motives just get into your private room thank God 4 saving u and forget those who trenspass against u. If u feel u did it urself then continue undeqmine the power of God and u will be falling dy after day. Mark mx words

  34. Khwethemu says:

    Wastiing time with stupid stuff. Zitithandiza chani izi. Limbanani ndi Miseu yonyansayi padziko lonse lapansili

  35. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Diverting people’s attention from serious issues facing the country won’t help. After the dust has settled down, you will be facing the same problems you are carrying forward. It is better to tackle real issues: unemployment, economy, hunger etc. Please, don’t prove Ntata right that we do not have a visionary leadership by wasting precious time and govt. resources on women’s issues. This will prove to sane Malawians that the leadership has run out of ideas in governing this country. Please Mr. President, think twice on the matter and the consequences. DPP, show wisdom!!

  36. francis njerekeza says:

    vuto la anthu a dpp ndirimeneri amalimbana ndi zinthu zokomera iwo ojha pmene mamiliyoni a anthu akusauka komaso zipatalamu mankhwala kulibe

  37. Aferazao says:

    Just by looking at the faces in the picture even a child can tell that the people are all a bunch of fools and thickle minded idiots who can not think on their own.

  38. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Why probe when the said doctors were apprehended and roughed up by DPP Zealots according to APM. Just ask Muthalika for the names, he has the answers.

  39. Aferazao says:

    The hyenas have started abusing the new police chief, asking him to witch hunt on issues that are clueless and have no iota at all.

  40. adona kuseli says:

    Tiyeni nazoni. Amalawi enatu ofika-fika kumudzi akukweranso m’matruck ndikumabwerera ku joni. Kaya akuthawa chani kaya?

  41. Suarez Gaba says:

    Inu anthu sangakupheni paja m’banja lanu mumangogwa nokha ndikufa opanda okugwirani. Nyele ikakupolani mumathanso kugwa, kenako ulendo ndi omwewo m’mene zinachitikira muja

  42. KHUERE says:


  43. Aferazao says:

    DPP doing what they know best. Why did it have to take all this time to embark on the probe? Always working on creating animosity. Who knows, it could have been the same DPP which sent the people to gain political sympathy, who does not know the gimmicks these monkeys play?

  44. Kanyimbi says:

    Sometimes it is good to forgive and forget.This will end up destroying the reputation of APM.

  45. zotero says:

    kodi abale zinazo tangozisiyani. talimabanani ndi zoti anthu ku central hospital asamalipire akapita ndi ana ndalama zimene mufuna kupangira zimenezo zipite ku chipatalako

  46. mwene says:

    Foolish, wasteful government instead of thinking and tackling several problems the country is facing you want to embark on stupid things that don’t benefit the nation. OLD MEN SHOULD BE PREVENTED FROM RUNNING THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE THEIR REASONING IS RETARDED, YOUTHS PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!

  47. mlauzi says:

    Tili ndi ma dokotala ochepa ndikale pa Nyasaland pano ndiye muyambenso kuwazunza? Asiyeni anthu athandize odwala m`zipatalamu . Mulandu omwe analakwa anthu amenewo ndi wotani? Don`t create issues where there are none. Don`t create a mountain out of a mole hill. Zisiyeni zimenezo sizikuthandizani chirichonse apart from kukuonongerani mbiri locally and even on the international scene. Komanso the competence of a cop in probing a medical practitioner who did not even commit any offence is highly questionable. Don`t embarass yourself.

  48. maganizo wa maganizo says:


  49. alomwe says:

    You are now starting the same foolish wasting tax payers money again opening useless unsuccessful cases. Why not starting focussing on how to develop the country so that people should not running around the world searching for a better life. Always finding ways of cash gating why not use the investigating money to build a modern bus depot in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu, why not use the funds give loans to empower the youth to start business Chonde yambani kuganiza ngati anthu kodi kumayiko akunja kumene mkupitako sinkutsilira inu mmene kunakongolera kamba kogwiritsa ntchito chuma cha boma bwino.

  50. Hector Nkawihe says:

    Let justice take its course. Whatever transpired then will be in the open. God and only God will bring all the hidden out. Be it an offence of Commission or Ommission, truth will out.

  51. Rudolf Phiri says:

    In developed countries, sending a doctor to examine an inmate is a requirement and a basic human right. The rationale is that being locked up is a stressful thing so the doctor is sent to come and check their vitals to avoid the situation zakuti athamanga nawo ku city centre clinic BP inakwera etc. But I guess in a country where people eat politics or from politics, a normally civilised gesture like having a doctor sent to you is a suspicious thing. How sad is that! In that medical examination, the doctor just checks the temperature, blood pressure and sometimes blood sugar levels, all in the presence of a custody officer or your lawyer if you like.

    Someone has described these people in the picture as senior DPP officials….the one on the far right , dressed in a blue tie like a party functionary is Duncan Mwapasa, Deputy Inspector General of Police responsible for Adminstration, the guy they are grooming for the IG position, the seat Kachama is warming up for him. Pamalawi pamenepo.

  52. Henz says:

    Akwizingidwe basi amafuna kutiphela presdent wosakhidwa osati adikila maliro mapulesent wopanda fasho ngati amenewa

  53. Mnyasaland says:

    kumeneko ndiye kukhala ndi mchitidwe wa DPP sanati zambiri zikubwera ndipo sitiona chitukuko koma milandu after milandu. Why cant the same DPP focus on death issues rather suspicious of the things that didn’t take. Start pursuing those that took place during DPP regime e.g . Chasowa murder and that of20 people brutally shot. Dont take yourself to be above the law.

  54. GIGS says:

    This is wat we call stupidity at its best, who was hut in the process? instead of dweling on real issues where people lost their lives, u r busy with pety & issues that will only bring enmity. the truth of Chasowa issue is nowhere to b seen. This is deterimental to development. Stupit governement

  55. bwangazi says:

    This is a very stupid move by government!!!! Why waste time and money on stupid investigations like this one!!!! The country is passing through a very difficult time, and you are busy expending your energy on useless things!!! Pa thako panu nonse mukupanga zimenezi!!! Nyini za manu ndi bwapini wanuyo!!!

  56. Mwasiya chilombo chija chinapha anaake,mukulimbana ndizazizi. Mayetsa Bingu anayika lamulo loti wokuba aphedwe ndiye chinali cholakwika ndichani kuti mbava yofuna kulanda boma mwaupandu iphedwe. Ziwani kuti lamulo lokupha linabwela ndi nchimwene wake wa PETER. Muganize mofatsa musanapitize zanuzo.

  57. vendor says:

    Stupid. We have issues of chasowa, kalonga, alubini, mchinji murdered girl, a boy murdered in mulanje and the list is endless why not investigate those issues. Afterall APM is not dead. Then also investigate the staged accident that almost killed joyce band otherwise shut up

  58. tit for tat says:

    Oh paja JB has just announced kuti akubwera kumudzi kuno eti. This kind of politics of witch hunting will never take our country anywhere apart from graduating as a top best country of political vengeances and most poor country in the world. Malawi has a lot of problems to tackle not zinthu zopanda ntchito ngati zimenezi. Should we also be wasting our time to ask our IG to bring Ntata to explain how these people were found in that Lumbadzi police cell instead of wasting our time on how we can sail through this zero-aid ocean?

  59. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    The Doctors were sent by Authorities in Ministry of Health! So why not deal with their bosses!! Munthu angangonyamuka yekha wa Ku Cell??! OPEN YOUR EYES!

  60. Tsikulokufanyani says:

    This is stupid. Mr President, you have got very little time to demonstrate that you are not as stupid and incapable president as people allege. What will these silly cases assist you to demonstrate as such. Mind you time is flying out. For the Police, you mean people could enter your premises without knowing their names? What kind of Malawi Police Services do you Malawians have?

  61. Patriot says:

    Kikikiki kufuna kusintha nkhani?
    Njala ILIPO ndipo ka chimanga folo kanu kaja sikatikwanira.
    Tikayamba kulira ndi njala, nkumati walephera, uziwanso.

  62. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Malawi wil never change

  63. Deal with development isues not politics, we are tired of digging unnecesary cases that wl only ruin malawi and cause tension and havoke amang us. deal with the luck of medicins in our hospitals, low salaries in the civil service, hanger which has engufud the country not busy creating cases over somebody else.

  64. Tsotsi says:

    The big man is goin’ mad,,,,,jst watchin’ @ a distance!!!!!!!!!

  65. Wapakasungu Mwana. says:

    This president is full of hate due to his unleveled-head. Who are those doctors? we need to know .. otherwise you have to prove that you are not an idiotic african president above all others.At the start of you speech in the US last week you started by saying “you lived in the US because the MCP regime wanted to kill you for political reasons” is this true? yet the reason was that you don’t know how to live amoung your own people. Is your fuckin’ body, soul, and life worthy someone to kill? Don’t be thus stupid my president.Show to us that you can reason accordingly.You have painted blue paint in the cell where you were contained for only 3 days .. what about Mandera who spend 25yrs? Kamuzu 3yrs in Gwero prison plus many more others.. they never took it to the street to showcase their imprisonment! But you my president have been proven different and childish.We all know how troubling psychosis may be to people like you!

    We as Malawian are not ready to contain leaders like. This i must repeat ” MALAWI IS NOT WILLING TO HAVE LEADERS LIKE YOU” And you know we have a very important name for people like you .. in Cewa, Tumbuka, Sena, Tonga, Senga, Ngonde, Labya we call such people “MBUZI YA MANOKUSI”. lASTLY we have alot of problems we are attending to like xenophobia in RSA,little salary scales,poverty,political instability and many other problems created by your gvnt. So dot’t make us wild this time .. we are already sick and tired of you, Sir.

  66. Mmasomwambuyanu says:

    Za ziii. A mutharika nthawi yanu idzakwananso yoti mudzapite ku cell it seems you miss cell life. Take care of your citizens so they should stop seeking jobs in RSA. Ukulimbana ndi zamkutu wasting taxpayers money the whole you painting a cell. What a shame, clueless Mutharika!!!

  67. Martha says:

    Why in Malawi political leaders always seek milandu after milandu?? You should be busy developing our country. kumachita zitukuko zomwe munalonjeza mma campain zija osati tizingomva milandu basi. Develop our country, try to seek some asspects which can make us to stand on our own

  68. Mfwethu says:

    This is just a waste of public resources, time and misuse of the police service. There are more bigger and serious issues than this. This whole investigation is a ploy to implicate Amai the way I see it. They have failed to link her to cashgate so the DPP is trying any which way to nail Amai. But politics shouldn’t be like this. And for APM, a man some of us thought would usher in a different brand of politics in Malawi having stayed in America for ages, its a shame that his actions resemble that of Robert Mugabe. He should try to reflect on his shortfalls because 10 years is not a long time, if he wants to enjoy his retirement he better take a long look at how the former president Muluzi has suffered because of silly politics. Yes he was arrested, and for all right minded people, on genuine charges, so he should not attempt to erase that episode, it dented his image forever, showed him as one who would do anything to get into power, even it was under the guise of hoodwinking the nation that the dead sitting president his brother was still alive and receiving treatment when all the world knew otherwise.

  69. Bigman says:

    But this nation was told that Peter had BP when he was in police cell. I think we need, for once stop, being trivia and silly. Why this prison episode keeps going on and on only God know. Why you think you had no case to answer baffles every right thinking person in this land. Peter you are doing too much politics and where this puts you in the so called business unusual principle only God knows. Get life please and dwell on real issues and matters.

  70. Nansadi Railway Station says:

    Fools. We are clocking one year soon and you have done totally nothing to show Malawi that you are in office yet. We Malawian clearly know what you are after. Ukufuna JB. Hence creating storied against her. As a Malawian in diaspora, I don’t think she could reach that level. Kikikikikikiki. Sumutha ameneuja. She is under the shelter of the Almighty, Firstly, Investigate and tell Malawi on how you stole the votes, the K91Bn saga and Chasowa’s murder.

  71. nohva says:

    Kusowa chochitatu kumeneku zizakubwererani milakho inu

  72. CHIYAKA says:

    I don’t care

  73. duduzi says:

    APolice apangenso investigate ngozi ya galimoto yomwe ankayenera kukwera Joyce Banda kuchokera ku airport yija nthawi ya Bingu.

  74. Zandekha says:

    Koma ya chasowa yo,ifeso tione kuti zili pat pano?

  75. They have 2 b checked up dem

  76. mtoloboy says:

    Tizichedwa ndi ndale azathu akusuntha chitsogolo…..kalanga ine ndinabadwiranji ku Malawi anthu ake azibwana okhaokha.

  77. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Bravo the police. Speed up the investigations please.

  78. Jelbin mk says:

    If Doctors were sent without the consent of the detainee then the motive was bad but as far as I know Peter Muthatika he is the best liar in the world and of the first grade amongst all world presidents and I suspect some sort of vengeance campaign against the former administration because why didn’t they raise the issue in court during their appearance and complain a such to the judge? That was the best platform for them to raise their allegations otherwise at this point in time it looks like that obsession is growing within these perpetrators who sought to disrespect the constitutional provisions and they are seeking public sympathy and attention diversion.

  79. H Kamdidi says:

    We have several important issues that needs the government attention…poor economy, inadequate medicines, water shortage, blackout, the looming hunger etc. By the way, why cant you conclude the murder of Chasowa? Why bother with an issue where nothing happened?

  80. Andy moses says:

    Just develop malawi man we all know zakuvutani zinthu so u want to drive our mind from development kikkkkkk?

  81. Zedi Allani Ntatapa says:


  82. khesha says:

    kungomva kuti amayi akubwera basi mwadzuka. muli tifufuze ndicholinga choti mudzati amayi anatumiza anthu mwauponda

  83. Piche Yakiti says:

    Kusowa zochita uku. zinazi osamangozisiya bwanji? why cant you commit the resources you are using on this exercise on some meaning developments.

    The president is safe and in good health so why bother? Chomchi Jacob Zuma akamalalata ndiye muzimuda zoona?

    Robert Chasowa case ndi this doctor case, which one is more important?

    Jet money and this doctor case, which one is more important?

  84. Gaza Diva says:

    Nonsense!! Instead of askin d police 2 strengthen their security power so dat ey shud arrest dix ppo hu r jux murderin adaz bt u r busy wit senseles mataz. Datx d foolishnes of a leader hu got a position without vision. Ntchito kumangofuna kupezela andale anzao timilandu kuti azikangana. Amalawi wil neva prosper coz ov dix kynd ov stupid politics. Kulani amuntharika.

  85. matchonisa says:

    I its hie tym we review our constitution to remove the immunity of the incumbent head of state shud he/she have a case to answer so that we can rejuvinate and proceed with treason charges. Oherwise this is mere intimidation and cheap politics. Leave the doctors alone!! Start investigating Robert Chasowa death, MHC stolen houses, 92 billion kwacha cashgate and of course treason case.

  86. Nkhombokombo says:

    A Malawi, titsapote zirizonse. Nkhaniyi ilibe mutu, zonse zikunenedwa apa nzachibwana ndinso nkungosakaza ndalama zathu. Sitimachita kutsaka ku tchuka, ndani sadziwa mdziko muno kuti Mutharika ndiye Presido wa Malawi? Don’t create unnecessary tension here!

  87. sakamundende says:

    Za nsete. Nanga za za chasowa?

  88. kalapashi says:

    If Peter was in the cell, then let’s find out why he was in the cell and finalise. If he doesn’t have a case to answer, then the doctors have no case to answer to.

  89. Zanga Phee! says:

    Oh yeah sounds good but we don’t have money for compensations please you must have adequate information.See my name.

  90. pragmatic boy says:

    Waste of resources.If your case has been discontinued what is so special with this one?

  91. Nyampini says:

    Mwatha ma plan anthu tikubeledwa daily and ma albino akuphedwa,ntchito and ndalama zikusowa now u r giving us ur bullshit to divert ma failures anu!!?

  92. Thomas Tsonga says:

    Probing in front yet ur hiding manhunting instincts. Malawi, three steps forth & five steps backward. SHAME

  93. truth says:

    another loophole for our tax……. za ziiiiii sikuti musintha ayi ndithu! za ziiiiiiii zopusa ndithu za ziiiiiiii

  94. SIZOO says:

    Stupid DPP who sent the doctors to Lumbadzi? Think pofuna kupanga zinthu osati poti muli m’boma mukhoza kupanga anything that you want. Ma dotolowo anandituma okha kubwera kumeneko?
    Zosiyilanatu izi!!! why probe them?
    Akukukanikani Lutepo mwati muyambane ndi anthu ophunzira kuposa dzidempete zinanu kkkk
    Shame on you!!!!!

  95. Banda says:

    This is interesting, if you commit crime. You can not get away with it. Someone should pay for such.

  96. brutsha says:

    This is what we spend our energies and meagre resources on. Pathetic! Then when Zuma tells you the truth you loathe him. Doomed nation! For how long should we hear about Lumbadzi cell as if it’s truly associated with any freedom fighting. If truth be told Peter and his cronies were supposed to be incarcerated because by concealing death of Bingu their conduct was treasonous.

  97. nyapapi says:

    this is the most stupid gvt to rule me. of o issues in malawi u still think of how to spend on senseless issues just to hunt jb? do u know that tilibe mankhwala muzipatala? do u know kuti till tude a police akulandira50 grand yomwe none can find a house to rent with in town? i wished i was a taifa

  98. mbewa zanga says:

    Charge them, two cases to answer, attempted murder and conspirancy to murder. Who sent them? Should also be charged. JB pray hard so that your hands should be clean otherwise I pity you.

  99. Garu Wa Garu says:

    I feel sorry for Mutharika. There was an ill motive behind it. I was in the same shoes like him. accused me for nothing and police had there own scheme to deal with me. Anandilephela. The truth is always the truth no matter how many years it will take it is always the truth.

  100. onjoya says:

    please our police can you investgate where our jet went, who bought it, how much, what did the money used for? we as tax payers need to know all these.

  101. Enukweni says:

    Mr. President, political witch hunting,
    mukufuna mumu pezewolakwa JB, mwany nayo. Milandu siikupezeka, let her alone

  102. Disgruntled citizen says:

    Zimenezo muzikafunsana ndi mzako wachilundu pa phewa amakakamira ku America to have been very famous giving lecturers about povo down trodden women in Malawi who likes shaking their booties for the incompetent politicians.This is not change Malawians were voting for.Malawi has myriad of problems to be looked into than wasting time with this Lumbadzi cell issues.Come up with strategy to develop Malawi.

  103. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    The painter who does not know his role in Malawi.What he knows is to burn some tax payers money and goes to Lumbadzi with a blue bucket full of paint and starts painting some stinky cell while in suit surrounded by his handclappers around him.When will Malawi get over this mediocrity?No wonder Zuma akuti muzikawafunsa ma president a 2 tambalawo than wasting time blaming him as if South Africa owes you anything.Zoona ndowa ya paint all the way from the state house burning our taxes?

  104. Ganda says:

    that is really good news….well this efficient police should also look into the murder of Chasowa and get to the bottom of the whole thing

  105. Wakumudzi says:

    Develop Malawi.Osati ntchito kufunafuna woti mumulikwire.

  106. Watcher 35 says:

    What were they doing at the cell when they were not invited to check on Mutharika?If they know their names they should also be taken to task.Mumafuna mukamukhiye munthu wamkulu kuti nayenso asazadyelere mu ukalamba money yaphweka pamalawi ndi ma politician osatukula Malawi?Milandu after milandu that what Malawian politicians knows.No any developmental agenda in them.

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