Malawi Police probe doctors who sought to examine Mutharika in cell

The Malawi Police Service has opened investigations into allegations that doctors were sent to examine and treat President Peter Mutharika, then an opposition leader, when he was locked up at Lumbadzi Police Cell in Lilongwe.

Mutharika in Lumbadzi police cell withhis former cell mates and ruling DPP gurus

Mutharika in Lumbadzi police cell withhis former cell mates and ruling DPP gurus

The DPP leader claimed the doctors services were not sought.

Nyasa Times has learnt and confirmed that a number of people have already been interviewed since two weeks ago on the episode which happened when Mutharika and others were arrested on treasons allegations whose case got discontinued after Mutharika won power last year.

It is alleged that on a second night of his incarceration in 2012, Mutharika learnt that government, then, had sent doctors to examine him at the police cell even as he had not requested for the same.

He refused to meet them, saying he was not in need of any medical help.

“This is what is being probed,” said a source close to the investigations within the Malawi Police Service who sought anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on such matters.

“It is just about establishing a few issues: who sent these doctors? Were they indeed doctors? Where did they come from? Who told them the inmates at the police cell needed medical attention? Did they receive any request from those they sought to examine,” added the source.

“The findings will determine the next course of action,” the source said.

The Malawi Police Service declined to comment on the matter, saying they were not familiar with the details of the alleged investigation.

There is general suspicion among the Mutharika sympathizers that the alleged doctor’s visit was motivated by ulterior motives.

President Mutharika said he signed an affidavit with Inspector General of Police on the matter which he said will be produced at “an appropriate time”.

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He is the president now.What is the investigation for? For political hero worship, national interest,vengeance, reformation or…creating another useless case to syphone tax payers money and resources while the K1.7 billion-Bakili Muluzi/Chilumpha treason/Bingu-JB Cashgate/Nac-Beam-Mullhakho etc cases are stalling in the courts? Poor Malawi being run by thieves and crooked hypocrites only interested in themselves while the majority languish in abject poverty


he should get k100 000 compensation for that

nonsensical president,ukulimbana ndi JB y.mantha ngati fisi


its jb who sent them to our beloved president, plz dont let them free to avoid this samething to hapen to others

Chilungamo Chimawawa

Mkulu uyu wangokhala professor koma alibe nzeru…. mmalo molimbana ndiumphawi omwe ukuphetsa a malawi ku joni, akulimbana ndi za ziii, kungofuna kulimbana ndi JB basi, kungomva kuti jb akubwera ayamba kale kubwebweta


Their aim was to kill.They should indeed be investigated.Something worse could have been done that night.These are mafias& we need to know the names of their master.I’ve never heard before that a normal person can be checked up by a doctor without his/her permission.

Mabattery a mlakho

First class idiots!

Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka
Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka

This was really a plan for assacinating APM. Another treason case coming in. Jb sabweranso mpaka xeno impeza. Kaya!


Malawi will never develop until Jesus comes, why being busy with such baseless issue? Why don’t you just focussing on other issues? Don’t forget other issues are at your back when you kicked out next time your friend wil as well sue you on what you’re doing now. Malawi akumvetsa chisoni kwabasi even nkhope zake zosekesa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk zinadzi kumachitako manyaze bwanje! Ndipo mukuchita kuoneratu kuti Kukhala mmalo momalimbana kuti njala yimeneyi mungayigwire bwanji inu busy kukafufuza nkhani zake zimenezo zoona ayi kaya simuzatheka inu m’pakana kaya.


Maboza Basi We R Tired Of U Pipo

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