Malawi Police to prosecute MP Kamlepo over ‘faked abduction’: Family says ‘cheap propaganda’

Malawi Police has threatened to take to court outspoken Rumphi East Member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua  and prosecute him on what the law enforcers claim he  faked  his kidnap.

Kamlepo accused by police of staging abduction

His family reported the legislator  was missing after  he has been at loggerheads with public tax collector Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and Malawi Police Service (MPS) . The two State agencies raided his houses in Blantyre and seized three vehicles for allegedly evading tax.

High Court Judge Rowland Mbvundula gave Kalua a temporal relief from an imminent arrest in connection to the alleged tax evasion issue and further ordered the MRA and the police to release  Kalua’s two vehicles- a Mercedes Benz and a grounded Jeep Grand Cherokee—and a Toyota V8 belonging to his son Penjani on allegations they were smuggled.

When Parliament opened for budget session last Friday, Kalua was still “missing”.

But on Sunday morning Kalua had been “found”  in Blantyre and claimed he had been dumped by what he suspected were regime abductors .

He was found tied with blue ropes on both his hands and legs but clean shaved and smartly dressed.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera said  the vocal parliamentarian “faked the kidnap”.

Said Kadadzera: “Someone who is abducted for one week cannot dress as smart as he was at the time he was found. He could have time to shave his beads and put on clean clothes and shoes.”

Police spokesman also trashed Kalua’s claimed that he was tortured, saying the legislator “has no marks to substantiate to torture.”

He said Police are investigating the matter .

But  Kalua’s family spokesman John Mapunda said Police is peddling cheap propaganda from the ruling  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying fearless politician cannot fake an abduction.

“What should he stage abduction for.  Malawians should disregard cheap political propaganda,” Mapunda said.

He said the abductors staged his release to that he would look like he faked his kidnap, hence damage his credibility.

“Kamlepo cannot stoop so low to fake his abduction,” said Mapunda.

Kalua was taken to hospital for medical check-up as he was in psychological shock and  had lost memory.

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53 thoughts on “Malawi Police to prosecute MP Kamlepo over ‘faked abduction’: Family says ‘cheap propaganda’”

  1. Em Cee says:

    Ujeni Phiri has impressed me. Our own Police cannot be trusted.

    For this issue, they don’t have time to investigate, ,,,,,,,,,I don’t know why. This is questionable in my opinion coupled with lack of knowledge as to what torture mean.

    Why is police so fast to conclude that this is a faked abduction?
    – They say he looks smart
    – Was able to shave his beards
    – Was able to polish his shoes

    Why is the Police so sure that these were done by himself? And that nobody else was involved?
    – Maybe the Police was just right

    Shame to our Police, ,,,,,,,,there is nothing that it is doing to assure us total security. They could not even bother to look for him during his missing even after being told. Ati amafuna chaani kaya? ??

  2. nyamwera says:

    mwana chweeeeeee mwana chweeeeeeeeee kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. mukufuna kamplepo wagreen ,blue, white or red

  3. Kkkkk dada kamulepo yayi apa mwatikhwezga soni tabina mpoto,imwe mukaya kuchipinda kwinu week yonse palije vya abduction apa

  4. Almon says:

    Mwanalumenimwanalume lets wait

  5. nyiprosco says:

    if kamlepo really faked this then he takes us for granted and thinks we are his playing ground. we are people who think and look forward to seeing our country being a developed one its time to let go of politics and start concentrating on things of national interest, but if someone had really abducted him then that is very unfair and that show that security in our country is not tight, if this is the case then we surely need to tighten our security

  6. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Please take Kamplepo to hospitals outside Malawi for proper examination into his blood condition. Am afraid they may have injected him with poison so he dies slowly!!!!!!

  7. mtete says:

    We have fallen for it. This is exactly what the abductors wanted: discrediting Kaluwa.

    This matter is not as simple as we think. Remember he says he was checking progress on a house he is constricting in Chileka when the abductors pounced on him. That alibi is silly, as we later learned, because workers or mlonda would have witnessed the fracas. The police say the workers saw nothing. So, why would Kamulepo lie about it when he knew this would be easily investigated?

    I hope the police will thoroughly investigate the matter although I have no hope especially when I think about Robert Chasowa’s faked suicide.

  8. ovahambwiyanga says:

    Kamulepo my fellow Tumbuka lets accept kuti la 40 lakwana and jail cell is waiting. Kindly get ready to share some jokes with Raphael Kasambara. Ng’oma yolira kwambiri siichedwa kusweka baba…. Atumbuka tonse manyanzi atigwira ndife zindere zakufikapo basi because of you poor Kamlepo… Tchweee mwana Tchweeee

  9. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    It’s strange how police come to conclusion so quick without investigation farther? May they know what is going on. Its like a cover up operandi. It looks like they had plan already what to finish a kill

  10. be humane says:

    Yes, the police could do better than that or else Nysatimes has not correctly reported the police response. Why concluding before thorough investigations? This raises more questions then. Was Kamlepo invited to Police? was he taken for psychatric assessment? was he taken for medical examination to arrive at that conclusion? The Police I mean the police Mr. Kadadzera please don’t take Malawi for a ride

  11. WAYUNDA says:

    Abductors are also smart these days. Truth shall prevail. Let us wait and see. Kamlepo had a big hero right from Kamuzu.

  12. martin says:

    Police,you are on the right path do not listen to these misguided fools,carry on your professional job.Kamlepo knew pretty well what would be the ramifications of his evil deeds as a Law maker.GOOD JOB!!!!

  13. Dzimwale wamkulu says:

    Ambuye che Kamlepo, running out of ideas or what? so your so called kidnappers didnot thought of these basic facts that it will prove that this is a set up and a fake thing all together. zovala very clean, the face just showing where- ever you choose to hide you were well looked at, clean clothers and shaved chibwano? so who can believe this false set up ah? hahahhahahahahahha koma pa Nyasa pabvuta,

  14. Yvonne Tembo says:

    I agree ndi zoti this issue should be investigated thoroughly because even Kamlepo knows kuti the way he looks none can believe kuti he was kidnapped.

  15. # I am Your Next President says:

    hahahha i knew this is fake!!! Kamlepo uyu ndikhalidwe lake,attention seeker uyu ……. this is Kamlepo we are talking about why is everyone acting so surprised ….. Kamlepo pulls a stunt again…. saamva bwino uyu akapanda kupholitsa ka stunt uyu…….. kkkkkkkk

  16. Markmarkc says:

    Mumafuna akadapezeka atafa?Akanapezeka ali ndi nkhwangwa M’mutu?akanapezeka ali mbulanda?Inuyo mumaziwa njira zomwe Mlengi amapulumusira mu2?eeeh!Bwanji basi imagwa a2 ose kufa koma wina mkutulukamo osakandika?Mwasewera move yolakwika bola mukanasewera ya Amd’ala ija

  17. Ntumbuka says:


  18. # I am Your Next President says:

    hahahha i knew this is fake!!! Kamlepo uyu ndikhalidwe lake,attention seeker uyu ……. this is Kamlepo we are talking about why is everyone acting so surprised …..

  19. Bwanoni says:

    I think the police know something about this. They are the ones who went to Kamulepo’s house, tell us what did you do there. Ndiye mufuna kuwoneka ngati otsata malamulo, zakukanikani.

  20. Bilimankhwe says:

    Truly if he lost memory then he is encapastated.
    I can see now alone noise be has been making shows that he should go to Zomba mental hospital. Please ayzibweni don’t delay this man he will end up walking naked in Blantyre.
    When he was abfucted,where was his wife to report to relatives or police.
    Msowoya honourable please please dont allow this man in parliament he is mentally ill
    Aonononga debate .

  21. lucius says:

    No evidence of abduction here. Police please wait for a full medical report

  22. bushala says:

    Inu a Malawi anazisowetsa yekha uyu wavumbuluka after kutsegula parliament, waganizira tima allowances kuti angatim

  23. MKEEI says:

    Apange recover fast mwina adzanena komwe anali.

  24. patrick banda says:

    Through the police PRO we learnt that Robert Chasowa committed suicide but the commission of inquiry on the same,had another story—Its hard to trust Malawi Police on issues of this nature!Mwafufuza kale nthawi yomweyi?

  25. ifeyo says:

    It appears the so called “staging” was masterminded by police so to justify his arresting, why all the fuss?

  26. Chapondadi Paliponse says:

    What we are concluding is exactly what his abductors want us to do. That he staged his abduction. DPP woyeeee. Yagwila. Lets hope he has not been injected with something bad. Like something that would kill him slowly or lose his memory. With these people anything is possible. Remember some people are being paid just to eliminate the oposers. They wouldnt kill him. They had to create something and its working. they know how Malawians think. Amalawi open up your eyes. Surely Kamlepo is not so stupid to play this cheap act.

  27. mlowe says:

    dramatist of the year of the Lord 2017. He wants to engage us in this stupid talk instead of the tax issue. Inu a Mapunda imene mukupanga inuyo ndiye propanganda. Tiliwuza boma asakupatseninso contract yokonza misewu yosalimba mu Lilongwe

  28. Mgoloso says:

    Kamlepo has mental illness – seriously speaking. Malawians let us help this guy – chilipo chomwe chavuta in his head, otherwise he is behaving like a street kid in town.

    His wife and family are not good enough in supporting him mentally, socially, emotionally as well as spiritually.

  29. Dr tambala says:

    If kamlepo has lost memory does he still have the mental capacity to represent his constituency in Parliament? declare his seat vacant forth with! it is immoral to call an imbecile, honourable!

  30. jk says:

    U think is funny someone being abducted?

  31. Zambian maize says:

    Which is more important and urgent between Kamlepo’s fake abduction and that of DPP dogs bitting Police officers at Tsangano Turn off in full view of civilians? Malawi Police please bring back your credebility. I feel sorry of tou.

  32. Ujeni Phiri says:

    If the kidnap was by the regime, they had to plan it in such a way that it should look like personal staging. the claims of cleanliness, shaving bearheds etc are all tactices to make the whole plot look fake. am 100% sure this was nit a faked abduction, somebody was behind this. If Kamlepo faked it, he could have made it to look real by not looking smart. since the oposite of what would normaly being expected happened, then the opposite is also true that he did not fake it.

  33. Mgoloso says:

    Kamlepo ndi wamisala. Kamlepo ndi njoka ludzi – watha nzeru. Cheap politics at its best. Malawians are not stipid to believe this and sympathise with you. Waona kuti Parliament yatsekulidwa akadye ma allowance tsopano.

    Shame on Kamlepo and PP followers

  34. Mgoloso says:

    Kamlepo ndi njoka ludzi – watha nzeru. Cheap politics at its best. Malawians are not stipid to believe this and sympathise with you. Waona kuti Parliament yatsekulidwa akadye ma allowance tsopano.

    Shame on Kamlepo and PP followers

  35. Imbwa says:

    Police yake iti? Yomwe imati Robert Chasowa adapanga commit suicide ataika okha suicide note pambali pake? Not in Malawi. We are a bedevilled nation

  36. William Tell says:

    And the award for Best Amateur Actor in the fiction category is… drum roll.. Kamlepo Kalua! for his unbelievable perfomance in the role of a kidnapped politician in the film Cartoon Politics of Malawi, Other Thieves and Murderers

  37. Amaduh Cassim says:

    wathawako nd mtsilikalitu ameneyo

  38. Koma a Malawi, ndife anthu omvetsa chisoni. Zoona tikusankha chindere ngati Kamulepo Kaluwa kukhala Member of Parliement wathu koma kusiyaanthu anzeru zao woti akanatithandiza ku Constituency kwathu. Nanga taonani lero masewero akuchitawa ngati Vendor woti alibe banja ndi ana. Uyu ndithu nkumamutchula kuti bamboo akunyumba? Kapena Dad? Ayi ndithu maluzi okhaokha awa. Pepani Mrs. Kaluwa ndi ana onse a Kamulepo. Limbani mtima.

  39. HLAHLA says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeish…truth shall always prevail.

  40. Oliver James Chabwera says:

    i am waiting for the outcome of the investigation our Police officers are doing on this issue, otherwise this is a big issue

  41. ndondwa says:

    Malawi police please be professional nkhani ya Robert Chasowa munathamangiranso kunena kuti wazipha yekha musanafufuze, what type of police are you mumangotithera ndalama zathu za misonkho kagwereni uko

  42. Pitala says:

    Iwe fredkosi how can you call kamlepo chindere you are the most stupid chindere ngati mavi yako. Do you know kamlepo personally or you just know him in newspaper , please check your word before you submit you can’t call someone chindere ngati kuti anakutuma kuti uzamumasule. Iwe pumbwa iwe mavi yako.

  43. A Kamlepo mapulani akutherani

  44. Fredoki$$ says:

    There is something wrong with this man. Track down his mental health history. He’s losing it. This is Malawi, where there is 0% kidnap rate, zikayambire kwa iweyo? Ntchewe, chindele

    1. Lozo says:

      So to you Njaunju and Chasowa were not abducted? And the albinos are not abducted? Chindere

  45. Akatwiri says:

    No comment

  46. Tiziona mathero ake

  47. Malawian Mwanavava says:

    Our Malawi Police is also another DPP political wing. Before you investigate and follow the whole issue you have already concluded that it was staged. Mr Kadadzera learn to be professional please. Don’t you know that abductors can stage that so that it looks fake in the public? Police please be professional and serve all Malawians not only DPP, mind you political parties will come and go but MALAWIANS will remain Malawians.

  48. Justice says:

    I thought Police would move in fast to investigate further and make a very comprehensive analysis? Zayamba kundidabwitsa how the state if reacting to this whole issue. A Malawi samalani

  49. WALIKO MAKHALA says:

    Hamba nazo Kamulepo

  50. Hatton says:

    Anakumbukila ma allowance ku parliament Ali sha!!! ODI ndituluke kobisaku.
    This is an obvious drama. If he has lost his memory, Right Honourable Speaker declare his seat vacant on grounds of incapacitation. Zaulukhu basi!!!!!

    1. Dzimwale wamkulu says:

      Koma Kamlepo abale hahaahahhhaahhhahahhah

  51. zaka says:

    I am not an mcp follower ,but my advice to leader of opposition ,please distance yourself from this guy akupusisa.

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